Thursday, April 13, 2017


CNN is possessed by twits, boobs and idiots. There really can't be any other explanation for Heather Long because she rather slavishly followed the reasoning behind noted imbecile economist Tyler Cowen who wrote a book and said some remarkably foolish things but then, he's an idiot economist.
Americans have become lazy, argues economist Tyler Cowen.  
They don't start businesses as much as they once did. They don't move as often as they used to. And they live in neighborhoods that are about as segregated as they were in the 1960s. 
All of this is causing the U.S. to stagnate economically and politically, Cowen says in his new book: "The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream." Growth is far slower than it was in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and productivity is way down, despite everyone claiming they are working so hard. 
"Innovation is painful. That's why we don't do more of it," Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University, told CNNMoney. His book makes the case that all of the upheaval of the 1960s and 70s caused people to strive for safety and the status quo in the decades after that. 
"Just look at how people bring up children today. Often they won't even let children go outside," he says.
From the outside looking in I would say that Americans are working about as hard as they ever did except for the permanent underclass created by LBJ's War on Poverty who no longer work since they don't have to.

Americans are now more burdened by government regulations that make it damned near impossible to start a new business and impossible to effectively grow a business from small to medium to large because the taxes, fees, regulations and insurance costs are crippling after 8 years of Obama rule and the Obama Affordable Care Act.

I think the stats speak for themselves viz Americans moving. They're moving out of California and New York and Connecticut and heading for the Red states where the taxes and other burdens of enlightened liberal progressive government are frowned upon by the majority of the citizens.

The neighborhoods are where God and man have left them. The insane desire to push the unwilling into close association with other people who are not like 'them' is undervalued by people that have spent much of their lives trying to get out of the ghetto and leave the lowlife behind. In the 60's and after, liberal government practiced urban renewal by going into the slums and knocking them down and building government housing like Cabrini-Green in Chicago (now also torn down due to its inhuman living conditions, crime and blight).

These days we practice a different form of urban renewal which sees educated liberal progressives move into minority neighborhoods and 'gentrify' them by expelling the blacks who formerly lived in that neighborhood and called it home. The hispanics are practicing the same exact form of 'urban renewal' and also expelling the blacks from their former neighborhoods. It seems that Americans like to live with people like themselves and put a very serious economic value on doing so despite all the liberal paeans of praise for living together in peace and harmony with all of God's children. All people know that some of those kids are really mean and vicious and you don't want to live next to them.

It's interesting that this moronic jackass economist has accurately captured the effects of too much regulation and government interference in the private economy of business in America and quite rightly points out that it has led to economic and political stagnation. It's more perception than I would have credited him with. OTOH, he gets the cause of this wrong because he wears blinders and has 20/4000 vision in both eyes. He thinks all that stagnation and malaise is down to our lack of innovation and laziness and ignores the impact government and bureaucrats have had on innovation, business and growth by penalizing and taxing it to death.

He is the exact kind of social justice progressive idiot  ignoramus who thinks All Americans need inner city rail, a ban on private ownership of cars, free college for everybody, an end to suburbs and more government regulation until conditions improve even if that drives taxes out of sight and leads to foreclosures and shuttered businesses because if the damned people weren't so lazy none of that would happen as we stride into the Progressive Socialist Paradise Utopia that awaits us and allows us to join our socialist brothers and sisters in perfection like Sweden and Norway and basque in our virtue, enlightenment and cornucopia of plenty.

His final comment is also beyond his meager comprehension. Urban Americans and many suburban Americans have trouble letting their children out to play anymore or to ride their bikes all over the place because government trolls and libprog Big Brothers and Big Sisters have stepped in and declared ANY parent who lets a child walk to school alone or ride a bike to school alone or play outside out of direct line-of-sight of a parent or guardian, is breaking the law and the child WILL be seized by fascist assholes child protective services and trundled away while the parent is charged with a crime and has to hire a lawyer and go to court and fight to get their children back from the state.

It goes without saying that Heather totally missed the other side of the issue in her wild enthusiasm for Tyler Cowen's point of view, but this is typical for CNN.

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