Thursday, June 8, 2023


 It hasn't gone anywhere. It's still out there and it is still just as virile and dangerous as it ever was. Oddly, now that we have had our entire economy shattered by the governments' reaction to this pandemic fraud and thousands of lives disrupted and torn asunder, tens of thousands of private businesses ruined to death by being shuttered by order of Big Government and fascist Health Departments, nobody hears about it anymore. It just seems to have wandered away.

If there was a time for hunting down and tarring and feathering those responsible, this would be as good a time as any. Oh, and let us not forget their big ally in lying about every aspect of this fraud, the media. They should probably all get shoved in front of trains by those people that seem to get away with that sort of behavior all over America. I'm trying to recall what made those people so unique. I'm sure it will come to me.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023


 Whenever I read or hear about highly trained security specialists this video always comes to mind. 

“Our drivers are military, law enforcement, those who have been in the private security world for over five years. That’s the minimum we require,” he said. “They can see a situation brewing before it happens.”


 So I get a kick out of this story from Atlanta.  If the driver doesn't shoot himself or the passenger, some thug with a gun will find this an expedient way to get another weapon without all the boring paperwork the Feds require for handgun purchases.


 The final horrible death of 'free association' is kind of amusing in its grisly girly way.  It seems there is a women's spa in the socialist people's rethuglic of Washington that wanted to restrict entry to biological women only this is unthinkable and tramples all over the rights of weirdos making up the local state human rights commission's most protected subspecies of lunatics and so the idea of allowing any gender to exist without all 999 other genders in a space of open nudity is forbidden by law.

It's a silly case but the men of my generation, here and there, must be laughing a bit at the idea of yet another icon of the women's movement being taken apart with the same insanity that was used to destroy all the men's only associations back in the seventies. What comes around, goes around.

On the other hand, I happen to believe fairly strongly in free association and exclusion for any damned reason at all and if you don't like it that's perfectly fine since you're not welcome there. I can't help but notice that exclusive groups of people rich enough are never trifled with on the basis of their associations and exclusions.

Saturday, June 3, 2023


 My first attempt at this went sadly awry so here it is again using screenshots which hopefully won't vanish like the first attempt.

How does any government official stand up in a court of law and answer these questions without lying or making a complete fool of himself and a mockery of the Constitution?

Friday, June 2, 2023


 I am up late reading. It's what I do. I was reading this interesting tidbit and came across this:


"Meanwhile as welcome as Western support to Kyiv has been in supplying arms and ammunition in halting Russia in its tracks, the vast and bewildering variety of tanks, helicopters, missiles, drones and artillery sent to Ukraine has highlighted cracks in NATOs standardisation and generated lessons for future joint defence procurement, said Stacy Cummings, GM Manager at NATO’s Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA). In particular, she revealed that incompatibilities in NATO standard artillery ammunition had been a wake-up call for interoperability. “That was probably a bit shocking for the nations that were donating ammunition to Ukraine to find out if they didn't donate the system and ammunition at the same time, the donating ammunition wasn't usable in the system”.   

She advised: “What I think is a major lesson learned out of Ukraine is that we in NATO need to look across the different types of systems that we're supporting and figure out ways to come together to trust each other's development to be able to buy military off-the-shelf equipment, that our allies and our neighbours has already designed, developed and tested. She added “This would go a step further, which is to look at legacy systems that have been donated, and not to replace them with more legacy systems, but to come together to design and develop the next generation of weapon systems in order to support NATO, with fewer variants with fewer differences, so that we can become more affordable,"


 So we've basically been partners in a military and political alliance with a single enemy for only the last 74 YEARS!!!!!!! and we still haven't reached the point where we have any common anti-tank weapons/ammo, artillery/ammo, missile launchers/missiles and we're still just figuring that out now as we spew arms and weapon systems all over Ukraine?

