Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Vandals from some Canadian do good group like greek peace have bored through an ice shelf and found that when you drill a hole in enough ice, it refreezes. Like that ever happens. I'd include a link but no. They eliminated comments at their place because they didn't like disruption.

Monday, February 26, 2018


In the British Isles most of the castles are broken and ruined. In Europe they're mostly intact.

Ever wonder what the latifundia here in America will look like in 60 years?

Saturday, February 24, 2018


McCabe is gone now but I enjoy this January encomium of Holder's total support for a scumbag we all wish we could wash in the Potomac down there at the mouth of the Chesapeake where the Bull sharks roam wild and free.

I get a kick out of this report from the daily mail
Former Attorney General Eric Holder came to McCabe's defense Monday afternoon. 
'FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is, and has been, a dedicated public servant who has served this country well. Bogus attacks on the FBI and DOJ to distract attention from a legitimate criminal inquiry does long term, unnecessary damage to these foundations of our government,' Holder wrote on Twitter.
With "friends" like Holder, one doesn't really need enemies. Holder is, of course, the Attorney General held in Contempt-of-Congress for refusing to testify about an investigation.

I wonder what happened to the legitimate criminal inquiry into Hillary Clinton who, manifestly and obviously violated espionage laws along with all those who shared classified information on her private little unclassified and illegal mail server. Way too many people have gone to jail, some for decades, for violating the same espionage law.


 It just happened.

A VW Bus and California. They went together like nothing else in the world. It was the last vehicle I owned that I could repair with the tools I owned. I commuted between the Bay Area and San Diego for 5 years along the Coast Highway and Big Sur in an orange VW bus with a red door.

Friday, February 23, 2018


I noticed earlier this weak (sic) that the USMC has derated some of its physical fitness measures of young officer effectiveness. They claim they are only acting out of a higher sense of moral purpose and fairness. Heretofore, young Marine Officers were rated on their ability to hike zillions of miles with their normal combat load.

I thought I would share an image of my combat load as I led my shipmates to victory in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere. Hold on, it's a brutal image.

Mind you, I did have a .45 hanging in its holster on a hook on the door to my stateroom. Just in case.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


We are fortunate in our enemy's idiotic hard floor on basic acceptable socialist thought. Other countries have had socialists that went beyond the bomb and embraced actual weapons. Ours do not share that philosophic bent and any American socialist who bought a gun is automatically presumed by the rest of that culture to have stepped beyond the pale. It's not that they turn their back on such killers as they totally and wrathfully denounce the gun used in the commission of direct action socialism.

Thank God for small favors. The left here has almost reached the end point of defining anybody who doesn't agree with them as unhuman or subhuman. We know how that turns out when they arm themselves with guns and decide to rid their world of disagreement and subhumans. It will be time for concern when the left here in America actually starts to encourage ownership of fire arms. H/T Ace of Spades food for thought.

The guys with the rifles were all socialists

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


According to NBC, mankind's reach for Mars is driven by the patriarchy and their desire for slaves.

It's not worth arguing with people that stupid.


