Thursday, November 30, 2017


We shall see.

Mind you, as a Knight Bachelor of Solana Beach, I used to buy the Sunday version for $5.00 at my local book shop and read it at the Stratford cafe. I read it from cover to cover and thought about 30% was worth it, for the book review that was in it. Nowadays, if I get linked to any article with the Times logo at the top, I simply stop and delete. They parted company with real news, real facts, real issues in 1917, but I'm a stayer.

Not so much anymore. If I see that fancy little T at the top, I stop. It doesn't make me angry but it is just like AP. If I want to read a story where all the facts are left out, I can read Ellery Queen.

If you look at the photo shot, can you imagine, how President Trump plays these guys like a master guitarist?

Yeah, they don't get that either.


I'm done. Fed up with "he touched me" stories from decades ago.

It really truly is the Salem witch again and again. At some point, we'll go back to Amerika and civilization and safe spaces will once again be a place where a little girl named Anne lived until the real, no kidding, nazis came to kill her and her family.

I'm so tired of the fake nazis. Doesn't mean I want real nazis.


I don't really see law in this particular case.  People bought the property legally, fairly, in an upfront and transparent fashion and I'm not aware of any law that says some bunch of plutocrats can vote in council to just revoke it because their minions fuc'ed up and followed policy and put it up for sale like a boat, or a house, or a car, or an apartment building that the city had seized.

San Francisco Insists that this is theirs!!!
A couple of people buy a road in Baghdad on the Bay that was offered for sale by the city of San Francisco. They paid the money and they got the property almost a year ago. The Illuminati who live on the street are outraged and do what the Illuminati do and told their lickspittles in city hall to "DO SOMETHING! YOU MORONS!@!!!"

I'm not exactly sure how the City/County of Stu[id Fulx can obviate and neuter and transgender a transfer of deed/title, just because of the 'eewwwww it smells' in it.

I enjoy watching the pant suited velociraptors going after the entrepreneur. As you know, in the movies? They mostly win.

I will leave it as an exercise for the student to determine who I mean by "they". Good luck.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


The link vanished for years and yet suddenly, tonight, there it is. These are incredible gymnasts. I was awed by their performance throughout that Olympics. Amazing feats.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I was reading along and ran across this:
In the few areas where Trump conceivably differed from his 16 primary Republican rivals—immigration, trade, and foreign policy—the 20th-century Republican/conservative orthodoxy was actually closer to Trump’s positions than to those of recent Republican nominees, John McCain or Mitt Romney.
I kind of like the sound of it but I mislaid the link. President Trump was not the candidate coughed up by a corrupt Party apparatus, he was the guy who went toe to toe again and again against some real heavy-weight rethuglican party powers and he kicked their asses.

People didn't just choose to elect the chief thuglican after a knife fight. There was one party of ideas that spilled out of 16 candidates and there is this other party of two ideas with just the 1 candidate. As a side note, Bernie was the Socialist Party running as a democrat. 

Hillary was a velociraptor in a pantsuit and behaved like it. 60 million people, not necessarily Americans, voted for the velociraptor. And still all them wonder just what kind of thug wouldn't vote for a velociraptor in a pantsuit.

It's kind of scary, John Kerry or slimyJoe Biden could have won that race and be the president now. How grotesquely awful was Hillary, the nominee of her corrupt regime, her corrupt Party apparatus, her corrupt media and the corrupt grabby Hollywood powers, that she couldn't scare enough people into voting for her, or, more honestly, steal the election with the invisible voter fraud that doesn't exist?

I see Congressman John Conyers (D-Corruption/Judiciary Committee) used our money to pay off the women he harassed for decades. How bloody typical. 
"No, no Miss Amway, we didn't use 'your' tax dollars to buy a bomber. We gave your tax dollars to the countless women who accused democratic congressmen of harassing them, for the public good that was in it."
I used to have a job that required me to know the federal budget inside out. I used THOMAS.GOV all the time and I still hardly ever find the actual money appropriation I needed. Still, those Congressional @ssholes probably hid the budget line for paying off harassment and rape claims in the black budget, which wasn't in THOMAS.

On the other hand, if you want to get angry at something else, there's always the incredible F-35.

Monday, November 27, 2017


From the usual source of mal-science and bad-information comes the latest food safety trolling from the New York Times.

