Wednesday, June 16, 2021


This is real video of Biden at a press conference at the G7 meeting. Copy this to your browser and prepare to be terrified.

or Biden G7 Press Conference

This is the President of the United States, head of the free world and every single person in the White House and government who meets this man knows that he is incompetent for the office he holds. He literally gets dragged from place to place by his wife.

So, who really is running this country?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Consider, the virus was developed using gain-of-function research in a Chinese virology lab which is no doubt run by the Chinese military for the Chinese government. It developed a virus that any socialist would be proud to cherish and raise and spread to the rest of the world. Why do you suppose I would write that? Well, look at who that virus was targeted at. That's right pilgrim, it was targeted at the elderly who, in the West control the bulk of the resources in their countries. They're the ones who pour that money down the medical drain in their final year or two of life instead of letting other people have their money. By sparing them the burdensome expense of living just long enough to tear through their personal savings the West is spared from having to pour State resources into their final months in hospital.

So an experiment was run to see how effective it was and to check and doublecheck if the virus could be contained to just the target population. It was an unqualified success. Yay team.

One of the little known side-effects of the virus was all the insane testing for it. It always struck me as deeply stupid to inconvenience yourself to go see about getting a test for a disease. Believe me, when the disease manifests you can generally tell if you have it. In this case though hundreds of millions of people willingly provided DNA samples to the very community that developed COVID19 in the first place. Armed with that information they can do a little more research and find out how to target specific age groups or races.

Can we tailor a virus to kill or decimate whole populations by race? You better believe it.

And here you thought nuclear weapons and islamic terrorists were scary. Never mind. Those white supremisists you keep hearing about from the fake news crowd? Yeah, did you ever notice what color the Deep State people are? The so-called elite?


Monday, June 14, 2021


Does anyone else think it's weird that fools now demand that the vaccinated be protected from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to comply or be banished? This kind of thing has to stop. It's pure crazy at every level. Either the vaccine works or it doesn't. It isn't clear that it is altogether safe or necessary. It sure as hell isn't necessary for those who have had COVID. This is even more egregious.

Saturday, June 12, 2021


Your right to be offended does not Trump my right to be offensive.

Thursday, June 10, 2021


I read this insane policy change at DOD and wondered how such a thing could come about in America. It defies logic and it flies in the face of the Constitution. What truly galls me is that after finding something they don't like, the idiot asses are going to g crazy and some concerned Pentaweenie is bound to want to start 'disciplining' wrong thinkers and with that comes the Iron Cross First Class of Stupidity. I'm wondering at all levels how that would work in practice out in the field.

Pentaweenie, "Say there Division Officer Snuffy, we have evidence that one of your sailors said mean things on social media."
Snuffy, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write him up and send him to Captain's Mast."
Snuffy, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Department Head Fixit we have evidence that one of your sailors said something mean on Facebook, possibly even somewhat tinged with hatred or contempt for some people."
Fixit, "So?"
Pentaweenie, "You must write that sailor up and send him to Mast."
Fixit, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "XO Madman we have all this evidence that one of your sailors wrote some mean spirited comments and posted some mean posts on blogger and you need to take him to Mast."
XO Madman, "Fuck off!"

Pentaweenie, "Captain, you have a racism problem in your command at every level. We have informed your subordinates of a real documented case where a sailor made mean spirited remarks on social media and your subordinates refused to take any action."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Just what precise articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were violated by anybody?"
Pentaweenie, "That is for us to know and decide and for you to apply."
Captain Wiseoldbird, "Fuck off!"

To be honest that was my leadership most of the time but then I was a Pacific Fleet sailor and not one of the choir of smutty angels from the Atlantic Fleet where anything farted in DC is instantly transmitted to 2nd Fleet as orders.

I spoke for myself at every level in the above dialog. That would be my take on it. As another aside, some of the most valuable sailors I had could be trusted to call a spade a spade right up to the 08 level without blinking an eye. They were about as PC and concerned about PC as a canoe.

Some jackasses at the Pentagon are about to find out that it is indeed possible to know too much and to regret the knowing of it. There are indeed some rules in the UCMJ about displaying contempt for the officers appointed over one and certainly for the National Command Authority. Don't do it. Resist the urge. There is however, nothing wrong with simply observing the idiocies that they get up to as long as it's done without comment. Personally, I'd leave that whole part of conversation alone if I was still wearing a uniform. It's not worth it to find out where and when you crossed the line on something like that. Right or wrong, your career just ended.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021


All those soi-distant elite morons still clutching their worthless masks to their faces as they walk the dog will in time become the laughingstock rubes of the future. While the rural hick was once so ordained there cannot be much doubt but that in 10 years or so as people look at the images and video of this time they will marvel at how anyone could have been so stupid as to wear a mask outdoors or to wear a worthless mask at all for fear of a virus so small it will always penetrate the weave and a virus as malignantly dangerous to 99.8% of the population as the flu. It's enormous bell bottom jeans all over again but twice as funny.



I think I'll celebrate with a weird post....which makes this one little different from most of the rest. Whenever I think of the Happy Return I call to my mind's eye this:
I received the boxed set for Christmas the first year in Newport. It was one of the very few things that came over every hurdle with me up until the great bonfire. It comes to mind too because I discovered three boxes of my stuff in the garage this weekend. Evidently I took them out of my car a number of years ago and stashed them on the boat and then forgot about them. One of the boxes had a fantastically valuable piece of paper and an uncashed paycheck which is also quite valuable. Another box had the oldest thing that was ever mine. That's right, a baby rattle from somewhere in Bavaria. I also found a calculator I bought in Diego Garcia in 1984 after I was railroaded into being Mess Treasurer and found my math wasn't up to the task of simple addition and substration. We were there for almost a month and I bought it in the Exchange on the one day it was open. The rest of the time it was shuttered as they took endless inventory. Diego Garcia was that kind of place back then.

There were a few minor treasures that I'd forgotten about that I brought with me but the return of blogging without directly employing html is one of the happiest returns. There were a few things that came up while I was malingering on hiatus. As a result I plan to turn to a few tests. It isn't working as well as I hoped so I'll delve a little deeper.

Yesterday our walk took us alongside the little league game where I saw the second application of the Mercy Rule in my life. Both occurring on the same field. The last time it resulted in a brawl as dads took to the field to stone the umpire or at least hit him very hard. I was looking up the rule and ran across this:
I’ll leave you with a great mercy rule story. The Roeper School in Birmingham recently won their first soccer state championship. Roeper’s coach Ed Sack says he has never cut a player or mercied an opponent in 17 years. He simply pulls his starters for the sake of sportsmanship to avoid the mercy rule altogether.
This is how we played games as kids. It wasn't that we were particularly merciful but we had the good fortune to have coaches who believed in the ineffable goal of 'sportsmanship.'

Saturday, June 5, 2021


I'm sick of blogging in html. I'll be back when I can this program to let me blog the way I used to before google downgraded blogger. See you in a bit.

Monday, May 31, 2021


It is a day like any other. When I was young I remember the Doughboys in their uniforms for the parade. It seems so long ago and it was. Kind of like the rest I find it a little remarkable that I put in 30 years, my father put in 26 years, his father put in 30 years. We pretty much covered the wars for this century and the last. I never lost anyone. I wasn't like Lex and the others that expected to lose three or six sailors every deployment. We all came home.

My father lost a number of soldiers in Vietnam. His father was pretty much the G4 planning the Normandy Invasion and never made it out of England. When you knew the plans you were somewhat constrained in where the Army would let you go. Europe wasn't on the list.