That shows are remarkable, one might almost say, French, disregard for combat realities. I see the European Space Agency is grounded temporarily because, like NASA, they continue to persist in funding the deep pocket contractors who build incredibly expensive/mostly useless systems long after the need for them has passed away and cheaper and far more efficient/effective systems are available at  less than half the cost.

I wonder what any decent newspaperman would find if he poked his nose into the defense plants rearming Russia and compared them to the wastelands that are NATO rearmament.


 I see from the Russian News that the United States Air Force declined permission for one of it's Air Force Bases in Nevada to pay for a drag show on base. 

"The Pentagon has called off a drag show which was scheduled to take place at an Air Force base in Nevada to mark the beginning of Pride Month on June 1, according to a Wednesday report by NBC News, citing US Defense Force officials.

The event, which had been signed-off on by US Air Force leadership, was subsequently scrapped on the orders of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, who informed the organizers that it was not Pentagon policy to approve funding for drag shows to take place on Air Force installations.

They would be instead permitted to hold the event off-base if they chose to do so, an Air Force spokesperson said. It was set to be the third annual drag show performance held at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada in recognition of LGBT+ members of the US armed services."


I find this kind of amusing since I was an attendee at one of the very last lingerie shows at the Officer's Club at NAS Oceana a long time ago when I was attending the Guided Missile School down the road. Can you imagine the size and shapes of cows the Pentagon and military leadership would have if someone actually proposed bringing back attractive women to put on a nice lingerie show today at any military installation in the world? They used to have some really fine happy hour entertainment back in the day.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023


 I started writing about the employment of those friendly little toy drones as assassination tools about 13 years ago. it's not that I'm prescient, it's just that anything can be turned into a weapon and what better than a nice harmless looking little drone armed with perhaps nothing more then a detonator cap that gets flown into the VIP speaker at some event such as a college commencement speech. 

Look for them to become the favorite weapon of the democrats and their fascist little henchmen in antifa. They and their blm allies already get away with murder so how much more difficult will it prove to find and convict the anonymous drone pilots who killed Bill Gates or some other rockstar of the new world order.

I will be interested to see how the Left tries to render us harmless from drones by banning their sale or use. That's their favorite tactic for arming the thugs and ne'er-do-wells so favored by the fascists who make up the armed wing of the Democratic Party.

The USN was a little concerned about 20 years ago by the prospect of mob or flock attacks by dozens of small suicide boats in narrow waters like the Strait of Hormuz and then they started fearing the drone cluster attacks because how can anyone shoot them down if they come at you by the dozen. By the same token, public venues with speakers of note can and will be attacked by dozens of drones and there is really nothing at all right now to stop it.

I remember reading about one in The Moon Goddess and the Son but the first one was Black Sunday a decade earlier and featured a suicide pilot.

It might be a good idea not to crowd the famous VIP speaker at any future events. Fanatics are notoriously indifferent to collateral damage.

Sunday, May 28, 2023


 Have a good Memorial Day. Give a thought for those who suffered and died for our country in the nation's wars and battles and little tiffs nobody ever even heard about.

Give a thought to the soldiers, sailors, marines and airman that have given their lives for this country. A few minutes of reflection on the cost of what it took to reach this point is worth the investment.


I see that State Farm Insurance is no longer going to sell insurance policies to Californians for their homes and other property siting the enormous holes made in their profits by the State of California's other massive failure to simply do its job.

Back in 2003 and 2004 I lived in Del Mar Heights area of San Diego and watched wildfires tear across neighborhoods stuffed with multi-million dollar homes that I never would have thought the fire departments would allow to burn and yet they had no choice but to watch from afar as the winds swept the fires over 12 lanes of I-15 and Route 163 and let them lap around Miramar Marine Corps Air Station. It was amazing. It was also profoundly telling.

One of the features of the State government bureaucrats that so endears them to the landed class in California is their insistence on forbidding the clearing of any and all dead vegetation in and around homes which simply adds to the fuel feeding the fires that first take route on State and Federal lands before then torching everything in entire neighborhoods. 

