Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Venezuelans had many a chance to avoid the ugly state of affairs they created by letting Chavez out of jail, by  later electing him President and by releasing him again after the army coup of April, 2002, and they failed to see where the road to socialism always leads and so they have quietly and quickly moved from being the wealthiest country in South America to being the most impoverished country, where 74% of the population have shed an average of 20 pounds over the last twelve months, because starvation is like that and leaves a country greatly diminished.

In the end, they bowed to yet another dictator who believed that power came from the people when they were backed by the guns of merciless killers armed by the State and we see it again now with the pathetic Chavez replacement, President Maduro, who has decided to arm 400,000 new socialist men with weaponry from the State's arsenals to be used to ensure the People's Democracy is not overthrown, even if, and I want to stress this, even if every single man, woman and child starves to death in a country sitting atop so much oil it was once a premier member of OPEC and tried to get American presidents, corporations and people to dance to their tune of oil embargo and energy shortages.

Americans don't really see how this can happen here and to some extent they have a point. That is not to say that the lowest common human denominator won't agitate for a 'good socialist' to 'share the wealth' and overthrow the Constitution because it is just another incomprehensible old piece of trash written by a bunch of white men who probably owned slaves or wished they did. They're the kind that staff all those 'Get the Vote Out' shams created and funded by Soros and the other magnates who think they can pull off in America what they pulled off in all of Latin America, most of Europe and in the charnel house that poses as the United Nations. They want a socialist to run things here but I'll be damned if I know why.

One of the things they don't reckon on is that this is still a pretty rugged country and we all know what happens to countries and people that elect socialists to rule over them or who get them jammed down their throats by an occupying power like the Soviet Union.

The first sign in the skies will be after somebody uses a drone in America to kill or attempt to kill someone rich, socialist, evil, greedy or incompetent, by dropping explosives ala ISIS. Right then a bill will be passed and signed into law and we'll find that in America, only the Police and Federal Agencies will be allowed to own, operate or fly any kind of drone.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017



Well, it seems there is a way to bring peace and order with threats to the campus of University of California-Berkeley. It turns out the officials of order are now rallying around the first amendment and beginning to live with the idea that public speaking is permissible in our society and that the little nazis that dress up in black and masks and hold public beat downs of people they hate; like nazis hated Jews, can and will be countered, not just by the good people who hate California nazis, but also by the forces of order who can, it seems, when motivated, come out in overwhelming numbers to 'keep the peace'.

A Good Time Was Had By All

The Force of Order Approaches

Bloody Aftermath of a Bad Day

Not Everyone Survived

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The jackass who parked this truck in front of the auto parts store yesterday clearly thought that Blue Trucks Matter and he didn't hesitate to show his dedication to the worthy cause by taking up 4 parking spots in front of the building he came roaring out of just as I was snapping this picture as he delivered his Parthian shots over his shoulder to the workers inside whom he castigated and rounded on in the most hateful matter that only a BLM sympathizer could appreciate as he screamed abuse at them and headed for his blue symbol of BTM.

I've seldom seen such privilege and disdain for ordinary mortals as what is expressed by the BLM crowd and this guy was pretty typical for the type I BLM activist.


Found at The Liberty Zone:

I was heartbroken to see them held in such low esteem. I may even have shed a tear...

Monday, April 24, 2017


I started seeing references to /pol /last night and today I found this clip on Ninety Miles From Tyranny. It's worth your time to see who is actually out there out-thugging the actual Nazis, who are all mostly dead or very very old. I liked the reference there near the end where the narrator says, 'you cannot stop the power of weaponized autism.' Not the kind of thing one sees everyday as praise.

The thugs out there waging war in the name of some failed god like socialism or whatever, need to be fired from any and all teaching positions and their interactions with the young should be limited to times when radicals are actually being pilloried in stocks on public display and then children and teenagers should be encouraged to throw rotten fruit and rocks at them.


Ruthlessly stolen from Daily Time Waster because it is just so damned goooood!

Friday, April 21, 2017


I always thought the B29 was an enormous plane but the only one I ever saw was the Enola Gay. This picture, from strategy page, shows how incredibly small they were compared to the follow-on long range Air Force bomber.
Convair XB-36 parked beside Boeing B-29-55-BA (S/N 44-84027) for size comparison. (U.S. Air Force photo)


It was a beautiful day. Just about perfect.

Thursday, April 20, 2017


A review board of officers sitting in Imperial Beach, my old headquarters, has voted to retain the disgraceful services of LT Narker. You may recall this officer. He surrendered two fully armed and crewed USN patrol boats to a half dozen pathetically armed dinghies off the coast of Farsi Island. The Commander, Expeditionary Combat Command, stripped him of his warfare qualifications and kicked him out of the navy, but this flaming idiot LT decided, at last, to fight back! He wants to stay in the navy.

