Monday, August 28, 2023


 I wonder how many incorporated towns and cities are adopting the strategy used by both Florida and Texas to make the migrant invasion a major problem for the democrat run big cities? There is no reason that any town used as a dumping ground by INS for. hundreds of illegal aliens cannot round them up as they arrive and load them on another bus for immediate delivery to San Francisco, LA, New York, Washington DC, Portland, Seattle, St. Louis, Kansas City, Madison, Minneapolis or any of a score of other cities where they would be welcomed warmly and cherished by their Marxist brothers and sisters.

Friday, August 25, 2023


Boeing is finding that somebody drilled hundreds of extra holes in the aft pressure bulkhead of production 737 aircraft. At the same time I learn that the Department of Maximum Injustice here in the formerly United States of America has charged SpaceX with the crime of not hiring illegal aliens to work on its spacecraft or in its space operations.

It's not funny, it's very sad and pathetic.

As you remember, the Russians found that someone was drilling tiny holes in its space craft a few years ago. I think they finally ended up blaming it on an American woman astronaut.

Of course, the government would have a lot more credibility if it hadn't, you know, lied its ass off about the Wuhan Flu and its various insane and stupid countermeasures, or shut down all the roads out of Lahaine, Hawaii leaving all the residents and tourists there to burn to death in the fire that it failed to warn them was rushing down on them driven by 80 mile an hour storm winds that caused an electric transmission line to spark a fire despite known fire dangers.


 I copied this from Instapundit . I thought it could be tweaked.

I’D WONDERED THIS MYSELF: After Prigozhin humiliated Putin, the question was how he survived so long.

“The very fact that Prigozhin existed after the coup completely upended our understanding of the Putin regime,” said Abbas Galyamov, a political consultant and former Putin speechwriter. “The rule was that you can’t go against Putin. For two months, everything was upside down. Prigozhin created a massive problem for Putin, he humiliated him.”

As I read that paragraph the name Hillary suddenly sprang to mind in lieu of Putin's and Trump's name in lieu of Prigozhin.

In the two months after the mutiny, Prigozhin appeared down but not out. He was filmed in Belarus telling his mercenaries that the conduct of the war in Ukraine was a “disgrace”. He was photographed on the sidelines of a Russia-Africa summit, and then appeared this week armed and in camouflage somewhere in Africa, saying he was “making Russia even greater on all continents”.

Trump somehow survived despite the 100% negative press coverage of literally every single thing he did during his first term.

Perhaps more importantly, he was never served with criminal charges after the mutiny. His companies continued to win multimillion-dollar catering contracts, and he continued to travel between Africa, Belarus and Russia on his Embraer jet until it crashed on Wednesday.

Now it switches to Hillary who is guilty of all kinds of real crimes alongside all of her State Department associates and aides who stripped classification markings off Top Secret documents and emailed them over the unclassified internet to Hillary's private account and none were so much as indicted for the crimes they committed.

“It gave the signal that it was permissible to go against Putin and everything will be OK,” Galyamov said.

I'm not sure where Hillary started killing her enemies but I suspect Vince Foster was not the first to die for the Clinton's many crimes.

Many had the sense that this would not last. The CIA director, William Burns, last month called Putin an “apostle of payback” and warned Prigozhin not to fire his food taster.

Again, Hillary's name in lieu of Putin's.

Somehow, Prigozhin spent his time in Belarus (which is basically a Russian vassal) and sometimes even safely traveling back to Russia… up until he didn’t.

I notice the Clinton's don't appear to fly much in their own private airplane unlike John Kerry and the other dolts running this country.

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


 You have thoroughly pissed off the last and most senior surviving officer of the KGB who now heads all of Russia which is engaged in a war with a country that has routinely launched missile and aerial attacks on Moscow. Do you really decide to get on a plane outside of Moscow for the direct private flight to St. Petersburg and take off into the wild blue yonder inside Moscow's ADIZ?

I find it hard to believe that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Private Military Company, is/was that unbelievably stupid. I do feel sorry though for the crew and other passengers that died.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023


 I was reading about the coming downfall of civilization at Conservative Treehouse just now and this is actually alarming. Our friends at google 

are deploying AI to crawl the entire world wide web for context. This is allegedly to develop better informed and rational artificial intelligence but as is made clear in the linked article, they are doing it in order to subvert and take total control and dominance over the entirety of the world wide web and censor ALL INFORMATION.

If you cannot read it, I urge you to hit the link and look at what the censors are up to.


 This is Painful to admit and accept

The medical professionals all over the world disgraced themselves over Covid 19 and are getting even less reputable then Congress or snake oil salesmen.

Monday, August 21, 2023


 Is there some reason that Ukraine is not using its factories and industrialized workforce to turn out 100,000 155mm shells every month? This is simple fabrication and well within the means of any industrialized country like Ukraine. The fuzes may all be point detonated or base fuzed but they could probably turn out some variable time airbursting rounds if they put their backs into it like any real country facing and existential threat to its existence.

I guess most of the money we sent/send there just goes into the pockets of the democratic party donors so thick on the ground in Ukraine and the rest of the EU.