I can see why the insurance companies would reject future investment there since they can safely predict the range and damage one can expect from historic weather patterns but they really cannot control State bureaucrats and an enormous influx of illegals, many of them terrorists; all of them knowing how to set fire to the wilderness and watch it burn out of control the second the Santa Ana winds starts to blow off the desert.

The powers that be do their very best to conceal what ignited too many of the wildfires that burned wildly out of control but there isn't much doubt who started them and no it wasn't all PG$E or SDG$E although they started many as the companies operating as State functionaries allowed their infrastructure to erode away as the State of California moved to forbid them any attempt to implement needed maintenance measures and stole their money hand over fist even worse than those thieves at Enron and the scum running the allegedly Independent System Operator that controls the flow of electricity in California. 

Old AF Sarge has a story about the last 100 Days of the Emperor and it's worth reading if only to reflect that the Bourbon Dynasty that ruined France, ruined the nobility, ruined the Church and ruined the people never learned a single thing from all that ruination and as a result the Old Guard and too many of the old officers happily forswore their allegiance to the Crown and went over to Napoleon when he returned from his first exile in Elba. That is pretty much what happened and continues to happen in California. The coastal elites run the State as their personal Fief and own and operate the government, the bureaucracy, the schools, the cities, the police, the unions and they literally don't care about anybody else. They don't even care that the City on the Hill has collapsed in on itself because it is not apparent to them since they don't see it.

Perhaps when they find themselves in the tumbrels on their way to be pitched into the La Brea tarpits they will start to wonder what all the fuss is about but by then they'll be the latest native English speakers in the State.

Friday, May 26, 2023


 I used to enjoy Fox news. Back when I was still Ops it used to be on in the morning in my office as they covered the news and then off until I got home and would watch Bill O'Reilly and Megan Kelly tear into the news of the day way back then 19 and 20 years ago. Haven't watched it since then and as I come across various "news" they post online and get referred to I see stupid, ignorant, uninformed  crap like this pretty much all the time:

The Russian military has resorted to dropping massive Soviet-era bombs in an effort to circumvent Ukrainian air defenses that have proven more than a match for long range missiles and drones.

Ukrainian investigators have increasingly found instances of Russia dropping older bombs, some around 1,100 pounds. The low-tech explosives easily circumvent modern air defenses like the U.S.-made Patriot missile systems that are designed to counter long-range missiles and drones.

Russia's bombs, resurrected from Cold War-era ordnance stashes, have two major advantages over missiles in that they have no propulsion system for air defenses to track, and they remain airborne for barely a minute.

"This is the evolution of the air war," Ukrainian Air Force Lt. Colonel Denys Smazhnyi told the New York Times.  "They first tried cruise missiles, and we shot them down. Then they tried drones, and we shot those down. They are constantly looking for a solution to strike us, and we are looking for one to intercept them."

Missiles are designed to get through enemy air defenses that bombers cannot pass through. The idea that a big slow bomber is a more difficult target to hit than a cruise missile or even a very fast missile is beyond stupid. It shows an astonishing failure to grasp elementary physics and inability to think.

Thursday, May 25, 2023



Yep, they pissed away every scrap of credibility and integrity the military and United States had amassed since 1973. Then they bravely followed it up by doing the exact same thing in Sudan.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


 I read the news about this vaccine when it first came out and thought it sounded wonderful. I have never asked if it was implemented but may ask in a month or two. I picked up on what it was for just from reading the news that such a vaccine had been developed and wasn't worried back then that the entire medical establishment was prepared to lie about just about anything and everything. After all, I had family who were medical doctors and I trusted them.

Nowadays its a trust that is largely dead and buried. The entire medical community lied through their teeth about masking, social distancing, the ineffectiveness of drugs to treat the Covid symptoms and just about everything related to the bat flu from China. I don't trust any of them about anything anymore.

