Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Reading through the Instapundit as I do just about everyday since it is my go to source for news I am struck with how completely the American news media, all of them, have decided to torch themselves lying about just about everything that happens in America. It isn't pretty. As I was watching DW just now as they interviewed a UK news policy wonk it struck me that what I was seeing here in America is being repeated all over the world as the 'woke' media and the elites try to distance themselves from the results of globalism.

If you want to know what it looks like, imagine you're the flight attendant in the cabin of the 747 that just took off from Beijing International airport and one of the window passengers asks you if it is normal for the plane's wheels to continue to roll down the runway as you fly off and leave them behind. You're going to jink and dodge and wait for the captain to make an announcement but there is no announcement because the communications workers union that services the plane's intercom between the cockpit and cabin did just as much damage to that system as the globalists did to the supply chain China did to the undercarriage of aircraft. In short, you're screwed as you wait and wait and hope that the artificers in control systems (central banks) haven't jacked that up all beyond recognition and it too is FUBAR. In the meantime, lie to the passenger who noticed and pray nobody else did.

Kind of makes one wish there was a 1-800 rent-a-mob out there to go out and burn down all the networks and set fire to the print media. It's not just that the media lies to you every single moment it's that even when they're caught on tape lying about facts captured on tape, they keep lying and nobody ever gets fired for lying. What do the Clintons have that we shouldn't also have?


SARAH HOYT has figured it out.

Has anyone else noticed that for a month now “next week it’s going to get bad?” and “The peak is two weeks away?”  DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER or is everyone else getting memory wiped every day?
Has anyone else noticed that the homeless aren’t dying or even getting sick — as a bunch of us started pointing this out a bunch of stories started circulating about “This sick homeless man approached me and–”  But those are exactly like the stories of Woke Eight Year Olds who are so scared of Trump they threaten suicide. They’re not credible. Also see thing above about empty hospitals. Yes, the homeless DO use the ED. They’re frequent flyers. They’re not using it any more than normal, or credibly sick more than normal from everything I’ve seen.
In our empty cities, they congregate in job lots, visibly not getting any unhealthier than they already were.
And the excuses I get for this?  “Oh, they’re outside, the air takes the virus way.”
Uh uh. so why are deranged local governments closing public parks? And beaches?  On the excuse that people WHO DON’T BREATHE IN AEROSOL weren’t respecting the six foot distance rule.
It’s like “Brazil, and the other places in the world where people can’t self-isolate (they can’t. Have you looked at housing/densitity/etc.) they don’t seem to be dying in massive batch lots. How come?”  “Oh, the virus can’t survive in warm and humid environments.”  I’ve actually seen this in serious articles.
AND YET they’re quarantining putting Florida under house arrest. (Quarantine is when you isolate the sick. — and btw, WHY not do that instead? Or even the vulnerable, if we can’t test for all the sick? — When you put the healthy under house arrest, it’s called tyranny.)  Hot, humid. And Louisiana has a bad outbreak…. Does anyone know the climate in Louisiana?  Gee, it must be as cold and dry as Colorado.
I was expecting megadeaths in the refugee camps in the middle east. Crickets. Ditto in Africa. Locusts. What of western China and the millions of muslims stuffed into prisons by the Chinese? Crickets and locusts. Where is all the dying concentrated right now at this moment? Western Europe's cities but not the Banlieus and NYC and LA and some major metropolitan cities in America.
I suspect we've been had.

Monday, March 30, 2020


Rhode Island Governor forbids entry of NY state slaves. She orders the State Police to bar entry to all cars with New York plates attempting to enter Rhode Island or, as it's officially known,"State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." I guess you could say it's the opposite of the Underground Railroad, it's more like the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 which sent those seeking freedom in the north back to the slave states they came from. Kind of speaks well of both Rhode Island and New York state now doesn't it?

The 20th century version of the fugitive slave act appears to be under consideration by a number of other states within the Republic. Rhode Island is of course, just about the bluest state in the Federal Republic and has no problem enforcing the laws of the Great Compromise of 1850. Nobody much likes New Yorkers anyway.

