Thursday, April 20, 2017


A review board of officers sitting in Imperial Beach, my old headquarters, has voted to retain the disgraceful services of LT Narker. You may recall this officer. He surrendered two fully armed and crewed USN patrol boats to a half dozen pathetically armed dinghies off the coast of Farsi Island. The Commander, Expeditionary Combat Command, stripped him of his warfare qualifications and kicked him out of the navy, but this flaming idiot LT decided, at last, to fight back! He wants to stay in the navy.

At this point, it shouldn't really matter. At six years of commissioned service he doesn't have a warfare qualification and that alone is grounds for dismissal. He surrendered two minor warships to an inferior enemy and then failed to live up to the Code of Conduct while in captivity. Every single thing he did or didn't do had a direct bearing on his capture and subsequent events. He has proven over and over again that he is unfit to be a naval officer.

However, the Board of his peers and superiors at Coastal Riverine Group ONE somehow decided to retain this loser in the naval service. I wouldn't really be so angry about one screwed up officer staying in but this is too much. If his subsequent career is anything like that idiot Dorsey that shot down a USAF Phantom, permanently crippling two Air Force officers who were forced to bail out as their plane was engulfed by fire and breaking up around them could transfer to a noncombat position in the navy and then, years later, be selected for promotion to admiral despite a monumental lapse of judgment, then Narker still stands a chance at retiring as a flag officer.

That is simply unacceptable. This idiot is almost certainly going into Intelligence where his expertise will no doubt be fawned over by the other GURL community, whatever they call themselves today.


The Old Man said...

It appears that the PC putzes are still rampant in the sea-borne contingent of the US military. Judging by observations of all the armed services of the US, we are:
A - In deep kimchee
B - Swirling the bowl and headed for the drain as a republic
C - Sacrificing honorable men and women on the false altar of PC
D - All of the above

YMMV, but I think it is "D".

HMS Defiant said...

Ayup. D

Captain Steve said...

USNA Athletics?

HMS Defiant said...

Far and away the worst officer I ever knew ended his time in the navy as some sort of coach at USNA. By then he'd commanded 3 ships, badly, very badly, and was found a spot where he could do no harm.