Tuesday, June 30, 2020


There has been another one of those mysterious radiation plumes drifting into and over Europe from the east. It appears to be coming from Russia. It is reportedly low level harmless radioactive particles and they are slowly drifting over the parts of Europe some people remember fondly. We remember who started using gas in the First World War. They must have made a study of the prevailing winds.

You know what else gets distributed by the prevailing wind? Airborne pathogens developed in a weapons lab like the one that unleashed the Wuhan Corona virus. Same thing, just a little more tricky to trace back to the point of origin if you do it right. The prevailing winds are a factor few consider outside the realm of those who race sailboats competitively or study naval war in the Age of Sail.


I never thought I'd write these words but the time has come. I have reached the point where there truly is nothing so vile that I would not believe it of Democrats if someone I trusted imputed it or simply stated it. This makes it somewhat more difficult to get writing off the ground since reading the news now induces almost pure outrage. It really doesn't matter what the subject du jour is anymore since the media have hijacked all of them to one overriding purpose and that is the utter destruction of Donald Trump and all his works, the massacre and murder of all of his supporters and of course the ritual murder and destruction of his family, friends and acquaintances up to the 5th generation. Sort of like how North Korea treats dissidents and wanna-be-accused dissidents.

In academia it appears true that one cannot dismiss any student for any outrage no matter how vile so long is it was carried out under the pretext of intersectionality, blackness, colored, LBGTQWTF, or an action designed to smack around Trump supporters. To simply write "All Lives Matter," is enough for instant dismissal of tenured staff and immediate unemployment for anybody else but all the old rules about slander, libel, etc are tossed out the window and if you feel black enough you can get away with any kind of crime ranging from murder and terrorism to pulling down monuments and memorials in a ragged symphony agreeing with that idiot Obama that, "you didn't build that."

They destroy and lay waste to all that they touch and they keep getting away with it. It is disheartening. They say the wheels of justice grind slowly but they don't even move anymore in Washington DC where no amount of "October Surprise" and outing of the Coup plot is going to gain any traction at all with a media 100% disposed to ignore it and cover it up should it appear anywhere in the media.

The social media are run by pure filth and it's getting worse everyday. The papers suck and are so full of lies and made up trash it's no longer funny. Oh sure, the President points out that all the truly evil shitty cities are run by Democrats and have been for generations but the Washington Post still somehow finds the stupids to publish a fact check denial and say that only 19 of the worst 20 cities are run by Democrats and with that they think they've shafted the President with their quick 'demolition' of his argument that people who vote for Democrats don't simply accept the evil that results, they relish it, eat it up and spit it out as toxic venom that says anybody at all who disagrees with them is a white supremacist and a racist.

I got news for them. They are rapidly making their world view a reality.

We are watching a fascinating series on TV about New York City starting from when the Dutch paid for its location to be found by explorers searching the new world up until the present or maybe sometime around 1988. We are nowhere near the end having just reached the period immediately after World War II when Robert Moses took the old New York city and destroyed it to make a new one. All the talking heads throughout the show (an excellent show by the way) are cityphiles and they loved that old city and all those old things that Robert Moses swept away starting in the Depression and into the Space Age as he built 267 miles of freeway in the city, countless bridges and tunnels and demolished vast stretches of neighborhoods in US taxpayer funded 'urban renewal.'

What's amusing is to hear them talk about everything I take for granted but which they clearly loath with passion. They hate that cars supplanted street cars and highways supplanted the interurban and urban rail lines and they bemoan that all the old sort of tenements (ethnic neighborhoods you never heard of) were demolished to make way for soulless high rise hells built by architects who really hate people, especially poor  people who have to live in their crappy buildings.

I look at it all with the eye of one who lived on the edge of the city, used to visit the city, for a time and wouldn't be caught dead ever living in that city or most others. They are an interesting place to visit but given the choice I'd take coastal Maine over New York or Dallas or San Francisco and that's not the ignorant jest of a man who doesn't know what he's talking about. I lived and went to school in New Jersey about 20 miles from NYC. I lived and worked in Emeryville for about 5 years and lived in San Diego for decades between assignments overseas. I lived at 20 mile road Detroit and just outside of Cleveland and been to most of the major cities in the United States.