When I was young and living in Carlisle the war came home to me. It really was exactly like that movie about the Ia Drang battle. The telegrams would come in and we would dress up smartly and pay an immediate call on the new widow and her kids. As I recall, almost all of the deaths were helicopter related, shot down or crashed.

They were all so young.

It is good to remember them. They gave everything.

Friday, May 28, 2021

never again broadcast

Thursday, May 27, 2021


It was a day like any other. I went very far away for a haircut. Something changed that gladness and I went to my office, which isn't all that memorable. I actually sat here really trying to remember and thinking well, maybe I wrote it down. I didn't have to look.

In 40 years of writing it down and holding onto those books, I somehow failed to write down a single mean thing anybody ever said.


Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Exclusivily for guards only. Regular proles need not apply. The National Guard is finally released from being more numerous in DC than Afghanistan. They will, no doubt, in due time, be able to wear their new medal from their Winter War right there on the very plains of Appalachia. I am 100% certain that the office of heraldry is working day and night on the right medal for such noble service.

Sunday, May 23, 2021


It triggered the long ago memories of working at a weird place. It revolved around the command pin I wore there. I was perhaps one of a 5 commanders in all of San Diego to wear the trident. I had no direct peers at SPAWAR. The half dozen men entitled perhaps to wear it there were the captains who were actual Program Managers Warfare. They were all captains or GS15/SES. Their deputies were all captains or SES. At SPAWAR I was unusual as a lowly commander wearing one, but unremarked.

I started out there on a whim in PMW 182. We were the Surface Towed Array Surveillance Sytem code. A program so black it took until the New York Times decided to let the Russians know that we could detect, track, follow, kill their submarines using nothing but their radiated sound. I think SURTASS vessels are still out there. They can listen to a million square miles of ocean and pick out things of interest. Well, maybe not the ships. It's the girls and guys working ashore with zillion dollar computers that do the discriminating. Those places used to be called ASWOCs and FNMOCs. God knows what they are now. I always thought the rating name was supreme. Yep, they were called Ocean Technicians.

While working under the Aegis of SURTASS we were a much smaller semi-black program. All that we did was in the white world but the funding from Congress was through OPN plusups from a former Marine turned Congressman from that part of PA that lost to a flood made memorable in Captains Courageous. Out of that obscure funding source, we were a black program that the old cong ran for decades in the dead black SCI world known as Office of Special Technology.

Down the hall was the old SOSUS as it closed out at the end of the Cold War. Beyond them was the green door where whatever replaced SOSUS lived. Up the hall was the Advanced Deployable System which couldn't decide if it was going with all optical arrays or shark food as they wondered who would be there to bite the bottom laid arrays because sharks and other undersea biters don't like them some electric current. Neither do other fish. They're death on electrically powered arrays in the ocean. We got shopped to PMW 157 which was Command and Control Warfare Systems and mostly featured spending $1 billion on something called GCCS which was taking over from the old system I remember but never really saw, WWMCCS. It became a little bit obvious that GCCS was an enormous boondoggle when their reps came back from Ul Adeid and said nobody at the Air War Command Center ever heard of it, used it or cared about it. It was the 'master' program that took and integrated information from over 500 other programs that kind of did fire control and intel gathering. Unlike the FDS, SOSUS and SURTASS, GCCS wasn't a black program. It was a billion dollar boondoggle in search of a problem/user. They might of had some sense of the failure of the idea if they actually went to 5th Fleet or 7th Fleet and enquired about their means of exercising control over battle groups. They'd have been shocked to learn it was mostly old time message traffic and POTS. Want to know what a POTS is? Plain Old Telephone System. Once INMARSAT went live the ability reach out to the fleet at sea went to a whole new level. I don't think it was a good thing but inevitable. One really didn't need to have at one's fingertips the ability to do oversigth and control over 600 million other programs that actually did the whole killing and control bit. They blinked when Noble Eagle bit them hard and nobody professed any need. It really hurt when OEF and OIF kicked off and they saw the super-trooper elite riding donkeys to war and started to think, maybe, they had misjudged things a little. They're still there and they still get probably as much a 1% of what Biden will send to the poor Palestinians.


I caught myself wondering what it was. For a man born in 1961, it's simple. I could toss you my wallet to pay and trust you. A friend in deed would toss you his wallet to pay. It's nothing more than trust.


In Hawaii we stopped by the last royal palace in the New World. I call it the last but who knows. It most definitely had royal flush toilets suitable for a king. As we walked through it I thought, I'd have been shut of that place in roughly 2 minutes. Out the door, through the gates and down the street looking for any ship away. There are certain perks to being the king. A clean bum is way down on the having all your enemies beheaded at dawn. It was pretty clear who their enemies were. And somehow, to this day they seem to own most of the land in Hawaii. We're I the king or the queen, they'd all be gruesomely dead. I've noticed that was actually a failure in most of the kings that made it into the 19th century. They all lost the knack for making their enemies go away forever and we're not even talking about attainder and killing them root and branch. I think they were all striving to appear to be civilized to the kind of people that overwhelmingly support Hamas and Iran.

Saturday, May 22, 2021


Norhing I could write or say changes what this picture shows about the upcoming future of American Special Operations. She could be with SOAR or one of the other specops flying worlds and to be honest I don't really know if the women pilots have the right stuff. I'm not talking about matching the men who are the run of the mill specops pilots. I'm talking about the guys like Stretch. Above and beyond is supposed to be the norm for them. My experience was other but I did not fight in Afghanistan where uncommon valor was a common virtue. I can accept that I could be wrong. The problem of course is, 99% of Americans have no idea what is asked of pilots when it comes down to 'above and beyond' the call of duty. I know some guys have it. Not all by any means but enough. In spec ops, like most military ops, failure is measured in blood. That they will willingly shed theirs? I have no doubt.
I'm reminded of taking a ship into Victoria at 3 in the morning with Green Peace trying to use their helpless pink bodies in zodiacs to keep us from moooring after a thousand miles of journey with the bars closing and the Canadian pilot simply saying, "run over them, we have more than enough." He also talked about our electrician up at the top of the mast as we pulled into port replacing lightbulbs in the ship's over and above lighting aray from the mast. "They're crazy. You can get the very young to do damned near anything." It was, on reflection, a very Canadian saying. The question is, would the women run into the flames and I think that question has been answered. No. They're not stupid. It's why we lost several ships to fire that should not have been lost. 1. They don't form the core of fire fighting teams and never will. 2. They're the first to start saying that it's not worth it. May well be true. One thing you can take to the bank? Don't take my word for it. Just look. How many warships did the USN lose to out of control fires in the last 50 years. If you think I'm cherry picking the dates, choose your own. In my day the ships would have been saved by drastic action but we seem to have lost that knack. Yes, there was no setting fire boundaries and smoke boundaries with all the shipyard hoses and cords running through a hundred watertight doors. In my repair lockers the bolt cutters would have made short work of cutting them and establishing the required boundaries. Various compromises were made along the last 50 years that compromised the hard lessons of fighting shipboard fires. These sorts of thing seem like tiny incremental steps. OTOH, every single lesson learned fighting shipboard fires cost men and ships. Now? We just write them off.


Some friends suggested we pay a visit to Ikea in Pittsburgh. Here in metroparkcentralis we can get Ikea in Detroit, Pittsburgh or Columbus. I suspect I wouldn't like to know what reasons were put forward to refuse building one in Cleveland. It was a pleasant drive on a very pleasant day and the store was just as remembered. As with Socrates at the market, "how many things there are which I do not need." We made it out with a wooden spoon and two duvets. We made the mistake of eating there though, and that's not an experience I will ever repeat. I am reminded about my experiences in the Amry, Air Force and Navy cafeterias. Starting in Pensacola and perhaps ending at Patrick AFB in Florida the experiences ranged from good to not good. One of the things you come to know as a JO is the dining in dining facilities, EDF, the galley, etc. You get to eat there and then fill out a report on the meal for the skipper's close scrutiny. Good skippers stay on top of the food quality. Ikea, not so much.