Don't worry slaves of NY! There is a way out and you don't need Snake Plissken to save you either! You throw your favorite possessions in your car, arm yourself, break through the barricades being set up to keep you out of the Hamptons and Long Island and head for Montauk where smugglers left over from running rum to Rhode Island during Prohibition will be standing by off the coast to whisk you to Newport, RI where you can catch a bus or some other form of public transportation off Aquidneck Island unless you merely need to take up residence in your second palace in Newport. See map for details.

It's possible you could also find refuge in Block Island or join our former first family at their estate in Martha's Vineyard. All options are available. Call 1 800-SMUGGLE for details.

Monday, March 23, 2020


I would have the outrage but since the Nancy tripped over herself to prevent spending $2trillion that was going to make the rich richer, I kind of enjoyed it. Our government is planning to spend $2 trillion on what? Send me a check for $2million. Srsly $2trillion pissed away on what exactly?

Saturday, March 21, 2020


It's almost like war,
‘As restrictions on our day-to-day lives increase and challenges build, British farming and the horticultural industry has an ever more important role in helping us maintain our health and nutritional wellbeing.’ He said: ‘The British berry industry has for many years relied on workers from mainland Europe to provide seasonal labour to pick our crops due to a severe lack of availability of local workers. 
Chairman of British Summer Fruits, Nick Marston said a large-scale recruitment campaign would be mounted to recruit workers
‘Last year 98 per cent of harvest staff were from outside the UK. We are now very concerned about securing enough workers to help harvest our vital crops and get fresh fruit and vegetables to the public.
The last time I saw something like this was in Colorado. As I skidded to a stop at the foot of the mountain covered with snow to embark a chair lift back to the top of said mountain, I noticed that all of the employees were Polish. One doesn't think of Poland as being very mountainous which may be explained by the fact that none of them wore skis. They ran the lifts.

Friday, March 20, 2020




My former MPA gave me the cook's tour of this ship. He was a turret captain at the time. I was still a mere CHENG.

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Just because, I like it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


An old movie that you can watch as you wait out the Corona virus. Nipped from wirecutter.

I once deployed a mobile unit to an island and we had two short containers on a 40 foot flatbed trailer we stole from the Army. In order to open them we had to hook chains to the rear mounted container and use a 5 ton truck to pull it a good way off so the 6 foot doors on the rear container could be opened and it emptied of stuff we needed like our tents, cots, rifles and little things like that which one needs when living on an island a couple miles south of Saddam's Iraq. The guys at home put a lot of thought into how to assemble a plane in the field using nothing but trucks and men.


I was just watching the video I posted below with the man who looks like a rat but never the less sang quite well as Modern English. I had a thought that I thought I would share as the virus fails to eat up the land,

My first ship was the flagship for the Middle East Force, large and white it was a ship designed purposely for amphibious warfare even if it did rescue the odd space capsule. I am now, 40 years later wondering if yes, in one of the many empty Marine berthing compartments no officer ever went to, if there was a band like Modern English jamming their way to Sunday bloody Sunday.

It was only by accident that I discovered that the First Class Petty Officers had turned one of those empty rack spaces into the First Class Petty Officer's Lounge. They were mostly good. The skipper frowned on their idea of creating a separate First Class Berthing compartment because he, like us, thought that it was the old guys that kept the young guys in check with the stupid and so they were kept in their fiefdoms to rule over the 18 year old guys that didn't know quite how to put away stuff or clean things or wash.

My ship finally came back to the US after decades abroad as both the Middle East Force Flag ship and then as Sixth Fleet Flag ship. I was invited to visit her by a friend who was deputy commodore of Military Sealift Command, Pacific,  who actually lived in the flag quarters on that ship. Some recalled reservists had it rough and were sent to Iraq, others...... well.  We went to visit him but the pier at 32nd St. had lost power and there was nothing to see there in the dark and so we left her as we remembered her in 1988 which was the previous last time I stepped aboard.

I remember my Group Maintenance Officer who was assigned Main Propulsion Assistant on that ship while it was home ported in Italy during its little stint as COMSIXTHFLT flagship and his berthing was one of the little holes engineering department spares compartments were stored in just off the lower vehicle deck. He told me that my staterooms where I had lived were graced by captains and colonels. I'm having trouble seeing either in a bunk bed.

