Friday, October 31, 2014


Mr. Dunham is a funny guy.


We plan to get away. On a Train! I'm looking forward to it.

With music, I don't hear the words and I seldom know the artist. I actually saw the Moody Blues at the Meadowlands. All of my life, I have listened to this song and said, 'leave us time to get away' while they were singing 'evening'.


I know what spike lee is talking about. We used to call it cow flops. Any man in America who can still prattle on about how America is racist has failed to notice who we elected as President. Don't blame me. I didn't vote for the man, but that doesn't make me a racist. I'm a huge believer in mob violence.

Spike Lee on the other hand, oh yeah, that man is a pure racist. Any totalitarian would be proud of him. At this point, I would have to say that spike is worse than an oxygen thief. He poisons the very air that he breathes.

Oh well, if I can tolerate racists like Obama and Holder, one more won't hurt.


I have always liked Byron

SHE walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meets in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress
Or softly lightens o'er her face
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek and o'er that brow
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent.

When I was a much younger man, I could see in the dark, and it had no fears for me. I actually liked the dark. The one teeny drawback to that, is that everybody else thinks the dark should be spent in bed. I have always disagreed. I treasure the dark.

I could leave my apartment on Grape Street, walk down to the harbor front, walk all the way out to the end of Harbor Island, and then walk home without seeing anybody. It was a 5 mile tramp through the beating heart of a major American city and I could spend it lost in thought, smoking and writing dialog for novels you'll buy next year, and never see a soul.

You could google the image if you like. Start at 215 West Grape Street and then wander down to the harbor front and then walk along it until you get to the restaurant at the end of Harbor Island about 100 yards from where my ship used to moor. I walked that path every day I was in town every night.

San Diego was a big town. Most of those walks didn't start until after 2300. Later, when I moved to Solana Beach I used to walk down to the beach every night and I'd walk as far as the tides and surf permitted. Sometimes, the surf won.

All that time, cloaked in night, I never even thought about my personal safety. No guns, no sword, just a walk in the dark in the moonlight.

I kind of miss those nights. It has been a long time.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This man speaks for me and this little person in his praise for Dr. Salk.

You know the men like him are out there doing the research and hoping to emulate this man. I find myself happier knowing that just as many women are advancing the frontiers of medicine.

My family is somewhat constrained. We had a few options. None of them were bad options. It's not like we had to enter politics. War, Religion, Medicine. That's my girl in front of the temple of Athena in Nashville. I'm thinking medicine but it could be war. I cannot wait until she is a teenager. No no. I am really looking forward to those years. A will of cast iron going up against an object moving at orbital speed.


At Instapundit yesterday I took this screen shot, because I could.


I am ready to take off now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This newspaper article is really irritating to me.
“He told the authorities that he self-quarantined. Detectives then reviewed his credit-card statement and MetroCard and found that he went over here, over there, up and down and all around,” a source said.
Spencer finally ’fessed up when a cop “got on the phone and had to relay questions to him through the Health Department,” a source said.
Where did any law enforcement person ever get the authority to delve into this man's MetroCard? Never mind. Meta data.

You know, when the police have an omnipresence through cameras that can identify you 3 miles away and a robust attitude toward messing around in your life, any crime victim should be able to sue them for negligence. After all, they probably have the entire crime on video and so were negligent in not preventing it or coming to your immediate assistance.

Who is it that supposedly notes the fall of every sparrow?  Yes yes, I know, the EPA, OSHA, Forestry Service, SPCA, all lawyers, and of course, the police.

ecto gamma


Election day is just around the corner so I am posting my bleg to all who read here to vote. I know it's a silly thing to do since there is no democrat who is not an out and out liar and nobody can believe a word any republican says but, this is a democracy Republic and every vote counts. I'm voting for this guy.


According to Powerline, the Executive Office of the President was hacked and taken down for a week by Russians...or maybe Chinese or... It's funny how this works. One person can provide entry to ANY network and let the hackers pick the locks on all the drawers. I remember when this didn't happen to NMCI shortly after it was imposed on the fleet ashore. For no particular reason at all, every single user was locked out until they went, in person, to the sole IT arbiter and were given a new password and log-in ID. No reason for this was ever given to the proletariat.

The cognoscenti knew perfectly well that China had taken the opportunity to download the entire contents of every single navy database forcibly connected to NMCI, except our own at SPAWAR, where the guys invited the navy to fuck off when they came by with their mandatory connection authority.

