Saturday, January 28, 2023


 Gerard Vanderleun was the author of American Digest and sadly he stepped into the clearing at the end of the path last night. He thought long and deeply about many things and then wrote about them brilliantly. I ran across this post of his a couple of days ago and it both perked me up and left me sad at how far our part of the world has fallen:

It captured, I think, the essence of the man. Please do give it a read. If you never read American Digest, head over and spend a few hours.

Friday, January 20, 2023


It stopped. The ringing in my ears which has bothered me for the last few weeks has gone away. Quiet is almost totally quiet again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


 I sense that more than a few of the almost aware look at all the money and weapons we are pouring into Ukraine as somehow contributing to the defense of the West. It's an interesting view of what has been going on now since 1990; the endless draining away of Western military capabilities around the world. Every tank or fighting vehicle or missile sent to Ukraine was taken from the military stores of the countries doing the giving and there is NO PRODUCTION LINE replacing any of it. Hundreds of thousands of artillery shells and millions of rounds of small arms ammunition are gone and there is no replacement for any of it because at the top, in essence, nobody really believes that Russia will attack them. All those thousands of Javelin missiles that are gone? There is no replacement tooling up to replace them quickly. We got an insight into how long helicopters and fighters will last on a modern battlefield. There is no plan to make quantity a bigger part of military procurement and some countries deem themselves well armed if they have 18 4th or 5th generation jets. This is a real look under the procurement hood weapons replacement.

The UK could not begin to pull off another rescue of the Falklands if any devious Latin American country decided to take up residence there. It is of course not simply due to the lack of means but more to the lack of national Will. There is no-will-to-power anywhere in the West now beyond political power. 

What we do see is that irredentism is once again a force that stalks the world and leaves ruin in its wake. Russia claims to have acted in Ukraine in retaliation/response to the crimes being committed by Ukraine's government and Army against people of Russian descent living in the Ukraine. The history of what brought them there is one that should be examined very closely by the policy makers, but isn't. The same irredentism populated the Baltic Republics with large Russian ethnic minorities as a deliberate act by Stalin and the USSR. 

Irredentism, a word so foreign to us these days that every time I type it I get spellchecked by my writing program, is not new. It was what Adolph claimed when he claimed the Sudatenland for Germany and demanded that the world give way to German's sway over ethnic Germans held captive in other countries. It was a lesson the East learned very damned well and you saw every single eastern European country save E. Germany kick out every single German they could find. There are no large ethnic residue populations of Germans anywhere east of Germany's frontier. They were all driven out at the end of WWII.

It's interesting to speculate what the world will look like a in a hundred years time. Will the Europeans vanish altogether or will their current refugee populations prove to be as fleeting as the African populations in Arabia after centuries of bringing African slaves to the Middle East. And no, you will look perhaps but you won't find.

Monday, January 16, 2023


 The up and coming political floaters have learned a valuable lesson from Biden and President Trump but the most important ones comes from Hillary Clinton and her legion of the damned who learned early and often that the “safest” way for criminals to store classified material was electronic copies only. Yep, they can simply hit delete, use a magnetron and hammer with gusto and their classified residue of criminal activity vanishes like it was never there. Of course what they know about internet security could be chiseled on a pinhead so all that classified TOP SECRET SCI material is in China, Russia and Ukraine before you can turn around.

Saturday, January 14, 2023


 I finally got a twitter account after Musk took it over and promptly gutted it. This is one of the reasons why: What the real science says about cooking with gas. Read it however you like, it is like all real science a damning indictment of the liberal all fascist minds of the left and their artifact storm troopers.

Friday, January 13, 2023


 The fake Attorney General was forced by his own traitorous hand to assign a special counsel to investigate the Top Secret Code Word documents found in Biden's garage in Delaware and in his fake front office that he used as a rep for the communist party of China and the nazi tycoons running Ukraine. The thing that bothers me about this is how, just as with Hillary, there is literally nothing to investigate. Any person found with classified national security documents clearly marked with national security classifications such as Top Secret is guilty of violating the law. There is one sole exception to this law and rule and that is any president found with such documents can claim that they were all declassified by the one man in American who can declassify any national security classification by simply saying so. That's not a Constitutional power that former Vice Presidents or Secretary of States have at their disposal.