I was lucky to have just the 2 star onboard back then when the Chief of Staff was a mere captain who once phoned me on the quarterdeck one day in Port Manama and enquired if God had come aboard. Yes gentle readers, the Petty Officer of the Watch had rung 10 bells at noon and the whole ship heard it. Sarcastic captains are best avoided by new-to-the-fleet Ensigns. I shudder to think what a 3 star's COS would have to say.

One of the treasures of serving the fleet was finding old friends in new places. When I reported to NAVCENT in 96 it was to find myself working for my old CO who was now OPS as a senior captain who last had been seen as a LCDR CO of a mine sweeper. His deputy and I used to drink beers together at the Admiral Kidd Club where my little mine sweeper used to tie up at night. I think they were the only two LANTFLT sailors I ever met abroad other than the LaSalle crew.


It's rather difficult to picture little Greece as once again being on the forefront of a civilizational battle. They did not fare so well the last time they went up against the Persian King and  let us be honest, Erdogan sees himself as the latest Persian King or Sultan of Islam and his tossing hapless warrior age unarmed trogs against the Greek hoplites manning the border fences of Greece is simply the latest sign that Turkey's ruler has lost it.

Make no mistake, the ruler of Turkey means to make Europe fall further and faster than it was allowing itself to fall up until this last disaster to befall Europe. There won't be a Europe when I die. All that was the West and Civilization will have perished and gone under to the hordes of 'refugees' and 'muslims' fleeing the lands they brought so low by their very persistence of being.

yea, I know, just one of the many who predicts an end to what once was but then, we can point to Sweden and just say, told ya.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


When I went to bed last night the governor of metroparkcentralis had just told a judge who ordered the primary to proceed on time to go fuck himself. He unilaterally postponed the primary vote until June. Now how often do you hear or read about a public elected official invite the judiciary to go have a lash at screwing a rolling donut? Yeah, it's pretty rare. I cannot remember the last time I saw it happen.

We are overdue now. Trump needs to start ignoring the weenies in the land of judicianauts and simply invite them to take the matter to the Supreme Court in their own good time rather than caving to the demands of an unelected bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur.

In simple point of fact, the only court that the other two branches of government need to abide by is the Supreme Court and the lesser judges have made this so by their trenchant demands to be recognized as if they are the supreme courts of the land.

They aren't.

Sunday, March 15, 2020


We have been lucky enough to have our very own private movie theater here in the fringe of metroparkcentralis. It doesn't have comfy recliners with foot rests but it is ours. I can't count the number of movies the two of us have seen where we were the only people in the entire theater. Oh sure, there might have been other people in one of the other 4 screening rooms but we mostly saw the movies by ourselves. This tapered off a bit as we ran into a long spate of Hollywood putting out movies that we didn't have the slightest interest in seeing. I believe the last one we saw in that theater was a George Clooney flick, Hail Caeser. It was enjoyable but since then the urge to see the movies in the theater has succumbed to a hail of crappy movies.

That was then, this is a little later. Our local little old metroplex was bought by a new company last year and we haven't darkened their doors since they took over, refurbished the place and started showing movies. Maybe some day, just not now.

Nowadays we stream movies on Nexflix or Amazon, view DVDs we have and we have about 8000 ebooks, 8-10 kindles (Amazon used to sell them four for $100.00 and I bought a bunch) 4 iPads and roughly 2000 books on shelves. We won't starve for diversion and entertainment even if we stay home for a month. In the meantime we live on a school street with 4 schools on it and nobody coming to school and a short walk from the local nature park so we can amble, stroll and soak up vitamin D until we burn.

Now might be a time to read or watch Love in the Time of Cholera or something about the Black Death preferably by Monty Python or a good religious movie like Dogma.

If you're a reader you should consider downloading a free ebook organizing program, "Calibre". It has the power to open libraries around the world to your ebook reader without troubling Amazon or other ebook retailers.

Saturday, March 14, 2020


Victor Davis Hanson has been writing about the collapse of civilization in California for decades. It has fallen incredibly far from what it once was. I moved there in 84 and stayed for a while between deployments overseas.