When one consolidates everything into a single rent farm for some contractor whose brother dated the sister of the contracting officer, it's important to keep in mind that enemies want access. Of course, the collectivists never ever think of that or count it important. Does Snowden ring a bell?

If you read the link below, go to the few pages around page 72 that deal with how the Navy's IT workforce shoved NMCI facedown in the dirt and kicked it. NAVAIR lost everything in its databases to the bad guys. So did everybody else. The Navy's IT professionals could have told them it was a bad idea but they weren't consulted....mostly because they are the biggest bunch of a@sholes on the planet and will surely provide an answer in about 50 years if you keep upping their funding. You ain't seen rice bowl protection until you watch SPAWAR implement Congressional directed Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) procurement.


I found this at Maggie's Farm. It's a daily read. From time to time, I pull things and put them here so that they will always be close at hand. That's the case with this video by an articulate standard bearer of a former generation.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Although nobody was killed or injured this represents a real setback for what remains of our so-called space program. Of course, it being a NASA product, it uses a Russian engine from a country currently under embargo for its behavior in Ukraine.

Why anybody would be surprised to see an American spacecraft with Russian engines explode is a continuing mystery.


I'm not sure what the kerfuffle is in the school food programs around the country. It seems obvious to me that schools and school districts should just ignore the new federal rules just exactly the way the administration ignores federal immigration laws. After all, what's the worst that can happen?


You just know that somehow the local affiliate of CBS in New York have this story wrong. Honestly, they think they need the entire staff of a metropolitan New York City hospital to treat one ebola patient? But don't worry, there's no danger and you're a senseless hysteric if you imagine anything else. I'm no hysteric but don't you wonder at a government that does quarantine the soldiers it ordered to west Africa but not the other people who travel here from west Africa?

Have you noticed the catechism of the government science types? All of them fell reliably into Al Gore's dream and then declared anybody that disagreed with the idea of man-made global warming was a "science skeptic," possibly even a mouth-breather too stupid to live and unworthy of notice. The last poll I saw showed that 94% of Americans don't believe the CDC anymore or anything the official government spokespeople have to say about ebola.

Making skeptics of us all.


Doesn't it always look like this when the law moves?
But Frank Montoya Jr., the special agent in charge of the FBI in Seattle during the case, defended the investigation techniques, which led to the arrest and conviction of a 15-year-old student.
“Every effort we made in this investigation had the goal of preventing a tragic event like what happened at Marysville and Seattle Pacific University,” Montoya said. “We identified a specific subject of an investigation and used a technique that we deemed would be effective in preventing a possible act of violence in a school setting.”
“Use of that type of technique happens in very rare circumstances and only when there is sufficient reason to believe it could be successful in resolving a threat.”
It's kind of like Assassination; nobody would do it if there was any alternative.

Monday, October 27, 2014


It won't be long now until Lebanon is ripped apart again by a civil war fought between the sunni and shia who are nominally Lebanese but I don't think there have been true Lebanese since the Phoenicians sailed the Mediterranean 2000 years ago. We can look forward to another red line in the sand and calls to dispatch Marines to stabilize the peaceful country and maybe take up headquarters in Beirut.

I read an article earlier today that stated that we had come to the point that the old borders drawn by Europeans after World War I were gone and would never be resurrected in the middle east. They were drawn with no understanding of the people that lived there and were artificial from the beginning. Sort of like Europe's borders after The Great War.

When ISIS defeats the rump government in Baghdad and takes over most of the countries formerly known as Iraq and Syria it will come into contact with the ancient arab and sunni nemesis in Iran. I don't think either team will appreciate it when it happens. It would be interesting to see if they even try for a neutral zone or a negotiated DMZ like we have in Korea. Interesting, but I doubt they can do it. Neither side is at all familiar with compromise.

It would be nice if the US finally accepted that it can neither make peace in the middle east nor ally itself with an arab of any faith to fight against other arabs. After 10 years building up and training the Iraqi army we have a ghastly crew of useless cowards to show for it. They won't fight for the shia government if they are sunni and the shia won't fight to protect sunni terrortories and I can't blame either of them for taking the sensible position.

Those in power in Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia know that they now face an existential threat that can only be defeated by force of arms. Bahrain was fortunate to have Saudi troops backing them up during the revolt three years ago but Saudi Arabia doesn't have anybody willing to stand with them and they have enemies now ascendent in the south and potential new enemies in the north and they have always regarded the Persians as a threat.

