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 I was going to title this Just Imagine but changed my mind. However, just imagine you could pick any of 100,000,000 raving leftist loonies to be the national image of your party and you decided to pick this moron. How would that feel? What does this idiot convey? Why choose some idiot so out of touch with Americans that they would be justified in thinking you think all of them are stupid morons? Damn these questions!!!! Am I supposed to speak for all that? Well, yeah, this is the moron and stupid idiot they chose to be the face of the White House that brought us the debacle in Afghanistan and our southern border and gasoline and diesel prices lifting off. This idiot.

Why do Americans put up with this level of stupid and disdain in our public servants?


For over 40 years I have kept books in the trunk of my car. Just a handful that I can try to reread. I liked Anton Myer's Once an Eagle so it's there. I can read all 1200 pages (or skip lightly) over again in the daylight. Ditto Earth by David Brin (unlikely) I totally didn't get it the first time. But, there are many others! Running to thousands of pages, and kindles with a thousand books on them.... I'm ready.

I am prepared to spend up to a week on the side of the road while the nebs nebbish and the police measure angles with a spectrometer and a whistle.

 Perhaps it is time to republish the Rules of the Universe. 

My favorite one is:

if you are ready, the universe isn't. It abides. It lurks. It waits....until you are unready.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 England's flagship set sail for the Americas to embrace a loadout and training with the F-35B fighters and made it a good 5 miles into its Trans-Atlantic crossing 5 years after commissioning and came to a sudden and abrupt stop due, as the Admiral claimed to some sort of problem with one of the shafts. Shafts don't come to a sudden and ignominious end. They have little telltale warnings that any engineer can see and stay on top of. Let's go over some of the obvious ones.

1) shaft somehow got bent--never happens unless ship is in extended dry dock.

2) shaft bearing wiped-- easy fix, add some babbit, smooth, and roll on.

3) shaft seal--those are mostly embraced by the design and construction, easy fix= inflate shaft collar.

4) reduction gear--somebody bypassed armory type locks and threw metal in the reduction gear

4 is the killer. The first three you can fix in the middle of the Indian Ocean in 2 days. Reduction gear destruction by throwing Craftsman type tools on top of the reduction gear need a dry dock and months of repair as the shipyard cuts open the hull of the ship and every space between the reduction gears and the atmosphere outside the ship to embrace pulling the ruined gears out and replacing them.

Guess what? There are no "replacements" they have to be built from a cold standing start. That is why the reduction gear covers are locked with the same exact sort of locks that we use to lock up armories and weapons magazines. High Security!

One of the features of multi-culti is how it embraces the disaffected and God DAMN anyone who questions why people who could not pass a nuclear weapons access background investigation are allowed to destroy billion dollar warships with a wrench or a bic lighter.

You see, the thing is, in every particular case, people saw it coming but could do nothing because 'woke' attitudes rule and commonsense is not allowed, encouraged or tolerated. I think the last time I saw it was 1984 when I was legal officer on the Middle East Force Flagship and the Chief Engineer put his foot down and told the CO that none of the 11 firemen or petty officers who popped positive for drugs and were disciplined by the CO at Captain's Mast would be allowed access to the engine rooms until they were put on a plane and sent home and he didn't care if it took him to 50% manning. He'd been there before. He wasn't going to allow them to sabotage his engines which any fool or criminal could do.

If the Prince of Wales suffered reduction gear damage, it's going into dry-dock for a year or more. You see, the thing that none of us CHENGs ever gave any real thought to was that our Chiefs, LPOs and supervisors would tolerate a disaffected punk who could take a couple minutes with a hacksaw and file away industriously on a high security hasp lock a few minutes every watch until it parted under the continuous illicit filing and the bad guys gained access to the reduction gear oil sump because those locks get opened once or at most twice a year for the CHENG to shine a light in them and roll the reduction gear to look for signs of wear, gear lash, etc.

When those ports are opened the old Maintenance Requirement was the CHENG personally checking the gears with all devices and insignia removed and any tools wired so they could not fall into the sump. We regarded it as a major undertaking because it was a killer inspection in all respects.

AND ON THAT NOTE (see below)

 I have followed this path to the clearing at the end where the Supreme Court of Ohio has spoken. It goes without saying that I supported the Gibson family throughout in their clash with the woke fucks at Oberlin who never saw any reason to not perceive those that they personally regarded as the enemy as scum and lesser beings not entitled to fair and just treatment. We drove out to Oberlin a couple years ago to simply shop at Gibson's.

