Wednesday, June 30, 2021


Anti-racism = racism
Anti-fascist = fascist
Bigot = Someone who doesn't share your opinion
Racist = Someone who doesn't share your opinion
Right wing = patriot who supports the US Consitution
Right wing extremist = patriot who supports Constitution and hates its those dedicated to overturning it
White supremacist = Someone who doesn't share your opinion
black lives matter = nothing at all. Nobody believes that
gun control supporters = communists and fascists who hate America
hate speech = doesn't exist in this country and is not against any law
critical race theory = racism. It's pure racial hatred
Black power = Shame. Imagine shouting White Power instead and see what happens to you in free America where there is no such thing as hate speech
white rage = a myth. If it was real you would know it
white fragility = a myth. If it was real you would know it
fact checker = ignorant liar
CDC doctor = ignorant liar
politician = liar
senator = liar
Congressman = liar
spokesman = spinner and liar
soft power = you're the ATM for other people/countries
global warming = a scam of biblical size and fell intent
climate change = a scam of awesome proportions filled with stupid
set asides = discrimination
quotas = discrimination
safe spaces = discrimination
stereotypes = an association in the mind that forms sets of things that are alike

Sunday, June 27, 2021


This one picture pretty much captures the entire flacid falsity of the reparations for slavery BS.

Saturday, June 26, 2021


Obama purged the Pentagon and left it in the hands of generals who were fully democrat and woke. They self-select their replacements and so they have been assidiously selecting colonels like them for promotion to general and the upper levels have been selecting the most woke flag and general officers for the 3 and 4 star jobs. I see it every time any of them give vent to any topic under the sun. They all approach issues from a purely partisan view. That's not good. I'd say watch the whole thing. He makes a very dangerous point.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021


If somebody thinks I owe reparations for slavery then I insist that I should get to own some slaves first. It probably won't come as a surprise but I wouldn't own a black slave for any amount of money. I would insist on slaves that were useful and decorative. After all, I have to pay for them so I should get to make my own choices.


Why don't democrats and other idiots accept this at face value?


It is said that a rolling stone gathers no moss. They can also be enormously destructive. Here are a few gleaned from the Daily Mail a couple of days ago. They should certainly make some people very nervous. The first article to strike my eye was this one where a man pleaded guilty to a misdeamonor weapons charge for acting to defend his house and family when the black mob arrived and broke into his property. The city attorney is one of the woke mob and pressed charges. He and his wife pled out to the misdeamonor and had to turn their guns in for destruction. So he went out and bought a new and much better gun for dealing with black mobs whose lives really don't matter very much.
What have the mob done? Well, they've gone a long way towards convincing the sane majority in this country that it is passed time to arm themselves because it is becoming very clear that in many urban areas they will be on their own when the mob comes calling and the law sides with the mob now.

It is too late for the CDC to be believed on anything anymore. Their latest attempt at fear-mongering is falling on some pretty deaf ears now. They have lied about every single aspect of this attack virus and now they want to weaponize it forever in order to apply controls to normal human behavior in the time of a not particularly dangerous virus that will be here with us from now until forever. I really got a kick out of the headline. It's like the fuxsticks in the media cannot look rationally at real scientific data and derive the truth which has set many of us free. Obviously in the cold blue bastions like New York, Oregon and Washington they don't practice reason and are out of touch with reality. Here's the headline in all its magnificent glory of unreality.

Faucci shows that the truth is not in him. He lies about every single thing and attacks his critics for 'not being able to handle the truth.' He's one slick bastard and he should have been terminated over a year ago with great prejudice.

USS FORD is undergoing shock tests in the Atlantic. The Congress has been in a bit of a swivet about this trial since it is an important and key consideration in determining if a warship is built to the standard that will allow it to take some damage and continue as a warship in battle. This is kind of ridiculous in this case because the ship, almost four years since commissioning is still too unfinished and broken to deploy and probably will be for some years to come. I got a kick out of the Navy being quoted as saying the shock tests were successful so far. There's two ways to take that sentence only one of which the Navy wants you to accept. They want us to believe the broken ship passed the test with flying colors. The other way to take the Navy's opinion is, "well, at least the damned explosives detonated when and where they were supposed to and didn't sink the ship." Some people tell me I'm getting cynical.

