Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I am always amazed to see otherwise sane people trip over the moderation line and leap into a frenzy of hatred when others disagree with a particular political viewpoint or approach and then react balefully when they are called on it. You used to see it with Bush Derangement Syndrome or extreme hatred of Karl Rove or Dick Cheney and now one sees it as they attempt to deal with Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement. It's really odd. 42% of Americans pay no Income Tax because they are exempt but they get to go out and vote higher and higher taxes on the Americans that do pay taxes in order that LA Unified Schools can build a $578 MILLION dollar school. That would be for 4200 'pupils' probably half of them illegals and half of them with parent that pays no taxes beyond the $8.00/pack on their smokes. That's a nice progressive tax.

Dare to disagree with one wingnut and you are evidently, unpatriotic. Dare to disagree with the opposite wingnut and you are evil, mean spirited, stupid and ugly.

I'm kind of looking forward to November but also looking forward to any pending revelation that 2nd Fleet is on the chopping block. You talk about a useless and pointless staff.... JFCOM did ALL their work and JFCOM is going away which tells you how pointless 2nd Fleet is. I spent 3 years as OPS on a midlevel staff and I would talk to my 3rd Fleet counterparts a couple of times a week but never ever had to show up with a powerpoint briefing about anything. My peer on the east coast had to routinely show up with full powerpoint briefs to brief his counterparts at 2nd Fleet which was pretty pointless on the whole since he also had to walk and talk his brief over to JFCOM for any decisions. Good riddance and take 4th Fleet and 10th Fleet with you into that dark night. Oh, and 6th Fleet too.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Can you imagine the one owning slippers and a cat. Cat shit up there at the toe every day.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Hsd way more fun in a week with a 7 year old girl than you could shake a stick at. Also got word from multiple sources, again, that I'm an ass. What can I say? I really truly like to argue and of course could never ever not even once do it in person. The intertubes were perfect for somebody like me. Just as marriage was the death of Random at USENET so is the invite to the world the death of Curtis. We shall not see his like again, I hope. Does anyone else miss the naps of childhood?

Napping turned to nooners turned to can't sleep more then 4 hours. It used to take nothing more than covering her feet on the couch and out she'd be. Less than five minutes to unconscious after toe warming.

I thought about it a bit today and decided, I don't really think I'll miss slanging off. Nobody else will either.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Sa place I've not been to since 1988 in Shah Allum or Rostam or even Farsi. Endo results in this morning. Still hanging on the brain scan stuff. Probably take an MRI to resolve the mass hanging on the back of the cerebellum.