Sunday, October 31, 2021


There were some good images this week. Here are some i liked.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021


I haven't been this mad since a Master Chief Engineman and Diesel inspector told me I had to hot flush all my main propuslsion engines and generators. I threw that jackass off the ship. I hate liars.


Read all about it. Sowell never gets old but the anger and hate is really piling up. He is also the last man in America that can say it without an instant pileon of pigeons screaming that he's a racist. No mistake, there really are stupid pigeons who will have a lash at it.

I've noticed that when enough people set out to break something, they do. Sadly, it really only takes one. The Bonhomme Richard serves as the most fiery case. One man did that. I personally think we broke the country. I don't see it coming back.

This is one battle in a much bigger war, and the stakes are far higher than the governorship of Virginia or the Democrats and Republicans. The stakes are the future of this nation. When school propaganda teaches black kids to hate white people, that is a danger to all Americans of every race. Anyone at all familiar with the history of group-identity politics in other countries knows that it has often ended up producing sickening atrocities that have torn whole societies apart.

If you have a strong stomach, read about the 1915 atrocities against the Armenians in Turkey, "ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans, or the reciprocal atrocities between the Sinhalese and Tamils during their civil war in Sri Lanka.

Do not kid yourself that this cannot happen in America. The relations between the Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka were once held up to the world as a model of intergroup harmony.

They got along better than blacks and whites have ever gotten along in the U.S. But then a talented demagogue polarized the country with group-identity politics, to get himself elected prime minister.

Friday, October 22, 2021


It took this allegedly smart guy over 3 years to learn that the Department of Defense has acquisition labs with senior staffs made up of the biggest/baddest rice bowl protecting people ever and that they will never give up their software engineers even if Alec Baldwin pointed a gun at them and those little critters write the code on their schedule, their timelines, their terms and when they feel like it and oh, go get them a sammich. I remember peering down that particular muzzle wondering why our graphical data fusion system was kluge and could not adapt to new hardware instead insisting that we buy the last 12 microsoft windows 85 compatible 10 year old laptops on the planet by making a special plea to the Irish owners and paying roughly 20 times the going rate for brand new laptops.... It had reached the point in DOD, even 20 years ago, that the only way weapon system acquisitions could or would change is if one sent in Alec Baldwin with an awful lot of ammunition.


Famous now as a killer maniac, Alec Baldwin shot a producer to death on the scene of his movie. He also shot a man but he's likely to pull through and recover. Why did Baldwin decide to murder his producer? The world wonders. I'm sure Hollywood will blame the gun for going off all by itself and hitting and killing someone not even on the set or a likely candidate to be just randomly shot and let's be honest, NOBODY puts real bullets in a prop gun as a joke. Somebody was meant to kill and be killed. Baldwin is sufficiently despicable for either ends of the gun equation.


I too saw that General Powell was reported dead of covid 19 despite having all the shots. I also wondered if America was able to reap data from the latest victim of the plague. The shots don't actually work. This world wide devestating plague that only kills about .02% of the people that catch it strkes me as the new AIDS. AIDS was far deadlier and yes there was a terrible odor associated with it right up until that Warrant Officer and his kids died of it. At that point some of us learned that it was a blood born pathogen and anybody who got a transfusion could get it and both be a carrier and die from it and it lost that faggoty cachet right then.

It's going to be hard to believe that a whole world entered bankruptcy because of a little tiny percentage of people who died from catching the new flu. It didn't have to be like this and we all know it, those of us who are and remained sane.



I think of it as the swan song for Europe. It sure feels like it. And it's incredibly evocative.

Thursday, October 21, 2021


I read as much as I could stomach of the report on the fire on USS Bonhomme Richard. It racked everybody for their failures to understand and deal with fires on warships. I mean it hit everybody except perhaps the Navy Image of it's New Woke Self. What I read was a damning indictment but it stopped short of saying that the culture of the Navy itself was to blame. I'm pretty sure the current USN bears little resemblance to the one I served in back in, say, 1988. It was a warzone but you never heard of it. However, the training there was indistinguishable (nice fire word, see how I worked it in....) from the training I mandated on my stateside ship in San Diego. Both ships were old and made of wood and soaked in fuel and lube oil for decades. Consequently, I took fire very seriously and made sure everyone else did too. There was a full scale fire drill every single day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times. Every single time I shut down an engine at the end of the day it was a full scale casualty control drill. Every day I sat in the wardroom and briefed the members of both the Damage Control Training Team and the Engineering Casualty Control Team about what we were going to do to the crew. The only bit of non-realism allowed in the drills was that the men who made up the training teams would be the actual ones in charge when we actually had a fire but this way everyone knew the drill and the DCCT and ECCT played it as real as it gets. We charged fire hoses because maneuvering a charged hose is way different than moving around a flacid uncharged hose. We briefed the team to be 'ON THE SPOT' to keep the crew from lighgting off the devestating fire fighting systems but we wanted their hands to be reaching for the activation switches in every drill whether it was HALON, CO2 or twin agent fire fighting foam. Switchboards got stripped and it was as real as it could be short of an actual fire.

