Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Younger readers will want to turn away and stick their fingers in their ears.

I was reading up on clueless. If it didn't come with a free introduction for the 76 tome compendium on it I'd have been clueless. As it happens, it was the Man of the Modern Renoia Sauce who reminded me of this scene. That voice at the very end telling somebody to 'get out of the way', is priceless. Your mileage will differ.

To my loyal reader. I haven't not been writing blogposts. I have written them. Buck would laugh his butt off to see that the number of my unposted blog posts is now well over 800. Someday, my daughter will find this place. I try to keep it neat and orderly and suitable for a young lady and that means that many things I write don't ever see the light of day. It has been that kind of a week.

And. I was bitten by a bat.

Saturday, August 27, 2016


Tom and I are by no means speedy walkers but we stopped periodically by the side of the lane as we left the concert in order to let the ladies catch up. I have to admit being just a little surprised today when Anne Bonny told me that she never noticed the girl wearing the short dress who cartwheeled almost all the way back to the car just ahead of Tom and me. I'm talking miles....of cartwheeling. It was like being in Brazil and watching the gymnastics and I find the way those gymnasts can fly absolutely amazing. This girl was tipsy which probably meant she wasn't quite insane enough to fly or do a double pike somersault.....dammit. I don't doubt for a moment that she could if she wanted to.

It goes without saying that both Tom and I noticed.

For my two readers who don't understand the gravity of gravitas and walking dynamics. I need the flywheel effect if I'm to keep walking in anything resembling a straight line. Like a bike, I have to rely on dynamic stability because I don't have any gravitas. I don't mosey or amble unless there's a gun pointed at my head. To beat an old film further to death, I feel the need for speed or I just fall over.


Down to Gehenna
Or up to a Throne
He travels fastest
Who travels alone

I'm sorry, I was blogging and lost track of time.


 A young man's parents drive him to college. It must be all of 2.8 miles away. I've frequently walked there from the house next door.

He may be the smartest of the 3 nephews in that abode.

Nobody now, except his new room mate, will take note of the time his girlfriend shows up or leaves.
He won't be asked to mow the yard.
Or clean the grill.
He won't be asked to shovel snow*.
He won't be asked to water the mosquitos.
He will, all of a sudden, no longer be the stoop labor when his dad sees a job needing to be done.

I was very careful with the young men next door. I paid them a lot of money when I asked for their help and was careful to limit such requests to no more than once a year.

College is the restful alternative for young men who are tired.

I employed the other bunch who also willingly left home and joined the navy.

Where there was plenty of grass that needed to be mowed but not by me.
Ships to be painted but not by me.
Mosquitos needing taming
and Stoop labor.

To be brutally honest here, I was an Engineer and then Ops and I had different requirements but I used to enjoy the second hand stories of men who found the rare shore jobs entertaining. I still remember the one who had two women who worked for him at Norfolk where they were GENDET and did things like mow the grass. He said the one young lass complained that mowing the grass atop her riding mower bothered her tits and she wanted some other job and his solution was simple and brutal and he told her to swap with the seawomen pushing the mower. To be honest, these were never my problems.

There was also the young lady who was able to heave around on an 8 inch mooring line without displacing the coffee cup in her right hand or the cig in her mouth. You don't find young women like that everywhere. Admittedly, that was when I pulled into Alameda and to be honest, most men should run when they come across the local dames there. There were no young ladies at Blossom with that kind of nautical bent. I mean, honestly, 3 quarters of them were wearing cowboy boots. Who knew MetroParkCentralis had so many young women with boots?

We went to a Darius Rucker concert last night with another couple at Blossom. It has been a very long time since I noticed so many young women. Srsly. You'd be amazed. I was amazed. I was a sailor as a youngster and I honestly don't think that I ever went out with a girl that wore cowboy boots. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with girls who wear cowboy boots. I just want to know where were they when I was a young man growing up in places like Huntsville and Penn State?

I think I can honestly report that a good time was had by all. I certainly enjoyed it.

Somehow, those young men that worked for me got lucky.  It almost never snows in the Middle East or in Southern California. So, at least they were spared the shovel.*

* you have to pay close attention or you'll just think I'm a rambling madman.