I know this is so based on careful application of the law three times as Communications Security Officer and multiple times serving as Top Secret Control Officer. There really is no wriggle room for violating the laws on national security and thus no reason to appoint a special favored crony of the AG to investigate Biden and a hated enemy of President Trump to investigate him. 

As the others have said, where are the FBI ripping into Biden's various homes, offices and garages and storage sheds and maybe his son's houses and storage sheds and garages?

Wednesday, January 11, 2023


 I peruse the Daily Mail every day looking to see what kind of news escapes the ravening savage not-necessarily-the-news and today my heart lifted for a brief moment.  One of my favorite eateries,  In-N-Out is expanding east out of California and even beyond Texas. What gives me room for hope despite what it says in the news article is the map appended with the story.

As we word wranglers like to say, BEHOLD

You and I know that the red state shown on the right side of country is not Tennessee. Perhaps the highly educated Californians running the company can be persuaded to actually build out some franchises on the North Coast of the United States in and around MetroparkCentralis.

Sunday, January 8, 2023


 I think 90% of the funding and materials we simply gave to Zelensky and the rest of the ruling thieves in Ukraine has been poured back into democrats pockets as bribes. The rest stuck to their fingers.

I used to feel pity for supply/finance officers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan who had to find some way to properly document that they simply palletized billions of dollars in cash and gave it to warlords, politicians, rapists, child molesters and had to know that someday many years later some Congresscritter was going to demand to know what they really did with it all because God knows, America has literally nothing to show for a Trillion dollar bribe scam and fest.

Saturday, January 7, 2023


 The capitol police arrested the mother of murdered American patriot Ashli Babbitt and the slime, after 15 votes, rose to the top of the lower House and Chief terrorist negotiator McCarthy is finally elected Speaker.

What a pity.

Friday, January 6, 2023




 I see from a news report in a paper just slightly less reliable for news than the New York Times that the United States and Germany have agreed and decided to hand Ukraine a whole bunch of Infantry Fighting Vehicles. I don't know about the Mardar system but I do know that the Bradley's reliably destroyed every form of Russian tank on the Iraqi battlefields in Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I don't just mean with the TOW missiles but also with the gun system. As I read in the article the fools in charge in the West were reluctant to furnish the Ukraine tanks fearing that Russia/Putin would see that as an escalation. I would suggest that they are way to stupid to be running anything more complex than tricycle.

You can read it for yourself.

"Joe Biden and his German counterpart Olaf Scholz have agreed to send infantry fighting vehicles to help Ukraine fight Russia, a day after France said it would supply its own armoured vehicles to Kyiv in an attempt to create a breakthrough in the 10-month war.

The joint announcement followed a phone call between Biden and Scholz and amounts to a step change in western military support for Ukraine, which has asked for up to 700 armoured vehicles to help force the Russians out.

“The United States intends to supply Ukraine with Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and Germany intends to provide Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles,” the White House said in a statement on Thursday.

Ukraine has repeatedly said it needs 600 to 700 infantry fighting vehicles plus 300 tanks from from the west in order to give its military a chance of breaking through the increasingly fortified Russian positions along the frontline.

Until now, however, the US and Germany have been wary of supplying Ukraine with Nato-standard armour, because they feared it would be interpreted by Russia as escalatory. But the decision to supply western armoured vehicles is significant, even if both countries stopped short of sending tanks.

Germany will also supply Ukraine with a Patriot air defence system, in addition to one promised by the US last month, the White House added. Both countries will train the Ukrainian military on the Marders and Bradleys, although it it was not immediately clear how many of each would be supplied.

Scholz’s deputy spoke up in support. “This is a good decision,” said Robert Habeck, the German vice-chancellor and economy minister, whose department has to green-light weapons exports.

“Since the start of the war we have continuously expanded our support in coordination with our partners. It is only logical that we also take this step.

“Ukraine has the right to defend itself against the Russian attack, and we have the duty to help her.”

France said on Wednesday it was upping its military aid to Kyiv by supplying an unspecified number of AMX-10 RC light armoured vehicles capable, experts said, of scouting roles and supporting main battle tanks. Hours later Biden hinted the US was considering following with the Bradleys.

Earlier on Thursday, senior German ministers indicated their country’s position was also evolving rapidly. Habeck, on a visit to the Norwegian capital, Oslo, said Germany’s position had never been “static” and that it would be influenced by France and the US’s willingness “to deliver lighter tanks”.

