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Thanks Kurt

among his other crimes, he's a lawyer.

I wouldn't ask an FBI agent directions to the nearest bank.

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This was at instapundit a minute ago. It resonates very loudly.
“Vote for us, you bigots,” is quite an interesting argument for Democratic Party operatives with bylines to be making during in the early innings of a presidential election cycle.
As was said there earlier, all they have to do to win is just not be crazy. They're giving crazy a run for their money.

Having come back from CA yesterday, we are heading for PA crazyville in the morning. As we do on our way out we will pass through Lordstown on our way to Carlisle. In my twisted world we could make something there, technicals if nothing else. As with tesla, we could sell them for nothing in the 3rd world and make money on selling those bastards some ammunition.

Just sayin. If you ain't innovating, you ain't trying.

actually not sure how to spell ain't. I'll ask my daughter...... She'll know.

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I wonder if I did that on facething would I get the instant attention of the AI? How about one of these great whites? Evidently they're vanishing from South African waters. I hear they're on vacation just like me last week in California...


Read it slow.  It is the very essence of where we are today.

By Jim Mattis

I had time on the cross-country flight to ponder how to encapsulate my view of America’s role in the world. On my flight out of Denver, [I just flew into metroparkcentralis from Denver yesterday] the flight attendant’s standard safety briefing caught my attention: If cabin pressure is lost, masks will fall…Put your own mask on first, then help others around you. In that moment, those familiar words seemed like a metaphor: To preserve our leadership role, we needed to get our own country’s act together first, especially if we were to help others.

Afterward, the president-elect escorted me out to the front steps of the colonnaded clubhouse, where the press was gathered. I assumed that I would be on my way back to Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, where I’d spent the past few years doing research. I figured that my strong support of NATO and my dismissal of the use of torture on prisoners would have the president-elect looking for another candidate. [I'm not sure why he thought that because I've worked for a number of people with whom I had enormous differences of opinions but none of them slowed down the urgency and success of completing the missions we were assigned.]

Standing beside him on the steps as photographers snapped away, I was surprised for the second time that week when he characterized me to the reporters as “the real deal.” Days later, I was formally nominated.

.... Still, having been raised by the Greatest Generation, by two parents who had served in World War II, and subsequently shaped by more than four decades in the Marine Corps, I considered government service to be both honor and duty. When the president asks you to do something, you don’t play Hamlet on the wall, wringing your hands. To quote a great American company’s slogan, you “just do it.” So long as you are prepared, you say yes.

When it comes to the defense of our experiment in democracy and our way of life, ideology should have nothing to do with it. [He is very very wrong here. Ideology has EVERYTHING to do with it.] Whether asked to serve by a Democratic or a Republican, you serve. “Politics ends at the water’s edge”:

We were at war, amid the longest continuous stretch of armed conflict in our nation’s history. I’d signed enough letters to next of kin about the death of a loved one to understand the consequences of leading a department on a war footing when the rest of the country was not. The Department of Defense’s millions of devoted troops and civilians spread around the world carried out their mission with a budget larger than the GDPs of all but two dozen countries.

On a personal level, I had no great desire to return to Washington, D.C. I drew no energy from the turmoil and politics that animate our capital. Yet I didn’t feel overwhelmed by the job’s immensities. I also felt confident that I could gain bipartisan support for the Department of Defense despite the political fratricide practiced in Washington.

My career in the Marines brought me to that moment and prepared me to say yes to a job of that magnitude. The Marines teach you, above all, how to adapt, improvise and overcome. [Best expressed in the movie Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood] But they expect you to have done your homework, to have mastered your profession. Amateur performance is anathema. [Everywhere!]

The Marines are bluntly critical of falling short, satisfied only with 100% effort and commitment. Yet over the course of my career, every time I made a mistake—and I made many—the Marines promoted me. [See my page at the right on learning by making and letting others make mistakes. Too often now the military is a zero tolerance kind of place. No learning takes place where there is no forgiveness for mistakes.] They recognized that these mistakes were part of my tuition and a necessary bridge to learning how to do things right. Year in and year out, the Marines had trained me in skills they knew I needed, while educating me to deal with the unexpected.