We had a quarterly fire fighting assessment from our Group Staff. We actually passed one inspection as the inspector was walking down the long pier to our ship at the distant end away from the Admiral Kidd Club. There was an electrical fire that broke out as he stepped on the pier and the Officer of the Deck passed the word promptly over the shipwide announcing system. Fire Fire Fire......blah. Class C fire in the blah blah. Then he was phoned by the Electrician of the Watch that power had been secured, He passed that word as the Senior Chief Damage Control man walked up the pier and then passed the word that the fire was out and the reflash watch was set.

If I had timed it exactly as a drill it could not have been better. I knew this all because I was walking down the pier with the Senior Chief having met him in the parking lot. We played inspections like the game they were and gamed the hell out of them but this one was real life. He took inventory of our Repair Lockers and announced himself satisfied before lunch and we went out for a few pitchers at Pure Platinum. What a nice emporium that was. Our sister ship spent the next 2 days trying to pass the same inspection. It was ugly.

The fire fault finding is detailed. It's worth a look if you're in the prevention business. Every single aspect of 'prevention' was unsatisfactory and the sad reality is that it probably still is on every ship in the USN. Training an entire crew of everyone in damage control is made harder when fewer and fewer of them are up to the rigors of it and dismiss it as somebody else's problem. You know, something for the turd chasers to deal with. I'd extinguish that kind of attitude immediately but it is the manifestation from the aviation dets translated over to the pure crew. Not my problem. I think we now have a lot more ship riders than crew on our ships. When I saw the article about how over-officered they were I was stunned. Too many officers not enough indians is the definition of stepping into disasters unseen and unprepared for because it was 'someone else's job.'

Wednesday, October 20, 2021


The words are all here. They're for growing. They always were.


Every now and then I rip out the page and throw it away. It doesn't pay to remember in anger and keep it bright and shiny when the simple passage of time will pull the sting from just about anything.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021


It may be truth but it could be fiction. I do like their burgers and fries though and miss them almost as much as I miss Robertos. Where the governments get off declaring private citizens their enforcement arm escapes me. That doesn't sound much like America and I say that even though they did it with beer and cigarette sales. My favorite always remained the hotel down the street that kept its cigarette vending machine that simply took quarters and never asked for ID decades into the ban on the sale of tobacco to minors. When I would wander over there for a late night purchase when every store in Emeryville was closed, I always recalled the good times when I could tell a long-winded orator on PARKHILL or NAVYRED, "dropped synch, say again".


Sending the commissar to make profitable an industry or farm is like sending a Democrat to restrain spending.

Monday, October 18, 2021


They must be really stupid people.


I had never really thought about it before....but imagine, translating a poem from Latin into English. I dare say that would be more difficult than simply translating a book but perhaps on par with translating a song. Far beyond my meager language skills.

Still, I once served very briefly with a Reserve LT who was riding our ship on his AT and he translated things from the Russian into English. I was quite amazed and asked how well he spoke Russian and his reply lingers to this day, "Can't speak a word of Russian. I just take the articles Navy Intelligence sends me and crack open the Russian-English dictionary and look up all the words.

I somehow sense that American Intel has never really matured from that point and that all of our Intel comes through a similar fountain of mis-knowlege of purpose, intent, plan and deed.

Try some Juvenal and see how it fits today.


Where would our society would be if we hadn't lost Education of the young to the communists 60 years ago? If we had kept on as we had been going after World War II and educated those willing to learn to the high degree we used to educate our young in this country? Somehow it all went to hell around the time, "I'm OK, You're OK" was published. It was all downhill after that and now we teach our regular school kids as if they are all in special education and we have to be mindful not to trigger an outrage storm that disrupts learning for the entire class for hours or days. Learning has kind of come to a standstill in most schools. The more woke the schools the more offended the students and the learning curve accelerates downwards. Now everything is racist all of history populated by racist bigots and rapists prowl the restrooms.

It doesn't have to be this way. We could start by making absolutely sure that nobody with a 'degree' in education ever gets a job in any school ever again, even pushing a broom.