I found it interesting that none of us wore masks and while perhaps 95% of the patrons and employees in Ikea were wearing masks nobody asked us to wear one and not one single Karen came up to us to berate us. OTGH, as we got home I remarked that this was likely the first time I had every spent a day out without talking to anybody new. I usually make small talk with interesting people.

To top off the day we watched the movie, The Manchurian Candidate. The new one oviously. The acting was well enough done but the movie itself was just a disaster of too much everything and the post production sound/volume team were probably stoned or drinking because it ranged all over the spectrum. As a friendly warning to others, don't eat the pulled pork sandwich at Ikea.

Friday, May 21, 2021


With my parents surrender of the house I fell heir to the professionals notebooks on war. I'm a student of history and warfare. These books were about some wars I didn't want. These are the records of the United States Army and it's war with the south. They're a record of the very worst destruction our armies suffered. At 60, alone, in the dark, I might read them. As a young boy, I visited every single one of those battlefields. I think Tom Clancy gave best expression to it. Over there on the other side of those hlls, was Antietam. I suspect I'm one of the last left alive who knows what that means. The schools don't teach history anymore.

Thursday, May 20, 2021


I used to live there. Friends wonder just where I didn't live. I did live in Seattle. It was home for 9 months while the ship was in the yards which are gone now. We were in fact one of the last ships at Todd Shipyard alongside the Polar Star or Sea. The CHENG on there was nice enough to give me the cooks tour. I was very impressed. They lost a man coming into Puget Sound. A rogue wave set them on their beam ends. A man literally flew 90 feet across the bridge. 90 feet of fall. It's not something one survives.

I lived in West Seattle, over on California Street. We got off the train there a couple of years ago. No. I didn't recognize the city. At all. I lost my car there to an idiot. I walked most of that city from where I lived to the U district. I really didn't recognize it.

It is quite amazing how things change after a mere 30 years.

Monday, May 17, 2021


I had the duty and was sitting in the Chief's mess when he died and LA news toasted him. Lightly. I cannot think of a more perfect step off the planet.


USS UTAH was one of the battleships that went down long ago in the Japanese attack on 7 December. Chief Tomich was a man who earned the Medal of Honor on that day in 1941. Most of you never camped out on Ford Island and the BB that is moored there by the Arizona is the one tourists see. On the other side of the island lies the Utah. A silent and poignant grave. And a gale sounds about write.

Sunday, May 16, 2021


The end of the beginning As we suspected for the last 30 years, the "right stuff" is money. It certainly gives command a new meaning.

A Japanese billionaire best known for buying a SpaceX Starship flight around the moon will go to space first on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station, two months after a Russian actress and director visit the station.
Space tourism company Space Adventures and the Russian space agency Roscosmos announced May 13 that Yusaku Maezawa will fly to the ISS on the Soyuz MS-20 mission launching Dec. 8 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. He will be accompanied by a production assistant, Yozo Hirano, on the 12-day flight, commanded by Russian cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin.


In the strangest place I wondered tonight, why exactly is there such a huge gap in reading/learning between the races. It struck me then what the reason may well be. It doesn't hurt so much as it stuns. The social justice warriors convinced of the righteousnous of their stupid cause have no doubt decreed and enforced the rule that disadvantaged minority students have to read shit by minorities. So, when those young minds thirsting for adventure want to read Swallows and Amazons or Lord of the Rings, the enthroned enshrined teaching elite have decreed that they must read shit by Eudora Welty and other worthless trash by black authors who have no idea how to take children to other worlds like a frigate would, shining in the sunlight as it sets sail for Timbuktu. (work with me guys!) I'm sure they think a frigate can sail there if it really wants to and if it's black enough.

I was a voracious reader and with a gun to my head I wouldn't read Welty or most of the other crap foisted off on teenagers in the name of reading literateness in high school or junior high.
OTGH, I felt that way back then about reading Shakespeare in the 7th grade. I still wouldn't read his plays for any amount of money but to watch Much Ado About Nothing....that was sublime. That Brannagh guy captured the very escence of a form that had gone dead for me. He brought it back to life, like the fair Hero.

He set a high bar. They all did. After watching that 6 or 8 times, the play better be really good. Much Ado set the bar pretty high.

I think I am probably right though. I think the schools and literati have placed before the unwilling the dross and shite that makes anyone turn up their nose at reading. For me, it was my father's parents who sent me books by Fenimore Cooper. Yick. At my mothers parent's house there was the Princess of Mars, The Skylark of Space, Tarzan, every book on submarines that existed in 1937 and books on aerial combat featuring Luffberry, Rickenbacker and a host of others. Reading wasn't a chore. It was fun.

I think it's safe to say the 'karen' educators have sucked 100% of the fun out of reading. Too white, I'm sure.

Saturday, May 15, 2021


It is easy to see the Black Prince joshing as they ride along in a sun dappled forest with the Captal de Buche. My waking dreams are not like others.


There are a number of them but the ones that changed my world a little bit were: Donald Kingsbury and the Moon Goddess and the Son and the other was by Leon Uris who I read at a tender age because it was on my parent's shelves outside the door to my room back when I was 9. Exodus. I've read others since then but perhaps the most complete was the 12 volume history of England. It featured Charles Oman and was my introduction to a lifetime of reading history. It was while reading there that I found the introductin to future history.

Perhaps the greatest loss that will never be recovered will be the art of reading history and learning from it as we are meant to do. Nobody at all reads the dark history of earlier ages. The ones that imagine they are reading such a thing read the political tracts of an age of true foolishness. Any of the old savants could tell them that you cannot properly see history until you've read about the fall of Rome and Greece. Nevermind the made up histories of places like Africa. What the pharoahs wrote was eternal but nobody south of the Lower Nile ever developed writing or meaningful history.

It's a scammist who tries to educate you differently.


I don't think they ever change all that much. Look at any period in history and there are things that always happen over and over again. Oh, you say, what about uncontrolled overseas migration? Please. What about a nation's elite cast out and working as domestic help in the manors of the lords elsewhere? Please. We'll see the latter soon enough and one could argue that it has been so with the Scandanavians for quite some time. WRT to the former, well, aren't the smart ones the ones that leave first before the mongols come and destroy everything and kill everyone? One could argue that those fleeing Mexico and Central America are behind the time. The ones that came here in the 50s and 60s, they're of the new nation. The ones who came after are slowly assimiliating to mixxle class and making new lives a lot like the original overseas migrants. Europe now? Oh, she is in trouble. The smart ones they get from the Africa are the smartest best grifters and the smartest and most driven young up and comers. They still have plenty of dross in their wake but the new guys from Africa aint like the shiite showing up from Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. Oh no. They want what they get for free but they want the promise of a new life in a world where dreams can come true. To a certain extent, so long as it doesn't displease the ruling elite who, like the czar's police, still rule the scenes behind the facade that is Europe. In a way, these new guys hitting Europe from the south are a bit like the Cubans that got here before and just after Castro sovieted the poor bastards that didn't fight back against socialism.


I'd like to learn more from the men behind the Space X phenomena. The engineers who designed and built the rockets, engines, control systems, software, test protocols and built the teams that made the Falcon what it is. They are the people with the right stuff across the board and yet they aren't known to me and they should be. I don't need the hagiography but I would like some insight because they all undertook a massive departure from spec when they came into existance to build a space rocket company to put things and people in orbit and to strike for Mars. They have already achieved a commercial fractional orbital bombardment system. Imagine if they put a bunch of anti-fa or Khan Academy teachers in their next rocket mission to land somewhere exotic!!! They could do the same with a disease and stand the whole world of free pratique on its head but somebody has to.