Beneath its Prussian exterior of short haircuts, crisp uniforms and exacting standards, the Corps nurtured some of the strangest mavericks and most original thinkers I encountered in my journey through multiple commands and dozens of countries. The Marines’ military excellence does not suffocate intellectual freedom or substitute regimented dogma for imaginative solutions. [Neither did my father's Army or my first 10 years in the Navy.] They know their doctrine, often derived from lessons learned in combat and written in blood, but refuse to let that turn into dogma. [I believe I mentioned earlier that DOGMA is a great movie!]

Woe to the unimaginative one who, in after-action reviews, takes refuge in doctrine. The critiques in the field, in the classroom or at happy hour are blunt for good reasons. Personal sensitivities are irrelevant. No effort is made to ease you through your midlife crisis when peers, seniors or subordinates offer more cunning or historically proven options, even when out of step with doctrine. [Except of course how DEEP BLUE treated General Ripper. That was hate piled on hate.]

In any organization, it’s all about selecting the right team. The two qualities I was taught to value most were initiative and aggressiveness. Institutions get the behaviors they reward. [What he failed to mention that nobody ever in my 30 years in the NAVY let me pick 'my team'. I got what was handed me and had to mold it and shape it to be an instrument effective at carrying out the mission. He should have said so here.]

During my monthlong preparation for my Senate confirmation hearings, I read many excellent intelligence briefings. I was struck by the degree to which our competitive military edge was eroding, including our technological advantage. We would have to focus on regaining the edge. [After my years at SPAWAR I'm here to tell you 90+% of our hardware is made in China.]

When you’re going to a gunfight, bring all your friends with guns.
An oft-spoken admonition in the Marines is this: When you’re going to a gunfight, bring all your friends with guns. Having fought many times in coalitions, I believe that we need every ally we can bring to the fight. From imaginative military solutions to their country’s vote in the U.N., the more allies the better. I have never been on a crowded battlefield, and there is always room for those who want to be there alongside us. [Our putative allies in NATO don't support us on any battlefield and never in the UN. General Mattis missed the boat on this one.]

A wise leader must deal with reality and state what he intends, and what level of commitment he is willing to invest in achieving that end. He then has to trust that his subordinates know how to carry that out. Wise leadership requires collaboration; otherwise, it will lead to failure. [Hitler had a vast number of allies yet he led Germany into failure. Let's not go there with allies like that.]

Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither. Alone, America cannot protect our people and our economy. At this time, we can see storm clouds gathering. A polemicist’s role is not sufficient for a leader. A leader must display strategic acumen that incorporates respect for those nations that have stood with us when trouble loomed. Returning to a strategic stance that includes the interests of as many nations as we can make common cause with, we can better deal with this imperfect world we occupy together. Absent this, we will occupy an increasingly lonely position, one that puts us at increasing risk in the world. [I'd recommend Thucydides to him because he has clearly forgotten it. Hard to believe Stanford and the Hoover Institute dropped Thucydides from their reading list. Athens had lots and lots of 'allies'. That's what you take away from reading the book.]

It never dawned on me that I would serve again in a government post after retiring from active duty. But the phone call came, and on a Saturday morning in late 2017, I walked into the secretary of defense’s office, which I had first entered as a colonel on staff 20 years earlier. Using every skill I had learned during my decades as a Marine, I did as well as I could for as long as I could. When my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially keeping faith with our allies, no longer resonated, it was time to resign, despite the limitless joy I felt serving alongside our troops in defense of our Constitution. [The problem General was that you were trying to keep faith with allies that manifestly were not keeping faith with us. President Trump understood that and acted on that basis. You let your 40 years as a Marine influence your 'concept' of what our 'allies' do. President Trump doesn't play that game.]

