Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Here is Attorney General Barr lauding the fact that he rehired two deep swamp characters who 'worked' for 4 previous AG's which would include Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. One doesn't get more corrupt or two-faced than lying scumbags like them.

You know, he could have picked anybody out of the Shaker Heights alumni phone book and stood a 99% chance of finding an actual, no shit, ethical leader of the federal bureau of prisons but no, he turned back to the swamp.

Weird how they keep doing that again and again. Just look at this this gorgon from hell.

Somehow this creature keeps appearing again and again in public roles as a 'servant of the people' who rakes in $26 million as a functionary at Fannie Mae over the course of 4 years. She was at the heart of Duke lawsuit against their lacrosse team until she just bailed out when Duke was losing their clear and obvious framing job and then she was also the one who created the wall between national security intelligence and law enforcement which led to the horrors of 9/11.

I'm really tired of these people showing up in public service again and again.

President Trump has cabinet officials telling various branches of the swamp to move to Kansas and Nebraska and that's a good thing. There is no reason at all that any of the various organs of the deep state need to reside in the DC, northern Virginia area. They should not relocate to Malibu or Santa Monica but Butte sounds good to me.

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The Old Man said...

Absolutely correct, amigo. And put ALL of the SES mandarins on mandatory RANDOM inter-Agency PCS biannually so they can be seen to justify that sweet, fat check they draw biweekly.
And weight the random draw so you can only be in the DC/Va area swamp once in your career.
Loss of pension is the penalty for becoming a lobbyist.