At this point, it shouldn't really matter. At six years of commissioned service he doesn't have a warfare qualification and that alone is grounds for dismissal. He surrendered two minor warships to an inferior enemy and then failed to live up to the Code of Conduct while in captivity. Every single thing he did or didn't do had a direct bearing on his capture and subsequent events. He has proven over and over again that he is unfit to be a naval officer.

However, the Board of his peers and superiors at Coastal Riverine Group ONE somehow decided to retain this loser in the naval service. I wouldn't really be so angry about one screwed up officer staying in but this is too much. If his subsequent career is anything like that idiot Dorsey that shot down a USAF Phantom, permanently crippling two Air Force officers who were forced to bail out as their plane was engulfed by fire and breaking up around them could transfer to a noncombat position in the navy and then, years later, be selected for promotion to admiral despite a monumental lapse of judgment, then Narker still stands a chance at retiring as a flag officer.

That is simply unacceptable. This idiot is almost certainly going into Intelligence where his expertise will no doubt be fawned over by the other GURL community, whatever they call themselves today.


I'm sorry as hell to say that the fascists are winning over the forces of order and democracy. We can have a little hell raising at our political intersections without overt murder on the table as one of the anticipated outcomes of inviting a speaker to an American campus. Well, once upon a time, not so much these days. The fascists running the UC Berkeley and their hierarchy have declared Berkeley to be an open war zone where any speaker invited by the Young Republicans will suffer death or dismemberment at the hand of the vicious fascist scumbags calling themselves antifa. You knew they'd be fascists of one stripe though, didn't you?

Berkeley declared Ann Coulter persona non grata and told her today that they were refusing to give her permission to speak at the University of California Berkeley next week.
After the Charles Murray fiasco at Middlebury, I wrote that “We’re getting closer to the inevitable moment when someone is literally murdered on an American campus because a right-winger tried to speak.” 
Berkeley’s administrators agree. In canceling Coulter’s speech next week, they made no bones about the fact that there are now so many fascist “anti-fascist” animals running around campus that Coulter herself or someone in the audience literally might not leave it alive. And after what happened when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak in February, that’s a perfectly reasonable fear. You call the local police in Berkeley if you want to arrange “symbolic arrests” at the sit-in you’re organizing for your pet cause, not to stop rampaging leftists bent on smashing store windows and skulls because a thought criminal has arrived in town. 
She says she’s going to show up anyway. Who’ll secure the speech to make sure that the “heckler’s veto” doesn’t silence her? The mayor? Jerry Brown? Trump?
In return for agreeing to all of the demands made by UC Berkeley, Coulter posed two of her own demands to them. They sound pretty reasonable to me although I think she should have specified the Berkeley Commissar of Police vice the Oakland Chief of Police since UCB is entirely within the city limits of the People's Republic of Berkeley and not Oakland. She requested:
1) That the University of California chancellor request that the Oakland chief of police refrain from telling his men to stand down and ignore law-breaking by rioters attempting to shut down conservative speakers, as he has done in the past; and 
2) That UC-Berkeley announce in advance that any students engaging in violence, mayhem or heckling to prevent an invited speaker from speaking would be expelled.
UC Berkeley didn't merely reject her requests, they unilaterally stepped in and told her she was not welcome and to stay away. So far, she says she plans to be there and I suspect she will follow through on her refusal to cave to the fascists and black bloc.

In America we've reached the point where invited public speakers have the expectation that the cops won't stand up to the violent gangs that squelch any and all public appearances by anybody they hate and disagree with. Since that includes just about anybody who believes that the Constitution is the basis for all law in this country, that means anybody to the right of Joe Biden.

We will see EOD sweeps of public venues before centrists, moderates and American conservatives are expected to speak, just as they do for the President. It's a sad state of affairs and yet it is one that grew out of the victory of the campus radicals back in the 1970's, when they went on to take over almost all public instruction in American public schools and almost every Academy of Arts and Sciences at America's public and private universities.
For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, foreigners would devour it.


Don't you know if we currently had a Democrat majority in a chamber of Congress there would be a vociferous and damning investigation trying to prove that President Trump gave American cruise missiles to Syria. I mean, can't you just see Congresswoman Maxine Waters or Senator Diane Feinstein in full harangue demanding answers from the admirals and Pentagon officials?