As you would expect by now, the State Department and White House staff are now agonizing over none of that. They care only about ending the Palestinian problem by sacrificing Israel. It's not going to happen. I am, sadly, amused by watching the arabs scramble to save themselves from terrorists.

When people talk about a looming population explosion of idle young men and speculate what is going to happen when they reach military age and they have absolutely nothing to look forward to but hopeless despair and somebody says that they will become savages aimed and directed by the mullahs and imams, believe it.
The age structure can also be used to help predict potential political issues. For example, the rapid growth of a young adult population unable to find employment can lead to unrest.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Megan McArdle writes some interesting pieces. I usually read the articles of hers I find posted at Instapundit. In this case, she wrote about building hideously expensive but very fast trains in the northeast corridor. She compared many of the factors that lead some fools to believe that they are the American wave of the future.

I simply wonder what happens when one of millions of drivers with a room temperature IQ stalls on the track just in front of a train moving in excess of 100 miles per hour. I suspect that the outcome will not be pretty--or cheap. But never mind the stupid people you see out there driving everyday, think too of the countless Islamic terrorists we have roaming the country at will. They'd use a truck or a bus on the rail, just to be sure and the FBI or ATF will probably arrange financing for it.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait used to have a policy when I lived there that left all wrecks where they ended up after they departed the highways, as displays  of excessive enthusiasm and the penalties for reckless and stupid driving. That, or they were too cheap to hire a tow truck to drive off the road onto the sand to fetch back the tortured chunks of metal and dispose of them.

Ms. McArdle cited the traffic jams that clog the Northeast Corridor and ventures that maglev high speed rail could offer some relief, but not much. I have some cunning alternatives.

- Copy London's policy of only allowing cars into the city after they pay an additional road tax. There will be a blizzard of license plate thefts.

- Go London one better and forbid cars access to the city at all based on whether the car has an alternate or even ending number. Forbid all cars with vanity plates. There will be a blizzard of license plate thefts.

- Follow the socialist models in vogue in western Europe and limit the workweeks to 2 days and 3 days every other week. Motorists are fined if they enter the city on days when they are not working in the city. Your average suburban dweller would be permitted to work 2 days one week, 3 days the next week. Think of the enormous reduction in deadly green house gasses. What could be fairer than that? It's progressive!

Cities, A Place Where Work Gets Done. Entry to the city after 1800 is open and unlimited so people can hang out at theaters, restaurants and bistros.

Win Win!*

*Tongue jammed firmly in cheek.


From Patterico:


A nurse was placed in quarantine when she arrived back from Sierra Leone where she worked with ebola victims. She is mad as hell about this 'unjustified response.'

"I recalled my last night at the Ebola management center in Sierra Leone. I was called in at midnight because a 10-year-old girl was having seizures. I coaxed crushed tablets of Tylenol and an anti-seizure medicine into her mouth as her body jolted in the bed.

It was the hardest night of my life. I watched a young girl die in a tent, away from her family.

With few resources and no treatment for Ebola, we tried to offer our patients dignity and humanity in the face of their immense suffering.

There is no treatment for ebola. It has a 30% survival rate. The body's organs liquify and are expelled violently. She thinks she is full of compassionate humanity because she watched victims die and then came home when she tired of that and doesn't accept that people here have any right to fear that she could be carrying this disease which does not manifest until up to 42 days after exposure.

I say throw her back. 9 out of 16 doctors with Doctors without Borders died of ebola so far in this outbreak and we had a tenth one walking around New York City for 3 days spreading the opportunity for others to die.

Has Medicine sans Frontiers offered up any guidance/rules for medical personal who leave West Africa and head back home? Have they suggested that they all enter a mandatory quarantine before heading home? Have they done anything other than spread ebola?

Ever wonder how many people would be alive today if we had quarantined HIV?

UPDATE: In her own words, how she feels about Americans.

Friday, October 24, 2014


If you like to fear,this is a good place to start, But, if you really want to be afraid, think not of obola but it's reservoirs. It's lethality confined it to Africa until just now. The source of the reservoir of obola is not known. What have we done by letting the virus out of Africa? Are we going to be the recipients of "unexpectedly" obola showed up in Dallas in 3 years time?

