Saturday, November 13, 2021


I keep seeing Bezos and Blue Origin trying to screw up space flight and SpaceX. They've tried the law and been shot down and now they're teaming with NASA to keep anyone from landing on the moon until NASA and their monstrosity are ready for prime time in 2025, maybe, if all goes well although it doesn't sound like anybody has worked any of the bugs out of the lunar return module.

I guess I'm kind of surprised Bezos hasn't taken to parking random ships in the downrange capture basket for SpaceX rockets landing on the drone barge 325 miles downrange from Cape Canaveral. I remember something as simple at shooting at San Clemente Island was often made difficult by the morons that decided to fish in the closed waters on the south end of the island. My concern for them was best expressed by me proposing to use High Explosive Control Variable Time 5 inch frag rounds to clear the range. I figured a few airburst around them would send them on their way quite quickly, one way or the other.

I don't know what kind of stand off clearance SpaceX needs to have around Bob, their drone ship when it is in capture mode but I also don't know how they clear the interference out there if and when people get inside the safety distance. Since we're talking Elon Musk, it wouldn't surprise me if he has a pirate submarine out there to warn off or just sink boats that interfere with Starlink and other missions into orbit.


Anonymous said...

I think Baldy might do that, but Musk us more clever. He'd just pay them to stay away. I think the skinhead is too greedy to do so, despite his wealth.
--Tennessee Budd

capt fast said...

if bozo did that, Musk might just launch a full booster and hover over bozo's boat until it melted than land on it's own recovery ship.
a guy should always choose his enemies as wisely as he chooses his friends.