One of the 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles President Trump Gave to Syrian President Assad

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


I updated my post about the Berkeley battle below but it's worth repeating and making a few other points. If you read the police report about the attack on First Amendment marchers by the fascists calling themselves antifa and black bloc, you will see that several of them were taken into custody by the cops, who were otherwise useless, for assault, battery, and carrying switchblades.

The people take note. When one side starts to bring knives to a street fight the intent is obvious. They mean to kill and maim and they thought they could get away with it. In a way it's an indicator that the violence level will ratchet up and that both sides will, in future combats, have along people carrying guns, much the way that one riot started so many decades ago just a little south of here at Kent State. It took just one lunatic (probably an FBI mole in the Peace Movement) who fired a gun he carried to the riot and the hapless National Guard then opened fire on the demonstrators.

That is what the next major tussle will probably bring and it will be done by a boy who thinks he can get away with it. I can see the Fascist Party hacks (young men in their 20's) telling a young teenager to shoot the weapon they give him because, as they will tell him, as an underage youth he cannot be charged as an adult and he can get away with a juvie sentence.

If you were of a  particular persuasion and the kind of sociopath these guys prove to be, the lives of your fellow demonstrators don't matter any more than the lives of your enemy and you won't be deterred from shooting a few in the name of the movement, whatever it is. It's like all those 'wildfires' that seem to have 'spontaneously' lit themselves throughout the west and the south after 9/11. They say fire needs oxygen, fuel, and heat. In a lot of cases all it needs is hate.

Police are still working to identify more suspects. They said they will comb through social media video footage.
There are the names and charges of the 20 arrested.
  • Sean O’Brien 35, of Oakland, for Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code
  • Addae Reciado 19, of Richmond, for Resisting / Obstructing a Police Officer
  • Rachel Schwarz 33, of Oakland, for Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code and for Resisting / Obstructing a Police Officer
  • Levi Romero 23, of Palmdale, Ca, for Battery and Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code
  • Robert Rundo 26, of San Clemente, Battery on a Police Officer and for Resisting / Obstructing a Police Officer
  • Nicholas Ryan 24, of San Mateo, Battery, and Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code
  • Genevieve Jones 27, of Berkeley, Battery and Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code
  • Vincent Yochelson 23, of Oakland, Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code, and wearing a mask while committing a criminal offense
  • Moira Vandewalker 21, of Albany, Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code and wearing a mask while committing a criminal offense
  • Jonathan Dalili 32, of Berkeley, for Battery
  • Christopher Smith 37, of Martinez, for Battery
  • Enrique Yarce 22, of Santa Rosa, for Battery, Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code, wearing a mask while committing a criminal offense, and resisting arrest
  • Dennis Luke 36, of Huntington Beach, Assault With a Deadly Weapon
  • Kyle Chapman 41, San Francisco, for a Warrant for Battery from the March 4th Berkeley Demonstration
  • Robert Scott 39, of Oakland, for Battery and Violation of a Berkeley Municipal Code
  • Robert Peete 51, of Berkeley, for Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Female Juvenile 17, for Battery
  • Lee Robinson 68, Berkeley Nomad, Public Intoxication
  • Allyn Jensen 30, of San Francisco, for Vandalism and wearing a mask while committing a criminal offense
  • John Cookenboo 27, of Albany, for Inciting a Riot, Possession of switchblade knife, and wearing a mask while committing a criminal offense

Monday, April 17, 2017


I think it probably says something about the kind of people all Trump Haters are when you consider that their maximum leader of hate is Maxine Waters. If she isn't the stupidest member of Congress she sure comes close. She may only be smarter than Congressman Hank Johnson.

Do you ever wonder if liberals send their smartest and cleverest to Washington DC to represent the liberal point of view? It puts in mind that old George Carlin quip.

It applies to Congress too

Sunday, April 16, 2017


It's from the UK Daily Mail which, as it happens, I do look at every now and then because it's about the only paper that provides meaningful coverage to American politics. They do sometimes, get things a little wrong. In particular, they have peculiar ideas about Defense and Foreign policy as played on the international stage by a country with economic and military power and a complete indifference to anything said by any European.

This one took the biscuit.

I don't know who that Leon Pancetta fellow is, but he sounds like a dimwit. Panetta is probably outraged that the Daily Mail editors let a stupid mistake like this slip through and is calling his 'friends' at CIA to send a drone over to put a few Hellfire missiles into the editor's office window.


It is utterly predictable but the fascist little socialists totally misunderstood who they are dealing with. The nationalists are nothing like the TEA Party. The nationalists are out for blood and they want to see the bad guys who hate America and American values and the Constitution pay for the crimes they have been committing and getting away with for over a decade now. The socialist fascination with their mental image of getting away with going out and punching a nationalist in the face led to the 'unexpected' creation of a force to stand up to them and beat the crap out of them when they show up to riot and attack peaceful Americans celebrating their right to free speech and their right to peacefully assemble or engage in other lawful activities that the police no longer offer protection to.

