Monday, November 11, 2013


Today, America honors its veterans from all the wars. The date was chosen some time ago and marks the end of the War To End All Wars which finally ended on the 11th of November, 1918 when the Germans agreed to an Armistice. That was probably the costliest mistake in all of human history but it did mean that the American Expeditionary Force could return home, leaving Europe in the capable hands of European politicians.

To all of our honorable veterans, Thank You!

The good people at Wells Fargo are offering all veterans one free day to use the Kiplinger Social Security Tool which normally sells for $49.95. Any veteran can use it today. The free online tool for military folks will only be available Monday at .

The details are described in this Washington Post article.

Have a Grand Day!


Buck said...

Backatcha on the "Thanks."

As for the Social Security thing... too late. I've been drawing it for six years now. ;-)

HMS Defiant said...

Yeah, for me the calculation is still a few years off but I ask myself what about the intangible that never gets addressed? That seems to be left out of most equations of this sort.