Friday, May 14, 2021


Things did not go well this last year and I'm afraid it doesn't bode well for most of the legacy media, academics, scientists and other frauds. You may wonder how I can say that with a straight face and I assure you that it is straight. It's really pretty easy. I, like you, know a thing or two about science. I know the fundamental truth of all things to start with and that one is the simplest truth there ever was. 'There is no science in gaining the opinion of ignorant idiots and collectively declaring that the consensus of such opinion makes the science undeniable.' This was hammered home over the last year as everyone caved into the lunacy of wearing face masks in order to prevent the spread of a virus. That's bad. Let's look at why.

1. The CDC burned all credibility thoroughly to the ground this time even worse than when they declared it perfectly safe to bring patients suffering from the deadliest surviving disease known to mankind into the United States for treatment of ebola. There is, by the way, no treatment for ebola. 2. Having the CDC expert scientist physicians declare masks the order of the day after first declaring it a dumb idea, the entire medical profession, doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharma, teaching hospitals, and every other organ of medical knowlege went along with the CDC and nobody demurred at the advice being forced on all Americans. I don't recall a single one of those losers rearing up and stating the simple fact that masks like the ones we wear today don't stop things as small as a virus. You may follow the endless canniptions as they try to explain that virus moves as an aerosol or droplet but then, why would anybody believe them? 3. Everyone that wants to can see what real virologists wear for respiratory protection when working with deadly virus. It's fully contained breathing apparatus that has a 100% seal to the face much like a firefighters respirator. If one little virus isn't that dangerous you have to ask yourself, why? Why do they say face masks were going to work for you and me? 4. One thing known for decades to kill virus and render it more harmless is simple sunlight and yet the CDC and all the other medical professionals ordered people to stay out of the sun and die in the dark, alone.

The shoe is going to drop soon when the Maricopa County recount is complete and shows a vast/huge discrepancy between the number of ballots and the number of votes counted. We will slowly start to see how a man who seldom left the basement somehow garned 10,000,000 more votes than the popularly elected President Trump who, in his second campaign won even more votes than in the first election. That is bad news for the credibility of the:

1. County and State election officials who ignored the evidence of the eyes and simply accepted the massive fraud perpetuated by the major cities and the democrat machine that utterly buggered the vote. 2. It's not going to do anything good for the rule of Law as the Courts lose whatever grace they once had to the simple failure to follow up and act to prevent massive vote fraud from carrying an election against the will of the people. 3. It cannot damage the media too much since they have universally burned their credibility with Americans forever. You have to wonder what kind of simpleton watches the news and believes anything they hear from the media and also those who follow things like Washington Week in Review, NPR and PBS. They simply don't tell the truth but far worse than that is that they overtly lie and also lie by ommission.

Academics, teachers, professors didn't come off well in this matter either. In fact, they are some of the worst and they dynamited credibility beyond repair in most cases. The smart ones know that the masking and social distancing for a virus whose main effect was on the elderly and those with serious underlying conditions would have little to no effect on students or their instructors and yet they were the first to peel off and declare the good of society was of no use to them. The teachers union and their politicians to this day refuse to go back to work and teach the young which devestated the families with working parents who either had to stay home with children or .....

Politicians are slimy creatures and they beslimed themselves as never before. Watching the politically mandated charades in California where cops arrested a single man out paddle boarding on the open ocean for violating the stay in the dark orders of a bunch of panicked losers and then watching the cops try to chase down joggers for the crime of jogging alone in the sunlight.....Yeah.

Cops didn't come off very well either although probably better here than in the great nazi north where the Canadian cops are battering down church doors to get at the worshippers and drag them off to spend the night in jail for violating the BS orders of ignorant idiots.

It didn't have to be the law that took this hit and in some places it didn't take any hits at all. In the sane states and localities that simply blew off the CDC and the mandates from on high about staying alone in the dark and wearing masks 24/7 the people and the law did OK. It's in the rest of America that locked the people down for over a year without them ever doing anything to earn such a judicial verdict that brought about the flouting of the law and with it the burning of the bluer and stupider and more credulous cities.

So a virus just a little bit more dangerous than the ordinary flu to 98% of Americans resulted in a destroyed economy and the election of a fraud by a host of frauds and the destruction of any respect for the medical profession which remained silent and the CDC which lied and lied and lied and the teachers and educators who failed and the politicians and media who led the witchunts that led us to this point.

Good going guys. If you ever want to look up how civilizations die, just look at the actions of those above and see how the death of credibility leads to the death of every aspect of western civilization. What lay at the very heart of western civilization was trust and it just got pissed away.

Thursday, May 13, 2021


As the Biden term goes on I find myself hoping that America is as tough as both that airplane and that building it landed on. Both of them appear to have survived what should have been catastrophic damage but then it might be that things only appear that way. Given the sheer numbers of aircraft we had when this happened and the enormous number of buildings we had lying around it would not suprise me to learn that both were scrapped after they pulled the plane off the roof.

Some people are a little concerned about the gasoline shortage caused by a silly cyberattack on a pipeline. I don't watch any news anymore but has anybody expressed concern as the impact of the loss of one pipeline has shown Americans a vulnerability it little knew existed and perhaps mentioned that the Democrats endless interference with the construction of real infrastrucure may end up hurting a lot more people than they think? Keystone pipeline springs to mind but so do many other projects that got short shrift from the people who are jacking us into stagflation so fast our heads will spin.

The democrats and Congress and the Fed have ruined the economy beyond the dreams of Marx, Lenin and Stalin combined. The idiot boffins running Foggy Bottom have smashed a peace in the middle east that was negotiated successfully by the last administration and now they get to watch as their peaceful partners shoot literally thousands of missiles into Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the rest of Israel while continuing to send the PLO hundreds of millions of dollars. China is on the warpath and it is quickly becoming apparent to all that the United States can no longer dominate the Pacific as it has for the last 70 years. There is no winning a war with China. We never won the current one that is still 'active' in Korea. We have an armistice. People have forgotten what an armistice is, what it actually means.
We know how the armistice that ended the First World War ended. The armistice that ended the Korean War is still in effect mostly because there is little to gain by fighting in Korea but there is no reason to believe that China got considerably weaker over the last 70 years. Its attempt to achieve commercial dominance in key sectors of our industry may have been frustrated but there is a very powerful area denial Navy that can now counter the very best that the USN can send. Gone are the days when our carrier battle groups with their long range strike aircraft could range the coasts of China and punch hard much further inland. We haven't really adjusted our thinking about waging war in a non-permissive environment since the end of the Cold War. That's almost 30 years of men reaching the pinnacle of military rank and power having the most limited understanding of what real war is and what it costs. While they jigger the facts to suit some congresscritter's idea of equity and fairness by adjusting unimportant things like the Army combat fitness test it is proving harder and harder to believe that the services truly have the metal or the toughness to wage war on a grand scale. I think the USMC and Army brigade combat teams can stand up to the job but in the absence of the overwhelming control of the sea and air they are not in any position to fight on the far side of the Pacific.

The USN can't surge a single battle group at this time and hasn't been able to for almost a decade. The ships not actually at sea are in deep levels of maintenance lasting for years which means the Navy is endlessly extending the deployments of the ones that can put to sea. That means there is NOTHING behind them.

I suppose now might be a good time to return to studying the fate of the ABDA fleet. How does a nation make war far away when the means to do so are so constrained and likely will be for years? If the nation accepts that it cannot fight then what concessions will be wrung from it before it finally does come down to missile exchanges at dawn?