The best was San Francisco 25 years ago when it was still that shining city on a hill and the sun set on it every night from my house across the bay. Honolulu was good. You can see it all in a single day on a motor scooter and walk the good bits in a day just as easily if you like to walk. DC was a fantastic place to visit and for over 30 years every visit home included riding the Metro to the Mall and seeing the Air and Space Museum or the other museums and walking around. Of course, I walked in places like Georgetown and only during daylight in places like Buzzards Point and the Navy Yard.

I saw San Diego change during my long habitation there. My first day there I saw a motorcycle cop ride his bike onto the sidewalk next to me to cite a man for jaywalking. This was at First and Broadway. Across the street a mall was being built in a sea of flophouses, porno theaters and bars. Nowadays and for 30 years or more it has been known as the Gaslamp district and was pretty nice once the urban renewal crowd demolished all that and put up trendy bars, restaurants, theaters, etc. Of course they also shifted all the riffraff somewhere but I don't have any idea where they went. They were just gone. That lasted for about 20 years. They're back.

As I move around these days I keep seeing the people who try to use magic to keep from having their homes or stores join the hundreds or thousands of other homes and stores looted, burned and attacked by the violent mobs swarming our cities. You see their little talismans everywhere. "BLM" they say. It doesn't appear to work very well. I don't think the would-be magicians understand that all the violence, looting, pillaging and burning is being done by the Antifa scum who are getting away with it because nobody is shooting them dead on sight.

That's probably going to start happening pretty soon.

Thursday, June 25, 2020


There are a number of cities and municipalities that have caved under the tiny pressure of a handful of raving lunatics and are responding to intimidation by slashing spending on their law enforcement/public safety responsibilities. How exactly do they see that working out over the course of the next few months as various people confronted by arsonists, looters, rapists and murderers have no choice now but to defend themselves with deadly force?

It’s not going to be pretty. The sheep that refused to arm themselves are going to suffer, the well heeled will be out money, time and effort keeping the lawyers fully employed in response to thousands of justified shootings that will still nevertheless clog up court dockets and make life hell for people that have never ventured into that aspect of the misjustice system and it will also be very hard on the criminal class who are going to find dying at the hands of their victims a harsh blow to the freedom to loot, rape, pillage and kill with impunity that they expected after a summer of getting away with murder and all the other crimes.

I’m sort of looking forward to it. We’ll see new voices raised by people that are asked about their take on all this “gun” violence and start to respond by shouting, “Hallalujah Jesus!!!! Thank God I/she/he had a gun and could end this with a bang.”

I foresee a long line of black mourners who aren’t going to be thrilled with what happens when one takes the police who protect the criminals from their victims out of the equation and restores the balance to kill or be killed.

Once again, the side with the guns are most likely to come out of this latest charade of social justice with a wry shake of the head as the “gun victims” start screaming for police protection again.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


From the usual source at mostly Powerline Week in Review.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


There are a number of signs that are showing that the path to hell is really paved with the best of intentions. I see it everyday as I watch the vandals uproot and discard history in the name of so-called justice and in support of rapists, murderers and idiots. I'm not sure I like where the country is headed but so heads the world and it will be an interesting ride as they suck the life out of every institution created, nurtured and brought into being by white men of good will.

The list is now effectively endless and there doesn't appear to be any natural stop to the increase in pointless destruction and violence and even when the schools were open they were no barrier to the rapid spread of idiocy, hate and intolerance. In fact, they were behind the hatred, the intolerance and the imbecility of our school age prima donnas who think they have the secret knowledge that lets them screw over history and the people who really made it as opposed to those who think they did. I have news folks. It wasn't the slaves. It wasn't the natives. It never was. We're here now, where we are because of one thing only; the Industrial Revolution which happened in Great Britain.