Biological weapons once unleashed are pure hell.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I never paid any attention to the uniform regulations so it is wrong of me to parse them now. My ire means nothing at all to them. They live for the shiny and the clean crease but it's the Admiral who comes closest to the mark. By the rules of now he cannot wear both but he at least carries it off right.

How does one get a Presidential Unit Citation without shots being fired? How do the top two Marines gaff the precedence of ribbons?


It's in the news but just think about that Navy Reserve Officer who had the balls to kick Biden out. The PAO slot was probably in an Echelon V command which meant that a full TAR had to take part in punting Biden out of the Navy. To be honest, I didn't think TARs had it in them. That's an O4 or an O5 standing up and saying, this scumbag is not worthy.

Of course the entire Naval Reserve chain of command kept it secret but that's what we expect of them.


Attraction. Somehow the wispiest stuff in the universe is attracted to each other and bonds and when enough arrives, fuses. What are the odds of that happening?

Whole molecules of H arrive in a space and then they ignite and burn for billions of years?

How cloudy was the universe to make such an unlikely thing happen not once but a trillion times?


USS CONSTITUTION will enter a 4 year maintenance phase.

One has to wonder why it will take 3 times longer than it took to build just to 'maintain' her. Oh well, shipyards doing maintenance work on navy ships have been clipping the navy since the navy began.

The pictures I took when I was there are one of the things I regret leaving behind.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I don't know what to make of this story.
 A National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employee in Ohio has been charged with stealing sensitive information from a federal database for the nation's dams and lying about the breach to federal agents, prosecutors said.
Xiafen "Sherry" Chen, 59, was arrested on Monday at the NOAA office in Wilmington, Ohio, about 50 miles northeast of Cincinnati, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Ohio said in a statement on Monday.
Chen was charged with theft, illegally accessing a federal database and two counts of making false statements to investigators. She could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison if convicted on the theft charge and five years each if convicted on the other charges, prosecutors said.
There cannot be anything classified about dams in America. Why would an employee be facing prison for downloading and looking at data on dams in this country? What could possibly be sensitive about a dam?


A young man with a rake just knocked at my door. I knew what he wanted.

Three years ago the entire High School student government crossed the street and asked me for money to rake my leaves. Every so often a man will part with money to watch beautiful girls rake leaves. I gave them extra money to rake my neighbor's leaves.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


From our DC correspondent, good things to know.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Ebola is everywhere so it is gratifying to see that our President is in the forefront of first responders.

Do you suppose that guy sitting next to the president ever goes around asking other people to guess who his driver is?


This was a blast from the past.

The people who voted for the most totalitarian president since Lincoln rejected Hillary the last time. It makes me wonder who would want her now? 


This spells the end of America. These were simple easy questions but if one looks at the national results it suggests that 66% of the country don't care about the things that any thinking person would become familiar with simply through reading the news. The numbers below are a tragedy.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Rand Paul recently observed that the National Institute of Health, now bleating about underfunding as the root cause of the CDC's failure to prepare for ebola, noted that they spent $2.4 million on origami condoms. That's a lot of money.

Just think how many original Origami boulders you could buy for that kind of money. You could even splurge and buy a few:

Wadded Paper Origami Boulder with Haiku and Bamboo Display stand, $450


Despite my enormous contribution to solving the global warming crisis and bringing about a complete lack of warming for the past 18 years, I was once again slighted by those miserable rotten stinking b@stards at the Nobel Committee who once again failed to award me my Nobel Prize.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Over the transom from our DC correspondent.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I'm sure they've already done it by now but I think the Center for Disease Confusion would have been well served if they had simply grasped one of the many doctors they have lying around and thrust her in front of the microphone to answer any and all questions about Ebola with instructions to tell nothing but the truth about the disease, it's symptoms, it's causes and how it is spread to others and to answer honestly, not as a matter of policy, what courses of action should be taken to prevent the spread of the disease and counteract its effects.

People are beginning to believe that the CDC is being both dishonest and contemptible in the way in which it keeps attempting to limit public concern about what is, after all, nothing more than a lethal contagious disease that kills at least half of all the people who contract it and that contracting the disease simply requires one to come into contact either with someone who already has it but doesn't yet know it, or encounter any body residue such a person left in his wake.