I wish that our leaders were cognizant of these matters and taking some drastic steps to make things better and I pray that they pull their heads out before the Chinese and the other's decide that once again they can attack because they think they can get away with it.

Sunday, May 9, 2021


It is a standard saying that the media and its political party have no enemies on the left. There is no stupid dumb thing that they won't cheer into being with their over-the-top praise for criminals, dumbshits, morons and other socialists. One of the less attractive things to catch my eye this week was an article that registered as being written by senior reporter for The Hill which is some sort of swamp pushing collection of idiots. I particularly enjoyed reading this article by Alexander Bolton.
Donald Trump’s hearty endorsement of pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by September has undercut efforts by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) and other key Republicans to question President Biden’s strategy.

More broadly, the former president has focused the nation’s attention on China as the United States’s premier national security concern, putting pressure on Senate Republicans to support legislation Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) plans to move to respond to Beijing’s growing influence and power.

McConnell is the most powerful Republican leader in Washington, but he doesn’t have the same unrivaled platform that he did when he was in the same position — head of the minority opposition in Washington — at the start of former President Obama’s tenure.

McConnell has seized on Biden’s announcement that he will withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan as a prime example of him talking like a centrist but governing from the left.

The GOP leader has warned that Biden has ordered “a hasty total withdrawal from Afghanistan” that will “leave coalition partners and vulnerable Afghans high and dry.”

Al Cross, a professor of journalism at the University of Kentucky and a longtime commentator on Kentucky politics, said McConnell is trying to set it up so that he can pounce on Biden if militant extremists seize full control of Afghanistan or if terrorist groups use it again as a base to launch attacks against the United States.

“He’s setting a marker to say ‘I told you so’ when Afghanistan goes to hell,” he said. “He makes these little down payments on political investments that may turn out or may not.”

Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.), McConnell’s potential successor, says Biden’s decision is “a big mistake” and “not the right move.”

“I know there’s a lot of pressure from the left in this country to get out of Afghanistan, but we have a lot invested there over a long period of time and the one thing we don’t want to do is create the conditions there that are favorable for terrorist organizations to train and prepare and plan attacks against the United States,” he said in an interview with podcast host David Brody.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), another member of McConnell’s leadership circle who could be Senate GOP leader someday, has also criticized Biden’s decision, warning Afghanistan’s security situation could deteriorate quickly.

“It’s not very encouraging. It sounds to me like the Taliban has the upper hand and the challenge is going to be to continue to remember the lesson of 9/11, that a power vacuum gets filled by the bad guys,” he said after senators received a briefing on Biden’s decision. “It’s hard to know exactly what the plan is. It sounds like it’s going to be, ‘Hope for the best.’ ”

But Trump has undercut the messaging from Senate Republican leaders, opening the way for other Republicans to express support for Biden’s decision or at least publicly question the wisdom of keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan beyond the fall.
It's not funny how those with no skin in the game always call for dragging out a quagmire and wish to continue to pour lives, limbs, hopes and dreams into a failed geo-political mistake. President Trump saw these ridiculous wastes as exactly that and ordered them to end. He and I thought he'd have another full term in office to hammer home the idea that Pax America no longer extends over the thugs ruling in desolate hellholes under their thuggish leadership. No more propping up one bunch of terrorists over another bunch of terrorists especially when they all hold the most profound ideas in common.

I would have thought a political reporter would understand that the man with the coat tails in the Republican party is not the dismal naysaying losers in the GOP Congressional leadership. It resides as it has for the last 4 years with President Trump who still won more votes than any other candidate in history.

Friday, May 7, 2021


I just heard Vikings descibed as the sea gulls of their time. There is a lot of truth to that. if you have never seen the movie,

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Monday, May 3, 2021


This article posted on Instapundit almost makes me believe that the Amazon basin has turned into a net emitter of carbon dioxide but then I saw who actually printed it and to be honest there is now just about zero % chance that I will believe anything printed/published by a nature of climate science journal. They have all hopelessly compromised their integrity by publishing oceans of fake science in the name of global warming that morphed into climate change hysteria as the evidence of actual global warming seemed to vanish in the haze of make-believe as validated by actual science delivered all uncorrected by satellite data and the general, 'shot themselves in the balls' take no prisoners attitude they entered the debate with 25 years ago under Al Gore's banner, he being a noted scientist with the latest and best up-to-date data available to mankind and science.
Shocking Discovery Reveals The Amazon Has 'Flipped' to Become a Major Emitter AFP3 MAY 2021 The Brazilian Amazon released nearly 20 percent more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over the last decade than it absorbed, according to a stunning report that shows humanity can no longer depend on the world's largest tropical forest to help absorb human-made carbon pollution.

From 2010 through 2019, Brazil's Amazon basin gave off 16.6 billion tonnes of CO2, while drawing down only 13.9 billion tonnes, researchers reported Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

The study looked at the volume of CO2 absorbed and stored as the forest grows, versus the amounts released back into the atmosphere as it has been burned down or destroyed.

"We half-expected it, but it is the first time that we have figures showing that the Brazilian Amazon has flipped, and is now a net emitter," said co-author Jean-Pierre Wigneron, a scientist at France's National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA).

"We don't know at what point the changeover could become irreversible," he told AFP in an interview.

The study also showed that deforestation - through fires and clear-cutting - increased nearly four-fold in 2019 compared to either of the two previous years, from about 1 million hectares (2.5 million acres) to 3.9 million hectares, an area the size of the Netherlands.

"Brazil saw a sharp decline in the application of environmental protection policies after the change of government in 2019," the INRA said in a statement.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was sworn into office on January 1, 2019.
Yep, sure enough. All it takes to end the entire world is to have someplace somewhere elect a man who doesn't believe in the massive fraud now known as climate change. They never seem to fail to notice that their stick is always the same club used in the same old way to beat any non-believer who simply says, "prove it." The only authority I find more disgraceful than the CMU in East Anglia and Penn State's Mann is any French authority opining or observing about anything at all.

Friday, April 30, 2021


I have actually been writing this whole week but the words were dark and angry and I prefer a life without too much anger. I'm OK with the dark and always have been except for a few months in San Diego about 14 years ago when I completely lost feeling in my feet and thus my balance for about a year. For me, to stand up in the dark was to fall over. I actually arranged some of the softer couches and other furniture to break my fall. Neuropathy sucks. Anyway, there has been writing on many topics ranging from the trial of the century in Minneapolis burning to whatever the news du jour was. All fairly describing events but not with any particular polish.

Institutional or 'structural' racism is a construct of feeble minds. We really need to start rooting it out and heckling the living Hell out of its proponents. They don't like that but screw 'em. They need to civilized, educated and told to sit down and shut up.

We still take the Sunday New York Times because we're masochists and like the puzzles. We often toss the rest of it without reading it at all which is still a strange thing for me to do. I used to get up Sunday mornings, hit the bookstore across the street and then spend a few hours swilling coffee, breakfast and the NYTs in full at the Stratford in Del Mar. I did that for years in a peaceful glade surrounded by bamboo trees on a deck in the sun where for the price of one cup of coffee (endless) and breakfast one could read undisturbed by the ocean for hours. That's why it's sad to see how far downhill the old grey lady as wandered. She's so far into the wilderness of madness and self-deceipt that it's no longer even remotely amusing. This from Project Veritas. Just listen to the first 3 minutes where he shows the Times announcing they were completely and totally ignorant 45 times in their response to his court filings and the judges orders.

