Tuesday, October 31, 2023


 I see that the USMC Commandant has been admitted to hospital following some sort of medical emergency. I certainly hope that he recovers and returns to duty. It does however bring up a few things in relation to following the actual law and the consequences that follow from not following the law. In this news from Navy Times it appears that there is no Assistant Commandant to take over for the ill leader of the USMC because the Senate has, as usual, completely failed in its duty and responsibility. As with the rest of the fake media, the Navy Times blames one senator for this failure but the obvious fact of the matter is that only one senator appears to be interested in upholding the actual law.

One other thing glossed over by the paper is how the Commandant was supposedly working from 0500 until 2330 every day because he had no assistant commandant. Sadly, that's not how it works. There is an assistant commandant who is executing those duties in all but name because until the Department of Defense gets back onboard with following the law, they have hamstrung themselves and the nation but aren't suffering any lack of general officers anywhere.

This is yet another step showing from the top down a total indifference to following and upholding the law. When it is this apparent then it is no surprise that society itself is breaking down all over.

Sunday, October 29, 2023


 Hobbes, who truly grew into the Leviathan we expected when he arrived.

Friday, October 27, 2023


 I see the IDF tracked down and killed the Hamas intelligence chief. Whenever this happens to the terrorists I always wonder how many of them were killed off because a scheming underling called the 1 (800) RAT FINK line managed by the CIA/NSA and ratted out the boss because they needed a promotion.

On the gripping hand, if we had something like this running here, General Milley and his ilk would be well carbonized by now.

Thursday, October 26, 2023


My first audio storybook ended in the car yesterday as I was coming home so I tried a replacement book. I realized coming home last night that I had somehow gotten to chapter 14 in a Lee Child book and NOTHING HAD HAPPENED. So, I tossed that one and this morning I tried NPR for the first time in months and heard them gloating about the special smelter set up at a carefully non-disclosed hidden place where they melted down a statue of Robert E. Lee.

It's history in the making and I find it interesting to watch from afar. This was a 'victory' over history by a bunch of woke snowflakes and as they charge bravely into a future sans heroes from the past it is kind of relaxing to know that in a hundred years nothing at all of them will remain.

These are the low energy ignorant louts that your parents warned you about. They literally know nothing and are very pleased with their ignorance so of course nobody will remember them. What I do regret though is that the idiocy is contagious and spreading like wildfire even among the most educated members of this society. The people who probably know who Eugene V. Debs was probably would have liked his message and been shocked that the Powers that Be had Debs locked up for sedition and smashed every single facet of the nugget of democracy known as Freedom of Speech just because there was a WAR on.

And that's what bothers me the most. These ignorant lions of stupidity and sloth don't see anything at all wrong with silencing a man running for President. They see nothing wrong with their ilk censoring all speech and writing that doesn't conform to their ideas and their idiotic and imbecilic notions. They think they are the final arbiters of the freedom of speech and they get to declare anything they hate and dislike to be, 'misinformation' or 'disinformation' and kill it like it's some sort of vermin.

It's a pity that the statue slagged by the ignorant forces of darkness was such an unattractive piece. If it had been one of the magnificent statues I could see pilgrims stealthily painting silhouettes of it at all kinds of places as a reminder that history is best when it is not destroyed and forgotten. One of the sad realities today is that 9 out of 10 snowflakes could not tell you when the Civil War began and ended or who Lee was or Grant and probably have no idea who was President right up until the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered.

You know where there is a lasting monument that features General Robert E. Lee that will, I hope, never be forgotten? Yeah, that's right, it's in Arlington. It was his wife's house and land until some thieving scheming swamp creatures decided to steal it for the nation. They almost got away with it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


 In a normal world that based its preparation for war using calculations from previous conflicts as the baseline for minimum acceptable stocks of weapons and ammunition this sort of quote from Professor Victor Davis Hanson would not bother me:

Regrettably, I've had enough exposure now to know that there is one underlying certainty of our military planners and Congress. A long time ago the Navy bean-counters, the Pentagon bean-counters and Congress all concluded that since we would never again have more than 4 battle groups on deployment at any one time (right about 1993 I think), there was really no need to purchase full magazine loadouts for all 12 battle groups (now 11) and instead just buy enough weapons to outfit the ones that could get to the scene of the fight which would obviously be over before any more carrier battle groups would be needed.

In other words, I don't really think that there is very much ammo left in the magazines of the Arsenal of Democracy. I would say that is not good news for the democracies but there are hardly any of them left anymore so I'm sure it doesn't really matter.


 Feel free to poke around in the back files. As we discuss here and elsewhere, nothing is ever really new so old news frequently bears a striking resemblance to the current news of the day.

