Friday, June 15, 2018


Showing exactly the same kind of integrity and honesty as his predecessors Comey and Mueller, Commissar Wray got in front of the cameras today to pronounce on the inspector general's report on the FBI and the Hillary email scandal which saw the FBI give unqualified immunity to all parties involved as it tried to delve to the bottom of the scandal involving a massive breach of national security that caused grave damage to the United States. Wray said, "nothing in this report impugns the integrity of our work force as a whole or the FBI as an institution."

I got news for him and the rest of the FBI; that whitewash barely touched on the crimes of those involved and the massive ethical lapses and total lack of integrity shown by the FBI as a whole and by the utterly corrupt leadership of the FBI. It will be interesting to see what his testimony to the Senate brings on Monday and his testimony to the House brings on Tuesday. That he's going to lie again, goes without saying.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Ruthlessly ripped off from Ace of Spades.

There must be hundreds of wonderful captions for that picture of President Trump inviting Merkel and the rest to GFTs.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I listened to the fake media on the way back from Rocky River with a carload of Black Bird cookies and they were slobbering in excitement at the possibility that Cohen might flip. I haven't seen such enthusiasm for a flip since I used to egg my brother on in the pool to try a back flip off the diving board back when we were kids and he couldn't quite pull it off. It sure looked painful though.

So, as I understand it from the People's Revolutionary International, Mike Cohen, the president's former lawyer is going to flip over something for Justice about paying hush money to a prostitute that claims to have had a liaison over 10 years ago with the man who wasn't president and who denies it and for which there is a stunning lack of evidence and which is not in any way shape or form a crime.

There might be those who would advance the argument that by denying it, they are obstructing justice. But it still isn't a crime and therefore there is nothing for justice to pursue and none of it bears any relationship to the imaginary FBI case that claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia just like John Kerry is currently colluding with the government of Iran.

I had to turn the radio off again when I reached Lakewood since they had some guy named Amal come on and baldly state, without objection, that all republicans are racists, bigots and misogynists. The lame David Brooks impersonator, some woman I've never heard of, finally managed to interject and say something about McCain isn't a bigot but I stopped listening at that point.

I got a real kick out of this from yesterday's take. It pretty much defines where we get our Amals and Jennifers from and why they sound so lame on NPR.
The Left’s taste for intellectual smallness is a relatively new thing. No one would accuse Marx or his 20th-century followers of harboring small intellectual designs. What has happened to turn the revolutionary class to a preoccupation with paper bags and plastic water bottles? What turned the rightful heirs of the Great Terror into the apostles of microaggressions? Why has the vanguard of world history and multiculturalism suddenly settled into a fascination with the equivalent of collecting intellectual lint?
It's a good question but we know the answer don't we.


I captured this from an article at Daily Wire and it neatly sums up my view about evil too.

Kalt neatly sums up the danger of shattering the enemy. In our case it is California. Everything evil that can be done by man to man is done by the government of California and its various industries. Everybody knows that as California disintegrates it sheds its ticks to neighboring states where they all instantly start agitating for the same kind of government that is destroying life in California. When 46% of the people who live in the Bay Area say they want to move, they mean to move to your neighborhood and bring about exactly the same conditions they fled. Kind of like Venezuelans and other socialists. It's not enough to foul their own nest, they mean to foul yours as well.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The sham known as the Nobel Peace Prize was given to the moron Obama a few weeks after he took office and shortly before he found the Oval Office. It seems that a far more worthy candidate has popped up.

Yes, yes, I know, the clowns in Stockholm will give it to Kim.

Friday, June 8, 2018


His full article can be seen at National Review....

"Why not just call it the Woke Olympics and be done with it? It might make a great radio show."

Monday, June 4, 2018

Saturday, June 2, 2018


What is that island off the coast of Virginia?

I'm sure the buffoons that run the alleged news service have a reason for losing whossname....starts with a c somewhere near Kansas. Still, the island in blue, Is that a new state that will guarantee us the election of Hillary, or is it actually EastAsia with whom we've been at war with since 1984?


I take time late at night.

For my three readers, listen again to this starting at 7 minutes.

I live in a world where nobody at all reads.They had a teacher who forced them to read 'Last of the Mohicans' and will never read again. Listen to this again. It is the story of the 20th century. I read history. This is the death of 60 million people.  60,000,000 none of whom wanted to be murdered and swept away by history.

Yeah, I read Gibson and Thucydides and I read everthing about the war that caught me to be born in Germany instead of home in America.

I think, if people just listened to this they would understand history. I'll send it west but won't/don't do history,

I commented once on his blog and found out that there really are a million people who hate this man to death.


Certain people really do make the radio show.

The real story is, you cannpt actually make Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, without Buffy.