Russia, for all the sanctions against it isn't having any trouble at all restocking, replenishing and making ever more artillery ammunition.


I knew that the neocons were bad but their far worse than that. They are actively evil.  This shows that they are worse than evil and likely always have been. 

The war in Ukraine is all but over. There is no hope for any kind of Ukrainian victory and they have made themselves so unpleasant that nobody seriously roots for them to win anyway. All that can result from continuing the war is more destruction and more killing and the killing is pretty much one-sided these days. Nobody can attack into fixed defenses without at least a 3-1 advantage in numbers and tanks and artillery and air support and the Ukrainians don't have any of that.

Friday, August 18, 2023


 It occurred to me as I listened to the latest on both the war in Ukraine and the disaster that swept over Maui that perhaps I am being unfair to the rotten string of Chiefs of Naval Operations that the Navy has endured for the last 20 years. Perhaps I underestimated their low cunning and guile. Perhaps they foresaw the wreckage that the neocons leave in their wake as they continuously seek every opportunity to make war on our former friends and allies and decided to castrate any potential war with China by disestablishing the Navy. It kind of makes sense since they have effectively gutted the Navy by their actions and failures and there is little doubt that the neocons and the big political donors and weapons makers are making money by the truckload fueling endless wars but I think the consensus is that any Pacific War requires a powerful navy to carry out. With no powerful navy on hand to make war it slides further and further away from their grasp and nobody can deny that the USN today is half the Navy it was in 1985.

40% of our submarines are offline for maintenance issues and our amphibious shipping takes hit after hit from the beancounters, saboteurs and shoddy shipyard work. I don't know what condition Naval Aviation is in but I have little doubt that it is in dire straits. Even at our height the Flying Hour Program was the first thing on the chopping block when it was time to economize. It probably doesn't help that F35s are making up more and more of the inventory and that there are few, if any pilots that have even so much as 1000 hours in the airframe.

The other nice side effect of making war on our friends and allies is that few of ours in the Pacific would stoop to pick up any gauntlets tossed at their feet. Nobody feels sanguine about going to war with the United States offering their firmest ever possible backing and support. They saw what happened in Iraq, in Afghanistan and they have long memories of what we did to South Vietnam when we decided we had enough and the democrat congress turned off the supply of arms and ammunition leaving the South to the mercy of the North Vietnamese.

Ukraine is finished as an American puppet state. It's out of men and tanks and APCs and cannot so much as. brush through the first line of Russian defenses and now it and the world know it. I won't be surprised if the generals take out the Ukrainian government in the next week or two and shoot them all out of hand or hang them upside down from lamp posts. Of course, the instant they start to make their move the apparatchiks will all flee to their villas in France and castles in Spain but we have become used to that.

Sunday, August 13, 2023


 The Congress convinced itself to spend more than a trillion dollars in the effort to maintain the United States Defense Industrial Base and it was all for nothing. The military cannot repair submarines in anything like a timely manner leaving up to 40% of the submarine fleet welded to their piers and unusable in any conflict and it certainly cannot ramp up production of ships and submarines because that just doesn't work anymore despite the trillions of dollars and it cannot ramp up production of artillery, ammunition, missiles, air defense systems, Patriot missiles and batteries and is, in short left holding an enormous bag empty of any capability at all.

Not really a surprise. Various people have been pointing out how hollow all the real world achievements are given the amount spent on them. 

More than that though is that the US military idled the Tomahawk production line a decade ago because they thought they had enough missiles for any conceivable action (they never actually figured out what a war would use in terms of missiles fired and needing replacement, they just thought about how many to subdue X number of Libyas or milk factories in Somalia.)

I just heard a chat where some LTGEN had to tell DoD and possibly Congress that multiple successive war games had the United States getting whipped and whipped badly by the Chinese if there was a war. 

Heads should roll but they won't.

Friday, August 11, 2023


 I see Biden, like Obama and Kerry and the rest of the democratic herd, is funding Iran's nuclear weapon research again; this time to the tune of another $6 billion that we don't need for anything and is just lying around here getting underfoot and tripping the president. So, that said, about the whimsical charm? They missed Washington DC last time but next time? They're going to nuke it.

Oh, and for those who don't read maps, the Pentagon isn't actually in Washington DC.

Sunday, August 6, 2023


As a student of geopolitics, war, history and other fascinating stuff like that I remember that when I signed on with the Navy we were still affecting that we could still carry out a 2 front war. A couple years later it dropped down to our new improved 1.5 war policy which was our old stance at the start of our involvement in World War II. We would fight the Germans first even though it was the Japanese that attacked us and 'hold' in the Pacific. As strategic thinking goes, I thought that pretty clever of the top leaders in both Britain and Washington.

As the USSR faded away the whole idea of fighting a 'win-hold' war faded away too as the fleet slowly withered away to the FFGs, the Ticonderoga cruisers, the Spruance class DD and the fleet of submarines and carriers. It still looked good on paper but examined from within it had way too many cracks to paper over as seen by the almost overnight extinction of the entire Spruance class and the almost as quick scrapping of the FFGs.

