Thursday, December 30, 2021



The jurors found Maxwell guilty of 6 of 7 charges laid against her for procuring underage girls. Obviously she didn't procure them for herself so now we come to the moment of truth. That's right, now the Law and Courts will delve into the issue of just who she was procuring little girls for and bring these criminals of civilization to justice. I am sure that all the evidence amassed at the trials and the grand juries for both her case and Epstein's will be used by the lawyers to round up all the pedophiles who took advantage of those poor underage girls. Right? And of course she is an actual living eye witness able to testify against the pedophiles so they don't stand a chance in court.

And Epstein still didn’t kill himself.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


I don't for one second think that there are 81 million democrats stupid enough to vote for Biden. Clearly, they stole the election in an affront to real democracy. It is no longer funny though how in-the-bag the media are for Biden and Obama/billionaire corruption at every level in the Executive branch.

Monday, December 27, 2021


Your attention is invited to two recent articles. I found them interesting and thought provoking.
Patriotic Duty and
Redstate And the rule of law.

Read them yourself and see what 'grave damage' to national security of this country really looks like these days.

Saturday, December 25, 2021


I join just about everyone in wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope that you all can share it with friends and family and a truly wonderful feast that leaves everyone in a solidly happy mood for the rest of the year. A good meal can do that. I know some writers that can write about that one feast of a lifetime many years after they consumed it and it is little now but a memory.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


I'm afraid that this comes as absolutely no surprise. The Russians were begged most sincerely by all the governments of the West to do this thing to Germany and the rest of the Western Europeans and anybody but a complete nitwit or democrat saw the writing on the wall when Texas froze over a couple of months ago when the idiotic renewable energy scam revealed itself to be nothing but a monumental scam on a continental scale.

Deliveries of Russian natural gas to Germany through the Yamal-Europe pipeline have been completely halted, data from the country’s transport operator, Gascade, revealed on Tuesday morning. The suspension of the flow comes after a weekend in which the volume being sent through the network dropped significantly, just as demand for energy in both Russia and the rest of Europe reached its winter peak. On Monday, it was reported that state-owned giant Gazprom, the system’s operator in Russia and Belarus, had booked no capacity at all for transiting natural gas on Tuesday.
The Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline runs from northwest Siberia to Frankfurt-an-der-Oder in eastern Germany via Belarus and Poland. Last year, around one-fifth of all natural gas sent to Western Europe went via Belarus. Energy supplies through the system vary based on consumption, including within Russia, which Gazprom prioritizes over sending fuel abroad. Temperatures have plummeted in Moscow and other large Russian cities this week.
European gas prices surge. Flows through the pipeline dropped to 6% of capacity on Saturday and 5% on Sunday, before eventually falling to zero on Tuesday morning. Due to the winter cold and the restricted supply, European energy prices have soared.
Officials in the West have accused Moscow of playing politics with the supply of gas to the rest of Europe, allegedly with the aim of forcing the EU to approve the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which is yet to be certified, but is ready to operate. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied these allegations, with Gazprom noting that it continues to fulfill its contracts.

It honestly makes me laugh out loud to read these things now. Sadly, this is a lesson we ourselves learned by inflicting crippling industry destroying sanctions on Japan before WWII which caused them to come to view us as the enemy. Unfortunately we have a full generation of military generals and admirals who think they know how to fight an all out war against a near peer adversary but I don't think they have been paying attention to the news over the last 20 years. Russia is a startlingly well armed, well equipped and professional military these days and has weapons that don't just rival our own, they're, in some cases, way better than ours and have been for 20 years or so.

I can only imagine what a REturn of FORces to GERmany (REFORGER) would look like if we tried to pull it off in the next 6 months. It can't happen any faster than that and based on the kind of military stupidity on display so conspicuously in Afghanistan as we ran away it is likely to be magnitudes of disaster worse than you can imagine. The ships aren't there, the Divisions and troops don't exist anymore and the weapons suck, are in short supply or low on ammunition and munitions.

I don't think those NATO dullards realize just how totally alone, unarmed and unafraid they are. They're too stupid to know fear and too ignorant to admit that they don't have any armies worthy of the name and only about 1% of their putative male population is in any kind of shape to fight a war that will involve colossal defeats before it ever begins to shade towards victory, if it ever does. President Trump tried to point out to them how naked they were and they did not hear him. Too late now. You know that thing you keep hearing about supply chain difficulties? Most of the components (the little high tech ones) are only made in communist China and only there for about 30 years now. You thought getting your new F150 truck was backed up? Think about putting in an order to China for the components we need to build missiles, radars, seekers, satellites, artillery fuses. Little things like that that aren't made in America anymore.

I don't really expect any fighting. It's not in Western Europeans to fight for anything anymore. Honor is as dead to them as the Holy Roman Empire and nationalism is a filthy dirty word fit only for far right thugboys and they hates them.

