Friday, August 19, 2016


There are some who lament their language choices in high school. I am not one of them. Despite being born in Germany, I eschewed German  and I also gave a miss to the Spanish for no other reason than that I wanted to go to France some day and speak the lingua franca. And so I did.

There are some who complain that Americans refuse to speak foreign languages. I'm not one of them. I may not be able to argue about 5 franc bikes at the train station but that's largely because, I have the francs and don't much care about 2 or 3 francs. Other people care....deeply They're fun to ride with but you wouldn't want to marry them.

A long time ago I asked Lex and Mary to join me at dinner in Del Mar. I asked my sister and her husband to dinner along with Dave and Tamara and a nice girl. I asked the relatives in the hope that they would espouse the party line and tell Lex to write a book. They write books. He proved pretty resistant but he and Mary told the most wonderful stories of their honeymoon in France. The Turners were right there. We all had wonderful French stories. We ate in the dining room, and I regret that. I had aimed for the roof.

It was a very good evening.

Dave called me in Arlington and told me he was sending me something. It was a while ago. Whatever he has would be nice to get. I gave so much away.

Not many just walk away from stuff. I went back for the golf clubs and the Persian carpets.

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