Thursday, January 31, 2019


I thought of this back when I was 8 and mowing my parent's yard. I also imagined a laser powerful enough to simply swipe once across the yard and cut down the tall grass. That damned tree was an impediment to my desires and frankly, a pain in the ass to mow around. Decades later I retaliated and bought my dad a beautiful tree to plant in his front yard and then HE had to mow around it.

I live in the very nicest part of metroparkentralis but even here if one leaves a bike or a car unlocked for more than a minute some miscreant will swipe it before you can say vibrant. I could see buying this mower if it came with the self detonating package for when it gets picked up. It should have at least a pound of high explosive and some forged shrapnel would be nice. I'd settle for a killing electrocution system and I remember about low voltage DC fire control systems that would allow one to sizzle for hours unable to let go. On the gripping hand, we have the local elementary school right across the street so maybe not....

I am always mindful of what I read once decades ago in the SURFPAC EIB that described the death of a young sailor who touched the casing of a fire pump in the engine room. As it happened, it turned out that some electrician had been working on the wiring for that pump some hours earlier and made an error putting it back together. Because of his negligence the full current for the pump flowed to the entire casing which was about 400 volts.

Sadly, the law everywhere frowns on booby traps.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


I admired this president and laughed out loud as I watched this. He could tell a joke. I remember that about him even though I was pretty much overseas during his time in office back before the internet and stuff like it. I used to go to a hotel in Bahrain where they had the UPI, AP and Reuters teletypes in the lobby that kept current on the news.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


There was a crazy lady once who killed a feral vile crazy man. She got him when he was most vulnerable. Reading material is essential but every bather should know to bring a gun.

Marat dying in the bath and you'd think one towel would be enough

On the other hand, I don't think I'd have liked her either. Funny how vile and crazy gets together.

Monday, January 28, 2019


Hard to believe it was so long ago. I was actually on the roof of our berthing barge getting inspected by COMDESRON 5 when we heard the news from below. We went below and watched the news. Very little work got done that day.
The Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger lifts off from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, Jan. 28, 1986, in a cloud of smoke with a crew of seven aboard. The shuttle exploded after this photo, taken from atop the Vehicular Assembly Building, was made. (AP Photo/Thom Baur)

Saturday, January 26, 2019


The last time I remember hearing these was at the hands of Staff Sergeant Brooks who was my DI for a time. It's odd that they seemed to have fallen out of the lexicon of modern America.
  • To take charge of this post and all government property in view.
  • To walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert, and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.
  • To report all violations of orders I am instructed to enforce.
  • To repeat all calls from posts more distant from the guard house than my own.
  • To quit my post only when properly relieved.
  • To receive, obey, and pass on to the sentry who relieves me all orders from the Commanding Officer, Command Duty Officer, Officer of the Deck, and Officers and Petty Officers of the Watch only.
  • To talk to no one except in the line of duty.
  • To give the alarm in case of fire or disorder.
  • To call the Officer of the Deck in any case not covered by instructions.
  • To salute all officers and colors and standards not cased.
  • To be especially watchful at night and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post, and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.


I know because I never bought music and I only ever heard it in the car. Ripped off from the usual source.

Friday, January 25, 2019


It used to be everywhere. I'm sure there would have been more if Congress could convince the USAF that aluminum aircraft rust.

It looks like President Trump gave in to the "hate america party" and I'm sorry to see that.


I get his point. I'm very tired of them too and thinking why not just really truly infuriate them so they go into paroxysms of rage and hate and die young. Plus, they'd also make for some good target practice when they steal it and run away.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Normally when I make revisions, I write them in red. I did it this time too and then followed through on the intention and deleted the entire post.

OTGH, got to make up a new word so that counts.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Went through epiphany a few hours ago. It is over rated.

Monday, January 21, 2019


As it happens, a lot, caught in the office touch typing in the dark
is there anybody on the planet doesn't know now how to type in the dark?