Friday, August 26, 2016


It was a 'strategic' island and we reinforced it a few days before Pearl Harbor and then we didn't liberate the island until a full 3 weeks after the Japanese surrender. I'd almost think Hillary was in charge but I know better. It was some other democrat. Pity about those poor construction civilians.

At least we hanged the Japanese commander and his deputy. The civilian killing admiral was delighted to hang. Until the end, he maintained, "I think my trial was entirely unfair and the proceeding unfair, and the sentence too harsh, but I obey with pleasure."

That's us. Making mass murderers happy.

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I rather like this song. I wanted the Pete Seeger version but it is no on the tube of you.

It's a good song. It makes you remember things that happened long before you were born.


Why are all the tongue tied law makers locked up in Britain? Why can't we get one?


It's actually about my dad. He read things. As he got more and more senior he used to bring home not one briefcase, he needed two for all the stuff. I remember going into his study in Michigan, which doubled as the TV room and seeing a memo on his desk in his handwriting saying that this particular agony of reading was surely formerly restricted nuclear data which he did not need to be carrying around. It didn't belong in anybody's house.

When he was younger he and his classmates built a nuclear reactor in a pool in Purdue. Man can't fix a toaster but he knows nuclear. I read his 201 file. ssssshhh. Don't tell him. It contained a very nice letter from a famous general who wrote to his Commanding Officer in the Artillery Battalion that that Don fellow sure knew his stuff and was quite probably the only man in Germany in 1961 who was qualified to shoot atomic munitions from 8 inch howitzers.

I'm just going to casually name drop that David Hackworth was the stairwell commander of our little home in Germany. He got the first floor flat. We lived above....and then my dad went to Vietnam.

I was charged with COMSEC 3 times and we only honored 3 classification markings and nuclear wasn't one of them. As a CHENG I had an inspector tell me that I "had to mark all the engineering logs and data sheets as UNCLASSIFIED." I told him the same thing I told the Master Chief within 3 instants of seeing him giving my snipes abuse in Bahrain and telling them they could not reassemble my primary generator without giving it a hot flush. I asked the idiot where's the nearest hot flush rig and he said, "Italy." "Get off my ship."

My father used to go to the White House and walk around on the roof. He knew a classified thing or two. I knew Confidential, Secret and Top Secret and that was enough. That was more than enough. Well, not quite. OK, there were some others I knew because NATO Secret wasn't quite the same as SECRET and above that was COSMIC. But still, not going to mark stuff unclassified. That's for people like Hillary and her crew of dedicated reporters and the FBI.

For the last 34 years my dad has had the same exact novels sitting on his bedside table. My mother asked me about all the text books he kept from Purdue and West Point and I said, no, they have the value that they had when they were written which is to say that they most surely explain Electrical Engineering but even the library doesn't need them. He read the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washinton Post voraciously for 30 years in that house. Every single page. He clipped articles and filed them.

You know, once you read those novels that fathers have.... they're all the same. I think Ludlum just changed the names of the characters and the cities and wrote 200 identical novels....until he wrote Road to Gandolfo and Road to Omaha. Those were gems.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Black Knives matter!

I threw in my brown fishing knife as a brown thing but I have tons of black knives. I only have the one K-bar and it is as black as Hillary's heart. It couldn't be blacker. It's a dark knife indeed. Still, not as dark as the stupid bat that flew in last night and bit me. That was Hillary on routine patrol.

The knife was a gift and I took care not to show the engraved side.


The last time we were involved in any way with rabies was when my little brother was bitten by a dog in Fort Sill, OK. It was 50 years ago and he deserved it. My father went out looking for the dog that bit him and I helped. We didn't find it which means my little brother got the full load of shots.

I laughed.

I'm not laughing now.

The science of medicine has improved a bit since that day. I went to the Emergency Room with a Bat emergency.  They ushered me right in. I was forced to wait while the pharmacy concocted the vaccine out of pure magic and then I was, like Prometheus, left upon a rock in Darien, except Prometheus never made it anywhere near Darien before his liver was torn out. I just had the ninja team of nurse deliver 612 jabs to the thumb that was bitten while covering me with 5 more batguanorabies globulin to keep the rabies cooties off.