The German foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, made similar comments. “I have pointed out time and time again we work with our partners to see what kind of military support is required by Ukraine,” she said after a meeting with her British counterpart, James Cleverly, in London. Cleverly himself said tanks “might well be” part of the next phase of weapons transfers.

On Wednesday night, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said Paris’s decision sent “a clear signal to all our other partners: there is no rational reason why Ukraine has not yet been supplied with western-type tanks”."

I see that the Economic Minister and the Foreign Minister found this to be an excellent idea. I kind of wonder what the various Political/Military Advisors at the various staffs in Europe and Washington thought about this insane idea for widening the war.

I remember reading about the pirate submarines in the Spanish Civil War that were attacking ships heading in to Spanish ports to offload cargoes of weapons and men. Will we see their descendants in the Altantic and the Med? It makes me wonder. There is also no reason to believe that Russian hypersonic missiles won't soon be hitting "training bases" in Germany where this training is going to happen.

I don't know what form the destructor takes but everything I've read about Russian history tells me they’re tenacious and never more so than when the odds are stacked against them. When talking about IFVs going to Ukraine I wonder where the manpower is coming from. I see the media is filled with cheerful reports of thousands of dead Russians but I seldom/never see anything about the state of the Ukrainian forces and history tells me that those who tangle with the Russians generally end up stacked as corpses.

At some point the Russians are going to wake up to the alarms that people have been bleating about for decades and they're going to eliminate every single phone from the ranks because with even decades old RF location technology (never mind the NSA) finding and targeting a mass of obviously Russian cell phones to a single geo location is an invitation for full HIMARS battery attack.  One has to remember that the Russians take time to learn to fight again and unlike our forces they haven't fought anything like a peer since The Great Patriotic War. They didn't do well to start with in Finland nor so well in Poland and yes the German panzer armies creamed them during Barbarossa but then they came back and pulled a Kursk.

I'm afraid that the military Chiefs of Staff pissed away any chance for making any meaningful input in the decision making process long ago and to be honest it isn't just that the ones today are incompetent boobs, its that their predecessors since Obama have been boobs and witless buffoons and nobody takes any of them seriously anymore, especially after the debacle in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa. They are out of touch, deeply incompetent and too damned stupid and ignorant to know it.

Which is all a great pity since it means that everyone who could or would practice restraint is retired, buried or to junior to overcome the mass of idiocy that runs our military at just about every level above 2 stars.

Me? As I said, waiting for the 'pirate submarines' and for Russia to establish a full Naval Blockade of the Baltic ports supplying NATO and full out embargo any cargoes in or out of Ukraine through the Black Sea.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023


 It was an interesting sort of politics day as the new majority party desperately tried to elect the minority leader to take over as the Speaker of the House and ran into a few bumps in the road which might be better described as republicans-with-intent. As I think about it, the very last person on earth to lead the new majority in the House would be the former minority leader since he has been steeped in compromise after compromise for so many years that it it impossible to see such a man unravel his past behavior and go forward confidently into the Light of the New Damned Day. We really don't want or need an oleaginous swamp creature that is firmly routed in the muck and mire of the Dismal City to be the Speaker of the House after the disasterous Pelosi.

I still get a kick out of that word but I can't remember if was from the autobiography of RADM Dan Gallery, DDLM or from the biography of Arleigh Burke who used it to describe the Chief of Naval Operations Louis Denfeld. On the other hand, Denfeld replaced Nimitz and that was probably an impossible act to follow.

Saturday, December 31, 2022


 Found tonight at  It does make you wonder. OTOH, I'm now watching Ancient Apocalypse so who knows what really happened in the past. Yes, yes, the historians at St. Mary's know.

Friday, December 30, 2022


It appears that our wretched media is completely ignoring the entire revelation of what happened when the FBI and other federal agencies took over the day to day running of Twitter and banished Trump, all Trump supporters, every real physician and scientist who wrote or talked about how effective Ivermectin really was in combating the dreaded Covid symptoms and anybody who failed to hew to the democrat party line.

The MEDIA won't cover it and is hell-bent on covering it up. That's a problem and it's more of a problem than most people realize because they fail to follow the media and its enablers to the obvious end point in a society in which almost 100% of the people who identify as liberal and democrats party voters get their news and information from. They feel well informed because the listen to NPR and watch PBS and the news and they read the newspapers but as we all know, that just makes them ignorant about everything real because the job of the media is hide all the failures of government and bureaucracy and magnify the bad news about the opposition.