California will spend $500,000,000 dollars to trim the dead wood and undergrowth in its 33 million acres of forest. The morons have finally decided that the only way to end out of control wild fires is through forest management and the only way to do that is to thin the woods and remove the fuel load. It may look like they're finally getting serious about their major problem in the coming years of draught and more draught but of course we know better don't we? After all, they're also spending over $100,000,000 to subsidize their pot industry because only a democrat could screw up a plan to legalize marijuana and end up selling at a huge loss. It's like AMTRAKs food service. There they have a captive audience for their food at $10.00/burger and they still lose hundreds of millions of dollars on their food service.

It kind of leaves me feeling a little ill watching as this country slides into the abyss. I saw a report yesterday that 2/3s of Americans graduating from high school don't have any idea what Auschwitz was. They literally don't know a thing about history and disdain what they think they do know.

EVERGREEN Spanish philosopher George Santayana is credited with the aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” while British statesman Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Things aren't looking very good these days but people under 50 are unlikely to see it that way because they simply don't know anything and certainly don't know better.
Meanwhile there are forces moving in society that society really doesn't know anything about. One is the mob which really needs to get smashed very firmly, another is the perversion of the law and laws that are destroying society and the rule of law and the last is the veterans and the constitutionalists who are an entire foreign concept to the media and government and, sadly, to the officers now running the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. You don't suffer exposure to failed civilizations and societies and remain numb to the same sort of thing happening here at home. I'd say the rocks are already in motion and there is nothing to keep them from accelerating all the way down hill to the bottom except the fragile remnants of what was once a Great Society.

Friday, June 18, 2021


Operations other than war might be a more appropriate term for where we're at now. The Chinese have just pulled off the most significant effects based operation in history and almost nobody knows about it. It was subtle and yet it killed more Americans than World War II and Korea combined. It killed millions worldwide and it destroyed 40% of American small businesses, overthrew the most effective president since Reagan and ushered in a moron and hyper-inflation. It was also the first attack with a Weapon of Mass Destruction since the destruction of Nagasaki.
This was the Cold War. We're in a very different kind of war now only nobody knows it.

Thursday, June 17, 2021


Tonight is a history lesson and it is one that seems more appropriate everyday. Read even just the first few paragraphs of the Fall of France and consider how we stand today poised on the edge of a precipice that will result in the failure of the West. The leaders of both the free world and our putatitive NATO allies have now met and spoken with the leader of the free world and if they haven't rushed back to urge their parliaments to start immediately rearming then they will bear much of the responsibility for the failure to come.

As I read the entire article I was struck by all the parallels between the pre-war world and the situation that prevailed in France and the situation we have today. We have spent the years since 1996 designing and building warships that have never deployed. Think about it. The new generation nuclear carrier that was to replace the NIMITZ class is woefully inadequate and more than 3 year behind schedule. We're talking about a carrier where the catapalts to launch the planes are iffy, where the weapons elevators to move ammunition from the magazines to the planes on deck don't work and nobody has been able to make them work for over 3 years. It also has a dodgy arresting gear system and the ship just doesn't work. It is joined in dismal failure by the entire class of Littoral Combat Ships which are about as dangerous as the USS Panay on the Yangtze River back before World War II started. The Ticonderoga class cruisers are falling apart and the replacement doesn't exist. They build the giant stealth destroyer with a weapon system so expensive not even the United States can afford to use it and so it was scrapped. The Zumwalt class ships have been in the fleet for years and have never deployed since they suffer engineering casualties at a rate similar to the LCS which breaks down so often the crews qualify for the sea service deployment ribbon as they sit in Canadian ports for the winter since they cannot even get out of the Great Lakes.

With the French it was bad doctrine that doomed their army and with us it is the same thing. We are now engaged in extensive witchhunts and purges of 'extremists'. I wonder if I would qualify. My extremism is that I hold to the oath I swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I believe that the FBI, democrats and the high command all now view people like me as extremists because we don't believe that the most important thing about the military is making everyone comfortable and safe and eligible for sex reassignment surgery at our expense.