I have to go back again in 3 days, 6 days and 9 days because I have not suffered enough. I'm gonna need 4 more shots.

Srsly, she went after my thumb with a needle like it was Rorke's Drift and she was all the Zulu impi. At this point I would like to thank her and the doctor profusely. There wasn't a moment of hesitation to treat this tiny little flesh wound with the care and concern that I'd give to a bat bite. Stupid bats.

I will admit to being afraid to take the bandaid off my thumb. I'm not exaggerating when I say it was stabbed 52 times. It was. They try to work the anti-rabies globulin in around the puncture wound even if that's a phalange. I really don't care about needles and said, "heck, try to inject it right into both punctures." She was happy to give it a lash.

So, now you know more about bat nonsense than you ever wanted to. The new regime calls for 4 shots, not the 27 I remember. Just four. So I have three more to go. They need to be spaced out. One of the things one forgets about needle cures is that they want to keep you around for a little bit to see if you'll survive any disasterous side effects such as death. I had a book or 800 with me and told them I had all the time in the world. I wanted them to be thorough.

When I got home I found that CDR Vimes was out. Both Hobbes and Sam are indoor cats. We don't let them out. Hobbes hasn't made it out yet but this was Sam's 7th excursion into the dark and the rain. He was coaxed in after 30 minutes.


No kidding. A motherfucking bat just flew in my room, latched onto my foot and bit me on the hand when I chucked it out the window.

I hate Mondays.

Now I have to get rabies shots.

God damned bat.

Mondays suck.


In the last millenium I bought a new car from a dealer in West Seattle. It was a very nice car.

In the last century I went with another person to buy a new car. It was kind of surreal. I might have written about this before but I can't remember. The fire I burn in is not time, it is something else altogether. She had been there a time or two. She had made clear precisely what she wanted out of them. She was there to polish the result and take delivery of a blue VW with bluish upholstery and other stuff she was sort of fond of. Every single car salesman came up to me to open negotiations on that particular car. 

Thank God that back then I smoked. I waved them off and went outside and said deal with the lady buying the car becacuse God knows, I don't want to buy another new one. They followed me and tried to negotiate. I've had my lash at buying new cars and it sucks. It was like none of them ever heard of girls buying cars. I'll have to save this one for my daughter. She really needs to take an alfa if/when she buys a new car and tell him to knock $7000 off the sticker price. Car salespeople find girls impermeable and they're not sure they truly exist. They sure as hell don't know how to sell them cars.

The first car turned to junk on I-5 right at Buttonwillow. It was not a rainy day, the highway was not dangerous but all of a sudden it took the most sudden departure to the left that you ever saw in a car. It ate the bridge abutment for lunch, dinner, snack, midrats and a whole bunch else. I climbed down the hill and used the nearest phone to invite the police who showed up, were quite nice and wondered if I could still drive it since it was just the accumlated left side panels that showed damage.

Nope. It was busted. I think the steering rods suddenly decided that Japan was where they suddenly wanted to be.

That was it. That was the end of my first brand new car. I never bothered to buy another brand new one until I went pure crazy.* I usually like to forget that I bought a Murano. I traded in a 328i for that Murano. OK, I paid for it, I didn't buy the damned thing.

A Plymouth Station Wagon
Cutlass Supreme
VW Bus
BMW 328i
Murano thing*

I really cannot imagine strolling onto a dealers's lot and giving that guy $7000 just to sell me a car. I also find it hard to belive I'm driving a 15 year old VW that I didn't buy but have driven for fifteen years. Never saw that coming.

*I got married.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I was reading Sarah Hoyt. She wrote about TANSTAAFL.

Robert Heinlein made it immortal in THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS.  We are now a nation of people who don't/can't read anymore. I dare to say that most people have no idea what it stands for.

There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.


English as a social tool. Not to be used by neophytes.


They've been dropping like flies ever since I picked up the paper. I used to deliver the Newport Daily News down Carroll Ave and I would usually stop to sit down and actually read the thing when I got to the mansion on Jeffrey Road behind my house. It was a wonderful place and I had two customers in the building. The gay couple on the ground floor that ran an art/photography business out of their apartment and the Navy LCDR with the very nice German Shepherd on the second floor.  There was a seat in the hall at the top of the stairs made for newspaper boys to read the rag.

