Tuesday, April 11, 2017


I think that if I was still in school I would have a lot of fun going around campus, late at night when the observers were few and far between and I would put up notices of speakers coming to campus to address the Young Republicans or the Students for Trump or Fans of Anne and then watch the fascists gear up to wage war on peace, truth, justice and the American Way! Just for fun since nobody invited any real speakers yet.

I would, of course, include the full details of the speaker's plan for giving the talk and offering insight into the evil doers. You know what I mean, name of the speaker, a brief bio, location and time where the talk on campus is scheduled and maybe some information on how to contact the appropriate people for reservations and that sort of thing. Naturally, the POC would be whatever goon the authorities have named as the Goon-in-Chief responsible for keeping any right thinking, red blooded, American Way kinds of speakers off the campus, out of the university buildings and off the university's property. Let that fascist schmuck explain that there is no talk scheduled.

Do this every weekend for a few months and the fascists will be exhausted and irritated and the GIC will be hoarse from denying everything. At that point, one can start slipping in the speakers one is interested in hearing from. By that point everybody who hates will be thoroughly sick of it and stay home and leave us in peace.


The Old Man said...

Clever, you Americans. Unfortunately there is FAR more energy used in the need to be offended than used for actual thinking or studying.
King Canute, call your office....

HMS Defiant said...

I blame the 60's! Universities used to cater to those who sought to learn and know more and to think critically about meaningful subjects such as life, the universe and everything. Now they cater to the lowest common denominator and that is the 60% that don't graduate.