Sucks to be them.

The fascist little shits are going to run into these guys from now on. When you look at the reports that detail how many of the protection forces came from more than 50 miles away purely to be there in order to protect the peaceful demonstrators, you can appreciate that there are a lot more patriots than there are filthy, vicious, and insane scumbags who like to beat up girls.

Happy Easter.


I think it's interesting that others are observing the predictable fallout of a government and a police force that have refused to stand for democracy and refused to enforce the law. Where the government isn't and where the police are afraid to weigh in, the people will act as they see fit.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


When Trump arbitrarily struck a Syrian Air Force base with cruise missiles the other day he declared war on Syria and its dictator/ruler Bashar al Assad. The reason given for the attack was tenuous at best given the state of play in the middle east. Allegedly, Assad used sarin gas on his own women and children in some cruel but entirely meaningless attack. I don't believe Assad is that stupid. Nor do I believe that anybody at the highest levels in the Syrian military is that stupid. What they are though, is pissed off at Trump and Trump's America.

What would you do if you were bombed for no good reason? What would you do if you were attacked by a regime that has made it policy to topple dictators and turn them over to their islamic enemies and have seen most of your peers murdered by US backed thugs? I know what I would do because at that point one has nothing left to lose. One's life is already forfeit and if the terrorists don't kill you and your family, a cruise missile or a drone launched by Americans will.

Right now would not be a good time to live in the city. If the rising tide of violence doesn't kill you or destroy you, the next muslim attack using sarin gas in our cities will. Assad has no reason not to send a few of his happy Ba'athist thugs to New York or Washington DC and let loose the furies of war here in America. After all, we are waging war on him, his people and his country and he doesn't have anything left to lose now, does he?


CNN is possessed by twits, boobs and idiots. There really can't be any other explanation for Heather Long because she rather slavishly followed the reasoning behind noted imbecile economist Tyler Cowen who wrote a book and said some remarkably foolish things but then, he's an idiot economist.
Americans have become lazy, argues economist Tyler Cowen.  
They don't start businesses as much as they once did. They don't move as often as they used to. And they live in neighborhoods that are about as segregated as they were in the 1960s. 
All of this is causing the U.S. to stagnate economically and politically, Cowen says in his new book: "The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream." Growth is far slower than it was in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and productivity is way down, despite everyone claiming they are working so hard. 
"Innovation is painful. That's why we don't do more of it," Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University, told CNNMoney. His book makes the case that all of the upheaval of the 1960s and 70s caused people to strive for safety and the status quo in the decades after that. 
"Just look at how people bring up children today. Often they won't even let children go outside," he says.
From the outside looking in I would say that Americans are working about as hard as they ever did except for the permanent underclass created by LBJ's War on Poverty who no longer work since they don't have to.

Americans are now more burdened by government regulations that make it damned near impossible to start a new business and impossible to effectively grow a business from small to medium to large because the taxes, fees, regulations and insurance costs are crippling after 8 years of Obama rule and the Obama Affordable Care Act.

I think the stats speak for themselves viz Americans moving. They're moving out of California and New York and Connecticut and heading for the Red states where the taxes and other burdens of enlightened liberal progressive government are frowned upon by the majority of the citizens.

The neighborhoods are where God and man have left them. The insane desire to push the unwilling into close association with other people who are not like 'them' is undervalued by people that have spent much of their lives trying to get out of the ghetto and leave the lowlife behind. In the 60's and after, liberal government practiced urban renewal by going into the slums and knocking them down and building government housing like Cabrini-Green in Chicago (now also torn down due to its inhuman living conditions, crime and blight).

These days we practice a different form of urban renewal which sees educated liberal progressives move into minority neighborhoods and 'gentrify' them by expelling the blacks who formerly lived in that neighborhood and called it home. The hispanics are practicing the same exact form of 'urban renewal' and also expelling the blacks from their former neighborhoods. It seems that Americans like to live with people like themselves and put a very serious economic value on doing so despite all the liberal paeans of praise for living together in peace and harmony with all of God's children. All people know that some of those kids are really mean and vicious and you don't want to live next to them.

It's interesting that this moronic jackass economist has accurately captured the effects of too much regulation and government interference in the private economy of business in America and quite rightly points out that it has led to economic and political stagnation. It's more perception than I would have credited him with. OTOH, he gets the cause of this wrong because he wears blinders and has 20/4000 vision in both eyes. He thinks all that stagnation and malaise is down to our lack of innovation and laziness and ignores the impact government and bureaucrats have had on innovation, business and growth by penalizing and taxing it to death.