I enjoyed this quote from
The virus isn't airborne, thankfully. Experts expect that it will never become airborne. As Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the Senaterecently: "Very, very rarely does [a virus] completely change the way it's transmitted."
Airborne ebola spreading at will across the world

Monday, October 13, 2014


I have to say that I've lost my faith in the media. Their senility, dementia and rabid partisanship are crowding out all reference to reality. David Ignatius sucks.
Let's say it plainly: This is how nations lose their power and influence, when they are unable to agree even on basic matters such as diplomatic representation. The decision-making system breaks down, and the public is too bored or disunited to take action. Sadly, that's a snapshot of America in 2014.
I think the Republicans willingness to work with democrats snapped when Obama and Hillary Clinton left our ambassador to Libya to be captured, raped and killed by their peaceful muslim friends from the Brotherhood, or al Quida or ISIS. And I'm not sure anymore about how the Senate works after the Democrat Senate Majority Leader used a nuke to destroy the Senate Rules of generations that ripped away any need for Republican participation in the Senate Nomination and Approval process in a contemptible way so that Harry Reid and Obama could simply shove any nominees down the country's throat without a single vote from the Republican minority.

From, how-the-confirmation-process-works
6)     If any Senator objects to unanimous consent, then a cloture motion must be filed in order to end debate and move to a vote.  Cloture motions for judicial and executive nominations require 51 votes to pass.  If 51 Senators support cloture, the full Senate will vote on the nomination, with a majority required for confirmation.  If fewer than 51 Senators support cloture, debate continues and a confirmation vote cannot occur.  This is known as a filibuster. Prior to the November 2013 Senate rules change, all cloture motions required 60 votes to pass. Now, only cloture motions for legislation and nominees to the Supreme Court require 60 votes.
What do you say about a main stream media Washington inside scumbag who doesn't know what the President and Harry Reid did when they rammed through the nuclear option that destroyed any sense of comity between the democrats and the republicans? This Congressional Research Report explains the process that exists now for all nominees:
The question before the Senate when a nomination is called up is “will the Senate advise and consent to this nomination?” Only a majority of Senators present and voting, a quorum being present, is required to approve a nomination. Because nominations are vulnerable to filibusters, however, in the past a higher level of support has been necessary. Cloture may be invoked to place limits on further consideration of a nomination. In November 2013, the Senate (majority)* reinterpreted Rule XXII in order to allow a majority of Senators voting to invoke cloture on nominations other than to the Supreme Court. In the absence of unanimous consent, bringing a nomination to a vote could still require a multi-day cloture process, but with the exception of Supreme Court Justices it will no longer require the support of three-fifths of the Senate (typically 60 Senators). 
The problem that rethuglicans have is that there are so many media partisans who conveniently ignore the facts or simply make up their own. Many of them are members of the ultra-left wing journolist scandal.

The facts are clear to anyone except an extreme left winger like Ignatius. Democrats could have confirmed 100%  of all of Obama's nominees by now if they wanted to. They gave the simple majority of the quorum the right to do so and there have always been more democrat senators than republican since the last Congress of the United States.

 It speaks volumes that they cannot get even a single rethuglican to go along with voting for many of the nominees held up and most especially for the State Department and Justice who have stonewalled every minute of the day since 9/11/2012.

*I added the word 'majority'


I had never heard of Pen Register until tonight when I was fortunate enough to listen to an Assistant US Attorney describe some of the steps she and other Federal law enforcement agencies used to roll-up and throw in jail a number of extremely bad men who had abused their position of public trust for private gain. You know, sort of like Diane Feinstein or Harry Reid.

As described, it sounded like they launched their investigation into massive bribery and 'pay-to-play' in the County by implementing Pen Register on selected politicians they thought might be involved and recording the phone number information of every call they made over many months and then used processes such as reverse dial-up to identify the phone numbers called and used that (meta data) to justify requesting court orders for multiple wire taps.

The taps were installed and then monitored for 9 months and the results gained were used to convict a number of crooks and thieves politicians. I can feel quite good about the result even if I question the methods. I could get behind them and push though if all district attorneys and all US Attorneys and the Justice Department didn't reliably ignore the obvious guilt of so many politicians. Abuse of the Public Trust is a vile crime. We all know how John Kerry became a millionaire. He did it the old fashioned way and married a rich woman.

While searching the tubes for more information about Pen Register I found a fascinating quote on the process but then realized that the source was a leaked document put on the web by the Guardian after they got it from Snowden and not a formally released document. Oh well. We don't use leaked documents around here.