Thus, any of the media that claims to have facts about a moderate policy initiative or plan will get 3 of the most liberal talking heads to expound on how it's clearly an initiative or policy designed to directly and negatively impact poor, blacks, people of non-white color and women. Every single damned time. They also without fail always make a point of referencing the opposition as far right, extreme far right or just outright nazis and ignore the fact the closest thing we have to the nazi thugs of the 30's in Germany is in fact ANTIFA fascists who violently attack everybody and anybody that disagrees with communists and socialist policies that impoverish billions and keep them mired in poverty because the only thing that ever lifted people out of poverty was the Church and Capitalism and the left hates and despises both of those.

It becomes a lot more dangerous now because the left is instilling a passionate hatred of "other" in everything they do in bureaucracy, church, government and the media. HATRED. They have othered the right to the point where I think most of the people who self-identify as liberals wouldn't blink if someone in the FBI proposed rounding up all the Trump voters and putting them in re-education camps or simply putting them in gulags where they could be worked to death. 

The media and the left haven't made the point that more Americans voted for President Trump in the last election than voted for ANY other President. That's 75 million Americans they find excess to their needs and would be content to have disappear down a sewer.

Of course, they’re all mostly stupid and idiots too so they still haven't grasped onto the fact that they're not on the side with all the guns and the training and the ruthlessness. On the other hand, having watched as China and labs in China funded by Faucci and the NIH and CDC to experiment with deadly virus to increase gain of function and make the virus much more easily transmissible and deadly I have to say I'm not sanguine about the possibility that research is ongoing now to terminate who swaths of people based on their genome. It is after all, just a matter of time.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022


 We have all heard that the Army has failed to meet its recruiting goal this year by over 20,000 young men and women who won't be joining the ranks and replacing the soldiers who are getting out and enjoying the benefits of the GI Bill. That is 20,000 fewer soldiers this year followed by a like number next year and the year after that. In response the Army has opened its recruiting scope to include the lowest mental category for the first time since the Vietnam War because the Army is learning that young men and women that historically joined in large numbers from certain well targeted states are no longer interested in serving the woke morons who call Washington DC home. They don't just despise the civilian leadership, such as it is, they also despise the 4 stars and the 3 stars and probably most of the Colonels too. They have good reason to feel contempt and disgust for the leadership.

We and they know what a complete and utter fiasco and military disaster resulted when the generals and civilian leaders ordered the shutdown of the military airbase in Afghanistan and then followed up that idiocy by fleeing Iraq in terror as the taliban rolled right over those alleged Afghani soldiers we had been training for the last 20 years like they weren't even there, largely because they weren't. Soldiers killed, Americans simply abandoned to their fate, true allies of ours left out in the cold in Afghanistan at the tender non-existent mercy of the Taliban fanatics. Well done Milley, Well Done Austin. You somehow managed to reach 4 star rank and the senior most leadership positions in the Pentagon and you bungled a withdrawal from a stone age blighted area to the point where there is almost no way to recover from it in this generation or the next. 

The younger ones listen to the older ones that once wore the uniform and none of us would even breath the words, "enlist in today's Army or military." Not even under our breath. Pentagon leaders really have a few really important jobs.

1. Take care of the troops. Pay them, their families when they fall, provide medical care, treat their lives as you would the lives of your own adult kids. Don't toss them away for an empire that doesn't exist anymore.

2. Maintain and procure the weapons that they use now and will need in 20 years time so that when the war does come as it will come, they have the means to wage war without making the ultimate sacrifice in obsolete, broken or worthless weapon systems. You really screwed up the Littoral Combat Ship and there is no mistaking how every single admiral came forward (was shoved really hard) and bleated about how the LCS was an effective warship and well up to the task of waging 21st century war at sea. Everyone knows that was  and is a lie. The ships are worse than useless since their construction and development came at the cost of designing, building and fielding real surface combatants such as the DDGs or CGs that the Navy is quickly retiring before they simply fall apart (the cruisers are coming up on 40 years of service.) I don't have the numbers but ships that complex and that old spend a lot of time in shipyards and not that much time at sea. We had the same problem with the missile frigates from the end of the Cold War that gradually declined as they aged and so various weapon systems that were too difficult to maintain were simply removed. Thus, they retained the name guided missile frigates long after the missile launchers had been removed.

