Thursday, April 20, 2017


I'm sorry as hell to say that the fascists are winning over the forces of order and democracy. We can have a little hell raising at our political intersections without overt murder on the table as one of the anticipated outcomes of inviting a speaker to an American campus. Well, once upon a time, not so much these days. The fascists running the UC Berkeley and their hierarchy have declared Berkeley to be an open war zone where any speaker invited by the Young Republicans will suffer death or dismemberment at the hand of the vicious fascist scumbags calling themselves antifa. You knew they'd be fascists of one stripe though, didn't you?

Berkeley declared Ann Coulter persona non grata and told her today that they were refusing to give her permission to speak at the University of California Berkeley next week.
After the Charles Murray fiasco at Middlebury, I wrote that “We’re getting closer to the inevitable moment when someone is literally murdered on an American campus because a right-winger tried to speak.” 
Berkeley’s administrators agree. In canceling Coulter’s speech next week, they made no bones about the fact that there are now so many fascist “anti-fascist” animals running around campus that Coulter herself or someone in the audience literally might not leave it alive. And after what happened when Milo Yiannopoulos tried to speak in February, that’s a perfectly reasonable fear. You call the local police in Berkeley if you want to arrange “symbolic arrests” at the sit-in you’re organizing for your pet cause, not to stop rampaging leftists bent on smashing store windows and skulls because a thought criminal has arrived in town. 
She says she’s going to show up anyway. Who’ll secure the speech to make sure that the “heckler’s veto” doesn’t silence her? The mayor? Jerry Brown? Trump?
In return for agreeing to all of the demands made by UC Berkeley, Coulter posed two of her own demands to them. They sound pretty reasonable to me although I think she should have specified the Berkeley Commissar of Police vice the Oakland Chief of Police since UCB is entirely within the city limits of the People's Republic of Berkeley and not Oakland. She requested:
1) That the University of California chancellor request that the Oakland chief of police refrain from telling his men to stand down and ignore law-breaking by rioters attempting to shut down conservative speakers, as he has done in the past; and 
2) That UC-Berkeley announce in advance that any students engaging in violence, mayhem or heckling to prevent an invited speaker from speaking would be expelled.
UC Berkeley didn't merely reject her requests, they unilaterally stepped in and told her she was not welcome and to stay away. So far, she says she plans to be there and I suspect she will follow through on her refusal to cave to the fascists and black bloc.

In America we've reached the point where invited public speakers have the expectation that the cops won't stand up to the violent gangs that squelch any and all public appearances by anybody they hate and disagree with. Since that includes just about anybody who believes that the Constitution is the basis for all law in this country, that means anybody to the right of Joe Biden.

We will see EOD sweeps of public venues before centrists, moderates and American conservatives are expected to speak, just as they do for the President. It's a sad state of affairs and yet it is one that grew out of the victory of the campus radicals back in the 1970's, when they went on to take over almost all public instruction in American public schools and almost every Academy of Arts and Sciences at America's public and private universities.
For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind. The standing grain has no heads; it shall yield no flour; if it were to yield, foreigners would devour it.

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