Friday, July 30, 2021


The stink of rotting debris on the beach is getting pretty bad. The Clintons and then Obama utterly gutted the military when they handpicked the 3 and 4 star generals and admirals who then handpicked the colonels selected for Brigadier General and then all the rest of the generals and admirals. That left us with a warfighting mutant in charge of the NATO war in Bosnia who demanded the British forces attack the Russians and a Navy that is functionally incapable of doing very much of anything.

The left had previously gutted all of the institutions of higher learning and they in turn gutted the teachers colleges and curriculum in order to raise generations of pig ignorant jerks who now cry if you call them a name and then race to report you to the authorities.

Based on what we're seeing with the ridiculous charade of Covid it is obvious that corrupted the CDC, NIH and just about every doctor branding outfit in America. Remember it was just 2 weeks to flatten the curve? That was over a year ago. Now after that they tell us the virus mutated. Duh! It's what organisms do. Now they shriek loudly about how infectios the so-called Delta variant is but so what? The cold is infectious but nobody but crazy people pretend that they have to have a deathly fear of catching a cold.

What's also obvious is that they captured and corrupted the Law. It's not just the crooks running the FBI and the NSA for that matter. They also won over the district attorneys to the idea that nobody should be prosecuted for any crime less than murder unless they're white and republican. They have between them made most of America's largest cities uninhabitable by design.

I wonder what's next? There's not much left after the law, military, hollywood, education, medicine. Oh wait, they've stopped talking about the courts. OTOH, I haven't seen any Biden nominees even mentioned in the usual sources I follow. Has the Senate confirmed any of his grasping legal court felons other than the Attorney General?

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


I thought this was kind of wonderful. But then, I find things like this fascinating and worthwhile.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


It was called to mind earlier. I looked and got lost. Lex used it a lot,

the fire in which we all burn.

my sister and I talked about it today in the full gaze of the burning sun through glass.

she was in the shade.
nonetheless, she will be the one getting on a flight or driving, "home".

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Notice how the Hubble space telescope seems to be all correct and focused now? Isn't it interesting that it required 5 'maintenance' missions to fix it/keep it working back when the NASA space shuttle was a thing.


I write about it. It deserves a mention. As usual, it almost goes without saying. you need to read the book.


Hubble telescope successfully escapes. blonde mode

Saturday, July 17, 2021


It mostly works for women and not at all for men. It's a process innate to the zygote and all humans. Somehow, nature leaps out of the bushes and tries to suppress the bad genes on the X chromosome. With girls there is a redundant X chromosome. Guys get a Y instead of 2 Xs. So, yes, girls are really born with two strikes against them. I delve into history in the late night. I'm fascinated by it. I was looking tonight on a dark subject that my reference to time travel brought back.

The distant progeny of Queen Victoria were a maelstrom of disfunction on the male side. On the female side, not so much. In another century that saw the brutal extinction of a hundred million people in the name of various isms, I do miss these girls.

Imagine a 19th century in which they were not snuffed out by communists and the regime actually survived for another hundred years similar to the elder house in Britain. It's no longer Great but it was once.

On balance and historically not much was made of the princesses. They mostly vanished. On the other hand, I would have liked to have seen the Angevin World of Lord Darcy and any one of those girls was easily a hundred times brighter and smarter than Kamela. Yeah yeah, they had bad genes, that's for another post.

Friday, July 16, 2021


Not a fan. I know them well. OTOH, I heard today from one I love that a woman had made it to SEAL. I am very familiar with the whole enchilada of SEAL. On checking the news I found that a woman passed some sort of test of no importance and little significance and so was almost an aquatic mammal in training with training wheels.

I will tell you that the training is exacting and it takes it to the limit for the whole TEAM. You really cannot afford one weak member who doesn't carry their share. It simply doesn't work. That said, I have no doubt that Biden and his worthless generals will decide that it can be done and will do it. For the equity and unicorn farts that are in it.

No neighbors, I was far from SEAL material. I just shared an office with them on the far side of the world. OK, and in Imperial Beach.

Thursday, July 15, 2021


Our trip is usually a semi-ocean journey. Well, OK, we like to Cross Lake Champlain on the ferry from the New England side to the distaff side of the lake and this time, as with last year, were unable to take the Port Kent ferry because New York. At any rate, this year we stuck to our slow guns and we cruised down the little highway from the landing north of Port Kent and this took us through Plattsburgh. It's a remarkable place. I hate the new ish blogger that no longer lets me look at a picture and just serves up html crap so make of it what you will.

I will add the final words at glodgol

Macdonough in this battle won a higher fame than any other commander of the war, British or American. He had a decidedly superior force to contend against, the officers and men of the two sides being about on a par in every respect; and it was solely owing to his foresight and resource that we won the victory. He forced the British to engage at a disadvantage by his excellent choice of position; and he prepared beforehand for every possible contingency. His personal prowess had already been shown at the cost of the rovers of Tripoli, and in this action he helped fight the guns as ably as the best sailor. His skill, seamanship, quick eye, readiness of resource, and indomitable pluck, are beyond all praise. Down to the time of the Civil War he is the greatest figure in our naval history.[35]
— Theodore Roosevelt, 1882

I thought I knew all about my naval history and I never even heard of this man.



I think I would enjoy getting together with other codgers and talking about things in general without drawing knives or guns. Perhaps the VFW if it survived the virus. I'll have to see if it still exists. Any of my readers would be most welcome.