 Oberlin is a nice enough place but they allowed the impenetrable hate of woke leftism to enter, abide, accrete power and rule the place. I consider it to be almost a model of Mordor. The 'woke' simply refuse to accept any limits on their power to enforce rules on society that don't involve the complete and total destruction, humiliation and annihilation of their enemies.     

Well, the School gets to pay $36 million dollars to the Gibson family because 'woke' administrative staff threw all propriety and thought out the window and launched a vicious and racist attack on the blameless bakery.

Do you think the rest of the 'woke' will learn a lesson from that? Yeah, me neither.   


Two men encompassed the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Ronald Reagan could not have accomplished the peaceful end without the grounded Russian realist who saw very clearly what the future held if the Cold War went on.  Mikhail Gorbachev must have seen not just the hand writing on the wall but the oceans of blood if the War went on as the Soviet Unions red star faded into the mist. He accepted reality. Most of his ilk refused to even consider it much less embrace it and wriggle it to the best possible outcome.

One can almost see the hand of fate, or God, in each of the worlds two options reaching the pinnacle of leadership at the same moment together to end the Proxy Wars of the 20th century and open the Iron Curtain to the West and the forces of Capitalism before Globalism tore most of it all down again. In Reagan we had a statesman of the ages. I don't doubt that he'll rank high on the list of such men even a thousand years from now and the bitter school of hard learning must acknowledge that without a man just exactly like Mikhail Gorbachev it would not  have mattered at all what Reagan did. A lot of men always refuse to accept defeat. in Gorbachev we found a man who could.

A lot of the world is recoiling from Globalism and rightly so. It is a deadly philosophy that holds all men hostage by declaring them useless and insignificant. Perhaps. In people such as Tesla I find some hope that not all will proceed down the "enlightened path" of global socialism with the human face provided by the likes of Schwab, Soros and Zuckerberg. Worst comes to worse, none of them actually realize how deep the Spirite of America flows; not just here but everywhere it has reached over the long decades since the founding of the first true Republic since the fall of the Roman Republic.

Into every generation is born the seeds of disaffection of the previous one and my God do the current generation have much to feel great disaffection for since they have born the brunt of the stupidity of the class war, the race war and the gender wars all stirred up by the evil people who embrace all such wars in the name of equity. As most any of the disenfranchised ignored and downtrodden know to their bones, your equity sacrificed equality before the law and in all things in the name of endless war.

Don't worry groomers, they're going to tear you to pieces when they reach their majority and it may look a little more like Europe in 1912 then what you may even think is possible. You have divided them up by arbitrary and stupid rules of "equity" and they will turn those around on you so fast you won't even see it coming.

Sunday, August 28, 2022


 As I read this earlier tonight I was struck by the counter-terrorism I engaged in for 30 years. I wonder if you see it like I do.  Let us try an experiment. What part of this terrifies you?

Do you see it there? It's right there in front of you.

Remember when terrorist scumbags entered pharmacies and poisoned the old Tylenol bottles? Think what the true killers could do if they decided to simply inject fentanyl in your daily supermarket purchases. It doesn't take very much.

ONE TON OF FENTANYL SEIZED ON THE BORDER IN JULY. A ton of death that could kill more people then actually live in America.

So the drug dealers  cut their drugs with it but that's just the drug dealers. What about all the other things real killers could do with it?

How do you feel about securing the border now? You should ask your Congressman what plans he/she has for keeping all of us safe from this kind of random murder.

I used to commute to Korea monthly or more often. I remember the department stores had shopgirls at every single food stand to make sure you had a pleasant and rewarding shopping experience. Look! Full employment as we deploy people to keep our food in grocery stores safe because our politicians will not secure our borders. They have plenty of money and resources to try to secure the borders in Ukraine but none for us. We don't count.

Saturday, August 27, 2022


 Interesting articles today from both The Atlantic, again and Zero Hedge . They're both interesting and tell the story of things in a way calculated to make you wonder. The article by The Atlantic strikes home because, well, it's where I live.

When all else fails, when no amount of made up facts, fake argument or holding their breath until they turn blue works, the liberals always opt to censor speech that they disagree with. They're kind of hateful that way. What really makes them suck is that they feel so brave and adventurous when they're out there swinging the clubs bashing the people who choose to speak up and disagree with them.

Then there was this:

 There was no mention anywhere in the article about the cost that ordinary Europeans are going to pay for their future because why bother? They could end their sanctions on Russia tomorrow and find their energy prices slashed all the way back to the normal levels and LEARN FROM IT!!!!! Or they may continue on like little lambs to the slaughter. No mention either of course about the plastic manufacturers that must shut down because they won't be able to afford the energy costs and thus the loss of packaged meat and vegetable sales in the markets since without plastic there is little left to buy outside the farmers markets and we see where the Dutch government wants to bury their farmers. Right up their with New York in their disdain for the working class.