I first noticed their loss when Mike Royko died and then Herb Caen popped off but it only started to hurt when Michael Kelly died in Iraq in a rollover accident as he did the marchup to Baghdad. I'll still read Henninger and Taranto but that's about it. I sure hope nothing happens to them.

Good newsmen are getting scarce. I still haven't found a good newshen but there is time and nothing passes time like reading. I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal but I mostly read it online which leaves unread newspapers lying around until they are picked up for the puzzles.


The man shames every single American politician. Erudite, well spoken, familiar with history, facts on demand. The guy is good as so many English politcians are. I'd prefer them to our tongue tied worthless losers who inhabit Congress.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


With the arrival of Zika on our shores, women are being advised to avoid Miami and south Florida. The Caribbean Islands aren't so cool anymore either since they too are infested with the mosquito's that carry the Zika virus. That being so, perhaps more people will start to think of investing in some stylish muslim beach wear like

A Burkini on a beach in France

Friday, August 19, 2016


There are some who lament their language choices in high school. I am not one of them. Despite being born in Germany, I eschewed German  and I also gave a miss to the Spanish for no other reason than that I wanted to go to France some day and speak the lingua franca. And so I did.

There are some who complain that Americans refuse to speak foreign languages. I'm not one of them. I may not be able to argue about 5 franc bikes at the train station but that's largely because, I have the francs and don't much care about 2 or 3 francs. Other people care....deeply They're fun to ride with but you wouldn't want to marry them.

A long time ago I asked Lex and Mary to join me at dinner in Del Mar. I asked my sister and her husband to dinner along with Dave and Tamara and a nice girl. I asked the relatives in the hope that they would espouse the party line and tell Lex to write a book. They write books. He proved pretty resistant but he and Mary told the most wonderful stories of their honeymoon in France. The Turners were right there. We all had wonderful French stories. We ate in the dining room, and I regret that. I had aimed for the roof.

It was a very good evening.

Dave called me in Arlington and told me he was sending me something. It was a while ago. Whatever he has would be nice to get. I gave so much away.

Not many just walk away from stuff. I went back for the golf clubs and the Persian carpets.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


I watched what they put Mark Steyn through as they dragged him through one human rights fiasco after another because Canada doesn't have our First Amendment. Canada is like a disease that eats the actual rights of its subjects.

Can you imagine being fined $42,000 for telling a joke?

Only in the facist state of Canada....or Saudi Arabia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I heard this on the way home. I liked it.


From the Middle of the Right

Now you see why the DNC was, is, in the bag for Clinton and dedicated to making Bernie fail. This explains those 3 oddly timed debates that Clinton planned to get away with until it looked like Bernie was going to smoke her in the primary.

I see that snopes tries to make a case for how this is all just harmless fun and jocularity, jocularity, but then it has been revealed that snopes is as much in the bag for Hillary as it is possible to be. They would now argue that 2+2=5 if Hillary said it was so.

When I see the hand of long range planning such as this in the Hillary campaign, I see Bill's touch. Hillary is and was, a greedy grasping politician who ALWAYS sacrifices the long term picture for short term gains, be it a land deal in Arkansas, $100,000 cattle futures, $250,000 speaking fees on Wall Street or anything else that floats her current ship of state. She is a perennial loser who can't see over the curb. Her worldview is driven pretty much by the price she can command. She doesn't sell herself cheap, but still, she's more than we can afford.


Normal people with employee health care coverage didn't much care about the ObamaCare mandate that was designed to force people with health insurance to give it up, pay more for less and subsidize an entire country of illegals and others who failed to have health insurance. They didn't care at all because as it rolled out Obama carefully negated its application to unions, democrats and people of means. It was just the elderly and the poor that were going to be forced to pony up the bucks to buy a "new" unaffordable and somewhat worthless healthcare plan for them and their families since their employers didn't offer it or they were self/unemployed. How's that for hubris? You! Over there! You, the unemployed guy! You need to pay one of my health insurance fraudster friends $400.00/month for your insurance NOW! It comes with free abortions if that rings your bell. You can kind of see why all those 22 year old immortal guys declined and waived the oncoming apocalypse of debt to health.

