Thursday, March 31, 2022


The high brows on PBS think that Russia is making a poor showing in Ukraine and pretend to know warfare in the 20th century using the weapons of the 21st century. What they all ignore is the destruction of functionally obsolete battlefield weapons in the 21st century. A couple of guys with US made Javelin anti-armor missiles can destroy ANY tank or Fighting Vehicle. ANY tank is dead meat. Any aircraft that gets hit with a 21st century man-portable AA missile is toast. We and NATO have sent thousands to Ukraine to kill Russians just like we shipped Stinger missiles to the Taliban in the 80's.

That applies to ALL of our stuff too.

It also applies to anti-ship weapons from the 21st century. Amphibious warfare ships are unlikely to survive their next near shore experience in war. As with WWII when the numbers of AAA guns on warships multiplied to fill every inch of deck space in order to fight off hundreds of attackers at a time, so too will doctrine need to embrace the idea of fighting off swarms of ship-killing missiles launched far beyond visual range. Add hypersonic sea skimmers that give a target ship about a second from over-the-horizon to missile hit amidship and you should see that control of the seas is definitely a 19th century term and we're back to the 'Uncommanded Seas' of Julian Corbett's famous description.


Why in the world are Space Force personnel wearing forest pattern cammoflage? It is an acquisition weenie at a rear echelon HQ or Pentagon. The entire mythos for HQ types wearing cammo went down the rathole when Biden surrendered to the taliban in Afghanistan. We aren't engaged in any wars now. Shouldn't the staff pukes start wearing their class A uniforms like they did for the first 200 years?

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Friday, March 25, 2022


From insty

We are way beyond thinking this is funny or some kind of joke.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


The DOJ is covering itself in glory as it investigates Project Veritas and its association with Biden's daughter's "abandoned diary." This kind of resembles Biden's son's computer that he "abandoned" at a computer repair shop. Do you get the sense that Biden's kids hate him to the point that they are prepared to abandon everything they own in order to hurt him?

I do.


There was an interesting story about Candace Owens being asked, in writing by a New York Slimes writer on where she gets the absurd notion that Ukraine is a total kleptocracy and why she is buying into Putin's claims about its Nazi and corrupt practices. Her replies were priceless

They called to mind my favorite press attack specialist.

I really miss Kayleigh and of course the guy she worked for.

What an amazing difference between both her and Trump's ability to speak extemporaneously and at will compared to the idiots in the same jobs today. If Biden deviates one iota from the prompter, it's over. Psaki cannot cover up turds fast enough and Kamela is best left at the bottom of the swimming pool where only the microbes can hear her idiocy.

Saturday, March 19, 2022


I have been following the news of the "war" in Ukraine and tonight I decided to make another comment on what I've witnessed and heard on the news and read in the various newspapers blogs and other sources.

To start with, I don't believe a word any reporter says about anything. Their blind idiocy, pigheaded stupidity, ignorance of history, politics, international relations, economics and any other subject not directly between their legs, is profound. They will believe anything a toddler says about witches and take it as the Truth From God.

Every story lately has included everybody from the President of the United States up to the more intelligent lizards and bunnies and talking simians of the press and international experts and former pentagon and CIA/NSA officials who preach that Putin is a war criminal for killing civilians. Do they not understand that the US wages war and has somehow never once made it to the end of the war without killing civilians? Every word they claim about Putin and Russia applies to both Bushes, Clinton, Obama and the current turd in the Oval Office plus every single one of their military advisors and the men that issued orders to kill and the people that blindly followed such orders because they have an 'obligation to understand that illegal orders are not to be obeyed and failure to debate such orders with the leaders that issued them constitutes a 'war crime?'

It gets old watching people fall for the same lines that didn't work before and don't work now. I watched the press fawning over Zelenskyy and it looked like Riefenstahl had come back to life and was refilming Triumph of the Will. It's sickening.