We all know that we’re better than our current politics.
Unlike in the past, where we were unified and drew in allies, currently our own commons seems to be breaking apart. What concerns me most as a military man is not our external adversaries; it is our internal divisiveness. We are dividing into hostile tribes cheering against each other, fueled by emotion and a mutual disdain that jeopardizes our future, instead of rediscovering our common ground and finding solutions. [While I have enormous disdain for the progressives and democrats who have feelzzzzz for the likes of antifa and the PLO,  I have not parted from my country or the oath I swore again and again every time I was promoted in the Navy. There is truly a split but it wasn't anything that I or mine did. I am and remain a strict Constitutionalist. I'm not the one promoting revolution, spinning race as a weapon or crippling our public education system.]

All Americans need to recognize that our democracy is an experiment—and one that can be reversed. We all know that we’re better than our current politics. Tribalism must not be allowed to destroy our experiment. [There is just one party that supports tribalism]


Hope that helped. BTW, I have enormous respect for that man.

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I think I like this guy. I honestly don't care what the socialists think about him.

Trump signs order automatically forgiving student loan debt for disabled veterans

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I stole this one complete from wire cutter. We really liked that strange place.


Here's some mainline thinking from the people behind HLS and the FBI but shadow warriors all:
A notation from CNN said, "CORRECTION: This story has been updated to correctly state the history of US land purchases." 
Alaska, which became the 49th U.S. state in 1959, encompasses 663,268 square miles of land and is the most northwestern portion of North America. Positioned in the Arctic, which is seen as an increasingly strategic region by the Pentagon as the U.S. shifts its national defense posture toward a great power struggle in the 21st century. 
Mainland Alaska is less than 100 miles from mainland Russia, and Alaskan radar detection systems have been put in the spotlight as Russian planes have periodically tested U.S. air defense responses in the region.
So CNN's usual pack of idiots, ignorants and stupid people got it all wrong from the start. No surprise, but let's look at the Pentagon's stupid twist on being blissfully ignorant and irrelevant in the true strategic impact of geography on national security. You can't do better than the Executive Summary of June 2019 DOD Report to Congress on Arctic Strategy.  Let's have a look, shall we?
DoD’s desired end-state for the Arctic is a secure and stable region in which U.S. national security interests are safeguarded, the U.S. homeland is defended, and nations work cooperatively to address shared challenges. 
Protecting U.S. national security interests in the Arctic will require the Joint Force to sustain its competitive military advantages in the IndoPacific and Europe, identified in the NDS as key regions of strategic competition, and to maintain a credible deterrent for the Arctic region. 
DoD must be able to quickly identify threats in the Arctic, respond promptly and effectively to those threats, and shape the security environment to mitigate the prospect of those threats in the future. 
At some point there must be somebody in the Pentagon wondering why we don't have any national security policy for dealing with an invasion by 22 million colonists coming over our southern border from Mexico, Central America, Africa and the Middle East......right?

I mean srsly, they got a policy for the most denuded of human life part of the planet but not one for dealing with over a billion destitute impoverished vandals, goths and visigoths of the New Millennium? Sh*t, Rome did better than that over 1500 years ago.


Here is Attorney General Barr lauding the fact that he rehired two deep swamp characters who 'worked' for 4 previous AG's which would include Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. One doesn't get more corrupt or two-faced than lying scumbags like them.

You know, he could have picked anybody out of the Shaker Heights alumni phone book and stood a 99% chance of finding an actual, no shit, ethical leader of the federal bureau of prisons but no, he turned back to the swamp.

Weird how they keep doing that again and again. Just look at this this gorgon from hell.

Somehow this creature keeps appearing again and again in public roles as a 'servant of the people' who rakes in $26 million as a functionary at Fannie Mae over the course of 4 years. She was at the heart of Duke lawsuit against their lacrosse team until she just bailed out when Duke was losing their clear and obvious framing job and then she was also the one who created the wall between national security intelligence and law enforcement which led to the horrors of 9/11.

I'm really tired of these people showing up in public service again and again.

President Trump has cabinet officials telling various branches of the swamp to move to Kansas and Nebraska and that's a good thing. There is no reason at all that any of the various organs of the deep state need to reside in the DC, northern Virginia area. They should not relocate to Malibu or Santa Monica but Butte sounds good to me.