Sunday, January 20, 2019


From back when I ran guns. As I watch the various laws change I sit back amused. Nothing I did was in any way wrong or violated the law. I wasn't selling them. The rifles were a legacy and being handed along, as they are. Still, when we spent the night at a couple of BOQs on the way south it felt weird smuggling rifles into various army and air force posts and stations. They would not have been amused if they found them.

I still laugh out loud when I recalll the story that broke about that master chief E-9 who was busted coming onto Long Beach Naval Station with a loaded pistol and was heard to exclaim that he didn't know it was against the law to bring weapons to a naval station... Yea, it was rule back then. Yeh, I was working at NAVSTA Long Beach at the time and about 100 feet from that gate.

Kind of silly when you think about it.

Still the best was when I was helping a friend get his brother's car onto NASNI so when his brother landed his drug hunting plane, his car would be there while his brother had to be elsewhere. The gun detector dog at the gate went nuts as I drove the car up to the gate. I was looking down the barrels of several guns when my friend got out of the car behind me with his federal badge and got behind the wheel of the car in doggy question and drove it on the base waving his badge and then walked back out to drive his car on the base with the doggies barking their heads off. All was OK, because the little metal badge said so.

It was quite a talkative badge.

Saturday, January 19, 2019


If you missed it, you can still see it if you want to.

It is good enough I'll let it go over the limits and then I'll hunt down the music.


It's gone but I remember.

Friday, January 18, 2019


When your SO gets a little broken, every visit to the hospital, every visit from the home care staff asks, most deliberately, if they feel safe at home. Sitting there in the hospital room before surgery gives me the pip. Right there, by ritual, the nurses ask 2 or 3 times if they feel safe at home. With me sitting right there.

What I do, every single time, is get up and leave the room.

This picture kind of blew my mind. I took it in the hall restroom in a very good hospital in Latrobe while visiting a patient. It appears to be used.

At least two people felt that someone in their life was hurting them or a loved one.

This is in the public restroom for people VISITING the hospital.

Words fail me. This was the second knee replacement. We are going for walks again!!!!!


I was amused by the trade in insults initiated by Speaker Pelosi. She really does think she is Speaker to Animals and she showed her contempt write away (yeah, I know) by telling the President that it was too dangerous for him to address her little lions den of outrage and vd and sex perverts and well, the list is endless. He, she said, needed to put off an oral State of the Union to Congress and maybe he could write a letter instead. She thought she was dealing with a Bush and the muffins they surrounded themselves with for staff.

President Trump was amused.

There is nothing wrong about her letter and if you read the articles of the actual Constitution it was about all that was ever expected of the President. You know, just send a letter once a year telling us how you see our nation our shared patrimony doing. You could think, no harm, no foul. You'd be a Bush if you did.

I savored his reply 24 hours later. Also a letter. I wonder if they use stamps. I understand the price has gone up again.

I suspect Pelosi is about to find out that President Trump doesn't fuck around. Her free trips back to her California home on USAF special mission jets probably expired at the same time. It was struggle she won against the Bush squishes in 2007 but I think if she wants/expects/needs a military plane to fly her home for free every weekend all that will be available will be clapped out old P-3 propeller driven maritime patrol planes.

Having driven a spike into government relations almost exactly as misplaced and stupid as Senator Reid using his power to end the 60 vote requirement for federal judges, Pelosi just hammered home a new idiocy that all of the House of Representatives will be forced to live with for decades.

BZ Mr. Trump.


One of the things I wondered about when I read those articles about President Trump hosting the Clemson football team to dinner in a constrained White House serving fast food from the local emporia of such was, I wondered, how many of those hard left Trump hating food preparers were spitting on the burgers and pizzas before delivering them to the White House?

It happens all the time if you're a cop and order fast food or if you wear a MAGA hat into a fast food place or if you're white and the guy back there behind the counter just happens to hate whites. The press mostly treats it like vote fraud which is to say, it never happens.

OTOH, I'm happy to say, I'll bet a nickle that the SS was standing right there the whole time....... I just wonder how many of them spit on the burgers.

All things considered, I don't think I'd want to be President Trump's food taster.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Whenever I find the snowflakes weighing me down I remember. It's probably not a bad thing to remember.