As I read Hanson's last column it's like reading Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and the Scouring of the Shire at the end. That's basically what happened to the state. When I moved there in 1984 for the Navy it was still a very nice place to live. I lived in downtown and uptown San Diego, Encinitas, Solana Beach and Emeryville and it was all good. It was coastal to be sure.

The 5 was still quite drivable and I used to commute to San Jose and Berkeley from San Diego on the road just because it was a nice drive, I like to drive at night, I had a convertible and I drove with the top down and just enjoyed the open road. The last 10 years it all went totally to hell and I moved out of the state in 2011. It was nice while it lasted. When I go back there for visits the 5 is a disaster and sucks and I haven't been on 152 in ages although I used to drive it twice a month for years. 101 and 1 were still passable except Big Sur which keeps sliding into the sea and driving through Malibu always sucked even on weekends.

The place was wrecked by the ruiners, i.e, the Democrats. They turned San Francisco into slime and they have done all they can to wreck the economy for everybody except big Democrats living on the coast. They are deeply unlikeable people. I used to watch them approve each others palaces by the sea and then turn around and use the California Coastal Commission which they own lock stock and barrel to deny palaces by the sea to anybody not in good standing with the Clintons.

I have to admit that the place I lived on 65th Street in Emeryville is still there. I paid $600/month to live there. The entire neighborhood except for those 3 little houses and the weird building next door has changed completely from what it was like when I left there for good back in '98. It looks very nice now but I imagine the rent for that little house tops $4000//month now. The owner slathered it with solar panels back when the state was subsidizing their installation. I wonder how they work now.

That was the thing about California that makes it little different in many respects from any other state or venue in the US. There are some really nice places to live and work and then there is the ugly side that we all ignore. Hard. We don't gloss over the dismal gory parts of the major metropolis to our northwest and west and south. We try to avoid it altogether.

I used to give some thought to getting a concealed carry permit but after a great deal of reflection decided to continue on as I have been. There were a couple of reasons for coming down on that side of the issue. Firstly, I was concerned that shooting anybody will instantly result in lawsuits that will drain money away to no purpose and second that I should just carry on as I have been which is to say, staying out of the kind of places where people need shooting. Lastly, I've carried a gun and they are a pain in the ass to carry around even in a war zone.

It's really too bad about California. You should have seen it in the old days back before Wilson stepped down as governor.

Friday, March 13, 2020


My sister just returned from Italy late Wednesday and she told me she's in quarantine along with her husband. I wonder if they kicked boy out of the house and told him to stay elsewhere for a couple of weeks. She didn't send him over here, that I know of. When she mentioned quarantine I had a flashback to my youth when I would read the books by Howard Pease and other nautical writers about the maritime life back before the War. Back then a ship entering harbor would fly this flag if they had some communicable disease onboard.

In the international signal flag bag this is the letter Q. Nowadays a ship entering port and declaring it has NO communicable diseases and requesting free pratique flies this flag. In other words, the original meaning has been stood on its head.

Nowadays if a ship wants to declare that it has a disease onboard it flies this flag.

This is the letter L in the flag bag. I have no idea why they decided to use this instead of the original quarantine flag but there you have it. So, if you have the corona virus help out your neighbors and those nice people from the Jehovah's Witnesses who like to knock on your door and earbash you and fly your quarantine flag. Or, you know, print out the L flag and tape it to your door. I assure you everyone who sees it will be mystified.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Did you ever wonder that there is a whole race of people with carte blanche? All they have to do is graduate from college and the whole western USa world will beat a path to their door. Graduate, no criminal record and carpe diem in the business and government world who are desperately looking for them.

It's a great pity that there are so few to be found.
Do you ever wonder what exact kind of idiot vacations in a place like Yemen or goes for a hiking tour of the Iran/Iraq border region?

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


The worst kind of morons and idiots
....ignore the facts that cops more heavily patrol poor and minority neighborhoods and actively look for people to arrest; 
I remember fielding a call from 3rd Fleet asking if we could spare a couple hundred security people to send to Olympia where they were loading the 7th Division's stuff to send it to the Middle East. We had the people but when I asked the boss he told me to tell them no. He wasn't going to send armed sailors to get between idiots and other stupid things.