This is from the facebook page of John Ringo.  I think it shows that the US military, when left to its own devices, can still carry out all of the missions and roles expected of it and also deliver the message. I almost wrote 'deliver the mail' but if you want to hear men in uniform whining and crying, sit in on any OPLAN meeting where every single service declares that they have no, absolutely zilch, responsibility to deliver or forward mail in the war zone or rear area. They try the same thing with regard to guarding prisoners. "Not our Job, not our circus, not our monkeys."
1. Sov... err... Russians built a bridge over the Euphrates which was the designated 'deconfliction line'. Why? Reasons. 'Commite of Nations' or something. 
2. 'Hybrid' force of mixed Russian contractors including multiple non-ethnic Russians (Serbs, Kossack, other non Slavics) as well as local Syrian Army 'commandos' attacked across temporary bridge. The 'Russian' side were 'Blackwater' equivalent mercenaries from a company generally called 'Wagner' which is the nom de plume of the boss. (Like if you called Blackwater 'Prince'.) 
3. Unit was partially mechanized, battalion strength. (One thing everyone agrees upon is 'about 600-700 personnel.') Had some towed artillery as well as 't-55 and T-72 MBT as well as armored personnel carriers.' (Type unknown.) Full on 'we're taking that position and you're not stopping us' full court press. 
4. Unit crossed bridge, arty deployed. 
5. Arty opened fire while most of unit was still in approach column formation. (Normal) One portion moved to flanking positions. 
5A. Minute the arty opened fire SHIT GOT REAL REAL QUICK. 
6. Reapers took out artillery and most of armor with Hellfire. From the few videos, pretty much before they knew what hit them. There had to be quite a few Reaper drones up or they were feeding guidance to Hellfire from Apaches (see below.) 
7. F-15E Eagles came in for clean-up and to check for anti-air defenses. 
8. Warthogs showed up just to go BRRRRRRT! 
9. AC-130 Spectre started fucking up their day for the hell of it. 
10. To add insult to injury, B-52s which, you know, just HAPPENED to be in the area, just minding our own business, just passing by from Diego Garcia which is a few thousand miles away, on our way to... somewhere... nothing to see here... decided to prove they could drop their entire load as precision guided weapons and just more or less DID A JDAM ARCLIGHT ON THEIR ASS. At that point, more or less because CENTCOM said 'Why not? ARCLIGHT is always pretty to watch...' 
11. The whole thing being so over it was ridiculous, AH-64 Apaches basically did 'hostile Bomb Damage Assessment' and complained there were no targets left. 
12. Oh, and then the Kurds, to just really FUCK with these guys, released water from a dam upstream and broke their bridge. So they had to ford back with their wounded. 
This was much less a 'battle' than a message. Towards the end we had to just be pounding ground to make sure they got it.
He then laid out the message delivered by US.
A. Don't fucking cross that river.
B. Hey, North Korea! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!
C. Hey, Putin, about Donbas... This is what we can do to your 'freedom fighters' (AKA: mercenaries) at any time.
D. To everyone in general: You need to remember who's boss.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


These guys must be in a race because sensible people in a hurry don't sail.

In a jibe, especially an unexpected one caused by a wind shift or quirky swell, there is almost no bite to the rudder and you tend to roll right over. This was always my least favorite part of the race and I only did it with wooden spars for a couple of years. Winging out the foresail was just asking for it.

My father has a great picture of his Rhodes 19 during the Nationals where they put their spinnaker up sideways. They still did very well which surprised one and all. It was, naturally, the picture the press published.

Monday, February 19, 2018


I don't understand what either Russia or Trump would have gotten out of the non-crime of colluding. What benefit was either to reap from colluding with the other? Has anyone seen any benefit to either party in such a perfectly legal collusion even if we don't know what it was? What did they collude about? Was it as bad as Hillary and the DNC burying Bernie in a fake primary that Hillary could not lose?

If you pay for something you expect to get something in return. That said, who paid in the BS Trumpgate nonsense? Did Russia pay Trump? Did Trump pay Russia? Was there some sort of quid pro quo? If Putin was involved, what did he get out of it? He already got our uranium from Hillary and the DNC.

I've never seen any discussion of the why behind the allegation of collusion. Why collude at all?

Sunday, February 18, 2018


It looks like Barnes and Noble is on the ropes and about to go down.

I wonder where will we buy books now?

google search for book stores
The prospects are no better in metroparkcentralis. B&N is the last brick in the old Maginot book line that once included Walden, Crown and Borders. God help us, we will soon be reduced to the Canadian book buying scheme that sold Perry Rhodan books in every dime store and kiosk in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and styled themselves as purveyors of books. It was only the Minutemen that kept that out of Maine and I won't be at all surprised if it swept Vermont like the H1N1 but died aborning because nobody in Vermont can read.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Survivors of the latest school shooting call for tougher laws on murder and suggest we just cull anybody who murders any other human. They are torn by dissension as they weigh certain aspects of their new found belief in the sanctity of human life and find it wanting.

