Sunday, October 10, 2021


I see that Biden is demanding that President Trump reveal what he was doing while his supporters and FBI agents and informers were invading the Capital Building. President Trump is holding firm on Executive Privilege. Biden insists that we have a right to know. Well, on that subject Joe, just what exactly was Obama doing when Al Quida was massacring our Ambassador and consular people in Benghazi and screaming for help and even getting some from the military before somebody told them to stand down. Who was that Biden? Where was our Secretary of State the mouth-breathing moron Clinton when that attack was going on? These questions having to do with the whereabouts and activities of the National Command Authority have never been answered. Let's hear and see what really happened when America's enemies attacked.

And on that note.....just why have we let China off the hook for inflicting a massive world-wide epidemic on us? Why have we taken no action against China and all their works and kicked them out of civilized society for practicing germ warfare (using a weapon of mass destruction) against the United States et al?

On on that note, why the mandate forcing the unwilling to take a vaccine that NOBODY stands behind with an offer of restitution if the side-effects kill or injure people who suffered themselves to be treated like lab rats for the likes of that foolish imbecile, Fauci?

It goes without saying that I get an enormous kick out of the Southwest Airlines Pilots deciding enough was enough with the crippling mandates and fake labor dictats of the left and simply refusing to fly anymore until the company takes the jab off the table as a condition of continued employment. Control over what one puts into one's body is the very soul of our democracy and way of life.


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Short answer:

When confronted by a choice between fantasy and reality, the liberal will choose fantasy, unerringly.

The entire raison d'etre for leftism is fantasy, after all.

Reality frightens them, so they act as if it didn't exist.

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