Thursday, June 4, 2020


You remember all the screams of joy and unbridled enthusiasm that greeted Musk and Space X putting a Tesla into solar orbit? Yea, me neither but it happened and this time Space X does the biggest space challenge of all, and a private company designed built and helped launch two spacemen into space and the world didn't so much yawn as fail to pay attention. Well, we've all heard the excuses, "I was sick with a bad virus", "There was a massive violent racist demonstration/riot in the way so I couldn't see it" and the best one of all, "it was all done on a studio sound stage just like the Martian rover missions."

Commercial space flight takes men into orbit
As I said, pity for Elon but a sharp cornered kind of pity that salts the wounds because it is his peers and counterparts that are funding the riots and arranging for shipments of bricks to be dropped off in major metropolitan areas where they prove helpful to the disadvantaged shoppers who have no money, no pride, no civic virtues to speak of and haven't quite figured out that once again they are destroying mostly their own neighborhoods and the businesses built up by the likes of them over the last 30 and 40 years and finally, are making sure that EVERYONE looks askance now and forever at any group of black teens that seems to be lingering in front of a shop window.

Light it on fire lest darkness fall
Instapundit is filled with stories where the disgraceful mayors of many of these bluevilles are ordering the police to not arrest or detain anybody they might catch in the process of looting, raping or killing as long as it's done in an urban environment. It's like those concerned legislators that thought it best to force sick old people out of the hospitals and back into the retirement home communities but made sure they took their parents out of them before pushing death into old folks homes and make it happen to everyone else's parents.

Where is the damned NSA and their individual tape everybody Omnivore now so we can all use their own orders and instructions to their "law enforcement" officials in the prosecution of public officials who are ordering public policy that is instantly, immediately and dangerously destructive to the public? [Did you ever think you'd reach the day when you just sneer whenever anyone talks about 'law enforcement officers?]

I have to admit to being surprised that nobody has decided to declare open season on some of these rotten swine. Sane people are reconsidering the entire notion of the gun control they used to believe in. Then again, they used to believe in the tooth fairy.

In the blue cities they don't show up at all anymore. Neither does the pizza.

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