Our old foe NPR was interviewing the head of the 'Press Without Border' international moron of the month yesterday and they were swept with confusion, dismay, alarm and outrage that anybody would mistreat journalists in a war zone even, mark this, even the uncredentialed 'citizen journalists'. The obtuse morons failed to understand that the other word for people roaming around behind your lines and reporting what you are doing is, SPY.

They have all wrapped themselves in this shield of outrage which, on close examination looks like the stick armor the indians thought would stop bullets. They don't know a pistol from a rifle, a tank from an IFV, a bomber from a helicopter or an assault rifle if it bit them on the ass and yet they all come on and pontificate endlessly about this thoroughly avoidable war and blame it all on Putin and the madness of Russia.

The facts on the initiation of the war are as easy to follow as Biden follows little children around fondling them and sniffing their hair. When the Cold War ended after the collapse of the USSR and the replacement of Gorbachov by Yeltsin an understanding was reached that was simple, clear and straightforward. Russia would allow the SSRs to withdraw from the USSR, the USSR would be forthcoming in splitting up the spoils and in return the western governments swore that NATO would not ever expand to the East.

The new countries now holding possession and title to the nuclear weapons left in their territories by the collapse of the USSR negotiated not just good faith deals with the West, they got treaties and solemn assurances. They gave the nuclear weapons up in the name of peace. Dumb bastards should have read American history and just how effective the treaties were in the hands of the scum elected by ignorant people who only knew they wanted more, ever more and so every treaty ever signed between the USA and the indians was trashed the instant some politician needed to cave to the electorate and expand to the West. Gee, the Russians should have read our history too.

The nukes were transferred, the dictatorships in-the-name-of-the-people were established in all of the former SSRs and Russia then collapsed as economically, militarily, politically and ethically as the Kaiser's or Hitler's Germany at the end of each war they lost. And then our kleptocrats and inept bungling State Department and other carpet baggers headed to the 'new' countries of eastern Europe and the Stans and NATO began its long march Eastward. It swept up one former SSR after another as it expanded ever eastward towards the Russian frontier. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, re-united Germany, it just went on and on. Do you think the Russians didn't notice? Wouldn't view with alarm? Start to whip up some serious patriotic motherland defense loving harmony to recreate in miniature a State, Army and Party to defend mother Russia?

Infographic: How NATO Expanded Eastwards | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

The sheer idiotic malevolence of the Western governments that did this and knowingly created a situation that could only end in a meaningful real 'line in the sand' is obvious to anybody who has actually studied history. Sort of makes you wonder why they stopped teaching history in American public schools doesn't it?

The same idiots that brought this about now prattle on about war crimes and we must support Ukraine and we are actually selling military hardware openly to the enemy of the Russian State which is something we didn't even do covertly before March, 1941. We followed an ancient international compact all the powers agreed to abide by and we preached neutrality, neutrality, neutrality even as we quietly assisted the British with Lend Lease and later our good pal Stalin.

The Russian on the street knows what passes for history of the Great Patriotic War and has few illusions about the honesty, integrity or transparency of the United States or any of the other minor bit players in this catastrophe and yet I have yet to see anything in the media about this when it ought and needs to be presented every day in every way. It's sickening to see even the mighty Wall Street Journal fall prey to the lies spewed by every organ of this government and never once write a word to set the record straight and reset this from an 'Aid Ukraine Movement' to a GET THE HELL OUT movement.

The Russians are great deceivers and any student of their history can attest to how they manage to routinely pull the wool over the eyes, heads and ankles of the various people sent to check out what the Russians are doing.

I'm still waiting for the Demonstration Nuclear Strikes on unimportant inconsequential cities that will serve as a statement of intent and resolve to battle on until everything in Ukraine is as radioactive as Chernobyl.

Saturday, March 12, 2022


Every five years or so the Navy gets a wild hair up the butt and comes up with yet another thing that is ancient old battered and worn but LOOK!!!!! Now it's all shiny and new. What I was just reading was National Defense Magazine giving a long and idiotic description about how the USN has suddenly discovered something renamed from the old days when it was simply Preventive Maintenance and now it new and an algorithm. Woot. They have determined that there is a way, through contractors and some very expensive practices to determine what systems will fail on deployment and they have worked out that the Navy could actually uniquely take the necessary spare parts along on deployments and use them to fix these little problems.