The wheels have been coming off for some time now. You keep seeing the regulatory state step in to prevent monopolies you'd like but you don't hear from those assholes now as the health insurance market quickly declines to a single insurer. Where art thou o regulatory state that thou declinist to intercede and force the damned insurance companies to remain in the game that they gamed and sought and paid for over and over so they would have us as their captive audience? Why aren't they forced to stay in the game they created?

They talk about losing money, well, welcome to the crowd. You made this. Obamacare was the insurance companies getting together and deciding that FORCING people to pay them money made economic sense even if it trifled with American freedoms but we had a president who listened to his preacher ask God to Damn! America! and he signed on and he waged no kind of effort at all while Pelosi and her stooge in the Senate slipped a strict party line majority vote ObamaCare Bill through both the House and the Senate.

I'm still kind of amazed that people will vote for Democrats.

The Arab Spring was never a thing but Clinton gloating at hunting down and killing Qadaffi was grotesque. The man paid his debts and he was actually, if you look at it, a very good leader for that place as Mubarek was for Egypt and yet Clinton took great pleasure in destroying both men and thus both countries just as she and Obama took pleasure in gutting Syria to spite Assad. They must be the stupidest people on earth because they sucked up to Iran and Cuba at the same time because what America needed was to resolve our 'petty' differences with both shitholes in order to make our economy grow again.

I can think of 13% of the population that doesn't read at all. I can think of another 30% of the population that doesn't read English, but votes. I can think of another 25% who are so liberal they can read 2+2=5 without blinking. Maybe the founders had a point when they enacted requirements for voting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


If you don't read Coyote, you should. He offers the proof that is found on finer artillery and is suitable for everyday economic warfare.


I know a man who was on a rooftop in Mogadishu with a SEAL detachment when the blackhawks were shot down just down the street. He opted to do an E&E and they made their way to the beach and called out for a ride. I wore camouflage for the last 18 years of my time in the Navy. One day I wore the khakis with the 3 ribbon bar and he questioned my wearing of the third ribbon. He was right to do so.

When you go there, you can ask all the questions you want.

There are significant risks to being in the navy. Big or small, death is just a breath away.


I dealt with a pip the other day.  She arrived on time and ready to work and as I listened to her tell us how she was going to deal with the damaged tree limbs I heard her say "I" a lot. I thought she was taking liberties with the I word when clearly some other person would do the work.  HA!

I don't get out very much and it has been years since my last pip. They're a treasure. It was her truck. Her crew. Her job. She was about 5' tall and armed with with 5 foot power saw and one hell of a truck.

I just thought I'd toss in a word that probably lost meaning about the same time that 'flapper' did. Still, an awesome worker and an artist with a power saw.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


In an aggressive display of Chinese land grabbing, Chinese drillers pursue their boundless efforts to exploit their national sovereignty over the "Expanded South China Sea" and have commenced drilling the coast of Scotland claiming that if they 'own' the South Sea it naturally follows that they own the North Sea too.

Oil Rig Exploiting the Scottish Coastline
In the Age of Exploration, the explorers went out closely followed or accompanied by missionaries who stayed to exploit the people of the new lands and when the missionaries ran into trouble they asked the King to send an army or two to back them up; such was the power of the Church. In modern times we send out the oilmen and when they ran into trouble they bleated for help and their country sent force to back them up. Nowadays oilmen are backed up by nothing but diplomacy and our dimplomats are headed up by ignorant clowns like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. Woe to the American and Western oilmen because the Chinese diplomats are pretty damned wiley.

You would think at some point the clowns in the State Department would wake up to the simple fact that throughout history wars not driven by religious differences or dynastic differences, were driven by pure commercial interests and the acquisition of more resources. One has to wonder if anybody in the State Department is familiar with the progression of claim, counterclaim, war.

BTW, for those not attuned to modern study, it is pretty much acknowleged that ideology is religion. You cross the fanatic ideologist at your immediate peril of death or worse. See? Nobody expected the Communist Inquisition!!!


