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Painting is 'Rendezvous in the Strait' by William Ryan and graced the Proceedings of the Naval Institute August 1980
Lex on the left, Chaplain Harvey and Your Humble Scribe

Decorum was our watchword


  1. You do look like professional Sailor Man.

    1. You should have seen me in the day. My first CO called me the TechRep because he only ever saw me in coveralls. Later on as CHENG in San Diego guys walked past me walking back from the tender or to it and said, "hi chief". It was an honor.

      I was a man of focus. I was unmarried, no children, focus on one thing. I look back now and wonder how any man could achieve that focus if married and with a family. My father did it and his too but now? Not sure how.

  2. The leadership thing was written a long time ago. When I left the sea service it was still almost to a man exclusively a men thing. I got out of the business before we had women at sea and so that is why it reads like it does.