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I had a 50% role in the design of these challenge coins. The admirals in NOLA were terrified of the commodore we had in mind when we made them. He was shaking the very foundations of the earth they stood on and 100% of what he predicted in his article in the Proceedings of the Naval Institute did indeed come to pass and all the scuzzy slime that had carefully created their own little empire down in New Orleans were turfed out, displaced and thrown away shortly after 9/11.

There were only a handful ever made and they went to the ones who know what we meant at the time, (long ago in the last millennium). The other guy who was responsible for the other 50% of the design was a captain and then was promoted and promoted and retired as a 2 star but while he served very well as a Squadron Commodore, he was nought but a Deputy Commodore of the Group. When we designed these together in Korea and had them made, there were only 2 commodores of IUW; one East Coast and one West Coast. The Commodores on the west coast were always some of the finest officers we had.

At the time we had the coins made we worked for one of the best Commodores Inshore Undersea Warfare ever had but he disdained the people in his Administrative Chain of Command and let it show. He, on the other hand, was great to work for. We decided that we'd honor him with a coin at his change of command and retirement ceremony and since we happened to be in Korea at the time it was very simple and cheap to create some coins there and have them within a couple of weeks.

They signify something the Philadelphia police and all to many other institutions have lost over the last 30 years as every institution crumbled under the idiotic demands of BLM, LGBT dogma, Title IX at universities and their kangaroo courts, the destruction of 100% of the integrity of the FBI, CIA, DNI, NSA, the church and the DOJ. I happen to believe you could toss the entire democratic party in the rubbish bin alongside all of the above because, say what you will, the last one of them who really got it was LBJ and he's been dead and buried for decades.

Nowadays the dregs of society claim to lead everything and they exert control over the institutions far beyond their competence or ability. The people hate them but nobody fears them. To quote the famous Spanish Inquisition.

At one time, they were feared and rightly so but we've reached the point where SJWs and their fellow travelers have decoupled all the teeth and fangs of almost all accusatory language from fear because they over-used them to death. Everyone that disagrees is not a nazi or racist or white supremacist and they no longer care at all what the snowflakes think.

The Philly cops and the so called justice types that let the perps of the Move bombing get away with it are all too similar to the ones that let cops get away with killing anybody at all and now the cops and the law types have zero credibility and no respect from an enormous percentage of the people. Having the courts all the way up to the Supreme Court declare again and again that the police "have no duty to protect" while the politicians seek to disarm us all...well, they lost the last bastion of credibility.

I think we're ready to let them fear the people now until they take positive steps to rebuild what they so carelessly allowed the scum at the top throw away over the last 30 years.

Thursday, August 15, 2019


I listened to a local talk radio host rant for the entire trip home about how the civilian bystanders in the vicinity of yesterday's shootout in Philadelphia pelted the police with garbage and other things even as the cops were getting shot at. The talk radio guy must have spittle of rage flying out of his mouth as he described how the Philadelphians were treating the police in the assault. He sounded ignorant of life in Philadelphia so a little lesson from the memory hole.

You can read the details of the 1985 Philly police assault on the Africa house here. The upshot is that the cops decided to collude with the FBI to drop a bomb on the house they were assaulting and the fire spread out of control as the police told the firemen to let it burn. This is what it looked like when it was over.

The final score by the time it was extinguished four hours later, 61 houses had been burned to the gound. Apart from a woman and 13-year-old boy who escaped when the fire started, everyone in the MOVE house was dead. The 11 deaths included MOVE founder John Africa, five adults and five children between the ages of seven and 13. Despite investigations and formal apologies, neither the mayor, nor the police commissioner, nor anyone else from the city was criminally charged.

There's a reason why the natives are restless when the police come calling and start calling in tactical forces and applying military assault tactics to police matters. In their experience the cure is far worse than the disease. They're wrong but ignorant and don't know that the police are just there to help them.


Ruthlessly stolen root, stock and branch from the Bayou Renaissance Man. It keeps going unsaid by the media, but the US Courts have ruled over and over again that the police have no duty to protect you. None at all. Not even those shits in Broward were held accountable for their manifest failures to do what liberals all expect of them and that realists know just don't happen all that often when left purely in the hands of the police. Oh, and the cops can justifiably shoot innocent people until they get tired and go home and neither you nor the law can hold them accountable in most jurisdictions because they all agree that the only thing that matters is going home at the end of their shift.