A Japanese company (Toyota) and an American company (General Motors) decided to have a canoe race on the Missouri River. Both teams practiced long and hard to reach their peak performance before the race.

On the big day, the Japanese won by a mile .

The Americans, very discouraged and depressed, decided to investigate the reason for the crushing defeat. A management team made up of senior executives was formed to investigate and recommend appropriate action.

Their conclusion was the Japanese had 8 people paddling and 1 person steering, while the American team had 7 people steering and 2 people paddling.

Feeling a deeper study was in order, American management hired a consulting company and paid them a large amount of money for a second opinion.

They advised, of course, that too many people were steering the boat, while not enough people were paddling.

Not sure of how to utilize that information, but wanting to prevent another loss to the Japanese, the rowing team's management structure was totally reorganized to 4 steering supervisors, 2 area steering superintendents and 1 assistant superintendent steering manager.

They also implemented a new performance system that would give the 2 people paddling the boat greater incentive to work harder. It was called the 'Rowing Team Quality First Program,' with meetings, dinners and free pens for the paddlers. There was discussion of getting new paddles, canoes and other equipment, extra vacation days for practices, and performance bonuses for the managers. The pension program was trimmed to 'equal the competition' and some of the resultant savings were channeled into morale boosting programs and teamwork posters.

The next year the Japanese won by two miles.

Humiliated, the American management team laid off one paddler, halted development of a new canoe, sold all the paddles, and cancelled all capital investments for new equipment. The money saved was distributed to the senior executives as bonuses.

The next year, try as he might, the lone designated paddler was unable to even finish the race (having no paddles), so he was laid off for unacceptable performance, all canoe equipment was sold and the next year's racing team was out-sourced to India.

Sadly, the End.

Here's something else to think about: GM has spent the last thirty years moving all its factories out of the US, claiming they can't make money paying American wages.

Toyota has spent the last thirty years building more than a dozen plants inside the US. The last year's results:

Toyoto makes 4 billion in profits while GM rack s up 9 billion in losses.

GM folks are still scratching their heads, and collecting bonuses...


Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I have a great deal of contempt for anybody who would vote for Hillary. Her presence or touch ruins or tarnishes everything and everyone she makes contact with. She only draws breath to lie and cough.

Nevertheless, l suspect she will come in first no matter how few Americans vote for her.  Isn't it amazing that all the corrupt precincts reliably vote 141% Democrat and every single time it is discovered that something was wrong with Electronic polling machines it always involved the machines registering Republican votes as being cast as votes for the democrat.

There is though one saving grace, as I see it. She will give her inaugural address and suffer a complete mental and physical meltdown in public as she heads to the White House. All those little ignored twitches, dizziness, coughs and blackouts will unite in one dramatic meltdown at her moment of triumph.

It has to be in public or we'll end up with Bill running things again while the brain dead Clinton is shoved into a sub basement corridor under the White House as shown in Dave.

Funny how often movies resemble reality. OTOH, few recall the Edith Wilson Administration.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


In some ways President Duterte of the Philppines is even more detestable than Hillary Clinton but he does know what an actual 'War on Drugs' looks like.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Tonight I asked and she said yes.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


People have wondered for some time what caused the Mayans to vanish from history. They built a credible civilization that vanished almost overnight.

Did it die because of a bloody mosquito?

Who will be the first to bring back DDT to end this menace or will it be like the lame response to the onset of AIDS?

Every time we say we will do better but we don't. This is another holocaust that we're being forced to ignore and there's nothing in The Anarchist's Handbook about making DDT.

I'll post the method in a bit since it is a simple chemical process and not that difficult.


It is worth noting that none of the men who ran against Trump for the Republican nomination stood up and offered their support for him in the race against incarnate evil. To a man they hugged the cellar and stared into the abyss that they supported wondering if there would ever be a way out. None of them played by the rules our generation knows.


Did you ever sit down and consider just how the most corrupt and dishonest person in the world was selected to be the front runner and nominee of the party?

What does it say about half of America that they settled on that idiot and will vote in November to make the idiot President of us all?

We really need to find a better electorate because, frankly, this lot sucks.