It's a great pity that nobody warned all those Jews living in the East that Germany meant to exterminate all of them too and not restrict themselves to the German Jews. Do you think we should warn the Republicans that remain in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts? I love Rhode Island but I doubt there are more than 4 Republicans in that place.

Friday, August 26, 2022


 In an interesting piece at Vox the author rabbitted on and on about the poor black man who was apparently malrepresented by counsel during his murder trial. The author goes on to describe all kinds of reasons the current Supreme Court is wrong to not have supported the previoius Court's decision granting the murderer a chance at a new trial and outraged that the Texas court basically recapitulated the entire case and dismissed the previous Supreme Courts decision and resentenced the killer to death. What I found fascinating in the piece is that at no point did Vox ever say what crime the poor little bastard did that got him the death penalty in the first place. I had to look that up.

The other piece is at American Greatnesswritten by Lloyd Billingsly. It pretty much damns the FBI root and branch and Mike Pence for suggesting that those arguing that the FBI should be dissolved are wrong and just as wrong as those idiots that voted to defund the police. As Billingsly points out, Mike Pence could not be more wrong. 

Read it and weep and then ponder just what good the FBI is now? I mean, if I was on a jury and the prosecution decided to present evidence derived from FBI sources, labs, or personnel, I'd simply dismiss any such evidence as fabrications and lies. The FBI has wounded its credibility with me and those like me to death which is a shame. 

It is further damaging its credibility by going after Project Veritas.

I align with those who think that the entire thing should be retired and for those civil service bureaucrats who have the clout to maintain that they must be maintained on the public payroll long after they have lost the trust of the people, send them to a very plush log cabin somewhere on the North Slope in Alaska and let them practice their dark arts there with zero travel or discretionary funding.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 When I see ignorant leftists advance ignorance to new horizons I think it might be time for some member in each house to get up and read the whole Constitution and Bill of Rights into the Congressional record. They should not allow the profoundly ignorant idiots to blunder on in total ignorance.

Monday, August 22, 2022


 Robert Heinlein wrote about the Crazy Years in several of his books and stories. We seem to have slipped into the Crazy years starting about 10 years ago. Our voyage of the damned is accelerating all the time as we move further and further from reality and truth and in fact have agents dedicated to the destruction of both. In this article in the Washington Examiner we have the following paragraphs:

"Last week, Financial Times Associate Editor Edward Luce tweeted that Republicans are the most “dangerous” political force in the world, bar none. “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world,” he said, and “I have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.” Former CIA Director Michael Hayden chimed in immediately and said, “I agree.”

This past Tuesday, Democrat adviser Kurt Bardella called all Republicans a “domestic terrorist cell.” MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross agreed and said there should be no distinction between Republicans and “right-wing extremists.” At the same time, Peter Wehner, a contributing writer for The Atlantic, likened the Republican Party to a “dagger pointed at the throat of American democracy.” All this while the FBI Director Christopher Wray added that any American flying the Gadsden — “Don’t Tread On Me” — flag is suspect of violent extremism."

What is remarkable about them is how the highest echelons of government hold all Republicans to be extremists. It's kind of like NPR reporters and news readers who cannot refer to anyone on the other side of the argument as anything but a "far right" or "far right extremist" when all they really mean is that the guy they are demeaning simply doesn't agree with their communist, socialist or Marxist point of view.

I think it's amusing that the oldest commissioned warship in the Navy is directed to fly the original US Navy jack flag. By order of the Secretary of the Navy all USN warships flew this jack after we launched into our War on Terrorism. It is now once again the prerogative of the oldest commissioned ship, USS BLUE RIDGE, flagship of the Commander, Seventh Fleet, based in Japan.

Hardly a bunch of extremists.

Saturday, August 20, 2022


 The military has been at war since I joined back in ‘83 and I find it hard to believe that it is possible to get promoted to 4 star general without ever serving in combat. Nevertheless, it seems to happen more frequently now that the 3 and 4 stars hand picked by Clinton and Obama have enjoyed free rein in selecting their replacements over the last 20 years. The Commander of Africa Command where the United States actually has zero strategic interests:

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 Blogger has changed again and severely limited my ability to post. I'm working on it.

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 Remember when we had a leader of the free world?

Monday, August 1, 2022


First rule, don't wear women's clothes.

Second rule, don't go to prisons.

Hell, I learned those even before leaving Alabama.