He is the exact kind of social justice progressive idiot  ignoramus who thinks All Americans need inner city rail, a ban on private ownership of cars, free college for everybody, an end to suburbs and more government regulation until conditions improve even if that drives taxes out of sight and leads to foreclosures and shuttered businesses because if the damned people weren't so lazy none of that would happen as we stride into the Progressive Socialist Paradise Utopia that awaits us and allows us to join our socialist brothers and sisters in perfection like Sweden and Norway and basque in our virtue, enlightenment and cornucopia of plenty.

His final comment is also beyond his meager comprehension. Urban Americans and many suburban Americans have trouble letting their children out to play anymore or to ride their bikes all over the place because government trolls and libprog Big Brothers and Big Sisters have stepped in and declared ANY parent who lets a child walk to school alone or ride a bike to school alone or play outside out of direct line-of-sight of a parent or guardian, is breaking the law and the child WILL be seized by fascist assholes child protective services and trundled away while the parent is charged with a crime and has to hire a lawyer and go to court and fight to get their children back from the state.

It goes without saying that Heather totally missed the other side of the issue in her wild enthusiasm for Tyler Cowen's point of view, but this is typical for CNN.


Did the word 'activist' always mean 'degenerate scumbag' or is that just the new meaning?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


When there are no Jews left, who will they hate? In London, the churches close. But that's not really news, either, not this deep into Matthew Arnold's long, withdrawing roar:
The Sea of Faith
Was once, too, at the full, and round earth's shore
Lay like the folds of a bright girdle furl'd.
But now I only hear
Its melancholy, long, withdrawing roar...
Read the link above. Steyn captures the impact of islam on the world today and the ruin of the Catholic and Christian faiths that dominated the West for so many centuries. I'm afraid that 95% of Americans have no idea how bad it is and how much worse it will get. People need to see islam for what it really is.


The major problem facing America today is not the Russians or the awful NORKS, it's the electoral divide that has locked this country into a spiral of disdain and hate. You can see the distribution of out and out hatred in this one picture.

What it shows us is that democrats, and there's a lot of them in spite of what one thinks from simply looking at the picture of their distribution above, have a problem ruling over the red areas. They are incompatible with the traditions, beliefs, and mores of the people who live in the red areas. When the very urban democrats seize power, they promptly set about doing their damnedest to destroy the ways of life practiced by the folks living in the Red America. You see it with every piece of legislation they pass, every bureaucratic rule they make and enforce and with every breath of air they take and then use to denounce coal, oil, logging, hydro-electricity and dam building, agri-business, genetically modified organisms (GMO) and every single other activity that non-office workers do to make a living in modern America. They hate nuclear power, gasoline engines, diesels and only permit windmills if they are all located in the Red Zone where true blue democrats don't have to see or be bothered by them.

The problem is that they cannot stop themselves. They cater to the stupidest and most destructive policies since the Luddites roamed Great Britain during the Industrial Revolution. They believe in fake science with a passion that has to be experienced to be believed. They believe in magic healing crystals with the same fervor that they believe in man made global warming and that we can reverse it if we simply return to the agrarian lifestyle they cannot abide from the Americans living in the Red. They are simply the most credulous and viciously stupid people to come down the pike since the SS.

In contrast, the people in the Red don't much care for, but more importantly, care about, what the idiots in the blue areas do except for 2 areas that are of concern. In California and Texas they determine what goes into every single student text book in America because those two states buy the most text books and the book writers/sellers have to cater to the largest market. That sucks for obvious reasons. The other two Blue zones are Washington DC, home of the weaponized federal bureaucracy and New York City where the thieves and shysters run the national banking system according to the whims of whatever bureaucratic tsar is put in charge of Wall Street and the various judicial weapons of mass destruction that attack Wall Street and the Banks (SEC, FTC, Federal Reserve, etc).

The people that live in the Red and represent them in Congress don't pass legislation that inconveniences or tosses the blue losers out of their jobs, their industries, their houses, etc. They pretty much try to legislate without making it a point of honor to destroy other people's livelihoods and way of life. The Blues tend to legislate the way their ilk did back in the 1800s when the goal was to expand their way of life westward and kill anything that got in their way and own slaves forever and ever.