Pretty sad. Once the trust is gone, it rarely, if ever, comes back.

Sunday, May 21, 2023


 All the morons of the left need to find another word. Most people long ago figured out their ploy of tacking “anti” in front of a word and then carrying out the most militant advocacy and attacks in exactly the same way the operative word meant. There are for instance nobody more racist or more of a headline fascist then “anti-racists” and “anti-fa” I”m amazed they’re not all mocked to death for proclaiming their hatred for the practices they adopted lock, stock and barrel. This Blatantly stupid article is a case in point.

Thursday, May 18, 2023


 We see increasing numbers of big box stores, grocery stores and pharmacies shutting down in urban areas because the shoplifting and assaults are far out of control. I see people keep attributing this to the secondary factors that cause people to turn to crime and “no bail required”, or the serious pandering by urban district attorneys who refuse to apply the law or to the skin color of the criminals. No, it’s way more fundamental then that and we see it everyday and have been seeing it for 5 generations and surprisingly, no, I don’t think it’s the absence of male adults in the house. It really boils down to one single cardinal all-embracing nation-wide failure.

They cannot read or write or perform even the most basic arithmetic and they now speak a language almost unintelligible to people like me. There are zero jobs that they can do and deep down they know that. They know they wasted their formative years in classes where they were taught little and learned less.

What they are is dangerous and feral. They don’t have the faintest veneer of civilization and react violently and with massive entitlement when crossed. I wouldn’t hire any of them to carry out any task and it’s hopeless to think that their conditioning can be overcome with remedial training. It’s not going to happen.

So what are they going to do? In many ways we are back to the situation the French  found themselves in back in Haiti.

It was full roundhouse genocidal war. Oddly enough, they never really mentioned that part or the aftermath or the tragedy  carried out by the French and American bankers and governments. Haiti is the model for black culture in America. They could not have selected a worse one.

Monday, May 15, 2023


 As many others have noted elsewhere this bit of police protected completely uncounterprotested theater is just about as believable as the Center for Disease Control. How truly pathetic.

Sunday, May 14, 2023


 An an old post here cropped up tonight on QI. I wonder if the vertical envelopment of the tree snakes of Guam was successful or did it fizzle like so many wonderful plans so loosely attached to reality?

Thursday, December 5, 2013



The 4th Air Assault Wave was launched in Guam this week.

We have a problem in Guam it seems.

Specialists have been consulted:

Let a new rain of terror begin!

Last image courtesy of Photobucket


 Interesting Insight by Michael Barone here but he missed the other half of the reason below.

In addition to really disliking the murdering, raping, mugging, carjacking, succker punches delivered from behind and the rest of the standard black violent fair one gets in ghetto neighborhoods we also aren't inclined to live among neighbors who openly and viciously racist, steal our cars or stuff out of our cars or break into our homes and steal everything that isn't nailed down if they don't simply rip it out along with the plumbing and electrical wires behind the walls.

On the gripping hand one of my favorite televised Detroit stories was the ride along with a Detroit police lieutenant who was showing a TV reporter/team the houses that one could buy for less than a $100 and thus start to revitalize one of the most blighted cities on earth. At the end he pointed out that you didn't just owe the city $100 for buying the property, you were, of course, liable for the decades of back taxes and of course thieves had broken in and stolen all the wiring, fixtures, plumbing, etc and any effort to restore it to habitable condition was doomed to failure because the instant you made a single step towards progress your neighbors would be there to destroy it.

Glenn Reynolds nailed it at Instapundit:

"Malone ignores those differences, however, when she quotes a Census Bureau finding that “a ‘typical white’ American lives in a neighborhood that’s 75 percent white.” She then adds, “American suburban life seems to regress to a mean of segregation.”

America is basically 75% white. That’s not segregation, it’s the norm."