 He had a point. We trained them to be soldiers not police and there is a difference. I see the police in all kinds of terrible riots and outrages and they rarely, almost never decide to use cannons on the people as Napoleon did with the mob in Paris. Still, I will always smile and point out the cannons sitting quietly and peacefully in every town square in middle America. It's really hard not to notice that these little towns don't have mobs, rioters, looters and daily shootings. Artillery make a difference.

I think it was a NYT reporter that opined on how whenever the streets of the city were wet, it rained. So, do the police cause crime and poverty? Some stupid people wonder.


Modern English. The music of my earliest days in the Persian Gulf a long time ago.


I know she laughs every time I say it's time to shift to my night fighter pilot glasses and she really doesn't like me driving with sunglasses at night but honestly they cut the glare down to reasonable levels and I see better with them so I don't care. I just never thought the rest of the world saw it my way.

At approximately 44 my eyes packed it in and decided that they would join near sighted with reading glass bushwah. I found it out driving out of the airport at Virginia Beach into Virginia Beach when I all of a sudden could no longer see the instruments or read a map. Boom. Now the right eye is slowly adding to the torment but slowly, incrementally so perhaps one day I'll sport a patch on that eye.


I took a look at my blog stats today and found a new country had joined the list of those who observe here. It isn't really new but I had heard that their government approved the new name for the land formerly known as the Czech Republic sometime last week and here they are!


Biden is a fallen throne. His best moment was decades in the past and it's been all downhill since then. Watch and feel some sympathy for the man. I don't feel any sympathy for the democrats who vote for this poor guy. They deserve what they get. Right now, 7 months out from the election and almost a year before he could take over as President of the United States, this man's mind is just about gone and yet people are pushing for him because they see their only option at this point is an even more ancient unreformed communist who will do everything in his power to destroy the country as it is and as it was and because of the vicious idiot Obama he knows he can do it with a pen. Democrats don't pay any attention at all to the Constitution and expect to get away with anything if they own the White House and Congress is always 7 years behind them.

The democrats must be dead scared thinking about who this idiot's handlers would choose as his running mate. I don't see him lasting the first month let alone the first year in office if by some miracle the country loses and he wins. I hear they're now noising about Michelle Obama that paragon of do nothing, did nothing, knows nothing. Good luck with that.

Srsly, if I was crazy, stupid and a democrat, but I'm being redundant, I'd be terrified right now.

Monday, March 9, 2020


If you always dreamed of seeing Italy, now is the time to go. My sources on the ground in Tuscany report that they have the place to themselves. They go out and they're the only ones moving around. I wouldn't describe the younger one as healthy and the older one is, well, old but healthy. They went for a conference that was scheduled a year ago to be held this month outside Rome and have decided to just hang around and enjoy seeing the place without a zillion tourists getting in the way, not to mention the natives who are much thinner on the ground than is their usual practice.

Etruscan Museum in Tuscany and there is one person in the entire field of view

I have never really been interested in seeing Italy. All the reports I've had in the past indicate that it is either buried in garbage (Naples) or overrun by throngs of tourists and expats and most of the alleged government workers go on strike at the drop of a hat. You could find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere because the rail workers went out on strike or left at the airport for days waiting for a plane that will never come because the air traffic controllers went on strike and Europe doesn't have anybody of the calibre of a Ronald Reagan to bring them to heel so people just moan a little louder and have a little more espresso with their biscotti.

Our office manager in my Code at SPAWAR visited Italy with her family. She and her 24 year old daughter took advantage of an 8 hour delay of their flight out of Rome to jump on a bus and see everything in Rome. In 8 hours she saw everything. She had photo albums (!) to show us the pictures of her and her daughter everywhere in Rome. They were always surrounded by zillions of people.