I'm afraid it looks like the Reds are going to have to control the weaponized bureaucracy in order to deal with the Blue people. It is passed time to overhaul the Civil Service and terminate all government unions and make those jobs 'at will.' I'm looking forward to how Justice Gorsuch will deal with the various CHEVRON cases making their way through the judicial lawfare course enroute to the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


The thoroughly disgusting CEO of United Airlines sent an email to his employees praising them for brutally beating a 69 year old passenger who had paid good money to fly United to get home. The poor guy was punched in the mouth and then dragged out of his seat by airport/airline thugs who then dragged him down the center aisle and out the door. If you haven't seen the video, you should. There is no justification for what United did. If the money they offered wasn't enough to get 4 people to take the deal, then United needed to offer more money and a better deal. Beating the crap out of a paying passenger and then dragging him off the plane was as cinematically toxic as wandering through the wreckage of a downed passenger plane and capturing all the details on video for all prospective passengers to watch before boarding.



I think that if I was still in school I would have a lot of fun going around campus, late at night when the observers were few and far between and I would put up notices of speakers coming to campus to address the Young Republicans or the Students for Trump or Fans of Anne and then watch the fascists gear up to wage war on peace, truth, justice and the American Way! Just for fun since nobody invited any real speakers yet.

I would, of course, include the full details of the speaker's plan for giving the talk and offering insight into the evil doers. You know what I mean, name of the speaker, a brief bio, location and time where the talk on campus is scheduled and maybe some information on how to contact the appropriate people for reservations and that sort of thing. Naturally, the POC would be whatever goon the authorities have named as the Goon-in-Chief responsible for keeping any right thinking, red blooded, American Way kinds of speakers off the campus, out of the university buildings and off the university's property. Let that fascist schmuck explain that there is no talk scheduled.

Do this every weekend for a few months and the fascists will be exhausted and irritated and the GIC will be hoarse from denying everything. At that point, one can start slipping in the speakers one is interested in hearing from. By that point everybody who hates will be thoroughly sick of it and stay home and leave us in peace.

Saturday, April 8, 2017


There are some people who are so vile and obnoxious you want to hit them very hard with a stick. They go by many names these days and it seems they change their collective call sign every few years because it tarnishes so very quickly and loses its luster and needs to swapped out with a shiny new one that improves the self image and disguises the fact that nothing at all has changed.

It's a wonder to me that they seem to think that stepping out into the middle of the road, at night, to 'block traffic' in the name of their chosen cause which, as I understand it, is unbridled support for looters, vandals, murderers, thieves, cutthroats, murderers and pretty much anybody who shares their single dominant characteristic, is a wise and carefully thought out move to signify their oppression and call attention to the fact that their lives matter. I'm not sure they've thought it through though since stepping into the path of fast moving cars is generally a significant indicator that your life doesn't matter to you so why would it matter to me?

I'm kind of tired of the hate and racism and the violence and the vandalism and the shouting and screaming that drowns out civilized voices. If they keep pissing people off for no reason at all they're going to need those 'safe spaces' they so crave.

Friday, April 7, 2017


The United States has fired a number of mostly harmless cruise missiles into a Syrian airbase in retaliation for Assad being so incredibly stupid that he used sarin gas on harmless civilians and killed dozens of them even after being warned about using gas and being disarmed on that front by Obama and his silly plan to take all the chemical weapons out of Syria so nobody gets hurt in their civil war.

I'm not buying it. I don't believe Assad is so damned stupid that he would gas his own people again when he failed to gas ISIS when he had them in his bomb sights. I think we got played, again, by those wily evil terrorists who don't hesitate to gas women and children or burn airmen alive, kind of like what we just did to some more poor Syrian airmen with our cruise missile strikes on their base. Since Bush, we've been signalling with Tomahawks. How very retro.

Why would Assad use chemical weapons on harmless people? Who benefits? The evidence gathered by the notorious NSA must have been overwhelming if it showed positively that Assad ordered such an attack because anybody in the real world is scratching their head and wondering WTF?!

We gotta get some foreign policy experts that presidents listen to. Somebody has got to convince those boobs that decapitation strikes and deposing the strong men of the muslim world doesn't work at all and is 100% counterproductive if one wants calm and peace. Deposing Mubarak was unbelievably stupid. Gunning down Qaddafi was unbelievably stupid. In retrospect, toppling Hussein was stupid. That whole Arab Spring thing was a complete disaster on all fronts. Everybody lost except Al Quaeda and ISIS.

The only place I can think of that would benefit America if it was struck by cruise missiles, is Foggy Bottom at 10am on a Wednesday. We desperately need some real diplomats who understand diplomacy, geopolitics and grand strategy. Barring a cruise missile strike on our expert diplomats, toss in some sarin.