When tele persons agrees that this is not so, one gets television.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I read it when I was 9. It was a blue paperback book that sat atop the Encylopedia Britannica. It shaped my worldview for good or ill. It imparted a lasting impression of Israelis. My kind of people. I suspect they'd get up my nose if I lived there. The people who I consider my kind of people seldom try to get themselves elected and never end up running things. They leave that to assholes.

I watched Ariel Sharon slip out of life. I considered it a great loss. He gave Gaza away and clearly had a plan but died in that ambulance.

The current head of Isreal has a plan. It will be interesting to see what it brings. I don't put any expectation in the arabs and seeing that Abbas just died. Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. They're famous that way.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Victor Davis Hanson on The War.

I wanted to be a historian. I figured I'd make a little history and then slip back into the groves of academe. I didn't. I like VDH. I'm astonished by the people who passionately hate the man to death. Given their druthers he'd join all the republicans gunned down by haters who take gun violence to whole new levels.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


They are like the zombie death squads. They wouldn't recognize justice if it bit them very hard.

Authored by Bruce Bawer via The Gatestone Institute,

The swiftness with which injustice was meted out to Tommy Robinson is stunning. No, more than that: it is terrifying.

Without having access to his own lawyer, Robinson was summarily tried and sentenced to 13 months behind bars. He was then transported to Hull Prison.

Meanwhile, the judge who sentenced Robinson also ordered British media not to report on his case. Newspapers that had already posted reports of his arrest quickly took them down. All this happened on the same day.

In Britain, rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.

The very first time I set foot in London, back in my early twenties, I kicked up into an adrenaline high that lasted for the entire week of my visit. Never, in later years, did any other place ever have such an impact on me -- not Paris, not Rome. Yes, Rome was a cradle of Western civilization, and Paris a hub of Western culture -- but Britain was the place where the values of the Anglosphere, above all a dedication to freedom, had fully taken form. Without Britain, there would have been no U.S. Declaration of Independence, Constitution, or Bill of Rights.

In recent years, alas, Britain has deviated from its commitment to liberty. Foreign critics of Islam, such as the American scholar Robert Spencer, and for a time, even the Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders have been barred from the country. Now, at least one prominent native critic of Islam, Tommy Robinson, has been repeatedly harassed by the police, railroaded by the courts, and left unprotected by prison officials who have allowed Muslim inmates to beat him senseless. Clearly, British authorities view Robinson as a troublemaker and would like nothing more than to see him give up his fight, leave the country (as Ayaan Hirsi Ali left the Netherlands), or get killed by a jihadist (as happened to the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh).

Europe fell into the mire in my life time and no, I won't miss it.

These are my first, be afraid.... First assault rifle, assault knife, assault shotgun and did I mention assault ukelele! Be afraid you sheep. Something very bad has happened to England. I think they lost most of their real men in wars and the rest to us and Australia.

I didn't buy the rifle or the shotgun or the ukelele or the knife I did buy the carpet in Karachi



I endorse everything he wrote.

My father, who is my touchstone for unyielding truth, honesty and integrity, told me about knowing one of the FISA judges who lived in our neighborhood. They used to eat sausage together at Monday Morning's. He said the man was the soul of integrity.

I would wonder what happened to that but for the matter of knowing democrats and knowing that there is nothing they don't poison out of spite and will.

Remember when you used to know people of enormous integrity? They would not sully their soul for any reason and without proclaiming it aloud, you knew that was true.

We live in an integrity deficit. I knew the men like Admiral Rogers. They were named Fargo and Costello and Julian and you could take to the bank their word on anything. I worked for them and for a number of others for whom integrity was pretty much their center.

I've been reading the history of the Civil War and it was a war of generals like no other war. In just about every single case, the integrity of the general and staff stood out like an iceberg in the Sahara. If you ever get the chance to visit the house of Old Hickory, marvel for a time at a man of his word who lived and died  as he was.

I suspect one can say the same for the old astronauts, the Mercury Seven and Gemini and Apollo. They had a code and they lived it.

Read the link. You'll be a wiser person.


Suburbs got a bad rep from the left who dislike the idea that people can opt out of forced busing and integration by simply changing their zip code. Where the suburbs really went wrong was in France. France, like South Korea, thinks that living in an apartment block outside the city limits constitutes living in a suburb. This is their idea of a suburb

Our idea of suburb are a little bit different.

The guy living in the house to the right is Serbian. Retired machinist, 3 sons, Baja 1000 enthusiasts of the first water. Were always happy to entertain my 3 year old daughter. Protective and had great Halloween scares for little kids. His garage was one giant machine shop and his wife lived in his other house in Temecula.

Yeah, we knew all our neighbors up and down the street. You could see the ocean from the deck in the back yard.


It took me five years to get around to it but i did, finally. A submarine on the north coast.

Badger Vapor Compressors. I only had one. Wouldn't you know submariners get two.