3.The Pentagon is where our Operational Plans originate and where they are approved and it is there that the Military and leadership have failed to maintain even the lowest standard of competence. I saw this happen in real time in Hawaii as notional units that had no equipment were treated by the planners as if they were fully manned and equipped for the missions they were assigned when there was nothing further from the truth. It appears that the planners and leaders in the Pentagon really think those units are real much like Hitler thought Patton's fake armies in England were real in 1944.

The alt media which is largely now where one finds the truth of things has pointed out that the left has captured and suborned Academia, the Bureaucracy, Hollywood, the Media and the Military. That last started happening under Clinton who was able to get a couple of powerful adjutants into the Pentagon and they started selecting the future generals and admirals who would run the armed forces. Clinton was followed by a President who manifestly did not care about what was going on in the Pentagon or Yugoslavia or anywhere else for that matter despite having once been titular head of the CIA. Under Obama the process initiated by the Clintons accelerated and worthy candidates for the rank of 3 and 4 star were passed over for more woke, democrat, leftist leaning, communists and command failures. They in turn selected the Colonels they found worthy for promotion to Brigadier and Major General. Those last two ranks used to be merit promotions while the 3 and 4 star jobs have always been a "who do you know" appointment.

The military is now broken at its most fundamental level. As with the other parts of the National identity captured by the leftists, there is no easy come back from this level of profound dishonesty, deceit and incompetence. It will take an epic disaster and given those we've suffered from in the last 20 years it will take something much worse than Pearl Harbor. The Chinese are showing the way. 71 attack aircraft made attack runs on Taiwan in conjunction with a number of Naval ships yesterday. There is very little between Taiwan and China.

I heard on the BBC tonight that the Premier of Taiwan announced today that 4 months of mandatory military service was no longer enough and that starting in 2024 all young men would be required to serve a full year on active duty in order to receive the training necessary to wage modern war and to beef up the military's numbers and  make it look bigger and scarier. Well, they let their military decline to almost nothing just as we have and we may have the whole of the Pacific Ocean between us and them, it will be the whole of 7th Fleet  that will pay the price if we actually rush to aid Taiwan when Xi decides to invade. Personally I think pigs will fly before the PTB in DC, whoever they really are, will come to the military aid of Taiwan

And if that wasn't bad enough, we have a shooting war in Ukraine where it is very much NATO vs Russia and they only people that haven't figured that out or what it implies are the same ones that reliably vote for democrats, socialists and communists plus the eco-freaking green parties.

I saw in the press over the weekend that Putin is supposedly at death's door from cancer. You ever hear the story about what happens when a man really has nothing left to lose? It seldom ends well. It's really going to suck in Europe which not only unilaterally disarmed itself and took to relying on US for all their military and geo-political muscle, they have also expended 90% of their weapon stocks/ammo by sending it Ukraine to kill Russians and have no plans to fund or make new ammo and, and this is really important, the US they are counting on has done much the same thing. Remember, we shut down the Tomahawk production lines years ago. We'll wage the next 2 wars with the ammo we have on hand at this moment. That's going to suck.

I'd recommend a reread of The Village by Bing West.

Some of the takeaway observations on the struggle in Ukraine. 

Helicopters will not survive over a modern battlefield

Tanks and APC will not survive on a modern battlefield

You will run out of artillery ammunition long before you run out of targets

You will run out of missiles long before you run out of enemy

Anything the US does not have on hand at the outbreak of war is UNAVAILABLE from ANYWHERE else in the world. Nobody is going to rearm us when we go winchester and most of the components for the more complex smart weapons come from China.

Saturday, December 17, 2022


 The slippery slope we're embarked on is getting perilously close to the brink of war.  With the introduction of American Patriots in the Ukraine to shoot down Russians we're well beyond the point we reached at any other time in the past in terms of staggering blindly into a War everyone sees coming. The Cuban missile crisis was engendered by the fools in the Kremlin who made the point that they were very unhappy with the American Jupiter-Thor nuclear missiles based in Turkey and they thought it was fine to reciprocate by putting some Russian nuclear missiles just about as close to America. They chose poorly.

