Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Normal people with employee health care coverage didn't much care about the ObamaCare mandate that was designed to force people with health insurance to give it up, pay more for less and subsidize an entire country of illegals and others who failed to have health insurance. They didn't care at all because as it rolled out Obama carefully negated its application to unions, democrats and people of means. It was just the elderly and the poor that were going to be forced to pony up the bucks to buy a "new" unaffordable and somewhat worthless healthcare plan for them and their families since their employers didn't offer it or they were self/unemployed. How's that for hubris? You! Over there! You, the unemployed guy! You need to pay one of my health insurance fraudster friends $400.00/month for your insurance NOW! It comes with free abortions if that rings your bell. You can kind of see why all those 22 year old immortal guys declined and waived the oncoming apocalypse of debt to health.

The wheels have been coming off for some time now. You keep seeing the regulatory state step in to prevent monopolies you'd like but you don't hear from those assholes now as the health insurance market quickly declines to a single insurer. Where art thou o regulatory state that thou declinist to intercede and force the damned insurance companies to remain in the game that they gamed and sought and paid for over and over so they would have us as their captive audience? Why aren't they forced to stay in the game they created?

They talk about losing money, well, welcome to the crowd. You made this. Obamacare was the insurance companies getting together and deciding that FORCING people to pay them money made economic sense even if it trifled with American freedoms but we had a president who listened to his preacher ask God to Damn! America! and he signed on and he waged no kind of effort at all while Pelosi and her stooge in the Senate slipped a strict party line majority vote ObamaCare Bill through both the House and the Senate.

I'm still kind of amazed that people will vote for Democrats.

The Arab Spring was never a thing but Clinton gloating at hunting down and killing Qadaffi was grotesque. The man paid his debts and he was actually, if you look at it, a very good leader for that place as Mubarek was for Egypt and yet Clinton took great pleasure in destroying both men and thus both countries just as she and Obama took pleasure in gutting Syria to spite Assad. They must be the stupidest people on earth because they sucked up to Iran and Cuba at the same time because what America needed was to resolve our 'petty' differences with both shitholes in order to make our economy grow again.

I can think of 13% of the population that doesn't read at all. I can think of another 30% of the population that doesn't read English, but votes. I can think of another 25% who are so liberal they can read 2+2=5 without blinking. Maybe the founders had a point when they enacted requirements for voting.

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