It seems to me that a lot of our so-called demographers, progressives, liberals and other idiots lost site of the bottom line as they dream about the incredible advantages that must accrue to DIE philosophers who fully integrate along the NPR approved new plantations for all Americans scheme insist is our destiny..

Thursday, May 11, 2023


 I read through the list of Pulitzer Prize winners this morning and I noted with regret the photographic winner. It is almost unimaginable that everybody in the West and just about every Western government hails the Ukrainian resistance to Russia's special military operation which only erupted after all the same idiots repeated every single mistake that led to the Second World War. Ukraine continues to suffer an agonizing destruction as the West funnels endless weapons and money into the corrupt government's hands to fight the Russians to the last Ukrainian.

I have to say that I tend to side with Putin on this war. All of the West, all of NATO gave solemn assurances to Russia when the Berlin Wall fell and the Cold War ended that we would not advance the NATO frontier one inch closer to Russia when they permitted the consolidation of East Germany into the Federal Republic of Germany. They lied. They lied again when they assured the Russians with the Minsk Accords that the Russians living in the Donbass would be treated fairly and equitably by the utterly venal and corrupt kleptocrats running Ukraine. They lied again.

Even after decades it still amazes me how something like 95% of Americans always fall for the propaganda its own government and media put out as truth and fact.

Wednesday, May 10, 2023


 I read the Dark Herald from time to time for both his reviews of coming movies and films and for his commentary about some of the important events of the day. In this one he gets into the consequences of a disaster of such massive and earth shaking proportion that its echoes shaped the world as we have known it for the last thousand years. It's interesting to me because there are certain similarities with modern day earth and the one that existed a thousand years ago.

His premise is pretty simple. Throughout written history all civilizations were static. Nothing ever really changed all that much because once a food supply was assured it made little difference if the people who fought did the fighting with stone age weapons, bronze or iron weapons. Egypt and China remained essentially static and unchanged for thousands of years and Europe was trapped in the same bubble until the Black Death wiped out two thirds of the population in Europe and things CHANGED.

Anyway, read the link. It won't take long.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023


 As we came home tonight from Gordon Square and the Capital Theater I learned that the the Cleveland Police Department's most recent class at the Police Academy has just 9 recruits. Some might find this alarming and cause for great concern. I would tend to agree. Metroparkcentralis basically envelops the city of Cleveland and there are still many magical things remaining in the old city and 6th most dangerous city in America. You can see the problem and it is evidently and unsurprisingly a very common little problem. Nobody wants to join the Police and find themselves on endless shifts driving around dealing with the scum of the earth from 12 to 16 hours a day, day after day. The pay sucks, the personal liability is endless and doesn't end with death and every budding little ignoramus councilperson Sherlock Holmes will find fault with whatever one does in one's capacity as a police officer.

You know it sounds a bit like joining the Navy in these days. Why would any sane person join a fleet filled with utterly worthless fake warships and one where the majority of real warships have been used to death and are in extended overhauls or so desperate for real maintenance that they cannot actually get underway or perform in their primary mission areas.

The letters we used to apply to such things were FMC, PMC and finally non-mission capable. The fully mission capable ships were supposedly the ones on deployment and usually part of battle group or an amphibious group. The partially mission capable were the ones undergoing various types of maintenance between deployments and were either being tended to by the ship's company, Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity or in Selected Availabilities ranging from a quick dry docking for something like replacing the sonar rubber dome. I don't think SIMA is really doing much these days and what they do appears to the GAO to be too little, too late. The real long pole that kept things running smoothly in places like the Persian Gulf were the Destroyer Tenders. They are all gone and were not replaced. 

The expert hands of Petty Officers skilled in the maintenance and repair of complex systems and components in various warships used to have good shore billets to report to when serving at sea on warships and those used to be SIMAs in every fleet concentration port in the United States and the various Tenders around the world which spent the vast bulk of their time inport and were basically potentially mobile repair shops. All of that went away and the admirals decided to save money by investing in a number of radical new warships that cannot actually be made to fight under just about any threat. They designed the Littoral Combat Ships whose characteristics and service are so dismal that they are being retired after less than 6 years after construction. They also include the Zumwalt class Destroyers which are getting a little long in the tooth for maidens who have never deployed because they, like the new fake CVN, cannot quite work any of the kinks out even after a decade of, "working on it."