[No they don't. As usual they think the gun is the problem]

I see the cops have finally showed up at the house the killer lived in there at the end before he was kicked out by the owner because the owner made it clear that he could stay but not the gun. The cops have hauled off the younger brother and stuffed him into a mental health unit to undergo treatment or analysis or whatever makes them feel good about utterly failing to do anything at all at any of the previous 39 times they were called out to the killer's abode.

If this counts as a macro-aggression, surely some counseling along the lines proposed for every damned micro-aggression would solve the problem, right? Therapy cures everything bad or so I'm informed by the liberal media who also seem to believe unreservedly in pay discrimination, sexual abuse, gender confusion and gun control.

I'm not quite to the point where the democrats are who are actively looking for better voters/better Americans, but I'm getting closer. I'll bet $5 that not one of those kids have ever even heard of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights under which this country has prevailed for so long. Maybe if they were ever taught that they were accountable for their actions and not the doctors who failed to prescribe the right sedatives.... Perhaps we need a special emphasis with its own bus for civics. A simple easy course; learn American civics and government or we throw you under the bus.

Friday, February 16, 2018


We can't help but notice that the Olympics shown on NBC seem to be fueled by nothing but drug ads and horrible subway ads. I confess that I have never understood why drug companies advertise their product on TV and it was only after I turned 45 or so that I realized that there really are people who see their doctors and suggest courses of drug treatment to the doctor. My grandfather and uncles (MDs) would have laughed you out of their sight if you proposed a drug to them.

Admittedly, my grandfather had every single sample medicine he'd ever received in the enormous cabinets in his bathroom and I got a rush throwing away old LSD25 which was once a drug one could prescribe here in America. There were countless others and I feel bad about all the fish downstream that day.

I used to see my uncles when they came out to my neck of the woods for conferences hosted by all the drug companies. They'd be put up at the del Coronado and the samples and loot on display were breathtaking. I understand that they aren't really allowed to do that anymore.

After reading the link I thought it would be nice if the drug companies did a bit more to police their own ranks. Where a drug company decides to up the price of an OTC medicine in a slightly different format by over 5000% in the space of a few years, another company should step in and cut the legs out from under it.

Gouging isn't allowed in the Olympics and it shouldn't be permitted in the sale of pharmaceuticals in America. On the gripping hand, teachers unions do it, police and fire unions do it, public employee unions do it.


A rather illuminating conversation on the course of history into the future. The future is now and it is not looking good for Europe or us for that matter. The west has been invaded by millions of people who don't believe at all in any of the traditions of the West and who are in fact opposed to almost everything the West has created since the Reformation. If you have 14 minutes, this is an excellent discussion on the path we are following now. In 10 years it will be brutal hindsight and people will be wishing that the people today had done something and not just stood around like boobs as they did when they watched the rise of fascism in the 1930s.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


I ran across these after reading Glenn Reynold's piece in USA Today. Read the two links as food for thought. I always laughed when people came to me in Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command and talked about building and deploying autonomous weapon systems. There are a few insurmountable problems inherent in the design. Besides, with jihadis on the loose, any car or backpack gets weaponized and now they are playing with weaponized RC aircraft. To quote Glenn, all is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Baby Bolos. We had one of these at my school in Fort Bliss long ago

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Some months ago the Trumps asked the Guggenheim art dump in New York if they could borrow a Van Gogh and hang it in the White House. The cheesy dumpling running the Guggenheim responded in the only way a liberal truly knows how to respond to upstart bumpkins from New York City and offered this liberal insult.

I'm nearly certain President Trump laughed when he got her snarky note and thought that perhaps that much smug deserved a kick in the teeth.

The intergalactic arts nobbling councils are agog with dismay as President Trump slashes the budget for arts nobbling to zero. They were heard to squawk amidst all the fury and this is what made it out of npr.

You'd think from the screaming that all the art came out of just the U.S. budget for arts. and yet they point out that it is a $730 billion industry. Perhaps they can pay for it from smelting down their golden toilets or soaking the rich. I find it delightfully amusing and the way the dumplings thought they could just get away forever with mocking the President is just too funny for words.