The report sounds pretty bleak.
If you are already elbow-deep in holiday cake and cookie batter, you may just want to take your chances and stop reading here.

Tasting uncooked foods made with flour can make you dangerously ill, according to a study published Wednesday in The New England Journal of Medicine. The report, which recounts the detective work that led to a recall of more than 10 million pounds of flour in the summer of 2016, confirms that a type of E. coli bacteria previously discovered lurking in wet environments like hamburger meat and leafy vegetables can also thrive in arid hosts.
 Dr. Neill called their work “absolutely dogged.” Researchers went through tiers of inquiry, asking patients about their food-prep and eating around the time they became ill. Tasting raw baking dough was a common factor. 
In addition to refraining from tasting uncooked flour dishes, she advised people to wash their hands in hot, soapy water after handling flour,...
It certainly looks dangerous to me
Ms. Chang, winner of the 2016 James Beard Award for Outstanding Baker, carefully sifted through her own risk analysis. At last she broke the news to some of her bakers. 
“They all laughed at me,” she said.

Sunday, November 26, 2017


I sometimes visit a website that was on the blogroll of Lex. I went there just now and learned that the website of the man that first got me interested in blogging has been overtaken and that the link to has been hijacked and vanished. To be honest, I expected that to happen many years ago.

The weblink leads to some sort of gaming site, and finding it tonight reminds me to check those on my own blogroll who have left the building. I'm pretty sure I don't need to send my handful of readers to the equivalent of:

Ted Burge is famous for many of his insights but this one remains:

Still and all, it must have been a wrenching decision to let go.

Go with God, Lex.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


There is a wonderful "moment of truthiness" in a pair of twits that showed up today. It speaks volumes about Time Magazine. They've joined Newsweek in missing just about every single particle of "real as opposed to fake news" since midway through the Vietnam War. They made up the news for at least a generation, my generation. I haven't believed them since I was a paperboy in Newport, RI over 40 years ago.

What they don't make up they simply ignore or twist to suit their imperatives to support the DNC. I suspect there hasn't been a peep about any of the sexual harassment accusations launched against democrats for the last 3 weeks. It's like there's no story there.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Act now before the whole world is bathed in the actinic light of a trillion LEDs!

It's not too late to save it, all you have to do is stop lighting the dark.

North Korea is leading the charge on this new front in war on global science and darkness.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I have long been a fan of the modern Saki, but his last column convinces me that he lost his mind after he left Asia.

He got just about every single thing wrong.
Unlike many of my conservative friends, I thought Merkel the lesser evil ("A deplorable vote for Angela Merkel," February 2017). Merkel is an American ally; whoever might replace her will be more eager to cut deals with Russia. Perhaps at some future date the Alternative für Deutschland might become part of a natural majority along with the Christian Democrats and Free Democrats, but it first needs to purge leaders like its Vice-Chairman Alexander Gauland, a Putin crony who thinks Americans are "a people thrown together at random without their own culture." There are some very good people in the second-tier leadership of the Alternative party, but they have their work cut out for them.
Amerika finally pulled out of Germany after occupying it for over half a century because it was just so damned ridiculously dangerous and Europeans, by and large, are as flagrantly incompetent as you can get in an era of nuclear bombs and ICBMs. No, read the sentence the way it was written. We left because the Cold War was over.

Angela Merkel, hardline commie ruler right out of East Germany is a "friend" of the United States? When did that happen? More importantly, who cares? Who wants a friend like that?

Somebody else wants to cut deals with Russia? For money?!!!  Call the DNC!!!!!

Spengler has room for doubt. What europeans have been saying for the last 20 years is now starting to drive policy and it is, once again, time for the old policy people who think they have a divine right to rule, to step aside. "They can't," people say, because without the Kaiser chaos will walk the streets.
As it happens, I think people have had enough of the "experts" and Ivy League rulers who know so much more than us.

Yeah, Europe is going to be faced with its perennial problem again in the near future. But if there is one group gauranteed to be able to hide a few million corpses, I'd say europe can. They got good at it the last time we turned our back on them and their little issues.

Sunday, November 19, 2017


I remember when I could still find these dimes in circulation. I was little then and never found a Liberty dollar outside in the wild. Our coins used to be beautiful. Then we stuck dead presidents on them and they lost their luster.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Poor Donna. Gone just like that. Sort of like Vince Foster who was eaten by a shark in a park in DC.

