Friday, November 15, 2013


The won is struggling a bit and has turned to that luminary of wisdom, Al Gore of the very famous, no controlling legal authority, for help with bringing the insurance companies to heel for the fiasco that is obamacare. His Excellency King Hussein Chavez Peron seems to think that he has the discretion to selectively enforce the requirements of the law which we know as obamacare and he feels that he can tell the insurance companies to knuckle under and stop cancelling policies that don't comply with the law as written and get himself off the petard of his own hoisting.

What is it with this guy and his supporters that they just ignore laws that they decide don't matter anymore? Holden with his Civil Rights and Voting Rights selective enforcement, the IRS with it selective targeting of just those on Obama's Enemies List and the idiots at FISA and NSA who never met an unconstitutional form of spying they weren't instantly in favor of?
How do you know it's the President?

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