Thursday, December 16, 2021


If you have not read this article at American Thinker, you should. It states something that is profoundly true and yet is as ignored by media and the public as those poor American citizens languishing in the DC gulag for 11 months now without bail waiting for trials for strolling about the Capitol while the monsters who burned down the core of a number of cities and destroyed hundreds of businesses and buildings roam around free and unsought and unmolested by law enforcement.

Then there was this from Cantor's War by Anvil from long ago.

"That's better yet. Then Binder gets to explain how a Recognized Authority In The Field could make a mistake."
"Is that so impossible?"
"For Binder it is. Binder is solid for Authority. Put him in the Middle Ages and he'd chop Gallileo's head off in a minute for arguing that a heavy weight and a light weight fall at the same speed when Aristotle said otherwise. How you can have a Believer in either mathematics or science beats me, but the bigger a field gets, the more of them migrate in and set up shop."

Essentia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem.

We find the same mindset has completely taken over the Schools of Education around the world where the Recognized Authority happens to be Marx and strucutral racism of the first order is the mandatory path to educational and societal success.

Still more do we find it in the Global Warming scam where the science is practically non-existant and nobody cares or even points it out to the foolish believers anymore because, what's the point. You can't educate stupid indoctrinated peasants and history has shown this repeatedly through the ages. Did you ever wonder why all successful revolutions throughout history were led by the educated elites who had gained knowledge and wisdom from reading the works of the people that came before? A simple dive into the history of our Revolution will suffice to show how the men who led it were the best thinkers of their generation on either side of the Atlantic. What happened in France was inspired by our Revolution and if you read the revolutionary histories of other places from Vietnam to the Middle East you see the same sort of pattern. It's only when you look at the failed states and failed revolutions that you see from the men leading them that they were doomed to failure at the outset.

I wonder which one of our Embassies will be overrun and occupied next year. I'm thinking one of the 'stans.

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Love coming on board... the education is outstanding.