Darned sharks.

Just saying.



Donna Brazile, still alive. Castro wonders. Franco welcomes her to the undead.


For me, it was one of the early Star Trek movies when Shatner and the vulcan were on a city bus in the Bay Area and wanted that jerk to turn down the insanely loud ghetto blaster boom box and, being white, he told them to get lost. That's what we white people do. Still, I found this today on my blogroll and while technology can take the ghetto blaster out of the ghetto, it can still offer a stylish alt.

Srsly, could those ear pieces be bigger? Sure they could!!!! They need some bakelite!!!!

Some people, used the vulcan ear clips for awhile and then cringed to death in shame a few years later and some of us use tiny little earbuds and so appear insane to those who cannot hear the music.  This guy is gunning for Sky Captain or Sky Admiral. OTOH, he made a good point well and held up in a debate wtih what passes for a high school teacher these days,

You know, I kind of miss the old days when centaurs were hired to instruct the young.


Those of us who experienced The Andromeda Strain, Soylent Green, and a host of other Charlton Heston movies can probably appreciate this article from The Atlantic. I say that and mean it because people who didn't see those end of the world apocalypse movies don't really understand how mankind can end itself, overnight, accidentally, without even trying. Frank Herbert wrote a scary book about this and leaves people like Atwood in the shade when they imagine a future horror that could be.

We now have people who are seriously talking about engineering a genetic kill specific to a particular predator that they dislike, a lot. They propose to kill it to death in a small place using a tool like the black plague and nothing bad ever happens when fools or governments use weapons of mass destruction to kill a housefly problem.

I was reading the latest research on global extinction events. It turns out the planet did it. All the nonsense about asteroids killing the dinosaurs, or piffle. It looks like vulcanism did it and it did it again and again and again and I just wish global warmists would step into a busy street and look up. I'm so tired of them and the rest of people who confidently predict that if we just adopt a little bit of socialism and send just a handful of deserving scum to the gulag, life will be perfect and go on forever and ever..

Right now, at this moment, we have the power and the tech to make a gene that can be unleashed on the planet, spread around it in days and can be tailored to kill very specific entities. I'm a specific entity. The world won't even know what hit it. It will be the Spanish influenza on steroids but pointed at very specific targets.

I can think, offhand, of a dozen organizations that would do it in a heartbeat and I know people who could make it happen. If you read, have a look at John Ringo's books on zombies. I'll give you the money quote from the endnotes.
The same can be said of biotechnology. I recall a friend who worked in the Tropical and Emerging Diseases Lab, a Class Four Facility (highest contagion) located on the UGA campus and associated with the CDC who's team was attempting in the early Millenia to build a virus following the prescription of the first person to do so from scratch. They tried time and time again to replicate it and were unable. 
In 2005, five years later, a Newsweek reporter, buying materials from EBAy, did the same thing, literally, in his kitchen. (With Spanish Flu no less. He was later fired as was the editor who approved the story since they LAID OUT THE ENTIRE RECIPE!) 
That is how fast biotech advances. Moore's Law, to some extent or another, applies to all emerging technologies. One day it takes a genius, the next day anybody with the right IQ and background finds it to be child's play. 
Second point: A few years ago, at a bio conference in London, a researcher proudly stood up and showed that his lab had proven they could create an infection that would infect a vast swath of population (choose species, genus, phylum or family) but only kill ONE INDIVIDUAL based upon that individual's DNA. 
When he asked for questions one member of the audience stood up and proclaimed:
"We've known that in (university research center) for the last five years but we were never STUPID enough to speak about it in PUBLIC!" At which point things became shouty. 
By the same token, one can create a pathogen that will infect a vast population, but only target certain races. And, yes, there are clear markers to target race for values of race. It's a term of art in biology, not a term of politics. Westphailians, for example, have distinct genetic markers. Now, Westphalians are MOSTLY still found in Westphalia but the markers are found in a huge population elsewhere (especially the US.) But Negroid? Easy. Han Chinese. Very easy. Jewish. (Racially.) Blonde. (See Live Free Or Die) Etc. 'Northern European' (white) is just as easy. Choose your target or immune population. But be careful. You may not understand your population a well as you think. (The 'crazy' president of Iran is genetically turk but most of his supporters are fars which is a variant of Northern European.)
We are beginning to play with fire and those leading the charge introduced one killer after another into a gene pool with no natural predators except those enormous salt water crocodiles which the birds could see coming a million miles away.