My vision is new and improved in a number of ways thanks to the cataract removal. My doctors were correct when they said fixing one eye to 20/20 while leaving the other eye uncorrected since almost no cataract means that they both have to be near in synch like twin engines pulling together at the same speed or there's problems. I have to change the usual focal distance I've grown familiar with for the last 45 years or so to account for distant vision in one eye, corrected with a contact in the other eye or read with one eye up close and no lens. This leads to low grade headaches as I work out what it is going to take to do what I like best. I kind of miss, a little bit, being able to read without glasses but can still achieve that effect if I keep the good eye out of reading mode. This is where the headaches come in. My brain doesn't like it. I tell it it's going to have to learn, adapt, overcome. We'll see.

I think I'll brush off some of the things that ired me and put them online over the weekend. The day was kind of lost to one thing or another. To be honest, up late, up early to assist the plumber who got here roughly 5 minutes before we lost electrical power for blocks in all directions. This entailed a trip to the office while somebody attended to business and I read in the car and then off to a bloody exchange at the library. It worked out this time. Last month the Red Cross called and texted me 17 times to ensure I'd be there at the library to give blood and then shut down the whole thing without telling me that leaving me to find a dark and empty library because somebody had covid 21. It's funny how it no longer takes medical training or diagnostic tools to determine if anybody has the virus. Oh well, got it done and came home in the rain.

Sunday, April 25, 2021


I saw an item in the news that intrigued me and made me laugh. Here it is:
The $211,175.94 bill stems from a rally held in 2019 by Trump’s reelection campaign in the nearby city of Rio Rancho. According to the Albuquerque Journal, Trump stayed overnight in Albuquerque while in the area for the Sept. 16 rally, forcing the city to shut down city hall and other parts of downtown.

The city later invoiced Trump’s campaign for the extra police coverage, road barricades and for the paid leave given to city employees whose workdays were cut short on both Sept. 16 and Sept. 17, 2019, the newspaper reported.

Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller recently discussed the city’s attempts to collect the payment on "The Daily Show."

"In my mind, he owes us a lot more because there was about a day and a half where we couldn’t even function as a city," Keller, a Democrat, said during the appearance.

Keller said "no phone calls had been returned," so the city hired a collection agency.

"He should be getting these annoying voicemails that, like, we get usually from scam companies where it’s like, ‘You owe debts,'" Keller told "The Daily Show." "I mean, I think Mar-a-Lago is now getting those calls."

What I find amusing is that a so-called mayor and city leader shut down public services for a couple of days so President Trump could spend the night in his shitty. I don't know why they felt that was necessary but surely if he thinks he has a right to go after monies he thinks are owed for shutting down his city hall don't all the businesses in his city have the same right to go after the city in court for all the money they lost out on due to the deliberate democratic sabotage of all businesses because they ordered them closed in all the blue states in fear of a virus slightly more dangerous than the flu and what's more, a virus that will roam this planet now forever so how did they think shutting down for a couple of weeks spared anybody even after they extended their shutdowns by more than a year?

It's also funny that he thinks the campaign has to pay for his idiocy. I don't know about the other presidential candidates but the Secret Service protects the President and some others and they usually pay for what they require.

Do dipshits like him make BLM and antifaggots pay for shutting down local business when they riot and destroy people's businesses as the police stand around watching and doing nothing?

Thursday, April 22, 2021


You have to hand it to the Europeans. Nobody does sycophancy quite the way the pathetic dregs of european aristocracy do every day as they gad about for the EU and the IOC and other passing fancies that drip privilege and disdain. On the other hand, few can dish out disdain better than the dregs of the Ottomans. As we will see in the next bit here, there is one pathetic outfit that gives the Ottomans a run for disdain. As we see, Turkey provided a throne for each of the males but were content to leave whossname standing around.

The Disdain Runner-up! Politico. NOTE the correction at the bottom.

Not every political outfit that bravely fronts for the Party of Slavery can misspell a head-of-state's name. Leave that kind of disdain and contempt to the Professionals!!!


Speaking of out of control mobs, crowd control methods I'm leaning towards these days. You know just who is capable of this sort of violence of course. Firing on unsuspecting unwilling participants is a Democrat approach since the Battle of Fort Sumter.


No? Me neither.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Friday, April 16, 2021


I was reading instandit and he had a link to a story about famous backstabber Liz Cheney who peddled the lies that the White House and President Trump were ignoring Russian threats to our troops. The entire bogus story was a complete fabrication by the liars in the media who will believe anything bad about Trump. Her attack looked like this:
This called to mind the Spartans response to the ruler of Macedonia.
The only answer to dignify Cheney's stupid gullible faith in lying media stars would be, IF.


Now is when you really put into effect real situational awareness. There is nothing out there at the mall worth your life and you'd be well advised to stay out of and steer clear of all urban areas until the court renders judgement. I don't know how long it will take for the jury to reach a decision or for it to be announced but one of the jurors must have understoond that Floyd killed himself by ingesting fentanyl and may have the moral courage to stand up and say so. To paraphrase a quote that Andrew Jackson never said, it takes just one moral person to set the world on fire. At this point the hideous evil drones in anti-fa and blm don't even need an excuse to kill and burn.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


I came along in the winter of 1961, arriving in the Bundesrepublik like a thunderbolt at the very height of the Cold War and the communist effort designed to unite the world in common misery. I am older now and yet I won that Cold War. Not saying I had no helpers, just sayin....We won. See the fruits of our victory after a very long and bitter war and weep for what our Republics have stumbled over and lost in the the Peace as our youth embrace communism and vile mediocrity.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Does anybody else think the Babylon Bee is being a bit prescient?


Biden and the democrats in the Pentagon have decided to announce that the United States will withdraw the last of our troops sometime in September, 3 months after the deadline reached by negotiation with the Taliban and government of that failed region of misery, as negotiated by President Trump last year. That almost forces the taliban to action and if I know terrorists as well as I think I do, that means that they will celebrate the end of American occupation with the biggest bangs they can contrive, especially in the months after the negotiated withdrawal date. We will have now the same sorrows our families knew in the days after the end of World War I had been negotiated with a set end of the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918. I feel great sympathy for everyone who dies in that miserable hell on earth between now and the latest end to foreign born warriors dying there.

It doesn't help any that the insane leadership here has decided to revoke every single security measure that had any meaningful deterrence to terrorist acts here in the United States. I wonder what they'll target first..... I'm thinking the transportation network is most vulnerable but so is the power grid and so is every school building in this country. It's like they never heard of Breslan.

Monday, April 12, 2021


A rethuglican Congressman is accused of all manner of things beyond his control by rabid poltroons who scream that any demand that voters produce a real ID is nothing but slavery! Everyone, they scream, knows that blacks are too stupid to get a real ID despite it being an absolute requirement to get a bank account, get on an airplane, enter a federal building, etc. Yet, somehow all mankind is required to get a real ID and verify the age of any girl that says she's willing. This in an age when the less enlightened girls are all doing their very best to look older and the really scary ones are doing their best to look younger.

As this monstrous non-crime is going on the press meanwhile ignores the judge that found the Michigan Secretary of State broke the law when arbitrarily changing the rules set by the state legislature for voting. In other words, in a different outcome, the media who would be screaming in agony if anybody failed to note the hanging chad, remains silent. There's a theme here.

Two different idiots of neopallor decide that they must resist the cops and fight to the death for some reason or other. One gets his wish and dies at the hand of a cop who in other circumstances, say arresting anybody but a young black male, would have seen a simple arrest and probably an immediate return to the streets but both chose death in that event and the other saw an officer who really is too damned stupid for our Armed Forces resist getting out of his car even causing the police to draw on him. He really is some one the military can spare to go on to better rewards like licking gasoline nozzles at the local Marathon station.

