Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Read all about it. Sowell never gets old but the anger and hate is really piling up. He is also the last man in America that can say it without an instant pileon of pigeons screaming that he's a racist. No mistake, there really are stupid pigeons who will have a lash at it.

I've noticed that when enough people set out to break something, they do. Sadly, it really only takes one. The Bonhomme Richard serves as the most fiery case. One man did that. I personally think we broke the country. I don't see it coming back.

This is one battle in a much bigger war, and the stakes are far higher than the governorship of Virginia or the Democrats and Republicans. The stakes are the future of this nation. When school propaganda teaches black kids to hate white people, that is a danger to all Americans of every race. Anyone at all familiar with the history of group-identity politics in other countries knows that it has often ended up producing sickening atrocities that have torn whole societies apart.

If you have a strong stomach, read about the 1915 atrocities against the Armenians in Turkey, "ethnic cleansing" in the Balkans, or the reciprocal atrocities between the Sinhalese and Tamils during their civil war in Sri Lanka.

Do not kid yourself that this cannot happen in America. The relations between the Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka were once held up to the world as a model of intergroup harmony.

They got along better than blacks and whites have ever gotten along in the U.S. But then a talented demagogue polarized the country with group-identity politics, to get himself elected prime minister.


boron said...

"It cannot happen here!"
A lot of people have repeated this over the past 80 years (that I'm aware of) only to find that politicians (and the people who know how to use them) require changing (as it is said: like a baby's diapers) or a good Nuremberg to keep them on their toes, so to speak.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Hate is very easy to teach. I am expecting Left driven hate crimes against white people to start becoming more and more common.

Obama was very good at teaching hate.