You just know human extinction is going to be done by some dorks that just wanted to make a better world. Which, you know, brings Serenity to mind.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


You are starting to look just like Eric Cantor or John whatever his name was.

Why don't you try to pretend for a little while to be something like the people who sent you to DC?


There. I thought I'd help the losers at the New York Times and Washington Post with their headline.


I was pruning my mail stacks and saw this news release. Imagine, London in 1945 responding to the German V2s with anti-missiles and nobody ever told you. I thought that only Israel was under daily attack from the muslim missile hordes. Who knew? Yeah man!! If the shites had the bomb they'd use it in a lunar month or less. It's in their nature to kill and let their god sort them all out.

More to the point, it kind of points out why the crown prince of saudi has suddenly upped the game internally to bring his country to a war-footing and stopped pussy footing around with the hardline muslim losers who have been running the kingdom for the last thousand years. It's about power and nobody in the Gulf cares anymore at all about the wisdom of the god as propounded by a bunch of vicious rabid old men.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


You just know that they are going to appoint some hack lawyer like, oh I don't know, Weinstiein's lead counsel, as Special faux Prosecutor and it will be over and done in a month with a no harm/no foul investigation. If they can't get that lying dirtbag it will be one of Hillary's lead lawyer friends like Cheryl Mills or Comey.

At this second, I cannot think of a single person who that spineless jackass Sessions could appoint with any hope of justice.

Oh, yeah, sure, him. That guy would weld those fuckers to their crimes but no recent former employees of the Department of Faux Justice are allowed by the likes of the cronies who all conspire to run what we laughingly call the Department of Justice.

The guy I'm thinking of, sounds like, rhymes with Christian?

Sessions will do this when HELL freezes over. He's not the leading political pussy of the millennium without good reason.

I suspect that about 1 reader sees the wordplay sometimes. I'm only guessing. Almost nobody ever comments on it. If I worked for a boss utterly concerned with the bottom line and concerned about the misuse and abuse of electrons, I'd persist. I'm persistent.

Monday, November 13, 2017


I didn't bother to read the article about the Army deciding to let in more criminally insane or simply insane losers like the one the Air Force hired who went on to massacre 26 people and shoot another 27 because he felt like it after they decided to do the sane thing and kick him out. I mean, why bother?

Drudge pretty much nailed it in the usual fashion. These are who the Army thinks belong in the Army, alongside their Air Force brethren because, "hey! who says you have to be normal to fit in?"

Juxtapose leads to ontology or whatever.....


I saw this at another blog and thought about it for a second. It's true. I too, never voted in another California election after this happened but then, my vote never counted there and by the time the primaries reached us, the country had already winnowed it down to one die-hard commie and one loser moron. It really wasn't worth the trouble, but most especially after Prop. 8 got tossed AFTER THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR IT.

Just remember when people tell you elections matter that it is your duty to vote for the party that doesn't always use the courts to legislate. Why would you give up all your power as a voter to a non-elected lawyer who finds penumbras or whole-heartedly believes in discrimination now! Discrimination tomorrow! Discrimination for 20 more years!

Srsly people, it's time to take back the power of the people. Imagine, you let an Ethics Body of this Congress or the last 10 Congresses, toss out the will of the voter because a handful of politicians held that the voters had elected an unethical man. It's not like THEY EVER DID.

Vote for Ray Moore or don't. I don't care. I just despise the way the democrats keep leaping to any and every way to disenfranchise the voters. It's not enough that they encourage their true believers to shoot and kill republicans, they keep wanting to use law to make republicans ineligible to play in politics.

Friday, November 10, 2017


I don't usually tell Marine stories. They seldom put the Marines in a good light and that puts them with my SEAL stories. There but for the grace of God and having 2 brain cells to rub together.....

I flew down to Qatar and made a solemn promise to the Commander of the Qatari Defense Force that our little NAVCENT exercise would touch like a feather on his emirate. He and the other ministers believed me when I told them that we would send the offload preparation party on the two ships and there would be almost no footprint ashore. Silly me.