It wasn't even twenty years after World War II when America decided to delve into space and the moon. Think about it. This country sent men to the moon while we were still in the midst of rural electrification and building the TVA. V1 rockets were still an item when NASA built Apollo. Hell, the guys building Apollo designed the V1 rockets.

We're talking my lifetime. I was born back then in Germany to the Army of Occupation. It's hard to believe that we did that back when I was very young and impossible to conceive that we could no more do it today than we could elect a white republican president.

Those people you don't know, the ones born in the early 30's, they made a wonderment.

Srsly, why go to the moon?

Friday, May 25, 2018


When those of leftist bent get all worked up about the non-crime of collusion, Mention this.
CAIRO — The Egyptian government’s hostile response to a US initiative to fund pro-democracy groups has strained America's relations with its biggest Arab ally during a critical transitional period for Egypt. 
The tension has been building since March, when the US announced plans to distribute $65 million in grants directly to pro-democracy groups. But the angry and wide-ranging response from the Egyptian government and military, which has gone beyond typical Egyptian criticism of American foreign policy, has raised concern in Washington and underscored the challenge the US faces in navigating its relationship with a newly independent Egypt.
I'm not laughing anymore at the stupidity or venality of democrats. They're evil. They pay to corrupt foreign elections and jump maddened by hate when they think somebody colluded in any of their elections.

Oddly enough, collusion is not a crime.

Thursday, May 24, 2018


If you were ever curious how the end of the world would look, here ya go. It's a Russian ballistic missile submarine's multiple launch of ballistic missiles. Come the day, our ballistic missile submarines will do something like this. So will Israel's.  From gCaptain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


It happens almost every day in Florida.


The Daily Mail goes all in with fake news as it reports that a liar announced at a journalism drive-by that President Trump told her that he was going to smear journolists every time they lie or make up fake news. In this one article the Daily Mail captures the essence of President Trump's campaign against the liars who make up most of the media today.

  • CBS News' Lesley Stahl says Trump told before after a taped '60 Minutes' interview that he would intentionally 'demean' and 'discredit' reporters 
  • She says he did it to ensure 'no one will believe' unflattering stories about him
  • Stahl recalled the admission on Monday evening at Deadline Club of New York's annual journalism awards ceremony
  • The CBS News reporter says her boss was also present for the conversation at Trump Tower during which the president-elect laid bare his strategy for assaulting the press.
What I think the Daily Mail missed and certainly what both Leslie Stahl and Judy Woodruff missed, was that nobody except rabid Trump haters actually believe a word they say about Trump or his administration and we take everything else they say with a very large DOT truckload of salt. They are not just fabulists anymore, they are outright liars and get caught in the act of 'making shite up' practically every time they open their mouths.

Why would President Trump outline his strategy for dealing with liars with one of the liars? If you actually go to the link and read the article you will be struck with how miserable the editing was. It fails any standard of real journalism or professionalism. It's a commentary itself about the parlous state of the news business and I consider the Daily Mail one of two papers worth looking at for news.

U P D A T E:

I clearly influenced Elon Musk with my comments because he went off today on the media liars.

What the journos missed was that the world wide web happened and the sources of news all the way back to the primary source are now available for anybody to peruse or watch and the days of hiding the real news from the proletariat and advancing only the news that benefits their benefactors are over. And no, I'm not talking about 'Infowars' or the wackjob web sites, I'm talking about the real interviews and the real primary sources and facts. These days, the main stream media and PBS/NPR/PRI just embarrass themselves with their flawed non-coverage of the news.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


This is weird.

Watch this video and expect to hear the word “brainstorm” and you will.
Expect to hear the phrase “green needle” and you will.
Just pick one of those, say it in your head clearly, and then play the video. You will hear whichever one you heard in your head.

Monday, May 21, 2018


It appears that go@gl# has withdrawn from the high stakes game of ethics and morality that it initially set out to win and has deleted the phrase, 'don't be evil' from its structure. It doesn't come as a surprise to anybody but it is interesting that they have decided to simply step away from doing the right thing and consigned their original motto to the dustbin of history.

Oddly enough, few people believe that giant ideas and companies ever set out to deliberately be evil. They just slowly slip into the business of doing evil once the corporation passes over the Whaling* threshold. Once they reach that point it's all downhill into the abyss and hell.

*Whaling Threshold-- a company or organization passes the threshold when it has more than 20 paid lawyers on the staff. At that point they become irredeemably evil and write longer and longer Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service which require hyperlinks to reams of other files that fail to explain anything beyond the undeniable supremacy of the company and the utter inability of the customer to seek any meaningful satisfaction.

Friday, May 18, 2018


I see that one of our schools has introduced all of its surviving pupils to a concept originally defined as putting prisoners back in their cages and leaving them there until the guards restored the situation that caused the warden to issue a lockdown. Remember this graduate from yesterday who carried a rifle to her graduation ceremony? She made a perfectly valid and timely point. No one is safe in our schools except Broward County sheriffs.