Every day my days are filled with the news of the "victims" of a society they hate and despise. Almost none of them have been to Africa or the Middle East or further south of the border than that taco joint down the street. They seem to feel oppressed because having left the bounds of society, it holds them in measureless contempt and they are angry about that.

They don't have a connection anymore to the past because nobody teaches it anymore. They are filled with the idea of speaking truth to power and have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. The White Rose would shame them into a silence forever and one well deserved; as would true association with the actual Samizdat. None of them have a clue about speaking truth to power.

The so-called precious speakers-to-reporters, naysayers of history, and confused-about-their-gender because-penis-or-no-penis - is too confusing to them and seems to have taken over the image of the tiny world of make believe they live in and has come to dominate political outrage in the United States. I'm tired of them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I've read over the last few days about some antipathy growing to the NRA among gun owners. I think one of the reasons my family never connected with the NRA was the family's dislike of most things in the New Deal. It's a little known part of the failure that was socialism started early in FDR's first term. My grandfather led a battalion of the New Deal Civilian Construction Corps when he was an Army captain before World War II. Those people accomplished a lot of things that the following generations dismissed as disruptive, anti-environment, etc. The current generation would look back, as if they could, and exclaim in outrage that they didn't file a single Environment Impact Statement or Study for a single one of those projects and there were over 100,000 of them. Still, some people might look with some alarm at the Army being put in charge of what were, essentially, on par with Stalin's construction of the White Canal.

For those that don't know it, discipline is both the cornerstone and the keystone of how one manages large and very large groups of 18-25 year old men. That's how one houses 1000 men under canvas in a wilderness all sharing the same goal and all striving to meet that goal. It's not 'counselling' or 'parenting', or 'sharing feelings.'

Since the UCMJ didn't apply to those young men I'm willing to bet that the older forms of discipline prevailed. There are people who don't really understand that some people, roughly 10% of any group, are more trouble than they're worth and they work very hard to make life unbearable for their fellows and their bosses. I wish my grandfather had kept his journals from that time. It would be interesting to see how it worked in practice and just how much leeway a commander was given to rid himself of the 10% who are 90% of the problem.

I don't know why it reminds me of the 'ruptured duck'. As I recall, the United States had something like 12,000,000 men under arms by August of 1945. That could be off because after VE day they were bringing home millions of men from Europe and demobilizing them while still fighting against Japan. It was an extraordinary accomplishment and not something we could replicate today.

Infantry losses back then were horrendous but what we call infantry today bears almost no resemblance to the infantryman of the last 6 or 7 wars. We've welded hi-tech to firepower and to endless training to produce something quite different and considerably more lethal.

It's been kind of interesting watching the lethality of both the Army and Air Force advance in leaps and bounds while the Navy's has actually slipped dramatically and rapidly behind our peers in Russia and China. There is still, even today, not one single Admiral who would venture a single critical word about the dismal and total failures that are the DD1000 class ships and the Littoral Combat Ship classes. It brings to mind the Emperor's new clothes story.

Two turkeys each alike equipped with 1 whole 57mm Gun and nothing else

Monday, January 14, 2019


We shan't bother with the first one now, maybe we'll come back to it. I was going to talk about polity and politics but we're way beyond that now. In my country which was once a nation, comity went to wall about 90 years ago and was mercilessly shot and killed. Poor comity.
Definition of comity 
1a : friendly social atmosphere : social harmony
group activities promoting comity
bipartisan comity in the Senate 
b : a loose widespread community based on common social institutions
the comity of civilization 
trans-Atlantic comity 
d : the informal and voluntary recognition by courts of one jurisdiction of the laws and judicial decisions of another
Well, as you can guess, there is no more comity. Not here, not in the Senate not in some widespread community based on common social institutions. It's pretty much dead and gone and we won't see that again in my lifetime. Sadly.

In so far as the comity of nations? That's a laugh. Western Civilization went to the wall decades ago and never recovered and then the hardcore communists like Angela Merkely took over the keystone of western Europe and turned it to the utter destruction of western Civilization. Sadly.

