Wednesday, August 31, 2022


 I was going to title this Just Imagine but changed my mind. However, just imagine you could pick any of 100,000,000 raving leftist loonies to be the national image of your party and you decided to pick this moron. How would that feel? What does this idiot convey? Why choose some idiot so out of touch with Americans that they would be justified in thinking you think all of them are stupid morons? Damn these questions!!!! Am I supposed to speak for all that? Well, yeah, this is the moron and stupid idiot they chose to be the face of the White House that brought us the debacle in Afghanistan and our southern border and gasoline and diesel prices lifting off. This idiot.

Why do Americans put up with this level of stupid and disdain in our public servants?


  1. Kayleigh Mcananey seems far far away , heh . Just seen a pic of Kayleigh yesterday with her baby bump . She is expecting .

  2. Little Red Riding and Mophead are both really, really bad at lying.

    Note: For the readers who weren't around in the 70's, the hairdo that Jean-Pierre has is called Mophead. It was popular just like the Afros were.

  3. She is a dem. Doesn’t begin to know a lie from true she is really stupid.

  4. She is what stereotypes are made of.