As blue ribbon and out of touch with reality as the leaders and media seem to be it is not surprising that they let pass the date that marked the downfall of the most ribboned and out of touch monarchs. They're all probably hoping that they won't be the next decorations at the turf side boogooolooo, Or whatever they call ordinary people who despise them all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021


We apologize for the service interregnum. The guilty ones have been punished and the innocent sent to Coventry.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Just where does Rome get its water these days?


Alawee snatched her butt for the third time that morning and shrieked in pain. "Dammit that fuckin hurt!" It was not new but it was always painful, the continuous jabs in her butt from where, only the ghosts knew. She pulled the dart shaped spear out of her ass, looked at it blankly and tossed into the bushes as she continued to feed on the berries and the random frogs that lived in the bushes.

She didn't know it. It had been happening ever since she reached puberty, but the darts and other things sticking into her over the last few seasons had grown intensely wearisome. She hated them all. There were large darts, small darts, round things and even phallic probes she dreaded in the night.

A day and a night in the life of genetic eve.

Wouldn't you know it that anthropologists would be the ones to develop time travel first and always head back to suss out everything there was to know about a not attractive female but nevertheless the go-to-girl as the last of her species on planet earth 69,235 years ago. Mitochondrial Eve.

The deep dive into the history of us is always fascinating to me.

Monday, July 12, 2021


We appear to be on the cusp of another pointless and futile deployment of forces to Haiti simply because some losers were able to sneak into his house and blow away the president of that dismal failed shithole. A moron like Biden would always believe that helping out in the failed states is our mission but never seem deterred by its 100% failure rate over the last 200 years. Of course morons like him also believe that Cuba and Venezuela are popular democracies led by democrats with sterling credentials that any democrat could and would admire.

Sadly, the US military has been entirely taken over by soft-headed brain dead losers like Biden. I saw it crawl into being in Bosnia and reach full fruition in Iraq and Afghanistan as SEALS and other hard men were whipped into shape by pussies that would sooner believe a haji taliban than accept that the warriors had to leave marks on fighters they took prisoner. I think Biden, his poodle moron at DoD and his pussywhipped generals and admirals are all set to send humanitarian forces to Haiti to 'stabilize' the jello underlying the democratic regime that does exactly what the Clinton foundation tells it to. It won't be pretty.

Last time we stabilized the foul smelling mess that is Haiti we sent in the Army and Marines. I used to sip wine with the plugged in but retired Army general and we'd swap stories. Mine would be about a Marine patrol that was threatened by a group of Haitians on a porch that pointed weapons at the Marine patrol and got blown away for their trouble. The Army patrols would wait until the enemy fired at them to return fire and suffered casualties every day. Oddly, the Marines didn't suffer any casaulties.

The point of USMC digicam mania later became clear and obvious. The Marines wanted the stupid SOBs to know the difference between shooting or fucking with warriors and fucking or shooting at army pogues. You could shoot the latter all day but the Marines were altogether different. It won't be like that anymore. I suspect the Corps has been promoting pussies to general officer for 2 decades now and selected the same kind of horrible shower of shit the Army has been selecting for general officer since Clinton. Too bad. Now the Marines will find out what it's like with no topcover and fallen under Army SJA and generals. The SEALS found out how that worked 20 years ago in Afghanistan and Iraq. They had the likes of craven McCraven providing overwatch and it never ended well. Vindication after the trials and courts martial isn't anything at all like not going through those charades of misjustice at all.

I have not been following the news but I think I saw that we're closer now to taking all female complaints out of the hands of the chain of command and turning them over to congressionally appointed investigators from the same regime as all the TITLE IX investigators at colleges and universities. They're going to do to the military what they did to the schools. 400,000 fewer male applicants to college and university than last decade. We're going to have a 70% all fem identifying armed forces here in the not too quick. They will get what they richly deserve on the battlefields of tomorrow.

It is impossible to prove anything in an Article 15 hearing. No proof is required from the outset. The accused can refute the charges and it helps if they have evidence but the actual charges need not be supported by anything. If they change the UCMJ to allow outside parties the privileges of Captain's Mast/Office Hours/Article 15 hearings, then the accused are screwed right from the initiation of charges. If they go the other route and all such accusations are treated to Courts Martial then the path is opened to massive miscarriage and failure to apply justice. Sitting on such a court, I would need actual evidence if I was going to convict and in the absence of anything but an accusation, I would almost always vote to acquit. I could do no less.

Mast was a route to good order and discipline. Courts Martial are the path to justice and are required to follow the hard road of evidence, chain of custody, witness depositions, etc. They are two enormously different things with enormously different purposes and intent.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday, July 1, 2021


I like the voice.


Can you imagine NPR getting through just 8 hours of its broadcast day without using a single color reference or discussing the sexual bent of whoever it is they're gushing over? I thought about it today as I turned it on for the now obligatory status check and sure enough, within 5 minutes I had references to black music for black people to listen to produced by black musicians and record labels and amazingly, it was followed by bringing up the gayness of their next topic.

Do they realize that only gay and lesbians listen to their shows now and almost no non-White people listen unless they meet the first condition? I suspect not. It's not like commercial radio that has to know its audience and turn a profit.

Do their weekend shows still openly mock the President or are they reliably sticking it to President Trump? I might find out this weekend! Stay tuned.