And we lost everything in this country when the various judges decided that they had the absolute right to inflict anything on all of us in the name of their corrupt ideals about the law, polity, comity and started to simply refuse to accept that they are not all supreme court justices.

Were I an absoulte buffoon of Rome, I'd suggest a way to deal with them that they would find short, painful and brutal.
Commodus, in full Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus,...—died December 31, 192), Roman emperor from 177 to 192 (sole emperor after 180). His brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 years of stability and prosperity within the empire.
The way I see it, we're coming up to trying to fix 8 years of Commodus running America and every single aspect of the Deep State is fighting to elect horses to the damned Congress.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Don't care. He was the Aussie version of Mel Gibson. Real talent.......and the rest unsaid.

I don't know of a movie he made that isn't going to be an icon way downstream. On the gripping hand, I don't actually watch a lot of movies although tonight we watched another doozy with whossname who was PM in Love Actually. Hugh Grant is, I think, his name.

Friday, January 11, 2019


This brought a pause for reflection. It's what I do at night.

When I went to school and yes, long ago, it was only about reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, geology, chemistry, math, physics, chemistry again, more damned math, a lot more math, science, and maybe once, in the second grade we had something called sociology and my parents yanked me out of that school so fast I barely remember the stories the teacher read about a boy and his dragon.

Given how ignorant the current generation are, I'm sometimes tempted by the thought of going across the street, my street, and auditing just what the hell teachers are teaching youngsters these days. I had planned to do that long ago since I retired in 1945 and see what the teachers were passing off as knowledge to my daughter. Never got the chance dammit. Still and all, I'm 159 years old and figure I can check out what the teachers are teaching shortly before the cops show up and blow me away for being an adult male in a school......with children.

A long time ago an inspector told me a truthism. You get what you inspect. As far as I know, nobody is inspecting the classrooms. We just hear about them. My daughter is almost 16 and she was horrified when I told her that I had a form the school sent me inviting me to see her grades online. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she said,

I'm not actually concerned with her grades but the school she is in is Evergreen, Washington.

I think it was Jerry Pournelle that pointed me at some of the other works by the man that brought us Sherlock Holmes. I read them. They are good and all that remains of the West should probably read them.

Thursday, January 10, 2019


We left our house in Fort Sill after my dad graduated from the advanced artillery school there and we moved to Carlisle where my mother's parents lived and we lived in a tiny row house my dad bought  for us to live in while he fought in Vietnam and then he came home and we moved to Leavenworth where he went to the Command and General Staff school with nobodies like Colin Powell and where we (me, my sister and my little brother) would gather at the top of the basement stairs to look up at dad standing in the back door of our house standing there with one leg kicked up against the door with a beer in his hand watching for tornadoes when the tornado sirens sounded.

Those F****sticks in New England, New York, California don't have any idea. Saw this on timewaster tonight. It brought back some memories.

I went to an Amish dinner a couple years ago and they serve amazing dinners that are for us that live and are not Amish. It was, as usual, a wonderful dinner. I'm almost garrulous and was blathering. Every single one of the 3 families sitting across and to my left said, "wait" "You lived in Leavenworth, where?" 401 Spruce St and they turned out to be my neighbors. The world is much smaller than you think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Watched the last two episodes last night. It is powerful stuff.

Like a lot of our Navy I went to Spain a lot. It was home to Rota and the Naval Station there and if one went north it was home too to a USAF base outside of Madrid and another air base beyond that. I went to them all. I was always en route to or from the Middle East and Spain was a NATO partner that believed in the purpose of unity among nations unlike France. I really had no idea just how devastating the Civil War was and marveled at the Guardia at every intersection at Moron and Torrejon Air Bases and even in Rota in their horse blanket rejected uniforms. I used to ride the bus with them.

It's a wonderment that they lasted this long as a country and now I have a damned good idea of why Catalonia wants a divorce.