Went to the next planning conference, the MPC (the middle one, you see, not like the Initial One) and certainly, by God nothing like the Final Planning Conference. At the middle one, we had the son of the former Commandant of USMC. He was the CENTCOM planner out of McDill. It was a very laid back conference but included a rep from the 1/5th.  Take note of him. He shows up at the FPC where all the skids are greased, the ways prepared, and we sort of tend to follow through on our promises.

Regrettably, at the FPC the first of the fifth gets up and states that he will obviously need to deploy 289 Marines to provide security for the ships and the OPP. I asked the bozo what happened to the old adage that "every Marine is a rifleman" and thus could be construed as self-guarding.

I went back for the exercise. Flew down there on the C-12 with the VADM and we had a look. No footprint ashore, no touch, won't even notice us and we ended up with something like 400 people ashore with every cop in the country guarding our watch relief convoys running from Camp Snoopy all the way to the port we were using. And back, 3 times a day, for two weeks.

I was once trapped in Qatar for 2 weeks by the machinations of our EOD det and the idiocy of one of the masters of one of our MSC furnished Army War Reserve Prepositioned Afloat Ships. I've never been back. I suspect that the general has my name on his terrorist watch list and I won't like it if I ever go back.

Happy Birthday USMC.


Just because it's Friday and you deserve it.

Did I mention, I like it.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


Here is how we like to see our warships. Without so many dings in them please.

Doing Something Right. Not Run Down and Golden Anchor

Mind you, I watched in awe as a new skipper, driving his frail little ship for the first time, managed to put a dent in USS Wainwright which was freshly back in port after killing an Iranian warship. Pretty bold move I told the captain. After that, he was keen to let me drive the ship in close. I was OK with that. I like to drive.

It's nice to see a warship of ours with a bone its teeth. Too often these days I see them poking in and out of port at 5 knots, saving fuel like they're the complete incarnation of doofus Jimmy Carter.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Because it's just a matter of time. Donna will be dead in a week or two. It's the Clinton/Democrat way.

Come on, admit it. When is the last time you heard of any Clinton namer other than Trump who remained alive this long? Go on and wonder that Trump has hired and retained his own secret protection because he has more smarts than to trust Hillary's penetration of the pathetic remains of what was once the useless Secret Service who seem to have allowed just about every single Republican President to be shot by killers.

I'm not all that sure that shooting Hillary or Pelosi in the head would "do them an injury". Just sayin.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I agree, they need to go further to the left and just announce that they want the one ring so they can bind us in the darkness and rule us all. Maybe then the idiots who sort of want what Chavez did to Venezuela, Castro did to Cuba and Stalin did to Russia and eastern Europe can find their way to rule us all, in the darkness, forever and ever.

They reject even the simplest law of supply and demand. They don't see how wages go down when more people compete for fewer jobs.

They're so ignorant they don't even know when their leaders are lying. They just assume that they hear truth whenever Hillary opens her mouth.


He usually makes excellent points. There is one here that stands out. It always stands out. When it comes time to defend yourself, there really is nobody else to do that. You stand alone.

Monday, November 6, 2017


It will happen. I just wonder what wonderful epxlanation they will come up with to describe how poor Donna came to leave this vale of tears so suddenly and unexpectedly. I'm sure the press will think of something appropriate to explain how she came to snuff herself by shooting herself in the back 47 times while pausing only twice to reload. If the press loses their mojo for malsplaining democrat executions they can always call in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations or the Army CID. Their penchant for describing literally every death as a suicide is as versatile and universal as it's possible to be. And nobody believes them, either.


If we could have seen it, this is how the FBI looked when it was investigating Hillary Clinton and her little problem with running her own Top Secret server where she conveniently gave all our secrets away to the Russia, China, Brazil, Mongolia and Venezuela.

Sunday, November 5, 2017


It brushed the airwaves from John Carroll University's radio station about 2 weeks ago. It caught me on the road. For no reason at all, I enjoy it. Not so much the video but the music and imagery. Share and enjoy.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


It has no idea it's dead yet


This in an important safety announcement for those tasked with driving our cruisers and destroyers as President Trump begins his 12 day visit to the Far East to rally allies and deter the NORKS and China.

Keep the aircraft carrier well in front of you where you can see it at all times.  

Very important addendum: Stay well back since carriers in front of you will often back down at full power for no readily apparent reason. Be prepared to break right or break left as your whimsy takes you in order to dodge the ship behaving strangely.

