Thursday, November 11, 2021


I always remember this day for two things. Neither one of them is really about the Veterans as weird as that is to write. I remember the day because it is Armistice Day and that at 1100 on the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918, the guns finally fell silent all along the front in Europe. It was a war that utterly destroyed the civilization that preceeded it and led to the long dark night of depression and then the utterly predictable second world war as the Germans rose up against enemies who had treated them despicably and then forget that vengeance is a fury almost unmatched in hatred and ferocity. We are not making veterans that same way that we were last Veteran's Day and thank God for that. The War on Terror is finally over and we are slipping back into the easy Phony War on Terror which alike with the phony war on Poverty and illegal Drugs is one that we cannot win even if we can lose it. I'd venture to say that we've lost the War on Poverty because we failed to gut the new Educrats and put them in stocks on the school grounds for parents and students to stone for the very notion of social advancement and letting even the kids who cannot read a word, pass out of high school with a diploma and no meaningful skills at all so they form the shock troops of the Armies of Darkness and BLM and the hordes of bloodsucking decvilization types on par with the Mongols known as antifa.

Alike, we lost the War on drugs. It wasn't much of a war but oh how it made the young pay for minor mistakes with their lives destroyed and ruined by things that are not even considered a crime now. It was the law as much as the drugs that ended too many dreams and extinguished any hope for a bright future once it took ahold of one and wrestled them through the legal miasma we call justice.

We aren't doing so well in the Social Wars of the 20th and 21st Centuries. It seems a great pity that our leaders have declared war on the climate. They really seem to think they can defeat it somehow but I'm not sure what they'll use as metrics. 99% of everything they think they know about global warming is a myth and none of it is within the grasp of mankind to change or alter. We will win yet another echoing defeat for the ages when the smart people resume their place and guide and shape the young and guide and displace the stupid and idiotic.

I mentioned two reasons for remembering this Day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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