Tuesday, August 23, 2016


In the last millenium I bought a new car from a dealer in West Seattle. It was a very nice car.

In the last century I went with another person to buy a new car. It was kind of surreal. I might have written about this before but I can't remember. The fire I burn in is not time, it is something else altogether. She had been there a time or two. She had made clear precisely what she wanted out of them. She was there to polish the result and take delivery of a blue VW with bluish upholstery and other stuff she was sort of fond of. Every single car salesman came up to me to open negotiations on that particular car. 

Thank God that back then I smoked. I waved them off and went outside and said deal with the lady buying the car becacuse God knows, I don't want to buy another new one. They followed me and tried to negotiate. I've had my lash at buying new cars and it sucks. It was like none of them ever heard of girls buying cars. I'll have to save this one for my daughter. She really needs to take an alfa if/when she buys a new car and tell him to knock $7000 off the sticker price. Car salespeople find girls impermeable and they're not sure they truly exist. They sure as hell don't know how to sell them cars.

The first car turned to junk on I-5 right at Buttonwillow. It was not a rainy day, the highway was not dangerous but all of a sudden it took the most sudden departure to the left that you ever saw in a car. It ate the bridge abutment for lunch, dinner, snack, midrats and a whole bunch else. I climbed down the hill and used the nearest phone to invite the police who showed up, were quite nice and wondered if I could still drive it since it was just the accumlated left side panels that showed damage.

Nope. It was busted. I think the steering rods suddenly decided that Japan was where they suddenly wanted to be.

That was it. That was the end of my first brand new car. I never bothered to buy another brand new one until I went pure crazy.* I usually like to forget that I bought a Murano. I traded in a 328i for that Murano. OK, I paid for it, I didn't buy the damned thing.

A Plymouth Station Wagon
Cutlass Supreme
VW Bus
BMW 328i
Murano thing*

I really cannot imagine strolling onto a dealers's lot and giving that guy $7000 just to sell me a car. I also find it hard to belive I'm driving a 15 year old VW that I didn't buy but have driven for fifteen years. Never saw that coming.

*I got married.

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