Tuesday, October 24, 2023


 I'm watching the latest Tucker interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor and he uses the term collective punishment as if it is an epithet and should always be avoided and then in the same breath talks about American military policy and strategy and deep thinking generals, every single one of which was brought up and ruled in an environment that consisted solely and entirely of collective punishment. It's in the blood! So, if we're waiting for some general in the Pentagon or elsewhere to rear his head and demand options other than collective punishment, it isn't going to happen.

Lawfare and the neocons exist purely because they employ collective punishment as their first and ultimate resort every single time. Dictator of country does a bad thing and everyone in the lawfare and neocon world starts leaping up and down and screaming for sanctions to be applied across the board to every single person living in that country. It's almost laughable.

In general a good time to look at one's strategic and operational options is at the beginning and before jumping in with guns blazing. Once the guns come out all other options fade away almost instantly and the deep thinkers are finally brought into play to nut out some way of extracting us from the meat grinder. As with Vietnam, that can take decades to happen. A better example is of course, our approach to resolving our difference with the USSR in Europe. It took some time.

In the meantime, everyone making and selling and buying weapons gets richer and influence peddlers get obscenely wealthy by selling access or just the appearance of access.

In this country the law is taking a beating and that it is mostly at the hands of the law is a surprise to me. This society has not even begun to try to control unlawfulness and it is allowing it to spread unchecked from the streets to the courts to the universities and to all the rest. This is how vigilantism works. When the law has irretrievably broken down and there is no justice, people will start to make it themselves.

On what the Israelis forgot or never learned.

The world gets used to a certain number of youths blown away every single day doing something wrong or just being in the wrong place. Simply look at Chicago. Nobody riots about the 15-20 shootings every day there because by and large nobody really cares. By the same token, nobody really cares if hamas rock throwers and missile men get shot and blown up every day. It's just another day of shooting a minor irritant that nobody really cares about.

They share an underlying problem. The people doing all the violence? They're otherwise completely and totally useless to society. Only an absolute moron would employ them, befriend them, allow them in their home and so society is finally forced to wonder, just what the Hell do we do with this thing we let our school teachers and news media create?

What do you do in a modern society with an entire underclass of useless people that can't read, won't work, aren't qualified temperamentally to behave like civilized beings and actively harm/destroy civilization wherever they run into it? 

Think about it. At this moment they are the punishment. I still feel some sympathy for the original inhabitants of Seattle and Portland and the other cities ruined by barbarians run amok.

Sunday, October 22, 2023


 We’ll see how long it takes for that idiot to go away. Given that it seems to be everywhere now it could take some time,

Thursday, October 19, 2023


 USS Carney was reportedly attacked and defended itself against both missiles and drones fired from the 3rd world country of Yemen somewhere in the Red Sea today. The day long predicted is now here.

Hopefully there was some savvy dude who directed that all of the counterfire systems we had deployed in Iraq were redeployed and manned and ready to defend our installations in the Middle East which don't really suffer much when overestimating the reasonable measures that the various installation commanders have been installing and implementing since Khobar Towers were attacked with impunity in 1996.

Drones in asymmetrical warfare have been an idea since I started writing here. I think we're going to find out what it's like to have no defense against air attack. It's going to rain fire.


 I enjoyed this video from yesterday.

I thought about how something like this could happen and the only answer I could come up with is that that guy has an absolute wizard of a Communication Director on his campaign staff and thought this would be an excellent way to get the message out while backhanding the snot out of what passes for media just about everywhere in the world these days. Pure genius. Find a likely looking schmoe to be the "media" and then practice practice practice until it looks completely unrehearsed.

We'll see more of these I think.


Monday, October 16, 2023


 Africa, the Americas and most other places that got colonized? They were inhabited by Stone Age savages right up until they met European explorers. 

One of the things I read recently was attributed to something like a sociologist who delved into native American tribal names and 'discovered' that each tribe contacted by one of the newly arrived Europeans was asked, "what is the name of that tribe on the other side of the river," or words to that effect and the answer was always carefully recorded so that people would know the correct and proper name for the next tribe. Every time and with every tribe the 'name' correlated to the word, 'enemy' in the tongue of the tribe that was asked. And that is pretty much how all European contacts with the Stone Age worked out.

I miss Buck. He would have had words to say about that sentence. It was a doozy.

Saturday, October 14, 2023


I enjoyed the sound of her voice very much. Sad to see her go.


Friday, October 13, 2023


 First there is this perfectly natural expression of shocked dismay.

You know the saddest thing of all? If it was possible for our government to improve the lives and fortunes of all our citizens by simply doing one thing that is actually the very core of government and civilization such as closing our borders to the millions of migrants and terrorists flooding in now from all over the world.....I think our government would also decline to act. Every day it looks more and more like our government is the actual enemy of Americans and they've been pretty damned devastating to the rest of the world too. Our infamous behavior in Ukraine and the events leading up to a perfectly foreseeable response by Russia to ongoing NATO expansion have not escaped people's notice.  Our government is at the forefront of the powers intent on destabilizing the entire world.