Read the article if you have the time. It is fascinating. You can see the same ossified national command authority, internecine battling in a disintegrating government and massive split in the two Americas that are now fully in effect. Those on the left who despise the Americans and the Americans who despise the communist progressives who seem to think everything is an entitlement and guaranteed under the Constitution and that our enemies get better treatment than our industries outside of Silicon Valley.

Putin saw Biden and Biden and the left have already given Putin everything he wants. They are doing the same to their allies in Iran and they are destroying America's energy independence for some reason that defies comprehension. This is not JFK the neophyte and Johnson the leader of the Senate now vice president. We have an imbecile in charge backed up by an ignorant moron with zero background or ability to accomplish anything working with the levers of power in DC. It is not Nixon alone or backed up by Ford. Ford was a power in the House and well up to the job of running the country.

We come now to Obama. There was a sort of joke going around that he chose the moron to be his vice president because by doing that he made himself virtually immune to being turfed out since everyone could look at bumbling Joe Biden and know that maybe there was truth to the old saw that one president cannot destroy the country. With Biden now in charge it looks like he can. Hyper-inflation, reduced energy availability, insane policies that place migrants ahead of citizens and all the rest.

When I was younger I thought there was still a chance of a nuclear war with the USSR. It wouldn't be pretty. Now? I see a future more like what happened to Detroit. Gutted, hollowed out, destroyed by its own ruling class. Remember, these cities in the midwest were for a long time some of the richest cities in the entire world. Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh they are bare shadows of what they were and what happened to all of them was done by the ruling class that ran them into the ground.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


This is real video of Biden at a press conference at the G7 meeting. Copy this to your browser and prepare to be terrified.

or Biden G7 Press Conference

This is the President of the United States, head of the free world and every single person in the White House and government who meets this man knows that he is incompetent for the office he holds. He literally gets dragged from place to place by his wife.

So, who really is running this country?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Consider, the virus was developed using gain-of-function research in a Chinese virology lab which is no doubt run by the Chinese military for the Chinese government. It developed a virus that any socialist would be proud to cherish and raise and spread to the rest of the world. Why do you suppose I would write that? Well, look at who that virus was targeted at. That's right pilgrim, it was targeted at the elderly who, in the West control the bulk of the resources in their countries. They're the ones who pour that money down the medical drain in their final year or two of life instead of letting other people have their money. By sparing them the burdensome expense of living just long enough to tear through their personal savings the West is spared from having to pour State resources into their final months in hospital.

So an experiment was run to see how effective it was and to check and doublecheck if the virus could be contained to just the target population. It was an unqualified success. Yay team.

One of the little known side-effects of the virus was all the insane testing for it. It always struck me as deeply stupid to inconvenience yourself to go see about getting a test for a disease. Believe me, when the disease manifests you can generally tell if you have it. In this case though hundreds of millions of people willingly provided DNA samples to the very community that developed COVID19 in the first place. Armed with that information they can do a little more research and find out how to target specific age groups or races.

Can we tailor a virus to kill or decimate whole populations by race? You better believe it.

And here you thought nuclear weapons and islamic terrorists were scary. Never mind. Those white supremacists you keep hearing about from the fake news crowd? Yeah, did you ever notice what color the Deep State people are? The so-called elite?


Monday, June 14, 2021


Does anyone else think it's weird that fools now demand that the vaccinated be protected from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to comply or be banished? This kind of thing has to stop. It's pure crazy at every level. Either the vaccine works or it doesn't. It isn't clear that it is altogether safe or necessary. It sure as hell isn't necessary for those who have had COVID. This is even more egregious.

Saturday, June 12, 2021


Your right to be offended does not Trump my right to be offensive.

Thursday, June 10, 2021


I read this insane policy change at DOD and wondered how such a thing could come about in America. It defies logic and it flies in the face of the Constitution. What truly galls me is that after finding something they don't like, the idiot asses are going to g crazy and some concerned Pentaweenie is bound to want to start 'disciplining' wrong thinkers and with that comes the Iron Cross First Class of Stupidity. I'm wondering at all levels how that would work in practice out in the field.

