Thursday, June 10, 2021


I read this insane policy change at DOD and wondered how such a thing could come about in America. It defies logic and it flies in the face of the Constitution. What truly galls me is that after finding something they don't like, the idiot asses are going to g crazy and some concerned Pentaweenie is bound to want to start 'disciplining' wrong thinkers and with that comes the Iron Cross First Class of Stupidity. I'm wondering at all levels how that would work in practice out in the field.

Pentaweenie, "Say there Division Officer Snuffy, we have evidence that one of your sailors said mean things on social media."
Snuffy, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write him up and send him to Captain's Mast."
Snuffy, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Department Head Fixit we have evidence that one of your sailors said something mean on Facebook, possibly even somewhat tinged with hatred or contempt for some people."
Fixit, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write that sailor up and send him to Mast."
Fixit, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "XO Madman we have all this evidence that one of your sailors wrote some mean spirited comments and posted some mean posts on blogger and you need to take him to Mast."
XO Madman, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Captain, you have a racism problem in your command at every level. We have informed your subordinates of a real documented case where a sailor made mean spirited remarks on social media and your subordinates refused to take any action."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Just what precise articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were violated by anybody?"
Pentaweenie, "That is for us to know and decide and for you to apply."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Fuck off!"

To be honest that was my leadership most of the time but then I was a Pacific Fleet sailor and not one of the choir of smutty angels from the Atlantic Fleet where anything farted in DC is instantly transmitted to 2nd Fleet as orders.

I spoke for myself at every level in the above dialog. That would be my take on it. As another aside, some of the most valuable sailors I had could be trusted to call a spade a spade right up to the 08 level without blinking an eye. They were about as PC and concerned about PC as a canoe.

Some jackasses at the Pentagon are about to find out that it is indeed possible to know too much and to regret the knowing of it. There are indeed some rules in the UCMJ about displaying contempt for the officers appointed over one and certainly for the National Command Authority. Don't do it. Resist the urge. There is however, nothing wrong with simply observing the idiocies that they get up to as long as it's done without comment. Personally, I'd leave that whole part of conversation alone if I was still wearing a uniform. It's not worth it to find out where and when you crossed the line on something like that. Right or wrong, your career just ended.


MSG Grumpy said...

Back when I served, the Military was focused on Duty, Honor, Mission.
As with any large organization there were some bad actors.
(some due to evil intent but most due to stupidity, laziness or some combination thereof)
But I retired in 2010, and from what I have seen, and from reports from those who are still in...It is a different world.

I have no experience with the navy, but served in the Air Force doing Army support for 25 years...The following story would have been science fiction when I served, today it is the "New Military".

The following individual is not just some Army puke, but is in fact an O-5 LTCol in Command of an Active Duty Battalion and has not only stated that being white IS the problem, but that he will Ignore the UCMJ

MSG Grumpy

Coffee Man said...

I retired in 2011...I do not even recognize the Corps anymore. It is definitely not the organization I joined in 1990 and dedicated 21 years of my life to.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's even the same Navy in which I served.
--Tennessee Budd

capt fast said...

when my youngest brother turned down a promotion to Lt Col, and separated to go be a merc flying hueys, I knew something was up. .