Friday, August 26, 2016


It was a 'strategic' island and we reinforced it a few days before Pearl Harbor and then we didn't liberate the island until a full 3 weeks after the Japanese surrender. I'd almost think Hillary was in charge but I know better. It was some other democrat. Pity about those poor construction civilians.

At least we hanged the Japanese commander and his deputy. The civilian killing admiral was delighted to hang. Until the end, he maintained, "I think my trial was entirely unfair and the proceeding unfair, and the sentence too harsh, but I obey with pleasure."

That's us. Making mass murderers happy.


OldAFSarge said...

My latest endeavor is devouring every book I can on our Pacific War. Many great men, many small men. Much that can be learned from those times.

HMS Defiant said...

They're complete rot and I read them a lifetime ago but maybe don't ignore winds of war. It made a distant and long ago war human. If you find them, anything by Slim is interesting. I'm still looking for his memoirs. Yes yes, it's the kind of thing one might buy online but I always leave a solid good reason to visit every single bookstore in Christendom. I think it was in one Gallery's books that I read something profound. I think it might have been Michner. The thing was by the end of the we were so tired. McCains grandfather came home from the Pacific War and dropped dead. So too did many of the others. My great uncle retired from the destroyer navy to a house in The Tidewater he named Honalee. He or my aunt papered their ground floor bathroom with all the certificates he accumulated wintering over in Antarctica. He was a character.

HMS Defiant said...

I love how typing on an iPad lets one leave out whole words or use capital letters.