I'm a little past 60 but I had really hoped that we would actually be smarter at this point in the century and not simply coming up with solutions that the Phoenecians had figured out millenia ago.

I remember in school I got involved with the Futarians. They were an eclectic and probably subversive group that tried to prognosticate the future. One of the things I remember them postulating was we would sometime in 2000 achieve "Never Break Technology" I can't say they were wrong but they weren't right in practice. My day to day computer is a 2012 Mac plus. Sitting on the desk for when I need to use something truly obsolete is my perfectly functioning Dell Inspirion that I bought new back in 1996. I don't use them to compute orbital rendezvous but they are still every bit as servicable as a typewriter and best of all, I never sit down late at night to compose that 15 page typewritten essay that is due in the morning and find that the damned typewriter ribbon is useless. Yes, that was an old machine nothing like those wonderful state of the art IBM Selectrics we used in the only worthwhile class I ever took in high school.

The Navy bought into something called Operational Risk Management back when I wasn't looking. To tell you just how screwed up this management philosophy was let me tell you about our Commodore's inflexible policy that all of our 5 ton and 2 and a half ton trucks would be ground guided off the base and then set loose on the civilian streets. This idiotic insane policy expired when a driver accidently ran over the ground guide he couldn't actually see because if you are in closer than about 10 feet you can't actually be seen by the truck driver because the engine hood is in the way. This was ORM. The navy bought into it and raised a whole bunch of worthless types that would instantly inform you that your desire for them to get to maintaining the equipment was from a certain standpoint, operationally risky.

I think that I have mentioned a time or two here that my favorite sailors were E-5s. They had enough experience to be savvy enough to do the task but were still too junior to tell you it couldn't be done. These are the things that occur in the life of JOs. I have, literally, no conception of what it is like to serve in the current fleet. I thought of this as I was reading an article about the Russian military debacle in Ukraine. The author made the point that the last time the Red Army actually fought a real war was 1945. One might almost say that about us. When was the last time any general or admiral of ours was sacked for incompetence? I've known scores of them. A lot of them should have been sacked. Actual competence got lost somewhere along the way, as usual and as usual, it takes an existential war to straighten out. They authors talked about 1500 fighters the Russian Air Force had and wondered why they didn't dominate the skies and sort of hinted at a little tiny thing like the simple fact that 85% of them couldnt fly. I don't know if we still do Elephant Walks but I kind of wonder, how many of those multi-engine aircraft proceeded down the taxiway and only the pilot and maintenance officer knew that it couldn't take off if it was strapped to space shuttle. I know the warships. When I was a JO a single Fail To Sail was death for the CO's career. Then I read for years about multiple fail to sails and ships in commission for decades that never made a single operational deployment because they simply didn't work. Non functioning engines are kind of obvious, Non-functioning weapon systems can be hidden in the admin office. Our admirals and generals have been hiding a lot and hope they won't get caught. When they finally get caught, it's in a war where the weapons don't work or aren't there.

Friday, March 11, 2022


I can't write right now , I'm blind in one eye. I told myself not to write but Rome. Rome survived a thousand years and the thing that was rome lived on. I couldn't not write about Rome. It was about 18 seconds. A concept and Empire that lived for a thousand years. I was watching about Rome and the legions, the 17th, 18th and 19th. I saw the need to write Rome before going to bed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022


I read and I'm a student of history. It never gets old for me. There, by a stroke or 2, I spared you the history of World War II. It was VDH in full form. Thank me in the lobby on your way out.


I think the article is bogus but then, if you actually study or read this sort of thing, and I do, humans didn't dominate the whole earth back then. It was touch and go. One of the pieces I read said that the entire human population back around then, got down to 17. It was a piece out of the Smithsonian so I give it some credence. On the Gripping Hand, it's late and I might be off by 30,000 years.