The Police in this part of the world need to be supported by the base population or the cities will all fall into the same darkness that claims most of the large Democratic run hellholes and includes now the formerly grand cities of Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Unlike the vast majority of democrat dominated hellholes, those three cities were not blighted by a racial minority hellbent of urban unrest, civil disorder and out and out zero impulse control. Nope, those cities were blighted by the threat that we fought throughout the Cold War for the obvious very good reason. Socialists/Communists are raveners who destroy everything good.

The raveners are winning now so it will take a sea-change to affect things going into the future.

Sunday, May 7, 2023


 Democrats and other clueless ignorant morons believe everything they read in the paper or hear on the broadcast and cable news networks. This is fairly typical of the sort of thing that they will now assure you is too so!

From The UK Daily Mail Today.

How we got to the point where people just don't even try to report accurately is beyond me.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 One of the joys of living in California for over 30 years in both the south and the Bay Area was watching demographic change swirl through some of it and revise whole towns overnight as the newcomers swept away the old. Such a case in point was the City of Compton. Almost 100% white into the '50s with all the usual tricks of a society that wanted to live by itself was completely replaced by blacks in the 60's and they remained the majority of the population until into the 90s when they were all swept away by the incoming Mexicans and other hispanics with all the violence and turf wars and shootouts that presage big changes in little places.

New York and some of the other Atlantic states are slowly figuring out that what happened so dramatically in Florida could and will happen in their towns as the newcomers from south of the border kick the ever loving crap out of the old denizens and demons that run the drugs, gangs, pimps in places like New York City and either exterminate them or drive them out. Perhaps they'll head to the suburbs and New Jersey. It's hard to tell where they'll end up.

What the current demons don't really understand is that the Mexicans? The guys that routinely take on the Mexican Army and own the Mexican police forces from the local level all the way up to the Minister of Justice and Minister of Defense.....those cartels you hear about from time to time if you look for news other than in the mainstream of media foulness, they are the utterly amoral killers and they're more heavily armed than anybody in the United States and they're coming here. They also know that the richest pickings are in places like New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, Connecticut and the other urban hellholes that spawned the gangs, the drugs and the crime that make urban living so darned pleasant for commuters in those places.

When the mayors of towns like NYC bleat about a mere 45,000 illegals dumped on his city by the mayors of Texas and Oklahoma towns and the Federales who answer to literally noone, he aint seen nothing yet. What a pity they shit on their police, defunded their police and voted for socialist progressive liberal BLM types to administer justice in their fair little cities. 

In 20 years you will not be able to recognize them. Kind of like Compton.

Saturday, April 29, 2023


 I understand that teen suicides are way up in recent years and almost a third of all teen girls say they've thought very deeply about suicide. I listen to the college radio station in the morning and the afternoon and I think I know why this is so. It's the horrible soul destroying terrible awful music that they listen to. It is all nothing but an endless dirge. On the way in to school today I listened to Modern English, I'll Stop the World and the difference between the music from the 80s and what passes for music today is enormous.

Have a good weekend out there.

Monday, April 17, 2023


 Hard to believe that in just ten from being completely unable to use the standard military commissions and law to lock up terrorists captured in the act of terrorism we’ve become a nation of blue cities that cannot stop multiple daily shootings, massive looting, fires and riots. If I knew any honest democrats I’d ask them, “how did you morons let it get to this point” but I don’t know many honest democrats and all of them are completely ignorant head in the sand types.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 <iframe width="1280" height="800" src="" title="2014 California Gold Star Parents - General John F. Kelly, USMC - Full Version" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>