It's kind of interesting to me. As the Wall went down in Germany it pulled itself back together and damn the cost, and then of course it decided to damn the rest of Europe with its "let the Saracens in" policy but Czechoslovakia split, Yugoslavia split and the separatists everywhere else except, finally, Ireland, said let's split up because we hate you people a lot. Waiting for Belgium to split north and south because each of them hate each other and yet the policy has been, everywhere, to let in utter outsiders who hate Europeans to death and have nothing in common with them at all because, liberals, progressives.

When one looks at the historical films of the last century one sees European polities that no longer exist. Nowadays they resemble Rhodesia and South Africa and other 3rd world polities. There is no England, no France, no Spain, no Holland, no Scandinavia.

The new market talks about societies of trust. Well, that is gone now.


I took off from a phone conversation I've heard the likes of before in order to slip upstairs and hear the President talk about the border tonight. I used to work at the Navy Outlying Field (NOLF) Imperial Beach for 5 years as Ops Officer for the Security Group headquartered there. The border was basically our southern fence line around the base. I lived in San Diego off and on for about 25 years and the border means something real to me. Try driving the causeway between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. That's a Border! I was interested in hearing how the President was going to leverage his remarks tonight in order to bring alive the peril to Americans who don't live on the border. I think he did a pretty good job.


I have no idea what it is about but this reeks.

Supreme Court turns down mysterious Mueller subpoena fight

The Supreme Court has declined to intervene in a mysterious subpoena fight that apparently involved an unidentified foreign-government-owned company and special counsel Robert Mueller.

This sort of crap is not how a Republic works. When did the Court forget that and when did we?

Tuesday, January 8, 2019


I used to make water on ships. Making it varied between easy and impossible. If anyone knows just exactly how a Douglass Aircraft Corp. evaporator works on engine waste heat please share it with me here. We could not figure it out and some of the smartest people I know had a lash at figuring it out. We reached the point of maximum frustration and just shoved a potable water hose into the damned thing and filled it with fresh water and still nothing came out and no, we were smarter than that. There were no mystery check valves preventing the flow and every valve had been replaced with brand new valves and still we never got a drop of water out it. Frustrating since it was 50% of the water distilling capability of the ship which otherwise was forced to depend on the Badger Vapor Compressor and a single easily clogged sea intake.

So, when I came home to California in 88 and found they'd banned real shower nozzles for spray mysters in a lame ass useless attempt to save water until they found they needed to tax people more, I looked in vain for something like this shower nozzle. Nowadays we get choice. The ad actually describes it accurately but allows as how flow restrictors are easily removable. Used to be one had to go to Urban Ore or House Salvage places to find real shower heads and that's what we did until some people figured out that all they had to do was sell shower nozzles that met the stupid code and if they included instructions for how to get rid of the crap and make it work properly, that is no crime.

I'm sure it will be.


Captain Kirk and crew meet the Hydra. Ripped off from curmugeonly skeptical.

Monday, January 7, 2019


This is why after the city or the state wages war on you, you return the favor. Srsly, a small hammer, a little gasoline and the city's vehicles are your barbie. You could toss some shrimp on but I wouldn't advise it.

Right now, the French are doing it in spades and most of Europe seems to agree that burning cars make a statement. One should only burn the government's, the state's, the city's cars. Police cars are best. They can explode.

What comes around, goes around.


I'm rereading The Martian by Andy Weir. I liked this book.

"I mostly ignore them. I don't want to come off as arrogant here, but I'm the best botanist on the planet."
He's the only human on Mars so it follows that he is the King of Mars and the final word of authority on everything. I used to fill that role on this planet. Don't worry, I retired. The book was truly good and the movie was pretty darn good too.


Speaking as an old Newport resident I found this article hilarious. I don't know how I missed it.

President Trump To Turn Newport Landmark Into Summer White House Styled Hotel/Casino.