Monday, March 7, 2022


I went and searched for my phone because I told one I dearly love to call me. She never does, almost never has but tonight she sent an email that I think screams "dad, dad dad!. She's a thousand miles away and 18. All those years carefully aranged by her mother to be dad free. I know it's too late but still, I hope she calls. I got the phone next to me now so I'll answer if she calls. I hope she calls.

Sunday, March 6, 2022


I was one of a thousand people who knew Lex. My friend has reminded me that it has been ten years since his untimely death. He was flying a fighter and went out as he wished, with a cockpit full of snakes and an air controller who didn't know the first thing about the speed needed to land that special brand of fighter. He went out as he meant to go, at least according to his writings. I'm willing to take him at his word.

I called him up and asked him and Mary to dinner. They said yes. I was hoping that getting them together with my sister and brother-in-law who wrote many books would convince him to write and publish. So instead of convining him they all talked about their honeymoon and adventures in France, the rats. It was a very nice night out in Del Mar and it is hard to believe it was just a little over 10 years ago.

Time has not flown. It feels like yesterday.


I actually woke up to this. Strange room, strange house. It's a discontinuity that never reared up until now. It's been 40 some years since I drove down to Florida from State College to participate in the Orange Bowl Regatta at, the Orange Bowl. The Port of Miami had a kick telling us that between us we'd eaten about 5 times as many shrimp as the football teams they hosted for the Orange Bowl. We were sailors, and hungry and sunburned. these were my friends, but still, waking in that place and then going downstairs to the basement and finding they had about 3000 pot plants growing in the not dark, that was strange. Somehow, I grew up in the shade. My sisters didn't. I'm not sure about my brother. I remember, I would come home from time to time and they would tell me about my parents throwing a Roman Party and yes, various Colonels and generals came to the house dressed as Romans. I wouldn't believe it, but there were pictures. I think, if I was there, I'd miss the old Army, the old Navy. I hate to think what the pollution of PC has done to them. I have these old videos of the young LT and his bride and friends before the War. 1938 was a very different time. It is hard to believe that young girl is the hard faced grandmother we didn't like all that much.


The city cops are in full alert outside. I know this because one of them just announced over the car's loudspeaker that "they know you are in the school. We are getting a K9 unit ready to send into the building. Surrender now, come out with your hands on your head or the dog will bite you!"

My money is on the dog.


I know, it's an old book nobody reads anymore. They should. I'm not at all dialed in to what is going on day-to-day in Ukraine. Not my fight, not my dogs. I do think it is important though to step back just one step from everything you see in the news and keep in the front of your mind, Russia is not like Alabama or New York. It never was like them. It never will be like them. It's also not at all like France or England. It never was and it never will be. To quote the good scene in the movie, THIS IS SPARTA!

The pundits seem scarce this time. I'm not sure what happened to all our loser generals from Afghanistan who used to come on drone on and on about Trump had hydrophobia and there was simply no way that the Taliban could win since they didn't control ANY OF THE MAJOR cities.....You know those losers. I don't see them so much anymore. Don't miss 'em either.

Clausewitz introduced the scwhwerpunkt to interested persons but all the greater generals/leaders in history knew about it except every single Athenian ever born.

The show war in Ukraine is a phony war. Pundits are awed, amazed, dismayed, frightened by the lack of Russian aggression and killing frenzy. That, however, is not what this is about. This is one of the most civil wars in history. No, the Red Army is not using artillery, no the Red Army is not waging total war, no the Red Army is not using its overwhelming advantages in every single aspect of war as it battles in the Ukraine. It was never about defeating the Ukrainians or the popular will of the Ukrainians. The War is something else.

I know what it is about and so do other strategists and people who snapped up history degrees. This is a GIANT finger to the West from Putin the Tsar of Russia and it's telling them to all back off. I think that he will unleash the other dogs of war on the West who now think, 'oh my, how easy it is to crush the dreams of the Russians.' The banks and surprisingly Switzerland have engaged in economic warfare with Russia. I'll admit, they got their ass handed to them by the Japanese in 1905 but Russia has some staying power that goes far far beyond what democracies have.

