Monday, October 18, 2021


Where would our society would be if we hadn't lost Education of the young to the communists 60 years ago? If we had kept on as we had been going after World War II and educated those willing to learn to the high degree we used to educate our young in this country? Somehow it all went to hell around the time, "I'm OK, You're OK" was published. It was all downhill after that and now we teach our regular school kids as if they are all in special education and we have to be mindful not to trigger an outrage storm that disrupts learning for the entire class for hours or days. Learning has kind of come to a standstill in most schools. The more woke the schools the more offended the students and the learning curve accelerates downwards. Now everything is racist all of history populated by racist bigots and rapists prowl the restrooms.

It doesn't have to be this way. We could start by making absolutely sure that nobody with a 'degree' in education ever gets a job in any school ever again, even pushing a broom.


  1. I wonder how we're going to remove the communists from the education system..........I have several ideas.........

  2. 60 years? That's a bit off. Try 2x to get closer to the fact. The Progressives decided back in the 1880-90 time frame to start dumbing down the schools, since the idea of having smart/intelligent people working in the new factories bothered them. Word is that they also trained the people who started the Russian revolution after ww1, here in NYFC.