Sunday, April 16, 2017


It's from the UK Daily Mail which, as it happens, I do look at every now and then because it's about the only paper that provides meaningful coverage to American politics. They do sometimes, get things a little wrong. In particular, they have peculiar ideas about Defense and Foreign policy as played on the international stage by a country with economic and military power and a complete indifference to anything said by any European.

This one took the biscuit.

I don't know who that Leon Pancetta fellow is, but he sounds like a dimwit. Panetta is probably outraged that the Daily Mail editors let a stupid mistake like this slip through and is calling his 'friends' at CIA to send a drone over to put a few Hellfire missiles into the editor's office window.


Anne Bonney said...

What a ham.

HMS Defiant said...

The bottom picture does make me wonder....The MSNBC blazes across the bottom and says the guy is Leon Panetta. Do you suppose the people in England don't trust MSNBC to get anything 'right'?