Interesting times.... I'd feel some sympathy for the Ukrainians but they really need to learn something from a thousand years of history, don't they? Nobody never said nothing bout not poking the bear with a stick? Really?

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


I was reading a column elsewhere by Sister Toldjah and I was directed to an ad for a birdcage liner of some note. As I said, it's still not worth buying at any price:
If your aim is to read fiction and make believe stories read a book.

Saturday, December 18, 2021


I knew about this statue by the Museum of Art but in the back away from the hurly burly that so clogs the single winter entrance to the building. To be honest, it's actually the old front doors to the musem which are barred in winter.

I refer to him as a local but I don't think he ever stepped foot west of the Ohio and never visited the 500 acre land grant that Congress awarded him after his service during the Revolution. It was located a little south of here in Dublin, Ohio. Still it was worth the walk to get to see the monument that the Poles of Cleveland erected in 1905 to a hero of both Poland and the U.S.

He had a quirk he got from somewhere when he was young and never lost it. You can see it here in the letter he wrote to his friend Thomas Jefferson.

I think he was an incurable optimist. On the other hand, although he tried and tried, he was never married. Still, I think it would be nice if we still educated our young citizens as he asked his friend to see to the education of those he would set free.

Thursday, December 16, 2021


If you have not read this article at American Thinker, you should. It states something that is profoundly true and yet is as ignored by media and the public as those poor American citizens languishing in the DC gulag for 11 months now without bail waiting for trials for strolling about the Capitol while the monsters who burned down the core of a number of cities and destroyed hundreds of businesses and buildings roam around free and unsought and unmolested by law enforcement.

Then there was this from Cantor's War by Anvil from long ago.

"That's better yet. Then Binder gets to explain how a Recognized Authority In The Field could make a mistake."
"Is that so impossible?"
"For Binder it is. Binder is solid for Authority. Put him in the Middle Ages and he'd chop Gallileo's head off in a minute for arguing that a heavy weight and a light weight fall at the same speed when Aristotle said otherwise. How you can have a Believer in either mathematics or science beats me, but the bigger a field gets, the more of them migrate in and set up shop."

Essentia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.

We find the same mindset has completely taken over the Schools of Education around the world where the Recognized Authority happens to be Marx and strucutral racism of the first order is the mandatory path to educational and societal success.

Still more do we find it in the Global Warming scam where the science is practically non-existant and nobody cares or even points it out to the foolish believers anymore because, what's the point. You can't educate stupid indoctrinated peasants and history has shown this repeatedly through the ages. Did you ever wonder why all successful revolutions throughout history were led by the educated elites who had gained knowledge and wisdom from reading the works of the people that came before? A simple dive into the history of our Revolution will suffice to show how the men who led it were the best thinkers of their generation on either side of the Atlantic. What happened in France was inspired by our Revolution and if you read the revolutionary histories of other places from Vietnam to the Middle East you see the same sort of pattern. It's only when you look at the failed states and failed revolutions that you see from the men leading them that they were doomed to failure at the outset.

I wonder which one of our Embassies will be overrun and occupied next year. I'm thinking one of the 'stans.

Tuesday, December 14, 2021


I just like this one. These 2 are pretty funny and spot on.

Friday, December 10, 2021


Ripped off from Ace of Spades.

This rings a bell. It is fascinating to watch the world turning into good little NAZIs overnight and not from some fear of the cunning or dangerous enemy but over a bug that is slightly more dangerous than the flu. No wonder il Duce, Franco, Peron, Hitler and Stalin got their worlds to dance to their tune. They provided the score, the music, the musicians and a nice utterly harmless enemy that could be overwhelmed by Karens and others who want to feel good about oppressing other people.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021


The former Chief of Staff for President Trump's White House has decided to end cooperation with the Committee for Public Safety and has invited them to bring out the guillotine. It is hard to understand why anybody would cooperate with that band of terrorists and dipshits but he was going to up until this afternoon when he changed his mind. I don't get it. All any of them has to do is pull the Hillary over the eyes of the Committee for Public Safety like she did and claim that they have no memory of that or this or the other thing and cannot recall who was there, when it happened, where they were at the time, etc. It worked for all the democrats we wondered about after little dustups like Hillary's hard drives and phones getting bleached and smashed to bits, and her COS joining the investigation of her as her lawyer and given total immunity by the FBI and DOJ and of course the whole, where the Hell was Obama when we were air raiding Libya and our Ambassador to the place was murdered along with 4 other Americans on the anniversary of 9/11 by some of the most heavily armed terrorists outside Gaza.

It's so easy a democrat can do it for Christ's sake.

Thursday, December 2, 2021


I drop off and pick up my better half everyday and deliver her to the door since for some reason the university feels approximately the same way about the Americans With Disabilities Act as Democrats feel about integrity. They hates it.

"I gained a whole new appreciation for pedestrians after I started driving on the sidewalk."