I did peruse an article today that claimed that magazine springs can safely be counted  on to work until after the ammunition in the magazine has deteriorated to the point of uselessness. I'm not sure I believe that.


Who will be at all surprised that one of the guards responsible for Epstein's life dies in a powerlift accident at the gym and the other is hit by a bolt of lightning while golfing under clear blue skies and the warden is killed in a tragic car accident on her way to the northeast region when she is hit by either a train or an Amazon delivery truck.

Not me.

Roll on---- conspiracy theories!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I read this and wondered which former friends of Bill and Hillary need killing in the northeast region.

“Today, the Attorney General directed the Bureau of Prisons to temporarily assign the warden at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York to the Bureau’s Northeast Regional Office pending the outcome of the FBI and OIG investigations into the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, a former MCC inmate,” Department of Justice spokeswoman Kerri Kupec said in a statement.

Was there anybody who thought Epstein would live to testify? Is there anyone who didn't see this coming?

And I'm also beginning to suspect that this guy named Horowitz is a complete fake. How many more years of investigating do you think he needs to do just to finish his investigation of the FBI and its activities in the coup attempt? I don't think this Horowitz person actually exists.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


There are a couple of posts I repeat every so often. This is one of them. I love good prose but find good poetry to be more scarce than ice in the Sahara.

The Country
I wondered about you when you told me never to leave a box of wooden, strike-anywhere matches lying around the house because the mice might get into them and start a fire. But your face was absolutely straight when you twisted the lid down on the round tin where the matches, you said, are always stowed. Who could sleep that night? Who could whisk away the thought of the one unlikely mouse padding along a cold water pipe behind the floral wallpaper gripping a single wooden match between the needles of his teeth? Who could not see him rounding a corner, the blue tip scratching against a rough-hewn beam, the sudden flare, and the creature for one bright, shining moment suddenly thrust ahead of his time— now a fire-starter, now a torchbearer in a forgotten ritual, little brown druid illuminating some ancient night. Who could fail to notice, lit up in the blazing insulation, the tiny looks of wonderment on the faces of his fellow mice, onetime inhabitants of what once was your house in the country? Billy Collins

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Not even during WWII did an American classroom exhibit such a lack of one phenotype even though 12 million of them were elsewhere in uniforms not known to modern snowflakes. Hard to believe they still make up something like 40% of the population don't you think?

Saturday, August 10, 2019


At some point even the credulous idiots in the democratic and progressive party are going to notice that every single time the Clinton's are faced with someone who can turn them into jailed inmates, that person ends up dead. It sure aint suspicious that a man on suicide watch in a NYC jail turns up dead despite the watch just after 2000 pages in the first tranche of evidence gets published. Srsly Bill and Hillary, it's getting old how you manage to kill all of your accusers, all of your enemies, all of the people in a position to reveal what you really are. I'd suggest you go for a drive with Ted Kennedy but that's off the table now.


It's late but I thought I would have a look to see if there was anything new on our wandering pole. It doesn't appear to have changed much since January. The north magnetic pole accelerated its drift towards Siberia last year and is moving at about 34 miles/year and jumped under the international date line on its way out of Canada. What surprises me is that there haven't been rafts of 'scientists' trying to tell us that this increased drift is anthropomorphic and the fault of mankind.

Still, it's early days. I'm sure if we give them time, some nut, just like the anthropomorphic global warming nuts, will say it's our fault. And then, when it shows up in Siberia it will be just like that malarkey after the War with people demanding to know who lost the pole to Russia! I'm sure they'll blame white men and Rethuglicans, like they do.

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It's enough. We can see what it is for what it is.