In a deal announced late Friday night that has national political pundits theorizing that it’s just a blatant attempt to deflect from the Russia probes, President Donald J. Trump has reached a deal with the Newport Preservation Society to purchase the historic Breakers Mansion for $112-million.
What does the President of the United States of America have in mind for the Vanderbilt property? He’s going to turn Newport’s most majestic home into a summer White House with a hotel and casino. While Trump says that he intends to maintain the ‘true character’ of the mansion, he says there are upgrades that need to be carried out to get the location up to code for a business and to add a nuclear button. “There are a few changes that have to be made, but I can assure you, I will spare no expense and they’ll all be tastefully done and I can tell you if anyone and I mean anyone looks at me sideways or sends me a mean tweet, I’ll drop a bomb on their asses so fast it’ll make their heads spin!” He then presented an artist’s rendition of what he intends the interior of the Breakers to look like.
Donald Trump Newport RI
Donald Trump Newport Ri The Breakers
We’ll have the hotel rooms upstairs, the casino downstairs and a Robert Redford-themed restaurant in the entrance hall, it’s gonna be HUUUGE! I’m a big fan of Redford’s body of work and Newport is the perfect location for the celebration of his films, especially The Great Gatsby which was shot just down the street at Rosecliff (although if you ask me, that place is kind of a dump.) He’s also one of my partners on the project. And now I’m never one to drop names, but Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin are also very excited about this project. VERY excitedWell not Rex so much, but you know what I’m saying. AND to top it off, Mike Flynn is going to be head of security!”
When asked about how the mansion could be used as a casino without voter approval, Trump referenced a little known 1891 Rhode Island statute that apparently allows privately-owned buildings with either original gold leaf decor or marble construction to be used for table games. “It looks like the 1% knew what they were doing back then too,” Trump added. “Besides, I’m the President of the United States and the people love me, they LOVE me! Just try and stop me,” Trump said while firing off a tweet calling CNN fake news and taunting Anderson Cooper whose family used to own the famed property.
And depending on what happens to Oracle’s stock price, I might want to take Astor’s Beechwood off Larry Ellison’s hands, I mean have you seen what Lyin’ Larry has done to the property? It’s blasphemy! It would make an amazing Trump Towers Astor’s Taj Majal of Blackjack/ First daughter’s palace for Ivanka. I’m also looking at Belcourt Castle. Not sure what’s happening at Alex & Ani. Don’t need to know. But if Carolyn Rafaelian needs to unload the property, I’m very interested in creating Trump’s Belcourt Slot Emporium. Once again, this will all be tastefully done and in keeping with Newport’s historic character of neon signs and massive spotlights. I see no reason why we can’t do to Newport what we did to Atlantic City. There is no reason whatsoever why Rhode Island can’t be the next New Jersey and that’s where Chris Christie comes in. He tells me he’ll have no problem shutting down the out bound lanes on the Newport Bridge, so that should keep people here a bit longer.
Donald Trump Breakers Newport RI
“Needs a bit more neon.” -Donald Trump
When Trudy Coxe, CEO of the Preservation Society was asked to comment, she said,
Frankly, after this whole headache with the Breakers Visitors Center and repeatedly beating the Bellevue-Ochre Point Neighborhood Association like a rented mule, I’m more than happy to sit back and laugh while I watch Donald’s vision for this property come to fruition. Besides, Donald Trump is President of the United States and Newport hasn’t had a president living here since Jack Kennedy slept with half the summer staff at Bailey’s Beach in 1963, so this whole deal is really a no brainer.
Jim Moore, president of the Bellevue-Ochre Point Neighborhood Association could not be reached for comment as of press time. However, sources tell us that Mr. Moore was last seen rocking against the wall at Rovensky Park while muttering “NIMBY” to himself repeatedly.
So stay tuned to the Buzz. There’s a Floyd Mayweather fight coming to Ochre Point this summer and Don King has declared The Newport Buzz as its official website. We’ll be selling tickets via Yotme and holding card-girl tryouts in the next month.
– Christian Winthrop, Buzz April Fools Correspondent
and for those with reading comprehension issues…APRIL FOOLS!


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Saturday, January 5, 2019


Certain insights from long ago. These are my words written while with the Field Force.

Friday, January 4, 2019


I don't think anyone will ever nail this rotten bastard to his mast better than this guy at The place of Ace.