Sunday, October 17, 2021


If you want to see where it goes from here, read the real history of the War. Some translations are better than others. Read it a couple of times. Every age thinks it's discovered something new.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Friday, October 15, 2021


Ripped off from wirecutter. Is this not exactly like watching leftists, liberals, true believers, greens and other assorted idiots. They have exactly the same blind belief in going to a place only they can see and then always and forever ending up in the drink.


The Admirals have decreed, via NAVADMIN 225/21 that all navy personnel will be vaccinated or discharged. The dates are set for termination of those who do not knuckle under and comply for both Active Duty and Reserve personnel. Read it all and weep for the Navy. They start off in full blown crazy ruthless mode. It goes rapidly downhill from here.

2. Policy. In order to maximize readiness, it is the policy goal of the U.S. Navy to achieve a fully vaccinated force against the persistent and lethal threat of COVID-19.

2.a. In support of the above stated policy, and as directed by the Secretary of the Navys lawful order, the Navy has commenced a mandatory vaccination campaign per references (a) through (c). Navy service members refusing the COVID-19 vaccination, absent a pending or approved exemption, shall be processed for administrative separation per this NAVADMIN and supporting references. To ensure a fair and consistent process, separation determinations will be centralized under the CCDA as outlined in the paragraphs below.

So I wonder, will the Navy be issuing a Campaign Medal for this is or is this more like the Combined Federal Campaign?

Let's wander deeper into the illusionary world the Admirals appear to live in. Let us recall from the first line of Paragraph 2 above that the Policy being enforced is to maximize readiness. Let's look at how that plays out.

2.b. Tragically, there have been 164 deaths within the Navy family due to COVID-19, far exceeding the combined total of all other health or mishap related injuries and deaths over the same time period.

The other source of some news about this tragicomedy is USNI. In their article they posted:

Sailors must be prepared to execute their mission at all times, in places throughout the world, including where vaccination rates are low and disease transmission is high,” according to the Navy news release issued today. “Immunizations are of paramount importance to protecting the health of the force and the warfighting readiness of the Fleet.
While this is true in the main it was never the intent that this was always so because that would be insane. Pregnant women are not deployed to combat zones even in this age of equity after a certain point. People get injured in car crashes, motorcycle accidents, sporting accidents, on leave and a thousand other ways that render them unable to execute their mission at all times. We have grown accustomed to that. It's one of the reasons our warships are sailing around undermanned because people are sick, on leave, at navy schools or detached for really stupid reasons like serving ashore in Iraq or Afganistan on Involuntary Assignments to Army jobs. We had tens of thousands of sailors detached from every possible command and squirted off to the desert to meet some infantile and stupid assignment polcy agreed by dumdums in Washington.

More from USNI as food for thought.
"As of Wednesday, 94 percent of active-duty sailors have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with 99 percent having received the first dose, according to the Navy.

Of the total force, 89 percent is completely vaccinated, while 94 percent have received the first shot.

There have been a total of 83,648 COVID-19 cases within the Navy, including active-duty and civilians, according to the service. Of those cases, 164 resulted in deaths.

There have been 14 active-duty deaths out of 48,231 cases.

There have been more deaths due to COVID-19 than other health or mishap-related injuries and deaths over the same time period, according to NAVADMIN 225/21."

It would be illuminating to see how many sailors and Marines have committed suicide in this timeframe and how many of them have been killed in aviation accidents and other accidents. Disease is part of life and the USN is going to lose thousands of people in unplanned losses at every level if people decide to leave rather than get shot. I see that the worst admirals plan to do for those who refuse is a General discharge under honorable conditions. This will result also in the loss of them all to any Reserve service obligations and how they plan to collect money and benefits paid in the expectations that things would remain the same will be of little interest to me. It is, after all, only money and this is the service that hounded hundreds of naval aviators out of the Navy following the Tailhook 91 debacle. They little know nor care at that level about the personal or personnel costs of their rabid decision making and policies.

Monday, October 11, 2021


Lifted from the folks at Powerline. Think how timely such a blog name that is as the power fades away in the West....


We seem doomed to forget history so here's a reminder by Robert W. Munson, Cabrillo National Monument Historian.
Like virtually everywhere else on earth in 1542, this is a slave owning society. In a pre-industrial age, the labor of slaves is an operational necessity. The few black slaves are prisoners of war from North Africa; the bulk of slaves here are Mayan prisoners of war. Remember that although the conquest of Guatemala was officially completed five years ago there are still active Mayan cities holding out in the mountains to the east, and raids and counter-raids are never ending. Do not impose 21st century values. You truly believe the Mayans deserve to be slaves because their refusal to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour means they are obviously minions of the Devil. This does not mean you can’t care about them and treat them kindly (if firmly) as shown by your bringing them salvation through Our Lord. For most Poblados the ratio is one female house slave for every three male field slaves.