I ran across this tonight and thought it was funny. It also reminded me of my days on the mighty USS Harry W. Hill which could not run 100% of the Navy Tactical Data System on our UYK7 computers because they were shitty computers. We could only run segments of it at any one time. We tried to do as ordered once a week and run the overall Combat Systems Operability Test using NTDS but had to do it sequentially. ASW module, AAW module, ASUW module, Electronic Warfare module, etc.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


ProPublica published an interesting item that was almost about current US mine countermeasures based out of Bahrain. They've been there since 1996 and as you might imagine they're getting a little long in the tooth. As warships they're just about senescent and I find it hard to believe that what was broken when they arrived there in 1996 and was still broken years later and then was joined by many other things that broke, ever got repaired.

I played the mine countermeasures game in the Gulf shortly before the new team showed up. We did it in ships a little older and yet we seldom had any problem getting underway and our sonars worked perfectly except for one ship whose sonar fell off and dropped to the bottom of the Persian Gulf. If you read the article linked at Pro Publica it sounds like things are considerably more dismal now. I'm not surprised. It's hard to instill pride and ownership in a ship and its material condition when the crews rotate on and off every 6 months or so. OTOH, I heard that many years ago they made the ships PCS moves and the sailors were allowed to take their families to Bahrain and thus stay on the ship for 1 or 2 years at a time. It's been awhile and I don't know if that's still the case. They keep evacuating families when terrorism peaks in the Middle East.

One of my collateral duties on the NAVCENT/5TH Fleet staff was Salvage Officer. I found it impossible to task either of the 2 MCM ships to help me find things that fell off other ships using their high definition sonars. Either the ship was crippled and couldn't get underway or the logic prevented them from putting the sonar dome in the water. For about 8 months I found them to be perfectly useless. The older ships, the MSOs that were all scrapped 3 years earlier wouldn't have any trouble finding the rudders that fell off FFGs or antennae that blew overboard or F-14s that crashed after take off or helos that fell out of the sky but the Ardent and Dextrous were not up to the task back then. It doesn't sound like things have improved since 1997.

That is really too bad. These are simple ships and they have just one purpose. They can find and destroy mines. That's about it. They can sweep them with mechanical, acoustic or electrical sweep gear or hunt the mines with a variable depth sonar (a way safer way to clear mines). And yet it appears that they can't.

The MCM class of mine sweepers was meant to be replaced a decade ago by the Little Crappy Ship with the MCM module that would take a perfectly worthless surface combatant and turn it into a mine sweeper simply by dropping a module on it and of course there is no specialized training required to operate high definition sonar, remote operated vehicles, or drive into and through mine danger areas.

I can hear various old salts laughing. I shall tell you how it was when I did it. The Mine Group up in Seattle swept up the various bodies that could still fog a mirror, hear thunder and see lightning and put them all on a plane, flew them to Bahrain and put them on the new, almost completely unfamiliar ship and told them they had 2 days to turn over with the outgoing crews because they had to be on the USAF rotator heading back to CONUS. In 2 days we were all "experts."

Still, we did better then the next time when the MSOs and one MCM deployed for Desert Storm. We only had one warship stagger into a minefield and sweep a mine the hard way. In Desert Storm we had two ships stagger into minefields and sweep mines the hard way. I found the Samuel B. Roberts mine strike quite interesting but more so was USS Tripoli. It blew a hole 30 feet across in the hull of that giant ship. My little MSO was only 35 feet across at it's widest point.

I suppose they got lucky it didn't strike directly on the keel. That would have put paid to the ship that was long known as the Cripoli for it's engineering plant's refusal to come back to life whenever it came within visual signaling range to Grande Island in Subic Bay.

Me? I wonder if the VADM out there and those at home here have considered the sheer stupidity of keeping a Battle Group inside the Persian Gulf. We used to conduct damage control drills with a hit alfa and hit bravo which were usually missile strikes on our hull. We then trained to put out the fires, stop the flooding and restore the equipment to get underway and continue the fight. All those guys that bleat about 'stealth' never tell you that radars emit energy that pinpoints precisely where a ship is and the Iranians have about 15,000 anti-ship missiles that can hit any target in the Gulf from their truck/shore based launchers up and down the coast from Bandar Abbas and Abu Musa to Bushehr. If they launch flocks of missiles at certain USN ships it won't be hits Alfa and Bravo, it will be hit Zulu that sweeps the USN from the Gulf.