The angry morons are getting angrier as yet once again they demand that the police gentle the morons into going along with the simplest commands. I don't know why they don't insist on some serious training for their kids to simply comply with the police especially when they riled the police up enough to cause them to draw firearms. Maybe instead of all that bullshit critical race theory in which NOBODY is allowed to criticize the obvious suspects, they spend a hundred hours going through endless scenario driven training where they learn exactly what to do when confronted by the police.

In Michigan with an explosion of new virus cases the only thing the CDC can think to do is order everyone in the state to stay in jail forever. One has to wonder when the people will simply start shooting the people that keep thinking they have the power to condemn citizens to home arrest without trial or even any accusations of a crime. The evidence is a relentless tide that strongly favors the idea of spending a lot more time out in the sun and what about all the phrophylactic measures people elsewhere indulge in to ward off the evil almost entirely harmless virus? Extra Vitamin D, maybe some of those things Trump talked about and just why exactly is it so fucking impossible to get any studies putting these measures to the test in a scientific environment?

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Thursday, April 8, 2021


It seems our woke friends at United are hellbent to kill you all. They have a cunning plan to end racism and they don't care about the consequences. The drawback to being a racist asshole lies in the facts that really do matter. Here is a fact.

Over the next decade United will train 5,000 pilots who will be guaranteed a job with United, after they complete the requirements of the Aviate program – and our plan is for half of them to be women and people of color

Saturday, April 3, 2021


In an interesting and thoroughly bi-partisan manner for which he is both notorious and infamous, famous republican squish number 1, John Boehner, former Speaker of the House who was sickened to death by the people who elected a republican majority of 63 seats in the House of Representatives, took to Politico to fire off a spread of Parthian torpedoes the way squishes like him do after they look back on a disaster and find nobody to blame for complete and utter failure but the far right wing losers who were overwhelmingly sent to Congress to implement some honest to God real republican and conservative measures even if they went straight up Obama's nose and gave him a headache on their way to being vetoed by the moron that didn't have to veto legislation coming from the Republican owned House and Senate because worthless scumbag squishes like Boehner and Ryan after him never found the courage to act on super-majorities they enjoyed and threw away. I think Buck would be proud of that sentence. Just the length of the damned thing, mind you. We sort of competed for longest possible sentence in a blog post.

The level of dishonesty and failure to see the real underlying nature of his anger and defeat was probably the most surprising thing I read in the Politico broadside. Boehner simply attacks everyone he disagreed with in his own Party and disdained, shunned and then defenstrated them when they got uppity and tried to vote him out of the leadership.
Many Republicans were ready for a new House of Representatives Chairman following the 2014 mid-term elections. EMC Research reported 60% of participants in their telephone survey wanted a new chairman.[61] In the end there were a total of 25 votes against Boehner, 29 were needed in order to choose a new speaker. Boehner responded by removing those who opposed him from influential committees.[62]
. His disdain for his peers was unmatched until the next squishy rethuglican came along and accomplished nothing at all. We basically had two worthless cogs of the old machine both decide "to retire" rather than continue on as the most powerful elected office in Congress and 2nd in line to succession to the Presidency, a post that Nancy Pelosi, a shark in human form, enjoys and moreover a shark that never once in all her decades in politics ever tried to achieve a single bi-partisan accomplishment. Why the rethuglicans keep thinking it's necessary is beyond me. In that respect, Newt was the last real politician the rethuglicans produced. God only knows what they are now.

Those interested in how far the republican party fell can read it in Politico for the nasty details. I'd recommend it. One should really learn as much as possible about the enemy and in this case the enemy is self-revealed as the man the rethuglican party thought would best lead them into battle against Obama and the increasingly communist/socialist democrats.
At some point after the 2008 election, something changed with my friend Roger Ailes. I once met him in New York during the Obama years to plead with him to put a leash on some of the crazies he was putting on the air. It was making my job trying to accomplish anything conservative that much harder. I didn’t expect this meeting to change anything, but I still thought it was bullshit, and I wanted Roger to know it.

When I put it to him like that, he didn’t have much to say. But he did go on and on about the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, which he thought was part of a grand conspiracy that led back to Hillary Clinton. Then he outlined elaborate plots by which George Soros and the Clintons and Obama (and whoever else came to mind) were trying to destroy him.

“They’re monitoring me,” he assured me about the Obama White House. He told me he had a “safe room” built so he couldn’t be spied on. His mansion was being protected by combat-ready security personnel, he said. There was a lot of conspiratorial talk. It was like he’d been reading whacked-out spy novels all weekend.

And it was clear that he believed all of this crazy stuff. I walked out of that meeting in a daze. I just didn’t believe the entire federal government was so terrified of Roger Ailes that they’d break about a dozen laws to bring him down. I thought I could get him to control the crazies, and instead I found myself talking to the president of the club. One of us was crazy. Maybe it was me.

I have no idea what the relationship between Ailes and Murdoch was like, or if Ailes ever would go off on these paranoid tangents during meetings with his boss. But Murdoch must have thought Ailes was good for business, because he kept him in his job for years.
What this idiot refuses to accept along with reality is the simple fact that Obama's Deep State people and the FBI and other organs of hte government with a license to spy on Americans WAS monitoring people like Ailes and Trump and others and anybody familiar with the facts of American history knew that. Simply look at the copious files the FBI had from its spying on Martin Luther King, Jr. It happened and it is always happening 24/7 as Snowden revealed before heading to the USSR.

Thursday, April 1, 2021


Well, this is what all the fuss is about. I'm not sure exactly why beyond the idiotic left's idea that this sort of thing will be required within the United States in order to go about our daily lives. I've had one of these since shortly after I was born. The one here is not the last one but the one before it. As you can see, as with all government and international government type documents it is competely worthless except to make the various bureaucrats at the frontiers happy. The last one is in my medical record somewhere around here. I can always tell it when I see that happy white folder because it was in my bag when I traveled home after a month in Portugal and one of the 12 bottles of Port smashed during transit staining it a nice pinkish damp shade. That record had all the shots I had in my life entered into it after early 1996. One was needed to enter the kingdom back then and I had a lot of business in the kingdom.

As you can see, these are impossible to forge or update at home with a pen and these have been around since at least early 1960 and are just as valid for their purpose as the International Drivers License is accepted everywhere in the world and you can get one for $10.00 at any AAA office. Who can beat the cachet of the World Health Organization?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021


I was up late though not later than usual. That one's hard to quantify or to beat. In a couple of hours I'll walk into a clinic and have a cataract pulled out of my eye. I've been engaging in something I may no longer be able to do at will which is to say, read without glasses. It seems with my eyes once they get repaired I go from being able to read without glasses to needing them to read but not for all the other things. As we used to say, we'll see.

I was rereading a book by John Ringo. The Last Centurions is a book about the end of the world brought about by a disease and bungled vaccine deliveries and a complete loss of faith in government and its so-called experts. It also has the protagonist and all the rest of us dealing with an American president who has to be carefully insulated from reality since she still thinks that global warming is a very real problem even as the world tips into the next ice age and she also believes all the fairy-tale stories that have given us crap, drivel, stupidity and sheer outrage such as critical race theory. You know it when you see it just as you know that Biden isn't really leading this country. Any fool knows that except all those fools who fully bought into the idea that Trump was a Russian agent and still believe it despite the complete fiasco resulting from the Mueller inquisition with an unlimited budget and a list of lawyers who hate and loath Trump beyond all reason and two impeachments that went nowhere simply because the charges were stupid, fake, idiotic and also utterly unprovable.