I saw the reference pictured earlier today at the proper VOX and it resonated with me. I could see the merger of boys and girls into a scouting program and I even took part wholeheartedly in it as a teenager and never thought twice about it except of course that there were girls and mothers involved again in what had been a boys only activity after passing out of cub scouts. The Boy Scouts were a fairly worthwhile activity and mostly harmless until they allowed everything about the Boy Scouts to be corrupted and turned it into a secular version of the Catholic Church that permitted and allowed all kinds of forbidden explorations and shed any resemblance to the ideals embodied in the Scout Oath and Motto.

I don't think the first flight of 3 nephews partook of scouting at all. The next flight of 3 all went through the boys only program and each was an Eagle Scout when they ended it by graduating and going to college. The final flight of 2 didn't have anything to do with Scouting that I heard of and of course the final flight is a girl and to be honest I'm not sure if she did any scouting. I'd be very surprised to learn otherwise.

Here's a picture from the Scouts Executive Branch, such as they are, and they have the last word on this in so far as I'm concerned. It's at the bottom in red.

You know I cannot leave them with the last word. An organization like Scouting used to be dedicated to the proposition of turning boys into men. They stood FOR something as opposed to modern Scouting and all the other violent mobs who stand for nothing at all except when they climb to their feet to tear down and destroy because they are only united by opposition and sadly they're all opposed by nobody at all. Where have you seen anybody marching in support of All Lives Matter? Where are the White Supremacists who are secretly running all things?


Just tooling along the counter.

We got the honey from the rooftop honeybees downtown at the Big Chain Hotel. They hand it out from time to time to guests attending some of their better functions.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Nope, no Karen's here. It's actually something of a surprise to me tonight to learn that the 3 local little libraries are still open and in business. Two of them are on school properties and the 3rd is a block over from us and run by another householder. I expected them all to be either empty or locked and that was not the case. It's a little messy but that indicates rummaging to me and I believe in rummaging through books myself.

Monday, June 15, 2020


The Supreme Court went crazy today and decided that sex doesn't matter when it comes to Title IX. The Court majority decided that feelz@sex under Title VII trumps IX and so they have determined that fake women are still allowed to fairly outcompete real women on women's sports because, justice. That seems OK to me because what is obviously needed now is a League of Their Own.

If it is just under Title IX that separate women's teams be formed so that women can also compete in athletics and share the glory with men's teams, it then follows that separate trans teams can be formed where all the trans can compete separately but equally with their fellow trans.

Could we be fairer?


I've shifted to comment moderation for a while since there is a loathsome spammer hitting the site about 10 times a day.

I took this picture the other day while coming home from the east. It seems very appropriate at this time. It reads, PSLM 091. I had to look it up and see what Psalm 91 says. It hits on so many different levels during this time of spam, pandemic and crazies running amuck in the cities all over the western world.

He that doth in the secret place
of the most High reside,
Under the shade of him that is
th' Almighty shall abide.
I of the Lord my God will say,
He is my refuge still,
He is my fortress, and my God,
and in him trust I will.

Assuredly he shall thee save,
and give deliverance
From subtile fowler's snare, and from
the noisome pestilence.
His feathers shall thee hide; thy trust
under his wings shall be:
His faithfulness shall be a shield
and buckler unto thee.

Thou shalt not need to be afraid
for terrors of the night;
Nor for the arrow that doth fly
by day, while it is light;
Nor for the pestilence, that walks
in darkness secretly;
Nor for destruction, that doth waste
at noon-day openly.

A thousand at thy side shall fall,
on thy right hand shall lie
Ten thousand dead; yet unto thee
it shall not once come nigh.
Only thou with thine eyes shalt look,
and a beholder be;
And thou therein the just reward
of wicked men shalt see.

Because the Lord, who constantly
my refuge is alone,
Ev'n the most High, is made by thee
thy habitation;
No plague shall near thy dwelling come;
no ill shall thee befall:
For thee to keep in all thy ways
his angels charge he shall.

They in their hands shall bear thee up,
still waiting thee upon;
Lest thou at any time should'st dash
thy foot against a stone.
Upon the adder thou shalt tread,
and on the lion strong;
Thy feet on dragons trample shall,
and on the lions young.

Because on me he set his love,
I'll save and set him free;
Because my great name he hath known,
I will him set on high.
He'll call on me, I'll answer him;
I will be with him still
In trouble, to deliver him,
and honour him I will.