A federal judge ruled that a landlord had to pay graffiti taggers $6.7 million for the crime of painting his building and blotting out their graffiti. There is, evidently, a law that makes it a crime to vandalize vandals. Only in America...

This art, on the other hand, can just go fuc# itself according to the law of vandals.


General Yeager turns 95 today. He's seen a lot in his lifetime and generated a lot of worthy quotes.


I read more about this at American Thinker. While the 'art' is noticeable, what is more fascinating is that the artist he selected to paint his portrait also drew these images.

Black women beheading white women as seen everyday in the Obama Administration
Obama portrait clearly captures the man's gravitas
Good job Obama! That's 3 words I never thought I'd string together.

Monday, February 12, 2018


I've sent my Uhlans out to find them. Hakkaa päälle.

Prepared to deal with antifa


I got a kick out of this at Book Worm Room.  There is so much truth there it hurts.

Friday, February 9, 2018


I agree with Senator Paul and asking for a debate is not a step too far in a political process designed to incorporate unity by compromise and negotiation. This is going to leave a mark.
CNN is the enemy and everybody who matters knows it. Having them blow your horn in fake triumphant peals proclaiming you the moral victor in an argument spells both legislative and political defeat.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Found at Ace of Spades.

I really enjoyed the video. It is how history should be taught.


The folks at hot mic report that Congress has forwarded the democrats memo on the sleazy and criminal FBI behavior to the White House. They report that it is larded with all kinds of "classified" information that will have to be redacted which will enable the democrats to gleefully shriek about withholding and sacred cows and other dust fairies.

I disagree. What, at this point, could possibly be a protected source or method used by the FBI and NSA to spy on real Americans that hasn't already been freely published by worldwide media who reaped the harvest laid out by Snowden and fulfilled by Assange? I'm sorry buddy, all your sources and methods of collecting elint have been laid bare to the public.

I think President Trump is likely to simply note that under Obama and Clinton the largest massive breach of national security information already compromised those sources and methods and he will simply sign off on releasing the whole democratic memo.

We'll see.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


From the video, it looks like democrats in Congress probably stand for nothing good. As you watch the video consider a couple of things.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz hired a bunch of Pakistanis to run the democratic party computer systems including those of various congressmen and senators who happen to be democratic lawmakers. The Pakistanis turned out to be hackers of the first water and downloaded every single file, every email, and everything that was on those democratic controlled computers is now safe in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia and being used for some ulterior purpose.

Look at Pelosi turn in her seat to look behind her to make sure that no democratic legislator was wavering on the commitment to refuse to stand for America.

The people actually running the FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS don't work for you and me. They don't work for the party leader. They work for the Deep State of unelected bureaucrats who mean to maintain a system that gives them power and influence and wealth by controlling the government's inner/secret workings and holding the levers of power that influence the kind of scum like Anthony Weiner that can't keep quiet on their depravities and put them into words, texts and pictures on their office computers where it isn't just those Pakistanis hired by the DNC, but also the intelligence agencies who now own all that inflammatory and dangerous data and material.

Do you suppose they have some secret power over the democrats?


I am looking forward to the Winter Games where I know that unless I watch American TV the only race I'm going to hear talk of are physical contests of speed and grace. I am sick to death of the endless talk about the other kind of race because, let's face it, nobody is going to win that one.


