Sunday, August 6, 2023


As a student of geopolitics, war, history and other fascinating stuff like that I remember that when I signed on with the Navy we were still affecting that we could still carry out a 2 front war. A couple years later it dropped down to our new improved 1.5 war policy which was our old stance at the start of our involvement in World War II. We would fight the Germans first even though it was the Japanese that attacked us and 'hold' in the Pacific. As strategic thinking goes, I thought that pretty clever of the top leaders in both Britain and Washington.

As the USSR faded away the whole idea of fighting a 'win-hold' war faded away too as the fleet slowly withered away to the FFGs, the Ticonderoga cruisers, the Spruance class DD and the fleet of submarines and carriers. It still looked good on paper but examined from within it had way too many cracks to paper over as seen by the almost overnight extinction of the entire Spruance class and the almost as quick scrapping of the FFGs.

The current Fleet is a handful of operational carriers, a submarine force that is reportedly sidelining 40% of the submarines for lack of maintenance, a handful of ancient Ticonderoga class cruisers, some superior of crappy looking DDG and a withering herd of truly useless Littoral Combat Ships.

When you look at the raw numbers it only gets worse. As the last 7 chiefs of naval operations wasted and frittered away naval construction by building useless LCS with endless babble about modulizing to be proficient in a single warfare area by simply swapping modules between them that would allow a single LCS to perform just one single war function so critical to war at sea. There was to be an anti-ship version, an anti-submarine version, an anti-war version and finally a mine countermeasures version. In the 20 years we've been building these things WE NEVER GOT A SINGLE MODULE.

That's troubling on many fronts but it reflects a Navy that lost its way a long time ago and has fallen off the cliff. It is essentially, unrecoverable. All that was wasted over the last 20 years can never be restored and replaced. It's all gone.

I see the gamechangers in DC are all hot and bothered by Ukraine. Why? They are hot and bothered by China. Why? Now they are all set to confront Russia over Niger. Why? None of them are of any strategic or national importance to the United States. Yet I'm sure that the idiots called neocons are really urging the Pentagon and Tony Blinker to DO SOMETHING!!!! "Send the Navy into the Black Sea, that'll scare the Russians!" "Send the 82 Airborne to Niger! That will teach those ignorant savages to fuck around with our uranium and our gold that their kids labor in the mines to send us and keep us rich!" "And those Chinese devils! They must be confronted and restrained from even looking at Taiwan so send the other Navy!"

But you know? We pissed all that away in the endless wars in Afghanistan which we attacked because one man was there. All should recall that the terrorists who took over the planes and destroyed the Twin Towers and killed thousands of Americans were all Saudi Arabians. Most people don't even know that. 

We pissed it all away in our endless war in Iraq. We'd won the war and achieved victory in about a week but, "NO said the neocons. We must stay and rebuild this country even if we get exposed for gifting our very good friends at Brown and Root billions of dollars to make roads, hospitals, generating plants because we must repair Iraq." Thousands more Americans dead and wounded and hundreds of thousands of mostly innocent Iraqis and at the end of the day we had absolutely nothing to show for it but the permanent hatred of America in both countries.

It was a remarkable achievement getting one of their own appointed Imperial Envoy and letting him rule in Iraq until he got tired of it and went home to write his memoirs.

I have seen a great deal of senseless destruction over the last 20 or so years and I cannot think of a single positive achievement accomplished by the government since Reagan got the Russians to believe that he could spend them into oblivion without ever having to go to war and they believed it.

The large cities are absolute crap compared to the last time I was in any of them and for your general information I did live and serve in Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Seattle, San Francisco and I used to pass through NYC back when I was a midshipman.

I believe that the education system in this country is worse than useless. They peddle lies and half truths, make little effort to get the kids to learn to read so that they cannot learn the truth by reading it themselves and then they turn the feral kids loose on the ones that still come to school genuinely interested in learning and do nothing to stop the endless violence or to protect the children.

The American Medical Community used to be as respected as the Military but that's all gone too.  99% of them pissed that all away by solemnly assuring the nation that a stupid paper or cloth mask could stop a virus and that 6 feet of social distancing would help and that everyone isolating themselves indoors alone and forbidding them to take part in one of the greatest medical benefits on the planet (getting out and going for a walk in the sunlight was TOO DANGEROUS.)

It's all looking pretty ruined from this peak. And I haven't touched on the government turning on its own people and declaring 50% them traitors or traitorous. Nor have I mentioned the total destruction of the economic foundations of our global dominance and the creation now of a peer global economic entity of equal or greater strength that is dumping the dollar and the treasury notes.

But be of good cheer! President Biden and vice president Harris are ON THE JOB!


Dan said...

We've got a Navy that can hardly keep ships from running into each other....but there's a ton of retired admirals and Military Industrial Complex board members with ENORMOUS bank accounts...

OldAFSarge said...

It's all pretty disheartening, innit?

boron said...

As I read your "Strategy" I think of Jerry Pournelle and the "The Iron Law of Bureaucracy".
Question: how do we fix this?