With length of days unto his mind
I will him satisfy;
I also my salvation
will cause his eyes to see.

Thursday, June 11, 2020


Stolen from Instapundit

Have you noticed that the allegedly educated, thoughtful parts of our society just swing from one variety of mass hysteria to another with hardly a pause in between?

I have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020


I see that President Trump has unilaterally ordered the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from Germany and the Germans and the liberals are behaving per spec and shrieking in outrage that it wasn't done after years of consultation with our devoted German allies and other losers. For once there  has been little heard of rebuke from our own State Department who seem finally to be coming into control and behaving like they are there to represent America's national interests.

I think President Trump could do better if he simply drew our forces in Germany down to the level of German forces actually fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan or waging a war against terrorism anywhere but that would probably be asking for too much. We'd have to send all of our troops and units now based in Germany to Poland and other countries that are the real mainstays of the NATO. Germany is obviously now fully aligned with France and Italy as non-player characters in the ongoing charade we call NATO and they call a jobs program funded by the United States.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


I was looking at the crash of a light plane in an Alaskan river and it took me to a fascinating place online filled with interesting information about flights that end badly. Yesterday appears to have been a bad day but it could have been far worse.

landing gear collapsed on landing with no fatalities

departed runway while landing and destroyed aircraft with no fatalities

Monday, June 8, 2020


So the ignoratti want to defund their police. That's a smashing idea and almost certain to involve decreased revenues as shopowners and stores and home ownders and renters move out of such hell holes leaving nothing but a barren insolvent and unpoliced wasteland behind them. Here comes my solution for starving police critters dying for lack of investment. Sell your prisoners to the highest bidder where they can then be forced to labor in the salt mines or education trenches or whatever for up to 16 hours a day without pay so long as room and board is furnished to them on a regular basis.

It's a win win for everyone! There was some old name for this type of financing government but I cannot recall what it was. I blame the education establishment and whites too, of course.


The Senate Democrats are giving it all away.
The Examiner on recent nonsense and foolish stupidity arranged by Senate democrats:
"For example, for those [police] who are currently serving, refresher courses and sensitivity to minority populations and things. No, I'm not for cutting it," said Durbin, an Illinois Democrat.
Screw that! Teach them how to get along with the police.
Chris Rock has a few videos that bear on the current situation as we resist the rise of the new black power movement.

As promised,
 a Trigger Warning (Language)

I was going to skip the second video but I got to the part where he is describing where blacks are and where they are not and he said that there aren't any in Minnesota. It is to laugh.....

You really better arm yourself and learn to shoot if you haven't already
Be a little careful out there. This sign was ordered painted on the street near the White House by the Mayor of Washington D.C.. The riot phrase on the left in full reads, black lives matter and as you can see, the mayor of the District of Columbia believes that means that we should no longer have a police force to protect us from the mob. It's kind of like what happened in Great Britain over the last half century where the police arrest people who use strong language or disrespect immigrants or muslims but couldn't care less about gun and knife wielding felons and any they accidentally catch are promptly released by the courts on personal recognizance with a strong warning not to do it again. Like that works.

There's a powerful but stupid and ignorant movement sweeping the urban core and just as it swept through the groves of academe and didn't leave a conservative or real American standing and just as it swept through the media, it is now trying to take hold of the hearts and minds of the ignorant folks that never made it to college, those who graduated from college and those that never had an original thought in their lives and dropped track when forced to learn critical thinking after the course of instruction was hijacked by people devoted to teaching a stupid theory of critical race theory which blows true reasoning out of the water not by the superiority of its shallow vapid arguments but by the even simpler tool of not allowing anyone anywhere permission to speak or write against it.

Saturday, June 6, 2020


Given the huge outrage going on because people demanding justice are not getting arrested, tried or imprisoned for arson, assault on a policeman, vandalism, littering, or playing in the street, I've decided to check up on some of the old classics so I'm going to read some Mark Twain. I think I'll start with this one and work my way through Captain Stormfield's visit to heaven. I think I had read all of them by the time I left 8th grade except for The Gilded Age which I read on an LCU off the beach at Camp Pendleton where it spent 4 days bobbing around doing ASW the hard way.