This is a Roman Catholic society. There is no other true religion. Any other religion’s adherents are at best decent but woefully misguided people, and at worst full-blown followers of Satan. Heresy is a real threat to humankind. We are doing God’s manifest will. This is demonstrated by the fact that in the very year Their Catholic Majesties King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella completed the Reconquista, 1492, God revealed his next duty for his Catholic people by having Columbus discover the New World. A world languishing in the total darkness of the Devil: paganism, idolatry, human sacrifice, and cannibalism.
I happen to think finding the New World was the most significant event in history and all those who think that society is judged solely by its adherence or failure to adhere to modern norms of the white middle class are stupid and ignorant. Just look at the norms espoused by those who despise Columbus and all that came after him. These are the same people practicing infanticide, child slavery, prostitution, sex-trafficking, narcotics dealing and mass murder in the streets of every major democrat run city in North America. Who in the hell cares what they think?

Have a Happy Columbus Day!

Sunday, October 10, 2021


I see that Biden is demanding that President Trump reveal what he was doing while his supporters and FBI agents and informers were invading the Capital Building. President Trump is holding firm on Executive Privilege. Biden insists that we have a right to know. Well, on that subject Joe, just what exactly was Obama doing when Al Quida was massacring our Ambassador and consular people in Benghazi and screaming for help and even getting some from the military before somebody told them to stand down. Who was that Biden? Where was our Secretary of State the mouth-breathing moron Clinton when that attack was going on? These questions having to do with the whereabouts and activities of the National Command Authority have never been answered. Let's hear and see what really happened when America's enemies attacked.

And on that note.....just why have we let China off the hook for inflicting a massive world-wide epidemic on us? Why have we taken no action against China and all their works and kicked them out of civilized society for practicing germ warfare (using a weapon of mass destruction) against the United States et al?

On on that note, why the mandate forcing the unwilling to take a vaccine that NOBODY stands behind with an offer of restitution if the side-effects kill or injure people who suffered themselves to be treated like lab rats for the likes of that foolish imbecile, Fauci?

It goes without saying that I get an enormous kick out of the Southwest Airlines Pilots deciding enough was enough with the crippling mandates and fake labor dictats of the left and simply refusing to fly anymore until the company takes the jab off the table as a condition of continued employment. Control over what one puts into one's body is the very soul of our democracy and way of life.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Wednesday, October 6, 2021


I see that our untamed senate democrats are facing redoubled pressure after our idiot=in-chief the zombie has declared that it is worthwhile ending all comity for all time in the Senate and getting rid of even the palest shadow of bi-partisan behavior in the Senate and ending the Senate rules for cloture as they currently exist. They've done it before:
"The Senate tradition of unlimited debate has allowed for the use of the filibuster, a loosely defined term for action designed to prolong debate and delay or prevent a vote on a bill, resolution, amendment, or other debatable question. Prior to 1917 the Senate rules did not provide for a way to end debate and force a vote on a measure.That year, the Senate adopted a rule to allow a two-thirds majority to end a filibuster, a procedure known as "cloture." In 1975 the Senate reduced the number of votes required for cloture from two-thirds of senators voting to three-fifths of all senators duly chosen and sworn, or 60 of the 100-member Senate.
In the old days it took real no-shit bipartisan support to get a bill through Congress. These days there is no compromise and the weaker side doesn't just get sent to bed without supper, they get the bayonett and maybe, if they're lucky it's a clean kill.

People wonder why there isn't more comity and bipartisanship in the Congress? It's because they keep changing the rules in order to eliminate compromise and then whine about it later. I laughed when that idiot Harry Reid used his little nuclear option on all presidential appointments except the Supreme Court and then watched helplessly as the Republicans under McConnell just blew them out of the water and got all of President Trump's judicial nominees in with simply majority votes. The arrogance of the democrats knows no limits and then they get all outraged and surprised when the rules they changed are used against them.
And yes, they're stupid enough to try it again. OTOH, a few of them must know that the 2022 elections are going to be a wipeout. Still, I think if Manchin and Sinema want to come back they should think about going on vacation right about now. They couldn't find a better spot then one of these:

Monday, October 4, 2021


Here is a little piece of escaped truth.

They aren't even trying to pretend it is a real menace except when they try to kill your rights and liberties.

Friday, October 1, 2021


This needs tobe seen to be believed. Science denial is out of control.