Posted 6/30/2017
PACIFIC OCEAN (June 29, 2017) Ships assigned to Carrier Strike Group 5 sail in formation during a live-fire gunnery exercise. The aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) is the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 5, providing a combat-ready force that protects and defends the collective maritime interests of its allies and partners in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Nathan Burke)

Failure to understand the dangers inherent in maneuvering warships in a briskly traded sea or in the vicinity of aircraft carriers comes with an enormous penalty and a lifetime of regret. Pay attention!

The price for getting in front of carriers or very large merchant ships steaming at 21 knots is well known by now. All of us ship drivers used to watch the famous "eye ball it in" video. The picture above, which google will not allow me to caption, is all that remains of the USS FRANK E EVANS after it strayed in front of HMAS MELBOURNE. It was MELBOURNE's second ship kill after slicing one of Australia's destroyers in half a few years earlier.

I know, being radical and actually doing the job the Navy trained you to do is an eye opener after a couple of tours ashore and a year in Afghanistan or Iraq as an involuntary powerpoint engineer to some Army general's staff, but focus. The lives of the men and women sleeping in their berths tonight depend on you doing your job. Nobody else is directly responsible for them waking up safe and sound at reveille. That's the job of the Officer of the Deck.

Give yourself a chance to sleep well for the rest of your life. Do your job tonight on the 20-24, the mid and the rev watch. Don't be left there at the end of every day asking, "if only I had...."

The admirals that brought us the Littoral Combat Snip and gigantically worthless DDX, killed SWOS and there is probably nobody left in the fleet today who saw this little movie as a young Ensign (LT if you were a nuke) at SWOS before going to sea on their first ship as an officer. It's dull and boring until you get to the point where people start to die, in the dark, for no reason except incompetence at the hands of the Officer of the Deck and his Junior Officer of the Deck. It started to get more interesting.

As conning officer, I almost never ordered a turn in the Persian Gulf until I had gone to the affected bridge wing and looked and verified that the turning radius was clear. Dhows don't show up all that well, sometimes, on radar and almost never when they're in close. When I was driving from CIC I just made the turns. At 3 -5 knots, the lookouts and bridge officers had all the time in the world to react to anything I missed on the surface. Like that was going to happen....

Friday, November 3, 2017


I saw that once again thieves struck the home of people they knew would not be there. In this case, the thieves knew the homeowner was playing in the World Series and they could follow his location on their radio as they broke in. They had no fear of being surprised by an angry homeowner.

It was almost 6 years ago to the day that I was in Virginia visiting my parents when my father's first and oldest friend died suddenly. They had been born just a couple of days apart to two Army families at Fort Bragg. They were both class of '57 at West Point and roommates and despite one being Field Artillery and the other Armor, their careers brought both them and their families together over the next 50 years.

I expected to attend the funeral at Arlington but my father proposed a different locale and I kept vigil in his friend's home in McLean while he and his family were all gathered a final time at Arlington National Cemetary. It wasn't what I expected but it was an honor.

I had never considered that, of course thieves would come to rob the home of the people identified by the newspapers as being away at the funeral of a loved one. My life of crime never seems to have stooped that low and I had never heard of this practice in all the days of my life. Odd what is usually kept quiet and out of the news.


Obama is only now being recognized and credited for his single worthy achievement as President of the United States and leader of his party, to whit,

Democrats slowly realize Obama destroyed the party

Still, we have guidance for this specific kind of failure:

Thursday, November 2, 2017


There's a certain irony in having a judge mull over a decision to order a gag for Manafort and the Mueller Inquisitors in the pending law suit against Manafort. As I understand it, absolutely everybody on Mueller's team is free to blab their heads off and do so without being held to account because that seems to be the way the Justice Department rolls these days but if Manafort or his legal team dare to attempt to put their side of the case in front of the public they are going to get slammed and sent to jail.

It's easier and easier to find the behavior of the Justice Department and the Courts is contemptible.


I know there's a perfectly normal reason that the SJWs working at Twitter decided to emphasis their power over the freedom of speech by squelching President Trump's twitter account this evening. Way to go buffoons! If there was no impetus to push Twitter and facebook into forced breakup hearings in the government, this confirmed that bias exists in both twitter and facebook and that it is naturally destructive to democracy.

Way to go!