I can't read or recall the word 'Huckleberry' without it bringing up the memory of MM3 Huckleberry. He worked in my Division on LaSalle which meant that he was a solid member of the Auxiliaries Division and mostly worked on HVAC and reefers and a thousand other things but he was unusual in many respects; the most notable of them being that he stood topwatch in the after machinery space. Up forward in an otherwise identical machinery room was the starboard boiler, the starboard engines, the starboard Evaporator and the starboard shaft plus the switchboards and ship's service turbine generators. Up forward for some reason were the Engineering Officer of the Watch - usually one of the chiefs or engineering department officers and the top watches who were usually first class petty officers. Huckleberry was their peer from a bulkhead away and about a decade of service. In other words, he ran the after space without being under the direct visual supervision of the EOOW. He was about 23 years old.

My first division was probably the best group of people I served with on the ships. The ones who weren't experts in their field learned at the hands of the masters and the experts were delighted to teach the younger guys the ins and outs of everything from being a master machinist to diesel mechanic and air conditioning repair, hydraulic systems and everything in between. In 12 months forward deployed there were no real incidents, no personnel casualties, no horror stories beyong the ones I like to tell and it was an altogether amazing experience.

Huckleberry stood out even in that crew.

Friday, June 5, 2020


I see that General Mattis is unhappy with the President he voluntarily served under as Secretary of Defense before President Trump fired him. Who was fired and who offered to resign is best left to history. He made it clear that he wanted to be out NLT 28 Feb and President Trump canned him as Secretary of Defense effective 1 January but that is not the issue. The Wall Street Journal captures some of what is behind the harsh words in the The Atlantic but the Journal nails it with the heading for their article today: The Revenge of Jim Mattis.
In his statement to the Atlantic, Mr. Mattis denounced in particular Mr. Trump’s threat this week to order the military to restore order amid riots in U.S. cities. He said this threatens the Constitution, which is overwrought given that George H.W. Bush and other Presidents have done this. Mr. Mattis also undersold the significant harm that riots have done in many cities (see nearby).
But the general’s real motivation here is to tell the public that Mr. Trump lacks the character to be President and should be defeated in November. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us,” Mr. Mattis said. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”
I still speak quite often, really! to another general I know very well and it is sad to realize that he continues on as he did all of his life and gets his news and shapes his opinion of what is going on in the world based on what he still thinks of as an unbiased news media. He still watches the broadcast network news every night and Washington Week in Review and without fail he watches the News Hour on PBS and he thinks he is every bit and as well informed as when he started watching those shows starting back in 1965. I think this is affecting General Mattis as well.  Both men remember the "news that was" and not the hideous pack of lies and mistruths that it has allowed itself to become over the last 30 years.

The President is reacting to the collapse of our urban centers and a fascist revolution that is clearly being organized nationwide by a group dedicated to the overthrow of the Constitution of the United States. It is no time for faint hearts or half measures. Antifa is destroying the up and coming leading edge of the black community and burning it out even as it staggers to remain upright following the disastrous response to the fake pandemic that led to the shutdown of most businesses and stores in the urban cores.

The President is well aware of the fact that we are well past the point where there can be any meaningful reconciliation with the left. They all believe everything they hear on the news and from Hollywood and from the likes of antifa and their partners in crime at NPR and PBS. Reconciliation with the likes of them would be like snuggling up to a 40 foot salt water crocodile. You could do it but it wouldn't mean much or last long.

It's sad to see General Mattis hoodwinked by the liars and manipulators of the daily media bombardment of American traditions and culture.


We piled into the car and headed way out into the middle of nowhere to buy some fromage at the source. On the way home we stopped for sandwiches at one of our favorite bakeries and I noticed that across the road was the mall with the Apple store which now sports a whole additional layer of black plywood facing that covers up every inch of the giant window glass and doors. It's closed for the duration of the riots and maybe a little bit longer.

