Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Younger readers will want to turn away and stick their fingers in their ears.

I was reading up on clueless. If it didn't come with a free introduction for the 76 tome compendium on it I'd have been clueless. As it happens, it was the Man of the Modern Renoia Sauce who reminded me of this scene. That voice at the very end telling somebody to 'get out of the way', is priceless. Your mileage will differ.

To my loyal reader. I haven't not been writing blogposts. I have written them. Buck would laugh his butt off to see that the number of my unposted blog posts is now well over 800. Someday, my daughter will find this place. I try to keep it neat and orderly and suitable for a young lady and that means that many things I write don't ever see the light of day. It has been that kind of a week.

And. I was bitten by a bat.


(not necessarily your) Uncle Skip said...

"The steering wheel's on the wrong side o' the car!"

Many of my posts would be better off as drafts.
Miss Buck, I do.

HMS Defiant said...

He was good people. I can't believe he damn near outdid Henry VIII in termns of wives. One was enough.