Tuesday, March 31, 2020


SARAH HOYT has figured it out.

Has anyone else noticed that for a month now “next week it’s going to get bad?” and “The peak is two weeks away?”  DOES ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER or is everyone else getting memory wiped every day?
Has anyone else noticed that the homeless aren’t dying or even getting sick — as a bunch of us started pointing this out a bunch of stories started circulating about “This sick homeless man approached me and–”  But those are exactly like the stories of Woke Eight Year Olds who are so scared of Trump they threaten suicide. They’re not credible. Also see thing above about empty hospitals. Yes, the homeless DO use the ED. They’re frequent flyers. They’re not using it any more than normal, or credibly sick more than normal from everything I’ve seen.
In our empty cities, they congregate in job lots, visibly not getting any unhealthier than they already were.
And the excuses I get for this?  “Oh, they’re outside, the air takes the virus way.”
Uh uh. so why are deranged local governments closing public parks? And beaches?  On the excuse that people WHO DON’T BREATHE IN AEROSOL weren’t respecting the six foot distance rule.
It’s like “Brazil, and the other places in the world where people can’t self-isolate (they can’t. Have you looked at housing/densitity/etc.) they don’t seem to be dying in massive batch lots. How come?”  “Oh, the virus can’t survive in warm and humid environments.”  I’ve actually seen this in serious articles.
AND YET they’re quarantining putting Florida under house arrest. (Quarantine is when you isolate the sick. — and btw, WHY not do that instead? Or even the vulnerable, if we can’t test for all the sick? — When you put the healthy under house arrest, it’s called tyranny.)  Hot, humid. And Louisiana has a bad outbreak…. Does anyone know the climate in Louisiana?  Gee, it must be as cold and dry as Colorado.
I was expecting megadeaths in the refugee camps in the middle east. Crickets. Ditto in Africa. Locusts. What of western China and the millions of muslims stuffed into prisons by the Chinese? Crickets and locusts. Where is all the dying concentrated right now at this moment? Western Europe's cities but not the Banlieus and NYC and LA and some major metropolitan cities in America.
I suspect we've been had.


capt fast said...

I was reviewing a post on bill whittle's site with an excerpt from Rudy Giuliani site(?) on a doctor-Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of NYC- who is treating his patients with three common drugs. interesting post. His definition of success is that 1) the patient is not required to be on a respirator and 2) the patient does not die from the virus. within those parameters, he is being successful in treating patients. the therapy involves using zinc to slow/stop the virus once it is in the body to allow the immune system time to overcome the virus. the patient still is ill and feeling the effects of a flu and all that involves, but the last I saw of his numbers, out of 599 patients treated all had survived. the costs of the five day treatments just for the drugs is about $20 US. I would imagine many of the high dollar researchers are going to scream that's impossible! I don't see immunizations coming on line soon. I have seen none of this on MSM sites. I know nothing about the peer review that is happening on this. I am a lay person when it comes to medical. and I have consumed vast quantities of grains of salt after reviewing the posts on it.
all that said, one should treat such "news" as any critical thinker would. The media is not going to say shit about this treatment news as it does not cause an escalation in the level of panic the public is awash in. And that is what the MSM is all about lately.

capt fast said...

after reviewing the post again, this is what I take from it. Dr.Zelenko used hydroxychloroquine, a zinc OTC compound, and a antibacterial to ward off bacterial infections caused by viral damage to the lung tissue. as I understand it, the first opens the cell wall to allow the zinc into the cell which is what attacks the virus. Taking the zinc compound by itself is not going to help much as the affected cells won't allow zinc thru the cell wall. biochemistry is not my ken. the antibacterial is to help against secondary infection caused by damage done by the virus as the virus destroys any cell it enters.
the good doctor came across this compounding of drugs after reviewing what others have already done.
of the 599 treated successfully, three had been hospitalized for secondary infections and not placed on respirators.
can you find any reason the MSM has not broadcast this treatment success other than it does not meet their own bias and goals?