Some of the kit that hasn't been seen since the Cold War and which all the European pussies never feared has been put back into play. It was the western reporters that trumpeted Putin putting nuclear forces on alert. In the end, Russia is what it was in 1945. It has been there done that, rode the Tiger and like China, 'oops, how did that get loose?' With the one it's bio warfare and with the other, you haven't seen it yet.

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Saturday, March 5, 2022


I don't do drugs or anything of the sort. My healthcare providers are always amazed when I tell them I don't take any drugs. It's not out of principle. It's a simple reflection of a body that feels no need. This article is alarming, I went to get the drugs of the type they hate the most. Knee surgery is a painful bit of major surgery. It needs something to put the pain a step or two away.. That is legit.

The right to enact laws was given. We did that. What made them think they knew all about pain?

The seething homeless we created out of the blue, that wasn't necessarily us. A lot of them are in pain or impaired a lot.

One could describe the homeless as a boil on the body politic. Where they find succor they grow and grow. Soon, they're a movement.

I think we made it through the first phase of the revolution. The second is born and casting around for something to destroy. They destroyed real green powere once. They destroyed NATO once, they are hellbent on destroying industry in the name of a mythical construct they call global warming. They have settled on destroying pain management and sending doctors to prison.

The thing is, and they don't know if, they have engaged the gestalt of what it means to be of The West. The West is now aware of them and it will take something along the lines of the Reagan Revolution to plow this group under but the Reagan revolution was slow building and overwhelming for just a brief moment in time. These people are now running all the schools, all he universities and all the government agencies.

Each and every one of the revolutionairians think they can bend and twist time and facts to their advantage. All of them clueless. They share a simple philosophy, "Free Tibet!" "War never solved anything."

War is a virus. It solves many things. Sometimes, it doesn't come out as the progenitors figured. It's not war's fault. Yet they "struggle" against the man never ever seeing themselves as the 'man.' to be honest, it's why we laugh at them. They don't know why but they hear the laughter. It inspires them to new depravity like making masks a lifetime matter.

Friday, March 4, 2022


There is always more to the data since we know the data are used by liars. Here is the data Nonetheless, I'm feeling really quite chipper.

Thursday, March 3, 2022


I see from the Wall Street Journal this morning that the House of Reprsentatives Jan 6th Committee investigating perfectly normal, acceptable, tolerable and ideal American behavior has submitted evidence to some court that it has evidence that suggersts that President Trump committed obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy and fraud.... I wonder when this will end? There is clear and obvious evidence that the Clintons engaged in widespread corruption, conspiracy, fraud, murder for hire and stuff like that but you never see the House opining about that. Too afraid they'll get dusted with some plutonium no doubt.

The Democrats tried 2 or 3 impeachments but that didn't work. Never ones to quit on a good conspiracy except those about who killed JFK, they are delighted to waste time and spin their wheels on what must be the cleanest and most honest policitican who ever lived. 1/100th of this effort would have seen both Clintons and Obama locked up long ago.

I wonder if Manchin decided to sit on the clean side for the State of the Union rather than having to toss another pair of shoes contaminated by treading on the snakeskins and bodies on the other side of the chamber.

In all of our history I cannot recall any President so verifiably clean and above-board as Trump. He never got slow rolled on any sort of votes for cash BS like the politicians everywhere and as a business man was too savvy to be played by the scum who infest New York city, New York state government or the be all/end all bureaucrats at any level.

It says a lot when the two lead State's attorneys quit rather than pursue a pointless and meritless case against a businessman in New York.

Wednesday, March 2, 2022


I have from the beginning tried to make commenting here painless and simple. Something changed and now some comments show up in moderation which was never my intent. I have gone through the toolbox I have access to here and expunged any effort to stifle comments so I do hope that all comments appear forthrightly and immediately in the future.