Pentaweenie, "Say there Division Officer Snuffy, we have evidence that one of your sailors said mean things on social media."
Snuffy, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write him up and send him to Captain's Mast."
Snuffy, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Department Head Fixit we have evidence that one of your sailors said something mean on Facebook, possibly even somewhat tinged with hatred or contempt for some people."
Fixit, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write that sailor up and send him to Mast."
Fixit, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "XO Madman we have all this evidence that one of your sailors wrote some mean spirited comments and posted some mean posts on blogger and you need to take him to Mast."
XO Madman, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Captain, you have a racism problem in your command at every level. We have informed your subordinates of a real documented case where a sailor made mean spirited remarks on social media and your subordinates refused to take any action."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Just what precise articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were violated by anybody?"
Pentaweenie, "That is for us to know and decide and for you to apply."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Fuck off!"

To be honest that was my leadership most of the time but then I was a Pacific Fleet sailor and not one of the choir of smutty angels from the Atlantic Fleet where anything farted in DC is instantly transmitted to 2nd Fleet as orders.

I spoke for myself at every level in the above dialog. That would be my take on it. As another aside, some of the most valuable sailors I had could be trusted to call a spade a spade right up to the 08 level without blinking an eye. They were about as PC and concerned about PC as a canoe.

Some jackasses at the Pentagon are about to find out that it is indeed possible to know too much and to regret the knowing of it. There are indeed some rules in the UCMJ about displaying contempt for the officers appointed over one and certainly for the National Command Authority. Don't do it. Resist the urge. There is however, nothing wrong with simply observing the idiocies that they get up to as long as it's done without comment. Personally, I'd leave that whole part of conversation alone if I was still wearing a uniform. It's not worth it to find out where and when you crossed the line on something like that. Right or wrong, your career just ended.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


All those soi-distant elite morons still clutching their worthless masks to their faces as they walk the dog will in time become the laughingstock rubes of the future. While the rural hick was once so ordained there cannot be much doubt but that in 10 years or so as people look at the images and video of this time they will marvel at how anyone could have been so stupid as to wear a mask outdoors or to wear a worthless mask at all for fear of a virus so small it will always penetrate the weave and a virus as malignantly dangerous to 99.8% of the population as the flu. It's enormous bell bottom jeans all over again but twice as funny.



I think I'll celebrate with a weird post....which makes this one little different from most of the rest. Whenever I think of the Happy Return I call to my mind's eye this:
I received the boxed set for Christmas the first year in Newport. It was one of the very few things that came over every hurdle with me up until the great bonfire. It comes to mind too because I discovered three boxes of my stuff in the garage this weekend. Evidently I took them out of my car a number of years ago and stashed them on the boat and then forgot about them. One of the boxes had a fantastically valuable piece of paper and an uncashed paycheck which is also quite valuable. Another box had the oldest thing that was ever mine. That's right, a baby rattle from somewhere in Bavaria. I also found a calculator I bought in Diego Garcia in 1984 after I was railroaded into being Mess Treasurer and found my math wasn't up to the task of simple addition and substration. We were there for almost a month and I bought it in the Exchange on the one day it was open. The rest of the time it was shuttered as they took endless inventory. Diego Garcia was that kind of place back then.

There were a few minor treasures that I'd forgotten about that I brought with me but the return of blogging without directly employing html is one of the happiest returns. There were a few things that came up while I was malingering on hiatus. As a result I plan to turn to a few tests. It isn't working as well as I hoped so I'll delve a little deeper.

Yesterday our walk took us alongside the little league game where I saw the second application of the Mercy Rule in my life. Both occurring on the same field. The last time it resulted in a brawl as dads took to the field to stone the umpire or at least hit him very hard. I was looking up the rule and ran across this:
I’ll leave you with a great mercy rule story. The Roeper School in Birmingham recently won their first soccer state championship. Roeper’s coach Ed Sack says he has never cut a player or mercied an opponent in 17 years. He simply pulls his starters for the sake of sportsmanship to avoid the mercy rule altogether.
This is how we played games as kids. It wasn't that we were particularly merciful but we had the good fortune to have coaches who believed in the ineffable goal of 'sportsmanship.'

Saturday, June 5, 2021


I'm sick of blogging in html. I'll be back when I can this program to let me blog the way I used to before google downgraded blogger. See you in a bit.