"So failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to the op-ed pages of the WaPo to lambaste President Trump's character, by which he means banging porn starlets and publishing mean tweets. Presumably, Romney doesn't do these awful things, which makes him, in his mind, morally superior to Donald Trump. But there's more to 'character' than this. For example, there's courage. There's commitment. There's leadership. There's not backing down, caving in to criticism, and sticking to a course of action when things get tough. To my knowlesge, none of these characteristics have ever been attributed to Mitt Romney. In fact, in recent years, Romney has turned out to be quite a weasely little Vichy Republican, kind of like Evan McMullin, but with not as much estrogen. Oh, and then he whines, quote, Trump's words and actions have caused dismay around the world, unquote. So why is that a bad thing? A lot of these guys, you *want* to have dismayed. I'm sure Robert E. Lee was "dismayed" by General Grant on more than one occasion. And no doubt the Soviets were "dismayed" by Ronald Reagan. That's what we call a feature, not a bug. If you're not pissing somebody off, you're not doing your job. Trump understand this. Mittens does not. There's speculation that this op-ed is Romney getting into position for the 2020 primaries. Which makes me wonder what Mitt's advisors are telling him, because I don't see any big groundswell of support for a Romney presidency. He'll find this out the hard way if he keeps up his weasel act. If he dares to put up a primary challenge in 2020, Trump is going to schlong him good and hard. Nobody likes a backstabbing coward."


Almost half of the homeless refuse to be put into shelters because. There's reason for that kind of thinking because, by and large, the sheltering community of 'people who care' just don't measure up all that well and reasonable people want nothing to do with them. This ranges from the long time abuses of the Catholic church and it's so called shelters for orphans to the ongoing crisis where the unaccountable refuse to be held accountable for molesting priests and priest pedophiles. They are nothing new but all care facilities deserve to have a witch finder general on the premises to burn at the stake those guilty of abusing the completely helpless victims. Let's forget about anonymous allegations and just let the witch finders act on provable facts only.

This is a common denominator in the welfare of women in shelter and probably a major reason we find otherwise sane women who prefer to live rough.
“As a Healthcare provider, we cannot comment on any patient due to Federal and State privacy laws. Additionally, we cannot comment on any ongoing investigations. We can say that our patients and clients health and safety is our #1 priority and that we always cooperate, when asked by any agency, in an open and transparent way.”
You see that they weren't asked about the victim of rape.  They were asked what in hell they were doing to allow such a thing in a "care" facility to a defenseless human being and their answer was they have to abide by HIPAA.

Yeah, tell me you never thought that that law would be used to shield rapists. The dirt bags that run that facility just told us in black and white that their # 1 priority is to shield rapists and screw the patients in their care.

Thursday, January 3, 2019


I think the new democrat representative from New York will provide endless hours of fun and mockery as she steps up to represent a large number of idiots from the Bronx and Queens who voted for her as their representative in Congress.

I personally think that the democrats have an image problem that they cannot fix anymore. JFK was the last elected democratic politician with any real substance and from the fact that they chose Nancy Pelosi to 'lead' the House speaks volumes about their disdain for the American people.


I can't recall where I picked up the link to a fascinating series from Channel 4 on the Spanish Civil War starting from the beginning of the Republic to the end. I am currently watching the 4th video of 6 and have to say that I find it fascinating how society utterly broke down in Spain back in 1936. The Nationalist, Carlists, Falange and Monarchists won the war but they were every bit as fanatical in their zeal for killing anarchists, communists and republicans as those groups were fanatical in killing the nationalists, Carlists, Falange, catholic priests and nuns (19 bishops were killed during the 3 years of war).

I had never made a study of the Spanish Civil War since it offered almost nothing to my line of warfare other than the 'pirate subs' operating off the coast of Spain during the Civil War. As I watch the videos it hard to believe that the part time militias fighting for the republican side could stave off any kind of real army for year after year. The militias would board trucks, drive to the front, shoot until the sun went down and then drive back to town and spend the night in their beds. What a strange war.

Those interested can see the series at Spanish Civil War.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019