Mind you, this is in a town with the smallest ratio of cops to citizens  anywhere in America. There's a cop for every 85 residents. They might take note of the very low crime rate but that is due mostly to the makeup of the population and its distance from undesirables and complete lack of public transportation to the potential scenes of the crimes. Sort of like La Jolla in San Diego.

Also resident in the same little mall is Tiffany's jewelers but it isn't all boarded up. I'm pretty sure that stuff that looks like glass windows is somewhat stronger than what most shops and businesses use and is able to withstand any number of hammer blows. On the gripping hand, they've emptied the window displays and someone who really cares will just drive a stolen truck into the building and see what falls. They did that with the local hardware store about 2 miles closer to home and it knocked down the whole back of the store one night 3 or 4 months ago.

Thursday, June 4, 2020


You remember all the screams of joy and unbridled enthusiasm that greeted Musk and Space X putting a Tesla into solar orbit? Yea, me neither but it happened and this time Space X does the biggest space challenge of all, and a private company designed built and helped launch two spacemen into space and the world didn't so much yawn as fail to pay attention. Well, we've all heard the excuses, "I was sick with a bad virus", "There was a massive violent racist demonstration/riot in the way so I couldn't see it" and the best one of all, "it was all done on a studio sound stage just like the Martian rover missions."

Commercial space flight takes men into orbit
As I said, pity for Elon but a sharp cornered kind of pity that salts the wounds because it is his peers and counterparts that are funding the riots and arranging for shipments of bricks to be dropped off in major metropolitan areas where they prove helpful to the disadvantaged shoppers who have no money, no pride, no civic virtues to speak of and haven't quite figured out that once again they are destroying mostly their own neighborhoods and the businesses built up by the likes of them over the last 30 and 40 years and finally, are making sure that EVERYONE looks askance now and forever at any group of black teens that seems to be lingering in front of a shop window.

Light it on fire lest darkness fall
Instapundit is filled with stories where the disgraceful mayors of many of these bluevilles are ordering the police to not arrest or detain anybody they might catch in the process of looting, raping or killing as long as it's done in an urban environment. It's like those concerned legislators that thought it best to force sick old people out of the hospitals and back into the retirement home communities but made sure they took their parents out of them before pushing death into old folks homes and make it happen to everyone else's parents.

Where is the damned NSA and their individual tape everybody Omnivore now so we can all use their own orders and instructions to their "law enforcement" officials in the prosecution of public officials who are ordering public policy that is instantly, immediately and dangerously destructive to the public? [Did you ever think you'd reach the day when you just sneer whenever anyone talks about 'law enforcement officers?]

I have to admit to being surprised that nobody has decided to declare open season on some of these rotten swine. Sane people are reconsidering the entire notion of the gun control they used to believe in. Then again, they used to believe in the tooth fairy.

In the blue cities they don't show up at all anymore. Neither does the pizza.


I'm with Larry on this.....

Larry Correia

10 hrs  · Shared with Public

A friend of mine posted about seeing this: "Where are all you gun owners now that the federal government and police are attacking citizens in the streets?? Now that the National Guard is out oppressing citizens? I thought this was the moment you're waiting for? So why aren't you out there fighting them with your guns? You're nothing but a bunch of fucking cowards!"

My response was the GIF of Nelson Muntz going HA HA.  ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

But I've seen this sentiment a lot too over the last few days, so please if you are so incredibly fucking dumb that you are actually wondering why America's gun culture aren't commuting into the democrat cities you have banned us from in order to get into gun fights with the National Guard on your behalf, allow me to elaborate.

Hypothetical Liberal "Ally" Who Lives in the Suburbs Which Aren't On Fire - "Hey, gun owners! Here is some civil unrest! Why won't you come and help us?"

Snort. Fuck off. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

"Pussies! Why not?"

Well, every single gun nut in America has spent their entire adult life being continually mocked, insulted, and belittled by the left. You've done nothing but paint us as the bad guys.
In Hollywood, we're always evil, stupid, violent, malicious, redneck, racist, murderers. That's so ingrained in the liberal religion that when "ally" Harvey Weinstein was trying to get out of being a sleazy rapist, his repentance consisted of promising to make more movies about how the NRA is bad.