This is the State Department Expert on Middle East Policy

Thursday, April 6, 2017


I was one of those who laughed out loud as I watched the wretched media tear into Trump for his tweet last month that claimed that the Obama administration was using the intelligence community to spy on him and his team during the campaign. Oh how the worthless media all clubbed together to spike that tweet and slam Trump for his fabulism and pathetic world of make-believe. Remember?

That little tweet was 'signalling' in the old style. As you recall, our State Department (mostly Kissinger) and JFK, LBJ and Nixon, all believed in signalling via B52s. Their message sucked, the delivery was rude and the meaning subject to misinterpretation. They sucked at signalling. Trump nails it.

Trump had to do very little follow up as the results are in and they're pretty conclusive. The Obama administration DID spy on him and his friends and fellows and probably all the other rethuglican candidates before they were outstumped by Trump. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. Yes, yes, Rice will take the 5th or find the same convenient inability to remember anything that was first explored by Hillary in her testimony to Congress about the massacre in Benghazi but the smoking gun is still lying there right in the middle of the carpet in the Oval Office.

Signalling With Intent
I think Trump should carry on with his tweets. Any student of civilization will be able to look back in ten years time and point to the signals he sent via the 140 characters allowed by twitter and clearly identify the outcomes of each carefully couched sniper shot into the body politic. Hell, I may even sign up for twitter just so I can follow Trump and see what's coming next.

I listened to the Dark Side this afternoon when I was out picking up Chinese food and they, as usual, carefully selected a guest who loathes Trump, Republicans and mid-westerners and bounced their twitty little questions off him as their reliable sounding board for how all people in the world think about the evil, vicious, no good, dirty rotten scoundrel Trump. The only question/answer I had the patience to hear was about how Trump really pissed off all the Germans by telling them that they need to honor the commitment they made of their own free will to spend 2% of their GDP on defense. To hear the Drooling Orc of Harvard, it appears that only a complete idiot and moron would do something to piss off our dear allies in Das Reich because, allies dontchyaknow.

Srsly, with allies like that, who needs enemies? Come to think of it, we're gonna build a Maginot Line of our own here on our continent and the Wisconsin National Guard could defeat Canada's armed forces in a weekend. We don't really need to keep expeditionary armored units larger than a Marine Expeditionary Unit and we'll just let the good people of Europe explore their sudden urge to speak Russian in the wake of the FYDP they aren't funding for themselves.

I know a lot of the putative armchair naval strategists of our time have been ginning up all kinds of reasons to expand the fleet and increase the number of warships because China but that's kind of a no-brainer since we are still pretty much unable to beat China in China's hemisphere. The last time the West won in that part of the world was the Boxer Rebellion (and Japan but that took nukes). The various countries around China will dance to China's tune because they have no choice. It's not that the Chinese PLA would win a war overnight but they have what's known as infinite depth in manpower, weapons and will and the various countries around China hate and distrust each other even more than they distrust China and could no more form and maintain a mutual defense pact than Greece could ever pay off its debts.

So yes, despite all the best will in the world to never have anything to do with twitter, it looks like it is time to sign up and follow Trump. He is putting up signposts as he blazes a new trail through the wilderness that is international politics and diplomacy and also giving some darned good heads up warnings on where domestic policy is going to go in the future with his tweets.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I read over at Ace of Spades that there is some concern that NYC is not following the law and complying with ICE detention The NYPD's process of verifying warrants against a defendant involves contacting relevant law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so the agency is alerted to an illegal immigrant's upcoming appearance in a city courtroom, the New York Daily News reported Sunday night.

Today I had also heard from notorious fake news organization, National Public Radio, that there was some real concern that obeying ICE detention requests violated federal law on illegal restraint. I had to double check that myself since NPR lies about or shades everything. In this case, google search turned up nothing but piffle. I had to search using  How's that? I have to use a Russian search engine to get around google's ridiculous algorithms that make sure only one side of any issue is ever presented in response to any RFI.

The Free Beacon had an interesting article on how NYC police actually play with ICE. It seems fair to me and it doesn't involve locking people up or failing to let them go when a judge orders them released or after they have served their time. It does require ICE to do its actual job, interface with the police officers and SEND agents to detain their suspects immediately, not whenever they get around to it.
The NYPD's process of verifying warrants against a defendant involves contacting relevant law enforcement, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, so the agency is alerted to an illegal immigrant's upcoming appearance in a city courtroom, the New York Daily News reported Sunday night. 
Immigration advocates have accused the NYPD of "colluding" with federal agents and going against de Blasio's vow that New York will remain a sanctuary city during Donald Trump's presidency. 
As a sanctuary city, New York City does not fully cooperate with federal authorities to hand over undocumented immigrants in its jurisdiction. Since 2014, the city only complies with ICE orders to detain undocumented individuals until federal agents can take custody if the individual committed a violent or serious crime.
I think it is hilarious that the SJWs are freaking out that the police are not following "policy" as if that was some sort of mandate from heaven that they must obey at peril of their immortal souls. It's certainly funny listening to freaks like that who claim that there is no requirement to obey any law they dislike. Must obey mayor but screw the actual laws of the country they live in. Only liberals...