I read this intriguing article at Misrule of Law and it is worth a couple of seconds of your reading time and perhaps some reflection about the downstream effects of leaving education at any level in the hands of people who despise American values. We have already seen its effects on our education system from primary school all the way through college but finding it at almost all of our law schools is a little bothersome.
Sadly, legal academia has become a Fever Swamp of leftist ideology, in which Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (formerly a professor at Harvard Law) would qualify as a centrist among the increasingly wacky professoriate. Imagine the typical humanities faculty at a liberal arts college, only far worse.
What happened? Several things intersected in recent decades.  Affirmative action in faculty hiring, the triumph of identity politics, the decline of “formalism” in legal theory, the general leftward–and insular elitist–drift of the entire legal culture (including law firms, bar associations, and the judiciary), and the capture of law faculties by committed leftist ideologues as part of the “long march though the institutions,” which has been a stunning success for the Left. Take a look at the highly-politicized nature of student-edited legal periodicals that elite law schools sponsor (which, fortunately, few people actually read), or even the contents of the schools’ flagship law reviews, and you will see a caricature of progressive politics masquerading as legal scholarship. The same is true for course titles, clinical programs, and academic centers, which often emphasize social justice issues such as immigration, “mass incarceration,” and opposition to the death penalty over nuts-and-bolts legal experience that would make graduates  useful to paying clients.
What does this portend? The Wax-Alexander episode is troubling for many reasons, not the least of which is that it shows that America’s elite law schools exist in a bubble, and that the gulf between the self-styled mandarins in the academy and the unwashed masses they disdain is growing. Worse, tomorrow’s lawyers (who will become civic leaders, elected officials, and judges) are being taught by a cadre of intellectuals who despise the values that made America great.
Evan as the intelligence agencies in the US conspired to subvert the election and worked to jam innocent people into jail using fake evidence, the law schools are turning out 'woke' lawyers who, like Hillary Clinton, despise American values which leads to judges of the same mind who have thrown themselves body and soul into overturning by judicial fiat the will of the people. 

I saw this happen again and again in California where no winning referendum that flew in the face of the ideology of progressives and tyranny was upheld by the courts. Later, they weren't even upheld by the State Attorney General who refused to even bother going to court to fight to uphold a popular referendum that had received the majority of the vote.

When Obama declared that elections have consequences he was almost right and shadowing the new truth. The election has consequence until the tyrants can stuff the courts with enough petty tyrants to throw out the election results whenever progressives fail to win in the polls. That's what happens again and again and it can only get worse when more and more despicable trash lawyers take their place on the court and in offices of attorneys general throughout the land and at the federal level.

There really is only one last resort to unbridled tyranny by a government and the people involved in the war on America almost seem to want to have the nation go there.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


It is a tiny little skin flap on the body politic of the United States that only liberals and progressives care about anymore because TWITTER has taken great pains to make sure that only liberal and progressives are allowed to twitter or comment on it or as google witch finders permit at youtube or facebook.

Won't they all be surprised, again, when Trump and the fly-over states triumph in the midterms. They'll have been blindsided once again by their favorite mantra. "We never saw it coming! Everyone agreed that Trump is orange! Thuglicans have been beaten into submission as attested to by their silence on facebook and twitter!"

Dream on my socialist fascist lickspittles.

Saturday, February 3, 2018


There isn't a meme yet that I know of but then I haven't looked. It is kind of interesting to watch the media unable to help itself at all as it skids into dung heap after dung heap while doing their very best to imply that "what the memo is saying is......" Or, so, there is nothing to see here it's just another nothing burger like Benghazi....."

It's like not one single one of democrats took half an hour to watch the Cathy Newman Channel 4 defenestration of Jordan Peterson. Like Newman, who blathered stupidly and inanely in response to Peterson, every one of the so-called media pundits poo poos the memo as meaningless and signifying nothing and restates it to show that it is very clear, from the memo, that aliens did not land and take over Hillary Clinton's brain and the little people must protect the FBI because, other than the reprobates, child molesters, rapists and villains, they are really very very good at setting up people and sending them to jail even if it means jiggering the FBI Crime Lab for decades and so we should let them get on with the job they were elected appointed by Obama to do.

The memo was as detailed as one can get at the merely TOP SECRET/NOFORN level. To go any deeper would require sacrificing virgins in moonlight on Super Tuesday.

No, the memo won't change anybody's mind about the nature of the attack on our democracy. Americans know it for what it is and so do the enemies of America who persist in thinking there is nothing wrong with using every organ of the State to destroy their enemies at any cost. I'm just kind of surprised that the idiots on the left don't see the optics for what they are. To quote others, this is exactly how we got Trump.

Keep up the good work democrats. We won't get 4 more years of Trump without your every effort bent to the task of reelecting a man who shows every single day that he is about 20 times smarter than all of you put together.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


I laughed out loud at this one from Last of the Few. It burns, oh how it burns.