 Governor DeSantis has signed an Executive Order putting the Florida National Guard and Air National Guard at the disposal of select Florida selected officials to begin repatriation and evacuation of Florida (nationals) from Israel. It rather begs the question, can he have Florida Guard units deploy in support of this mission? Can they take any C5 or C17 aircraft they find lying around anywhere in Florida? Who sets the Rules of Engagement for National Guard forces deployed OCONUS in this mission?


From the 'better and smarter than you' US Space Force comes this wunderbar new idea for making a fresh never before repeated for the 10,000th time, disaster. Yes indeed comrades, our Space Force is gungho to partner with our existing allies "to jointly architect systems and build capabilities together to avoid duplication and ensure interoperability.”

You know what makes a $40 million dollar satellite into a $2.7 billion dollar satellite delivered 15 years late and only partially mission capable? Make it joint and interoperable. What this idiot proposes and obviously the Space Force concurs with is to spread around our high tech and specs to all comers and invite them to be part of the process for designing and fielding our satellites and you have to wonder what the NRO and NSA think about that kind of insanity.

The NSA is unable to keep its own people and its very own contractors from stealing every secret they have access to and shopping it to our enemies or simply giving it away to all comers. How does the Space Force propose to vet who gets clearance to work on Top Secret Code Word satellite work that covers the full range of COMINT, SIGINT, MASINT plus little things like detailed descriptions of communications and all other subsystems?

The 5 Eyes countries have only the most restricted access to our intelligence. I don't believe we've gone into the business of discussing with them how we get it, analyze it and correlate it. 

Do these idiots remember that Turkey was on the distribution list for F-35s but then got thrown out of the program because it started buying Russian air defense systems? Turkey is a NATO ally but I wouldn't share routine State Department cables with them and only an idiot would think that anything of interest to ISIS, Iran, Iraq or Russia doesn't immediately find its way to them via "trusted agents" in the Turkish government and armed forces.

I'm scratching my head wondering just who these idiots think will make a positive contribution to the design, development, construction and deployment of satellites built to defend this country.

Sunday, October 8, 2023


 It appears that the Jews forgot they have an existential enemy who wants all of them dead and gone. You’d think they’d know better by now but the majority appear to be unbelievably simple and naive and will themselves to believe that a peace with the people inhabiting Gaza and the West Bank is possible. You see the same delightful stupidity everywhere.

More than 8 million invaders crossed into America since the democrats stole the presidency and opened the floodgates to our blood enemies who probably sent more than a million military aged males to take up any impromptu weapons that come to hand and kill as many of us as they can. They’re using cars and trucks and knives and guns and tons of fentanyl. They have already killed hundreds of thousands.

The Israelis grew placid at every level and in every ministry and they all failed 100% just like those cretins running our dumbasshit Defense Department who gave us 20 years of war and shocking waste that all amounted to nothing but creating hundreds of thousands of people who hate America to death.

The Koreans living in the ROK better undertake some deadly serious war games and mobilization games to see if they could withstand a full scale attack all along the DMZ with the all out bombardment of the GSMA and Inchon. If they’re honest I don’t think they’ll be pleased with the results.

Ahhhh, and now I see Hezbollah has started shelling Israeli positions in the Golden Heights.

The whole world appears to be going mad and has a completely brain dead lunatic as the leader of the Western world ably supported by the communists in Germany, socialists in Western Europe and utterly useless international institutions of control that were gutted by the West over the last 50 years and which are about as useful as the elected leadership in San Francisco, Portland and Chicago.

I write this sitting in the DV quarters at a former SAC base and sad to say, just learned on the way back in to the base from getting dinner that there are no bombers at all here. I wonder where they went……

Friday, October 6, 2023


 I remove her spam everyday. Not sure why she bothers.

Thursday, October 5, 2023



Our military did just this to our military


 Remember the Mariel Boatlift when Fidel Castro flushed all of his horrible criminals out of his jails and put them on boats to Florida? Imagine all of Central and South America bussing their hundreds of thousands of horrible criminals and shoving them over the borders in Texas, New Mexico and California. They’re probably putting together huge trains for the criminals now since our border is wide open.

Thanks Democrats.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023


 The idiot governor of a state with 40,000,000 people in it could not find even one qualified person to stuff into Feinstein’s job in the Senate and had to crawl all the way to Maryland to find a black lesbian to take her natural place in the Senate. Truly desperate times. This is another one of those absurd unbelievable things about California. You know, right up with tossing out the Speaker of the House, another California loser on the same day….