When I travel I like to put my feet up and while I never used to make any plans at all, it was reassuring to know that I could jump on any train leaving the station and be somewhere else when I woke up. I would see the places I went to by walking. I walked everywhere. A day in Paris might start at the Arc de Triumph and mosey down the Champs Elysee to the Louvre and then over to Notre Dame followed by a nice walk down the river and incorporate Les Invalides followed by a quick stroll to the Eiffel Tower and then a walk back over the river through Il Defense and back to the hotel. I saw the cities I stayed in. I couldn't imagine doing it all on a bus.

At any rate, this is a great time to visit Italy if you ever planned to see the Eternal City and other old stuff.

Friday, March 6, 2020


I can see the reasoning behind the university's decision to close their physical campus to students and shifting all classes to online but I'm sure the regents and the faculty must be shuddering at what they just put in place at the University of Washington. The question anybody would ask now is, if you don't need to physically attend classes at this fine university due to a potential epidemic, why do you need to attend campus at all?
The University of Washington announced on Friday that it would cancel all in-person classes and move them online for at least the next few weeks. In doing so, Washington became the first major American university to take such drastic action amid rapidly growing fears of the novel coronavirus and the disease it causes, Covid-19. 
The university, with an enrollment of nearly 50,000 on its Seattle campus, said in a message Friday morning that the campus would remain open in other capacities, and that it planned to resume normal operations on March 30, when the institution's next quarter begins. A university staff member has tested positive for Covid-19, and the Seattle area has been the site of the most intense outbreak of the virus in the United States so far, with at least 51 cases reported in King County, Wash., as of Friday.
Don't they sound exactly like the University of Phoenix? Of course UW has a lot of unnecessary infrastructure it could shed for a real profit.


Scott Adams pretty much nails the foolishness that is the global warming scam. Srsly, when you have to change the name of the hoax 4 or 5 times because it's demonstrably running counter to the scare you're trying to evoke, it's time to stop.

After all, in the big picture

the idiots who believe in man made atmospheric changes are pretty silly.

Thursday, March 5, 2020


Italy ordered its schools and universities closed until 15 March because of the Coronavirus on the advice of an Italian professor. With that they seem to think they can bring the near epidemic under control. I wouldn't want to be a science advisor of any kind for the government or people of Italy. They throw them in jail when they make an error. Talk about your inquisition. Talk about your 3rd world witch doctor loving deranged psycho rulers and judges. Talk about stupid.

I thought Sweden was leading the way to European oblivion but perhaps it was Italy all the time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


I wonder how many of the resistance movements around the world are embracing Coronavirus as a weapon they mean to turn on all of the old men running their countries? Why not? It seems a likely way for the "Resistance" and anti-government types to eliminate their elders who desperately need killing. Yes, I'm talking about you Iran. In fact coronavirus seems to be hitting the Iranian Leadership particularly hard. Now if only they could slither into the mosques that the Supreme Ruling Council attends and start making inroads on eliminating the mullahs that actually run the country.

Just think, a few cases let lose in Cuba and it's all over for the old men misruling the country for the last 70 years.  I'm sure there's a lot of places where the ruling elite are behaving even more reclusively than Howard Hughes.

I know many people find the idea repulsive but to quote the leader of socialists,


If the doctors studying Coronavirus (COVID-19) are to be believed it may remain live and active on any surface for up to 9 days. So, are you going to be using cash from now on or just stick to plastic?

If it gets lose in the middle east refugee camps throughout the middle east and Turkey, what the odds the virus will turn out to have a terrifying kill rate among them since they effectively have no medical support more recent than the 18th century? They'll all suddenly be infected with an urgent desire to get to Europe and get some medical treatment and they might start running before it strikes.

What happens when it gets lose in all of Africa? You know that whole mythical history blacks have come up with about how it was whitey that spread crack and heroin and AIDs and Ebola just to kill blacks, it's going to get worse.

What do you think the odds are that the Chinese government has been lying about it since day 1?

What do you think this will do to the EU and it's stupid open borders policy within the Schengen Area when no national government has the power to prevent infected persons from crossing their borders even if they do shut down the trains and planes and ferries?

Interesting times.

Monday, March 2, 2020


If you've ever been out with people who cannot help themselves when they hear Sweet Caroline....

The best pictures and memes I've seen are at Powerlineblog Week in pictures.