The idiocy of this administration in punching so far above its weight in both diplomatic affairs and in going up against a Power known since the Mongols for being utterly ruthless is a more than a little terrifying. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff are worthless poltroons who could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag and yet they're the ones that the fools in the White House and National Security Council are relying on for sage military advice. The most profound thing to come out of the Pentagon in the last 10 years is renaming CINCPAC to now be COMINDOPAC. Not too profound now is it?

I hear some of you saying that it's no big deal, we had Patriots in Saudi Arabia up until last year and nobody thought we were in a proxy fight with Iran. True, but then the poltroons in DC withdrew those weapon systems in the face of continuing and ongoing attacks on the Saudi oil refinery/distribution systems to poke the miserable Saudis in the eye. As you may have noticed, the Saudis remember things like that and it was no surprise when the DumDum went crawling to the Crown Prince the Prince was happy to refuse any polite requests to pump more oil. Quel surprise!

Patriot isn't something you can read a comic book tech manual on and figure it out. If the missiles go to Ukraine they're going with American soldiers to operate them which means we're are smack dab in the middle of our own shooting war with Russia. What do they call that? I think we used to refer to that as World War III.

All this is going on and in the news Deutsche Velle, the only thing they talked about at any length at all and it went on for 5-10 minutes was how the EU and UN were going to land on Elon Musk like a ton of bricks for kicking some scumbag so-called journalists off twitter. These are the same outraged people who completely ignored the previous twitter regime's open and blatant conspiracy with federal agencies to dump Trump and ban all conservative voices and even the New York Post. "War! With Russia?! Of course not you ignorant colonial. They wouldn't dare!" Well, that is pretty much how every war in the last century or two has started. One side didn't think the other side would retaliate or react in a military manner. They were wrong.

Another thing our news touched on was the American patriots who were ushered into the Capital by the Capital police and walked around admiring the people's capital. The January 6th Communist Tribunal will decide in the next couple of days if they are going to indict President Trump for some sort of crime. I'll be damned if I know what crime he is supposed to have committed but then the January 6th bunch departed from this reality about 2 years ago and never came back within visual signalling range.

I'm going to miss the Smithsonian.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022


 Can you imagine how much power we’ll have available if Elon Musk decides to lead the nuclear fusion effort in this country?

Friday, December 9, 2022


 It is a very simple lesson really. A child could understand it. NO JUSTICE NO PEACE.

Soros funded district attorneys and socialist mobs like anti fascist and the complete failure to enforce the law have led to a massive increase in crime and violence. Where the failure to maintain law and using the justice system has most advanced retailers are shutting down and moving out. Pretty soon there will be places where the people can only buy goods at much greater expense from the corner stores and they won’t last long either.

Good going democrats. You ruin another 10,000 lives every single day.


Thursday, December 1, 2022


 I'm not. A reputable thermometer says it 59 in here. I'm afraid I'm one of those bloggers. It doesn't even begin to feel cold. On the gripping hand, there is no wind.

Perhaps Europe will survive the winter after all.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 The old hippy saying was, "if nobody showed up would there be a war." We're getting close to that now, again. The United States Army failed to recruit 60,000 new men for the first time. The fleet is a tiny shadow what it was and the Air Force has, surprisingly, priced itself out of business and there are no young men to die as cannon fodder anymore. They see that on UTube and frankly, they're not impressed.

The invasions go on and will go on but there is nobody left in the West prepared to resist. Wow, we get to see history repeat again.

In many ways it was an island nation off the coast of France and it's distaff colony that saw the birth and burst of the scientific method and science and more engineery than you could shake a stout stick at. What is coming is the what happens when the hardest working people in the world overrun science and technology.

The 21st century really isn't turning out at all like I hoped. Those hard working ones? Yeah, places just exactly like Venezuela that ripped their own guts out to spill on the ground. What do you think they will do to ours?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 It's been awhile since I stretched my legs.  Years. Deciding to go for a walk out of deepest darkest Cleveland was a surprise tonight but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Still, I managed to stop into a hotel I'd driven by a thousand times and this time, since I was already on the sidewalk, stepped in for a cup of coffee. Having left that place I was walking by THE mosque and happened to find that timing was perfect and let me meet and shake hands with the "no, I'm not the imam."  Imam.

I was put on notice that the world works just as I imagine it. My philosophy is that one is only cold if one thinks so and noone is ever really cold if there is no breeze. There was a pretty stiff breeze. The car I stepped out of has enough cold weather gear to let me and friends survive for a couple of months north of the arctic circle or lake erie or perhaps ontario but I'm just guessing at this point.

