Wednesday, July 10, 2024


 Reading Zero Hedge today I was struck by a future nuclear exchange with an enemy power and it occurs to me that if they really wanted to do us a major and unrecoverable injury they would make sure that no bombs fell on Washington, DC or New York, New York. They'd have to destroy the rail yards in Chicago but there is no reason to gut the whole city just to split the nation into two parts.

Our cities and our government are the least effective instruments of power that anyone can imagine and yet the venal puppets and their backroom owners think that they are the very best leaders and managers in the whole entire world. 

So no, the worst thing an enemy could do to US is leave us our most densely populated cities and the clowns in Washington to micromanage the war and its recovery, following the surrender of course. The bridges over the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers would have to go.

The U.S. Rail network with Vancouver thrown in



tsquared said...

That US Rail map leaves out a lot of track going to/from Atlanta, up the back side of the Blue Ridge mountains going to Ohio and Michigan, and Savannah/Waycross to New Orleans.

Fredrick said...

Oil refineries. Chemical plants making chlorine for water treatment. A select few meat packing plants and feed lots.

HMS Defiant said...

Remember the bridges? When the major bridges are gone there is going to be an enormous slow down in all transportation and there just aren't that many bridges.(I mean outside of Pittsburgh.....)

Anonymous said...

When your enemies leadership is foolish and easily mislead with bribes, why destroy them?

Crippling critical systems without fear of retribution is the most logical attack.

Buying politicians is far cheaper than replacing warships.

Aside from that it's cheaper to arm a 3rd world Warrior and let them destroy your enemies.

Gives YOUR OWNED politicians cover as. They order strkes against Pawns.

Anonymous said...

That rail map just looks like the AmTrac passenger routes. Those are just a few of the major rail lines. I think hitting the grid will do what they want. Shut down the US economy completely. 1856 days again. Why would they use nukes when ten or fifteen teams could so the damage much easier and no missile track to betray the attacker?

HMS Defiant said...

Viz anon, yep.

Anonymous said...

maybe 8 bridges at most, crossing the mississippi would do it.