It was a fascinating talk this evening and just one of many we heard tonight.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's a fairly simple question so read this and ask yourself what will happen as people who actually have ebola make their way into the already ridiculous airport screening process and need to be taken somewhere after spending hours in a plane and then waiting in a packed customs and immigration line so they can be 'screened' for ebola based on whether or not they originated in West African ports of embarkation.

I don't think there is the physical structure to allow them to do this anywhere in the airports until after they go through customs/immigration and baggage claim areas. I happen to believe that the people in TSA are so ruthlessly uncunning that if some ebola sufferer vomited in the 'screening' room, the TSA would continue to use if for days before a janitor was ordered to thoroughly clean the space. At least customs would put a little "Wet Floor" sign and maybe adjust their endless loudspeaker announcements and include a little, "Don't Step in the Vomit," announcement after they send for the highly skilled janitorial staff to do a bit of cleanup.

In a way it is even more senseless than Sierra Leone's confession that they let the plague get out of control because failed to follow the very simplest and first step in fighting a plague and imposing a quarantine on travel into and out of the effected region. They not only didn't do that, they sent teams of people who have been exposed to ebola to every village in the country to explain about ebola and no doubt left a trail of devastation  in their wake.

Friday, October 10, 2014


To be very honest, I never look.

Is it a capital offense to use windex on mirrors or is being torn apart by wild horses acceptable? :)


It's not contagious. Trust us.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I always smile when I hear this one:
A man was going up to bed when his wife told him that he'd left the light on in the garden shed, which she could see from the bedroom window. He opened the back door to go turn off the light but saw that there were people in the shed stealing things. 
He phoned the police, who asked "Is someone in your house?" and he said no. Then they said that all patrols were busy, and that he should simply lock his door and an officer would be along when available.  
The man said "Okay," hung up, counted to 30, and phoned the police again. "Hello. I just called you a few seconds ago because there were people in my shed. Well, you don't have to worry about them now cause I've just shot them all." Then he hung up. 
Within five minutes three police cars, an Armed Response unit, and an ambulance showed up at the residence. Of course, the police caught the burglars red-handed. One of the policemen said to the man: "I thought you said that you'd shot them!"  
 The man replied, "I thought you said there was nobody available!"
If you go to the link, you can see that snopes puts on its bossy hat and decries the mindset of people who simply want the police they pay for to actually enforce the law and use any means necessary to get the donut quaffing, speed-gate trapping, rolling stop enforcement, internet-trolling law officers to appear at the scene of the crime. I wouldn't do anything like this myself. No no.

I moved on. I left behind a lifetime of possessions and things. Actually, I gave them all away because I didn't want them. Feel free to scoff. Nobody gives everything away, yet men do it every single day. I never, since drawing my first breath, wanted anything material. The love of a good woman, a family, the air that I breathe. That pretty much described me until I married.

If you do visit the snopes link and look at what they have wrought, don't you wonder, as I do, that we have an infinite number of police that deal with the things that trouble us not and yet lurk?

Actually, I don't. I live in a place now that offers a mansion for a pittance but charges !$18,000 in property taxes every single year on said house.

When I was new to fatherhood and working pretty damned hard, a young lad had some friends over to his parent's house in Encinitas. They embarked on an endless odyssey of louder and louder boozie conversation on the patio that, frankly, was across from my back yard. It was long after midnight when I opened the window and shouted at them to go inside and keep quiet. None of the youngsters were at all impressed and they maintained.

I called the Encinitas police who showed up in about 5 minutes and all the noise stopped.

So, the next day, coming home from my office, wearing some ripstop cammo and big shiny black boots (I never carry a gun), I stopped by the house of the punk who I found so offensive the evening before that I called the police. Nobody answered the bell. Nobody responded to my knocks so I kicked that door like one can do only if one wears big boots.

The punk answered at last. I discussed my philosophy about the making of noises outside long after midnight with him at which point he became somewhat agitated and angrily pointed out that the cops came to his house and took him to jail the previous evening.

Think about the pure undistilled idiocy in that young man. He was so thoroughly stupid that when the police did arrive and invited him and his guests to tone it down so other people and sober folk who needed to work in the morning could sleep, argued to such an extent the police locked him up for the night.

I used to kill people for a living. It was part of the job. I don't ordinarily let it show but sometimes, I let it out. This was also my back yard.

I had the coolest back yards in life. The sawed wood? Hot tub repairs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Have you noticed how the current administration and all of its bureaucrats downplay the dangers posed by obola and yet capitalize on every single scary thing they can imagine about global warming and the menace posed by CO2? On the other hand, the Administration also keeps insisting that islam is a religion of peace, but then, they mistakenly assume that we're too stupid to actually watch muslims in action.