I walked 50 fucking blocks in Cleveland starving and did not pass a single place to eat. This city sucks. I really miss Hillcrest, 70 restaurants in walking distance.


Oh, there was a good blog post but entropy killed it.

Monday, November 28, 2022


 "When you sail in harm's way you don't take hostages."

I never did, I never would.

On the other hand, I've returned to land at sunrise with passengers who did a damned good imitation of hostages.......the bastards..


I'm reading instapundit and he is talking about race. A thing I know. I remember many of us in California voted yes on Prop 206. We were schmucks who actually wanted to bring to an end discriminating on the basis of race.

I tend to mock the Karens. I met them all in California.  On Sundays when I wasn't in Korea I wasn't at home either. Nope, I took the little one to Jimboree and to be honest, I enjoyed it but an awful lot of mothers dropped their sprogs off and went right next door to do pilates in front of the awesome gigantic windows between the narrow corridor of our little jimboree mall. I could watch fit girls stretch all day.

I was a shmuck. I could enjoy the view enormously and then go with my girl to get the weekend Madelines and coffee and where I would reliably tell them, "damn, I forgot my wallet and they would still fork over the Madelines and coffee because they knew I'd stop by the next day on my way to work and pay them.

I remember being a little stunned when a friend said, "so wait, they gave you food and coffee and you couldn't pay?" I always paid.

A full 15 years later, she's coming here in a couple of weeks. For all the time I've lived in this place, I don't have that sense of community I had from the widely distributed community I used to know in SOCAL. I kind of miss it. The girls would see me coming with my Sunday New York Times, a bundle of energy and have the Lady milk, coffee and packet of madelines on the counter waiting for us.

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 NATO is tapped out of weapons they can give to Ukraine. That's right, 100% of NATO doesn't have the means to defend itself, not that it ever did but now they admit they gave all the weapons they had to Ukraine to kill Russians with and having done that, are tapped out. It is remarkably similar to when NATO/EU wanted to bomb Libya and ran out of bombs after the first 3 days and asked America to replenish their stocks of bombs, you know, the missing bombs that they were going to use to stop to the 1st thru 96tth Tank Guard Russian divisions when they stormed across the Fulda Gap. It has to be admitted that the USN was looking at some serious losses if war came. Our SSNs better be every bit as good as the silent service claims because those Russian missiles and Backfires were going to eat our lunch.

The West is out of HIMARS, out of missiles, out of smart and brilliant weapons. As people gathered around a reservoir in Korea might have said, we seem to have an infinite number of infantry closing in on us. As St. Hillary would say, does it really matter if they're Chinese or Russian? She probably couldn't tell the difference anyway.

The only company I know of that makes feral is Tesla and they make cars and spaceX rockets.

One of the things I had reason to look into, because it became a concern was something called NEW. It stood for Net Explosive Weight and for some ships it was an issue when it came to getting diplomatic clearance. You could see little  countries like Qatar concerned that perhaps one of our Maritime pre-position force ships with a NEWT of 1.2 kilotons of High Explosive might not be all that welcome in Doha or even further down the coast.

How much explosive you got there captain? It's just 4 million pounds, nothing to be unduly alarmed about.

I think at this point our NATO allies have essentially armed Ukraine with the NEWT of all 3 of our pre positioning squadrons and they not only don't have anymore, they can't make it either. and, neither can we.

One of the sad things I see in the latest Russian videos of the front is that they have returned to artillery, like their and my grandfathers. If you remember the tiny little European wars of just 20 years ago what we saw was a thousand videos from the smart drones and smart weapons that literally homed in on the men in the trench and wherever three were gathered, they were killed. It's not like that now though is it? Its the  salvo fire of artillery batteries and regiments hitting targets  and if they're using smart munitions you see it only in the way they explode over trenches.

There was a term of art, not my art, SADARM.  Yeah, we had come up with an artillery round that did seek and destroy armor. SADARM. I guarded the house of my father's oldest friend when the family buried him at Arlington. At that point the thieves would read the obits and break in and steal from the family of those being buried at a given time and place handily published in the newspaper. He was an Armor officer and I would have felt better for my unprepared adventure with a weapon but I found out he was unlike me and there wasn't so much as a saber on the wall. Heck, my Navy friends had more weapons in their front hall closets than what was available at that house.