I join the Townhall that questions the motives and the purpose of an entire party of elite law-breakers who demand that all of us must show a government issued vaccine passport if we want to engage in any of our inalienable rights laid out in the Constitution. You know those rights, leave the house when you want because you feel like, roam around town, leave town, get an education if you want, go to the library and study up on dictatorships and how to derail them, little stuff like going to Church and gathering peacably to beat the stuffing out of anti-fa facists and all the other racist little bastards.

For some reason all the democrat leaders are sold on vaccine passports to move freely about this, our country, the land of the free and the home of the 'terrified of a little virus just a shade more dangerous than the flu'. They all purely hate the idea that any citizen that wants to vote needs to be registered to vote and show an acceptable form of government issued identification. Of course, that's hard for some idiots to wrap their tiny little brains around. For instance, here in Ohio we still don't get a 'real ID' drivers license when we renew or get one. Nope, you have to ask and pay more for that for some reason even though it was mandated nation wide by Congress in order to people to wriggle passed the TSA's inept goons and board airplanes and how did that happen anyway?

Nope, not what you're thinking about the insanity of the Patriot Act, I'm talking about how did it become possible to some goddamned bureaucrats to mandate such things as closing all restaurants and banning all persons from any gatherings of 2 or more especially those gathered in HIS name and attending religious services but still let people completely fill every single seat in a transcontinental or transoceanic passenger plane. It's insane and yet it happens a thousand times a day and nobody says a thing.

I left the publishing date there so you could see that it is just a work of fiction. The sad part, I think, is that the soldiers he writes about could just about do that thing if left to do it without assistance from State and the Pentagon and the reality now is that I don't believe it can anymore. When the leadership concentrates all of its focus on the trivial, impossible and stupid fictions they all suddenly decided were real, we got stuck with the National Guard guarding the Capital from the People and letting the largest cities in democratic states burn. We got warships too stupid to get out of the way of traffic and we got leaders who have now decided that the number one challenge facing the military is white supremacy. If the readiness numbers were public I'm sure we'd all be astonished at how rapidly real combat power melted away after 20 years fighting the same stupid way in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa and Asia. We have basically gone far down the path the rest of NATO sped down even before the Iron Curtain and Berlin Wall came tumbling down. NATO without the US could not beat Turkey in a stand up fight and they cannot stand against the Russian military but the people there are too stupid to know that this is true. They still think they are a worthy warrior and probably only a handful of Europeans in the West watched what modern battlefield drones armed with fire and forget missiles can do to troops in the open, soft transport and hard transport and if they can do it with drones they can definitely do it with the battlefield missiles the Russians have speciailized in since 1943.

I suppose that some day soon, we will see for ourselves. There is nothing and nobody holding China or even Myanmar in check now and I doubt anybody really knows what is going on in Korea right now.

There was a lot of truth to this speech out of the movie, The American President.

The democrats really do want to get the guns and they'll use any means at all to make owning a gun a crime despite the Second Amendment and the Constitution. They will twist the law like a pretzel to steal inalienable rights and justify it by telling you it's for your own good. They won't disarm or punish criminal use of a gun but they will punish mere ownership of a gun. You have only to see how that works in the various jurisdictions and states that have decided that there is no such thing as shoplifting and no such thing as arson, assault, etc just as long as the reliable democrat DA says so.....and they do in hellholes like Portland, Seattle, Olympia, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, etc.

What's that other truth that you see in the video above? That's right. It is now apparantly the job of government and so-called experts to find things and make you afraid of them. Fear the Virus!!!! Fear the discarded facemasks leading to death of wildlife!!!!! Fear global warming (now conveniently relabled because its rather hard to show any real evidence of meaningful manmade global warming once you get passed the fearmongering experts and lefties who all hate industrialization, white people, western civilization, etc. Fear the white supremacists whatever they are!!! Fear guns!!!!! Oh no!!! A giant ship is blocking the Suez Canal, probably for months, Fear worldwide shortage of toilet paper!!!!! Fear the Vaccine!!!!!

Well, I'm not afraid.

Friday, March 26, 2021


Taken from Coyote
March 25, 2021, 5:29 pm We have gotten scores of variations on this message in the last 2 weeks from our public contact form -- someone is beating our Captcha, probably just by hiring people in low-wage countries to manually do them. I have not tried it, but I would sooner have unprotected sex with 20 random people than click on the link (I X'ed out part of the link to avoid anyone screwing up and doing so). That link is not a web site but a file programmed to download that probably isn't designed to improve your computer's operation.


This is Melaenis and I am a qualified photographer.

I was baffled, frankly speaking, when I recognised my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner's license, you should be aware that you could be sued by the creator.

It's illegal to use stolen images and it's so сheap!

Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get the evidence of my ownership.

Download it right now and check this out for yourself: [it is a clickable link in the email]

If you don't delete the images mentioned in the document above within the next couple of days, I'll file a to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been severely infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

And if it doesn't work, trust me I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

It is actually sort of a brilliant come-on, given that most small website owners are sloppy about what images they grab for their site and probably have some latent sense of guilt on this score.

People imagine hackers doing clever electronic things to break into systems, and some times that is the case. But more often than not -- and this is true all the way back to the early phone phreaks -- they crack systems by social engineering, convincing some rube on the inside to give up a password or click on a bad link.
Better safe than sorry. Also, just what the hell is a 'qualified photographer?' Is that some jackass that graduated from the Lord Snowden Academy of picture arts or just some other bogus qualification like Dr. Jills or Dr. Fauccis?

Thursday, March 25, 2021


I only read a couple of articles there but it fits into my world view. Welcome aboard, My Planet My Rules

You can see why.
A COVID Conversation I'd Like To Have...

Karen: Have you gotten your COVID shot yet?
Me: No, but I identify as a vaccinated person.
Karen: What does that mean?
Me: It means I am a vaccinated person trapped inside an unvaccinated body.
Karen: That doesn't make sense!
Me: Don't you deny my truth! That's oppression! This space is supposed to be free of vaccine-ism.
Karen: But that's crazy...There's no such thing as vaccine-ism.
Me: Yes there is. That attitude of yours is a manifestation of Vaccine Supremacy, in fact.
Karen: What do you mean?
Me: Please stop calling me "You". Please use my preferred pronoun.
Karen: What's that?
Me: I prefer to be called "Vaccinaro" or "Vaccinari". Unless I'm also identifying as female that day, in which case the acceptable pronouns are "Vaccinara" and "Vaccinaria". You are also required, because "safety" and "diversity", to suspend your version of objective reality to accept my subjective version. Otherwise, you're my enemy.
Karen: Those aren't even real words! How can I ignore reality?
Me: Where do you work?
Karen: Why do you want to know?
Me: Because you're not validating my lived experience and refusing to use my stated, preferred pronouns. This gives me the right to call your boss and have you fired, and if I can get three people on Twitter to agree with me that's the beginning of a lawsuit. I'll ruin you, you Science Denier!
Karen: What Science?
Me: The Science that says I can be a Vaccinaro trapped inside a Non-Vaccinaro body. We Vaccinaro are a hated and oppressed minority, having to share the world with you filthy, elitist, colonialist Vaccinated. If I get 10 more likes on my Instagram and enough Chinese grant money the medical profession will put a page in the DSM-V just for us and the government will have to give us all sorts of benefits you oppressive Vaccinated can't have because Equity.
Karen: That has nothing to do with Science. Or Vaccinations.
Read the whole thing.


We started here a little over 11 years ago. We find that we haven't changed all that much over that passage of time, distance and learning from what we were back then. Perhaps a commentary on the state of being when you reach a certain age. I suppose one either becomes inflexible, more firm in one's groundings and beliefs or one opens one's self to the candle flame of the moment and shifts course wildly to stay with the herd.