I just read that maybe there is a chance that obola can be contracted by airborne particles that you inhale or that simply find their way into your eye when an infected person coughs or sneezes on you.

Did you sense that coming gentle reader? Did you enjoy a tiny bit of premonition that perhaps the CDC and your government were lying to you yet again when they repeatedly denied that a contagious disease was in fact, contagious?

They are so predictable.

You'll eat what is set before you or die trying!


Obola announces that the slackers at Homeland Security will implement new screening protocols at airports that will be rigorously enforced by top men.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


A picture is worth a thousand words. Do as I say, not as I do. It's important for you but leaders are immortal, so live with it.

All those guys not wearing giant kapok vests are leaders. You can tell from their yellow and white hats how floatable they are even without life jackets. Important people float by their own sense of importance even if they are swept overboard.

As an antique fire control officer, I laugh at the train/warning circle around mount 51 and the complete lack of a blast warning zone around the vertical launch cells. OP-4 must be a very weird read these days.


Data entry is a job. People are paid to put data into information systems. They are expected to adhere to some really simple and basic rules. Accuracy is high on the list.

There was a massacre in Newton. You would like to think that even the FBI would notice something like that.

You'd be wrong.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I tend to despise the people who believe that this president is articulate or honest. The actual facts are there for all to see. I will give the Bush plenty of leeway to articulate his foreign policy and national security strategy but it is plain to see that this administration has no policy at all except to leap in front of the current parade.

I watch other ourtube videos of people such as Farage, who can articulate their way out of wet paper bag with style and ease, and contrast with our buffoons. It is so risible that I stopped watching TV long ago.

Dropping bombs was NEVER a worthwhile endeavor but it felt good. It felt like something was being done. We killed job-lots of innocent people and felt vindicated. It has never had even the slightest impact or impairment on our enemies. In a real campaign the first thing you do is identify the center-of-gravity and wipe it out.

For instance, in our last great endeavor, World War II; if our leader had been killed while 'leading' the fight, would we have just shoved our hands in our pockets, kicked the turf and wandered home? Why is it that people in DC now feel that if they can just kill the head of this islamic curse or that islamic curse that all their followers will give up and go home?

Roosevelt died in office and yet the nation and his successor carried on. They continued to support the Unconditional Surrender we all sought against both Germany and Japan. Yeah, we dropped the only atomic weapons ever used in war but those weapons manifested a desire to kill every living enemy of ours.

Dropping a few JDAMS on a few peasants was our approach to the Vietnam War and any idiot can see that it didn't work there/then and it won't work in this war.

So what is the center-of-gravity in the current war on islamic terror? I know what it is but even though it would not kill a single infant, babe-in-arms or mother, we cannot implement it because,

Get out of my way you street stealing thieves!
we need to stop giving room to people who hate civilization as we know it.


There may be endless ways to cadge a free ride in a helicopter but no helicopter ride is ever free. I think the USCG could be forgiven for letting this guy run to the north pole via the Gulf Stream. He's too stupid for the rest of us to tolerate. Besides, he probably caught some exotic disease while running to Bermuda.


Those interested in the history of keeping infectious diseases out of the country will enjoy this.

I used to sail to Angel Island from Emeryville or from the Navy's marina at Treasure Island. It was a fascinating place and provided a wonderful opportunity to take a shaded walk all around the island from Ayala Cove to the Immigration Station, the Nike Battery and the various Civil War batteries. I heard, after I left the Bay Area, that the good people there decided to cut down all the trees because they were non-native Eucalyptus trees.

I had thought to include a video since several are on offer at ourtube but they don't discuss the Quarantine issue and refer solely to Angel Island's role as the Ellis Island of the West.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


When this buffoon starts to look and sound more presidential than the actual President.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Did you ever notice how caliphate ends in hate? I dropped my love off at the airport at 0400 today and came home listening to the Pastoral, Symphony No. 6 by Beethoven. If you've never stopped to listen to the music of the Empires that withstood the last Caliphate, it is well worth your time. Can you even imagine the muslims of our time creating something as beautiful as a symphony? I understand that their next target is Byzantium, again. They'll probably take it with no effort at all and then move on to attack Vienna by Christmas.

You know what Austria? You better arm yourself. There's no King of Poland to save you this time.