They better hustle out and stand by in the Indian Ocean and North Arabian Sea like they did for Praying Mantis. The C801 and C802 missiles were pretty damned devastating looking 20 years ago. I have no idea what they have now.

Monday, August 5, 2019


This tweet is not what I expected out of Neil deGrass Tyson. When I saw the headline in instapundit I expected more of the usual liberal progressive communist disarm the people rant but this caught me totally by surprise.


I was reading Instapundit tonight and came across something written by Sarah Hoyt that made me think she has sussed out why we are seeing more mass shootings. It is related to the usual frenzies associated with the end of one millennium and the beginning of the next. A lot of people go crazy when the old one ends and they all ready themselves for the Rapture or some other kind of end-of-the world scenario.

Sarah observed that and also that western society has been treating white boys and men of pallor like shit for the last decade or two and it is reflected in the schools and in the colleges and universities where it is enough to accuse a man of a sexual act to see him immediately thrown out of school and his life destroyed with no opportunity for redress until he hires a good lawyer and goes to court. The abuses dealt out to men by Obama, his Department of Education, Title IX and college administrations is almost unbelievable.

KC Johnson does a good job of tracking the nonsense. He also writes at Minding the Campus. I first ran across him 13 years ago when he was blogging at Durham in Wonderland where he stayed on top of the  grotesque abuse of the Duke lacrosse team after they were falsely accused and charged and railroaded off campus by everyone from the President of the University down to the sheriff in the local southern town out of your worst nightmares.

So now we have an entire class of men (and boys) who are fair game for every kind of abuse and the only people in this country that you are allowed to discriminate against in just about every job or circumstance and what they hear day after day is 'check your white privilege'. Oh, and the world is ending in 14 months because of global warming. (Yep, we're back to the millennial BS that makes some people go crazy.) Look at all the idiots that sincerely believe that they can change the fate of the world by reducing their CO2 contribution to the greenhouse.

Some people have kept up with the pseudo-science practiced by the dirtbags secretly running the scam called Climate Change. The whole thing is a scam, the science is fake, the data has been so massaged it trickled off the table and ran down the drain. Everybody from Mann to NASA has been 'fixing' and 'adjusting' the numbers for two decades. They all add 'corrections' to the data gathered decades ago in order to show that the earth has been warming up for generations.

So now we have an entire class of fairly bitter, angry men and some have become convinced that they have nothing left to lose. In a way it is a bit like all the muslim losers that run off from the West to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria and kill people. Their small tiny voices of conscience have been drowned out by the drumbeat of those crying out that death is nigh and the end-of-the-world is just around the corner.

It is all part of a grand and sweeping change rolling over America and the West. I read Sunday morning in either the NYTIMES or WSJ that doctors were polled recently and an overwhelming number of female doctors were much more interested in working fewer hours, going part-time or quitting the practice of medicine altogether in order to spend more time with their children and family. As I recall, over half of the recent graduates from medical schools are women. If a significant number of them cut back, go part-time or quit, we're going to have a doctor shortage. It's one of those hidden costs that seem to leap into being out of nowhere.
From January to June 2017, athenahealth surveyed 18,000 physicians at 3,500 practices on its network, and determined that more than 60 percent of physicians under the age of 35 are female, while just under 40 percent are male.
 All things considered it doesn't look good for the future. Burn, die from lack of medical care, be a statistic in a massacre or wither away. It's not really all that bleak. That's that part that a lot of people don't get. They watch the news and they read the crap newspapers and they believe everything they hear about President Trump and everything they hear about global warming now renamed climate change because no warming for 15 straight years.

Stop reading the newspapers and stop watching the TV news and use NPR to keep your blood pressure up on those long drives when you feel tired and might fall asleep before you get home. Those idiots rile the dead with their stupidity, blinders and unique approach to getting both sides of the story by asking two communists to come into the studio where one will tell us all what the Republicans are up to and the other eagerly agrees with the presenter and all agree that Trump is evil, Republicans are evil and the Russians did it and Hillary is nothing but a charming mother-of-all with an outstanding and unblemished record of public service, just like her husband.

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