This came as something of a surprise here at chateau defiant. Navy instructor pilots across the board are refusing to fly and train up and comers because the oxygen systems in the T-45 jet training aircraft are poisoning them. The rates are staggering as are the pilots. The navy has known about this problem for years and done nothing to correct it beyond, apparently, telling the lads to be careful out there.
EXCLUSIVE: More than 100 U.S. Navy instructor pilots are refusing to fly in protest of what they say is the refusal of top brass to adequately address an urgent problem with training jets’ oxygen system, multiple instructor pilots tell Fox News.   
The boycott started late last week and has effectively grounded hundreds of training flights. “The pilots don’t feel safe flying this aircraft,” one instructor pilot told Fox News. 
In the last five years, physiological episodes, caused in part by problems with the oxygen system, have nearly quadrupled on the T-45 training jet, according to Capitol Hill testimony last week by senior naval aviators.
The Navy is now looking at grounding the entire fleet of T-45s for the next few days, according to multiple pilots. 
“There is no question that there are problems that are being covered up,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, said. “I am very concerned about the issue. It’s been getting worse over time and if you look at the statistics, the older airplanes are having bigger problems than newer airplanes.”
A meeting Tuesday in Meridian “got heated,” Fox News is told.  The pilots told the civilians from Navy Air Systems Command their complaints about the oxygen system were being ignored. When a senior Navy pilot showed photos of a faulty oxygen system he claimed had been sent up to NAVAIR’s headquarters in Maryland, the engineers said they never received the photos. 
Asked about the protest, Navy spokeswoman Cmdr. Jeannie Groeneveld acknowledged that 40 percent of instructor pilots refused to fly their training flights Friday. A flight instructor said the number was closer to 75 percent, because the Navy reduced the flight schedule knowing more than half the pilots would refuse to fly. 
Shoemaker said following a meeting in Kingsville, flights there had resumed.
Just last week, the vice president’s wife Karen Pence visited her son at Naval Air Station Meridian, where her son is in flight training. A source told Fox News she told the commodore in charge of flight training, “Take care of my son” – and a day later the senior Navy officer told a group of instructor pilots he feared he was unable to do that because of the danger posed by the faulty oxygen system.  
Across the Navy, training squadron skippers and commodores are telling their instructors to follow their instincts -- and not forcing them to fly -- much to the appreciation of those boycotting until they feel the issue is resolved, Fox News is told. 
“There is not a, you know, ‘Fly or else,’” Shoemaker said. 
Some instructor pilots point to Rear Adm. Dell D. Bull, chief of naval air training, as the culprit in ignoring the unsafe conditions. 
“He is telling us to just, ‘shut up and color,’” one pilot said. 
I'd have thought we knew how to do this, we've been flying high for over 60 years
Evidently there is some wriggle room for pilots who refuse to fly. They get to toss the BS card when they, in their own minds, determine that it is unsafe to fly. That's a standard we can mostly live with but perhaps not so much. How safe, after all, is it in a SAM or AAC environment? In this case I'd abide with the protesters because they have a point and it has evidently failed to percolate up to the admiralty in charge.

Read the whole article. It won't take long and it really doesn't make the admirals look very good. What we said in the surface forces was that if we lose power we gradually slow and come to a complete stop; afloat upon the surface of the sea. Our submariners can't say the same and our aviators most definitely cannot say the same. Nevertheless, we take propulsion very seriously indeed (except LCS which is something of an inside joke).

I really don't know the hierarchy of the navy safety center and aviation but it appears to me that somebody ought to take a flame thrower to the people that have been kicking this can down the road without any concern for the pilots, students, aircraft or the innocent people under the falling wreckage of what once was a pretty good jet trainer.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


The latest outrage appears to involve a hat with the Gadsden flag symbols and words on it. In other words it's just like this little flag. Some dude finds it racist. What a strange world that finds a snake racist or the words below the snake are somehow racist. Do you suppose it's as racist as a BLM sign? That seems to be a little narrower in terms of diversity and implies that all the other lives don't matter. Try putting up an All Lives Matter sign. I wouldn't recommend it.

Flown on the jack staff of every USN warship when at anchor or inport