The current Fleet is a handful of operational carriers, a submarine force that is reportedly sidelining 40% of the submarines for lack of maintenance, a handful of ancient Ticonderoga class cruisers, some superior of crappy looking DDG and a withering herd of truly useless Littoral Combat Ships.

When you look at the raw numbers it only gets worse. As the last 7 chiefs of naval operations wasted and frittered away naval construction by building useless LCS with endless babble about modulizing to be proficient in a single warfare area by simply swapping modules between them that would allow a single LCS to perform just one single war function so critical to war at sea. There was to be an anti-ship version, an anti-submarine version, an anti-war version and finally a mine countermeasures version. In the 20 years we've been building these things WE NEVER GOT A SINGLE MODULE.

That's troubling on many fronts but it reflects a Navy that lost its way a long time ago and has fallen off the cliff. It is essentially, unrecoverable. All that was wasted over the last 20 years can never be restored and replaced. It's all gone.

I see the gamechangers in DC are all hot and bothered by Ukraine. Why? They are hot and bothered by China. Why? Now they are all set to confront Russia over Niger. Why? None of them are of any strategic or national importance to the United States. Yet I'm sure that the idiots called neocons are really urging the Pentagon and Tony Blinker to DO SOMETHING!!!! "Send the Navy into the Black Sea, that'll scare the Russians!" "Send the 82 Airborne to Niger! That will teach those ignorant savages to fuck around with our uranium and our gold that their kids labor in the mines to send us and keep us rich!" "And those Chinese devils! They must be confronted and restrained from even looking at Taiwan so send the other Navy!"

But you know? We pissed all that away in the endless wars in Afghanistan which we attacked because one man was there. All should recall that the terrorists who took over the planes and destroyed the Twin Towers and killed thousands of Americans were all Saudi Arabians. Most people don't even know that. 

We pissed it all away in our endless war in Iraq. We'd won the war and achieved victory in about a week but, "NO said the neocons. We must stay and rebuild this country even if we get exposed for gifting our very good friends at Brown and Root billions of dollars to make roads, hospitals, generating plants because we must repair Iraq." Thousands more Americans dead and wounded and hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent Iraqis and at the end of the day we had absolutely nothing to show for it but the permanent hatred of America in both countries.

It was a remarkable achievement getting one of their own appointed Imperial Envoy and letting him rule in Iraq until he got tired of it and went home to write his memoirs.

I have seen a great deal of senseless destruction over the last 20 or so years and I cannot think of a single positive achievement accomplished by the government since Reagan got the Russians to believe that he could spend them into oblivion without ever having to go to war and they believed it.

The large cities are absolute crap compared to the last time I was in any of them and for your general information I did live and serve in Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Seattle, San Francisco and I used to pass through NYC back when I was a midshipman.

I believe that the education system in this country is worse than useless. They peddle lies and half truths, make little effort to get the kids to learn to read so that they cannot learn the truth by reading it themselves and then they turn the feral kids loose on the ones that still come to school genuinely interested in learning and do nothing to stop the endless violence or to protect the children.

The American Medical Community used to be as respected as the Military but that's all gone too.  99% of them pissed that all away by solemnly assuring the nation that a stupid paper or cloth mask could stop a virus and that 6 feet of social distancing would help and that everyone isolating themselves indoors alone and forbidding them to take part in one of the greatest medical benefits on the planet (getting out and going for a walk in the sunlight was TOO DANGEROUS.)

It's all looking pretty ruined from this peak. And I haven't touched on the government turning on its own people and declaring 50% them traitors or traitorous. Nor have I mentioned the total destruction of the economic foundations of our global dominance and the creation now of a peer global economic entity of equal or greater strength that is dumping the dollar and the treasury notes.

But be of good cheer! President Biden and vice president Harris are ON THE JOB!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023


 I was reading this bit over at arkhaven and I was struck by the elemental truth. You cannot fight against what is unseen and the last 50 years of everything you know or think you know has been devoted to hiding the truth from you.                  

Tuesday, August 1, 2023


 I somehow got rid of the ringing in my ears and managed to sit and read to my CD. It was very nice and quiet. I enjoyed it immensely. It took some time for me to realize that I only own one CD of music. One of the nicest things about the net of things is that I have been reaching into it over the last decade/century/millennium and calling up the music I want to listen to. I'm not a purist and I listen to it as background while I'm reading or writing and the last time I bought anything that played music was back in 1984 when I got back from my first year in the Persian Gulf.

But still, 1 whole CD that I bought online about 2 months ago? That's ridiculous. Of course all the old CDs went away with the stereo and everything else I owned a long time ago. I just failed to notice.

I wrote earlier about no frigate like a book to take you to lands far away. I have the mightiest navy of books and the music is, after all, incidental.


It was very hard to turn my back on the city  I left it for San Diego a long time ago but I had moved there back when Herb Caen was writing his columns and the City was still raw and still attached to the American ideal of a place where it was still possible to start a family. 

I did.