Wednesday, June 9, 2021


All those soi-distant elite morons still clutching their worthless masks to their faces as they walk the dog will in time become the laughingstock rubes of the future. While the rural hick was once so ordained there cannot be much doubt but that in 10 years or so as people look at the images and video of this time they will marvel at how anyone could have been so stupid as to wear a mask outdoors or to wear a worthless mask at all for fear of a virus so small it will always penetrate the weave and a virus as malignantly dangerous to 99.8% of the population as the flu. It's enormous bell bottom jeans all over again but twice as funny.

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capt fast said...

I cannot in good faith castigate anyone for not wanting to get sick from a virus. I'm good with that. It's just that they need to use the proper technology and technique to do so. wearing a mask doesn't tell me someone is a fool, just the opposite; for some people who really don't care to get sick. then, there are those who wear a mask for political reasons and those who wear a mask so that they can Karen others, as happened to me. they do not like being told to fuckoffanddie. I do not care.