In the news, everything is always our fault. If there is a mass murder, we can always count on the vultures to swoop in and blame America's gun culture. They flog it for weeks on end, 24/7 coverage, hoping for gun control. And if the identity of the shooter doesn't fit the narrative, it drops off the news in mere hours.

And then at the local, state, and federal level, legally speaking, the left fucks us at every opportunity.  You ban everything you can get away with. You ban things that literally make no sense. You ban shit just out of spite.

When we fight back against gun control laws, you declare we are stupid because only the police should have guns (hey, aren't those the guys you are protesting right now?) 

"Stupid racist rednecks! We live in a civilized society! Don't you realize the police will protect us?"  until when your democrat cities are on fire, and you call 911 and the operator tells you sorry, the police can't come to your house right now, please try not to get murdered... How is that strict gun control working out for you?

Then you did everything in your power to chase gun owners out of your sainted liberal strongholds. You passed laws. You banned everything we like. Forced all the shooting ranges to close. Forced most of the gun stores to close. And just generally let us know that our kind is not welcome there.
But now you've started some shit, YOU want US to go into democrat cities, with democrat mayors, and democrat police chiefs enforcing democrat policies which cause strife among democrats, in order to get into gun fights on your behalf?

How fucking gullible do you think we are? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ  Like holy shit. Damn dude!

Because we all know that literally 30 seconds after a gun nut blows away a government employee on your behalf, then all the national media coverage of the riots will instantly cease (sorta like the Corona Virus coverage did) and it'll be back to the news breathlessly reporting about right wing extremist gun nuts, and all you useless fucks would go back to whining for more dumb ass gun control.

You've already thrown the black community under the bus, cheering as their neighborhoods get burned and yours are safe. Seriously, white liberals are the shittiest "allies" in history, and your moral foundation has the consistency of Play-Doh. Your moral compass is a wind sock.
Just a little while ago, gun nuts had a massive peaceful protest in Virginia. Tens of thousands of people turned out to protest gun control proposals from a democrat with a penchant for wearing black face (he still considers himself an "ally" though!) They didn't break any windows. They didn't kill any puppies. They didn't burn any horses. They didn't flip any police cars or murder any security guards. They were downright boring. They were polite, and even cleaned up their litter.

Except then you called them domestic terrorists, and were super sad that they didn't get massacred by the government (said government you are now mad at for killing people, because again, you fuckers ain't exactly consistent)

Liberal "allies" are quick to call gun nuts the bad guys, but we're not trying to disarm people. We want everybody to be able to defend themselves. It's a common thing to see some meme on the internet, showing a black family shooting or posing with their guns, with some caption like "bet this offends the NRA", which is liberal projection, because in reality in my social circles everybody is like, "fuck yeah, good for them". And the harshest complaints I've seen have been about trigger finger discipline or lack of eye protection.

My side isn't the one that wants the state to have a monopoly on force. We know the 2nd is for everybody, regardless of skin color or where you live. You fuckers are the ones who keep declaring we can't fight the government with AR-15s because they have tanks and nukes, but then you bumbling fuckheads try it by throwing rocks?

So not only no, but hell no.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020


It's what you think it is but it is never ever discussed.

Taken from Powerline.


Heather Mac Donald writes about the pandemic of violence that spread across America after the killing of George Floyd. Her excellent article includes this statistic:
Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks.
Blacks commit around 70 percent of black-white interracial homicides. I take it that, as a statistical matter, the “expected” number is 50 percent for all forms of black-white interracial violent crime.
Is the vastly disproportionate number of violent crimes by blacks against whites explained by black racism? Not necessarily. It might be the product of the disproportionate propensity of blacks to commit violent crimes against anyone. But the explanation must be racism, criminality, or both.
In all events, these numbers render absurd the claim that racist America is waging war against “black bodies.” When whites encounter blacks, it’s “white bodies” that are in greater jeopardy. (As a statistical matter, neither set of bodies is normally in danger.)
We almost never see the statistics on interracial violence presented above. It’s politically incorrect, and probably impolite, to bring them up.
I’m fine with that — until our cities are trashed and burned by mobs on the pretext that white racism makes blacks, as a group, unsafe in America.