Saturday, June 26, 2021


Obama purged the Pentagon and left it in the hands of generals who were fully democrat and woke. They self-select their replacements and so they have been assidiously selecting colonels like them for promotion to general and the upper levels have been selecting the most woke flag and general officers for the 3 and 4 star jobs. I see it every time any of them give vent to any topic under the sun. They all approach issues from a purely partisan view. That's not good. I'd say watch the whole thing. He makes a very dangerous point.


ruralcounsel said...


The only thing to be done is gather weapons, ammo, and supplies, and wait for the ball to drop. They keep prodding and antagonizing us. Trying to goad us into making that first move.

“Don’t throw away a single shot, my brave fellows, don’t throw away a single shot, but take good aim; nor touch a trigger, till you can see the whites of their eyes.” - Col. Israel Putnam, Bunker Hill, Massachusetts

The January 6th "insurrection" was their attempt to convert a simple unarmed protest into a incident of violence. They even fired on unarmed people and killed. The media rallied to publish lie after lie for them, trying in incite, trying to manufacture. They still repeat those lies at the highest level. But they are afraid to go full throttle. Their strategy requires the fiction that their regime is being assaulted.

Force them to make their intentions to use violence against us crystal clear. Then give them hell.

Until then, passive resistance at every opportunity.

capt fast said...

I see retirement is in the future for a lot of O-7 and above if Ron Desantis makes it into the presidency. The military can reliably get by with far fewer o-7s than we have now. the pentagon bureaucracy can easily be reduced by the expedient of eliminating any position labeled "assistant" or "deputy". if the guy/gal in charge can't do the job on his/her own, fire them and get someone who can. decisions should never be so complicated that you need twentyseveneleven levels of bureaucracy to cover your ass when something goes wrong. besides, the military side of the pentagon decides nothing. that is reserved for the politicians. all the O-7s and above do is exhibit angst and gushing praise for decisions someone else has made while praising God that they themselves were not forced to make a decision.