Thursday, January 27, 2022


So the ineffable Joe has declared that Justice Breyer is gone and will be replaced on the Supreme Court by a person whose ONLY qualification is the color of its skin. I say 'it' advisedly since liberals are easily fooled and will insist until they turn blue in the face that Bruce Jenner is a woman. The democrats are crowing about a black woman nominee but they have only the loosest association with being able to discern color what with their 'one drop rules' and then they believe anything anybody tells them about sex so any guy could simply declare himself a woman and black and voila! A black woman appears unto them.

I'd be terminally embarrassed to be picked by slow joe for the job simply based on the color of my skin. That sounds like pure aryan racism to me.

The other things the BBC were moaning about were the winter famine wiping out the children of the Taliban and the poor pitiful Ukrainians who are ill-equipped to fight the Red Army. I see a confluence of benefits here. The Taliban have $89 billion dollars in high tech weaponry they manifestly don't need and the Ukraine produces most of Europes wheat. They could trade weaponry to the breadbasket of Europe for food. Win win!

Helpful. That's me.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


I see here and there that Justice Breyer is throwing in the towel. Yep, many 'news' sources claim that he has decided to retire and let the woke use race and sex as the sole basis for determing his replacement on the Supreme Court. That part doesn't come as any surprise to me. When was the last time a democrat was not a pure racist and sexist? They're like 100% pure Aryan at this point and use race as the single determining factor in every aspect of their relations with their fellow human beings.

But, what if Breyer never said anything about choosing to retire now and all this piffery is nothing but a scam by the Harvard bunch who disseminated yet another rumor making a claim that is totally false and leaving it for Breyer to get out of the maze they created? You know all they have to do is pop out an email to all their pals who lead CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, ABC, CNN and MSNBC and say, "Hey everybody, put out stories right away announcing that Justice Breyer has announced his retirement."

All the Biffs and Chelseas will respond like they do and there you have it, another ice cream sandwich for Biden.

I did enjoy these though.

Saturday, January 22, 2022


The people (or aliens) running our country are trying to shove a war down the throat of both China and Russia and they seem determined to carry it to the limit. There is no reason to believe that either Putin or Xi can understand the incomprehensible idiots at our State Department or the senile ones in the Oval office any better than Americans can. Have these dolts considered that by pushing the rhetoric for war they are advancing on it from all flanks and should therefore look to their own? I don't think so. Within days of 9/11, the President ordered the national defenses raised to a level not seen since the end of the Cold War. Indeed, they went beyond that. We had Linebacker ships off both coasts at full wartime readiness. We know the skies were watched like never before and the only planes aloft were fighters and those that had special permission to take off.

Have the Idiotacracy figured out that if they start waving the big stick the other guys might pull a Japan II and carry out a first strike? It doesn't have to be nuclear strike and indeed, without using WMD they supposedly limit our response because we've pretty much said we won't be the first user of nukes and our WMD capabilities were destroyed long ago by treaty with the USSR. The Russians can lay waste to our ships just as rapidly as disaffected crewman and contractors destroyed a $6 billion dollar assault carrier and a $4 billion dollar nuclear attack submarine. You do know that to that incredible feat all you have to do is light a match and drop it in the right place, don't you? That's it. No high tech gizmos or hypersonic missiles required.

Have the dolts figured out that they put Putin in charge of roughly 75% of all of Europe's energy needs as it heads into a winter seemingly unaffected by this so-called global warming conspiracy and can bring NATO to its knees by simply ordering some valves to be shut in Russia?

Have they recalled that up to 85% of the components for ALL OF OUR HI-TECH WEAPONS are made in Chinese factories? Have they ever considered that? We know what happened to the auto industry, almost idled by the lack of microchips and yet nobody in America will build a chip factory because they KNOW the idiots at GM will instantly go back to China if China subsidizes the price of chips from their factories and undersells the competition in the USA. They know that will happen because it always happens.

You don't suppose anybody told those fools running things that our Atlas rockets are using Russian engines because nobody but SPACEX is making rocket engines in America or has been able to make powerful ones for over 30 years?

I'm afraid our entire National Command Authority and State Department are led by those brain dead twits we used to laugh about who simultaneously had bumper stickers on their cars that said, "War is not the Answer" and "Free Tibet!"

Has that incompetent buffoon Milli issued a War Warning Order and ordered that the Armed Forces stand up from their passive peacetime imbecility and start acting like a country on the brink of war? I don't know, but I doubt it.

Friday, January 21, 2022


I think what we are seeing in her is the desperation of anyone who suddenly finds themself knowing something about the Clintons or possibly Obama. She knows now that Biden was never more than a puppet for the Swamp and now she is being groomed by them daily to take up the onerous and hideous job of being their puppet too. I think she has woken up to the fact that she has been handed an offer she can't refuse.

Now she like the Great Lorenzo must be force fed the missing essential ingredients of the better sort of politician/statesman. Since she is totally ignorant of history, diplomacy, economics, politics, horses and war she is in so far over her pointy head that she knows it's hopeless to continue the charade once people finally cotton on to the fact that slow Joe is in fact senile Joe and needs to be replaced by another bottom feeding democratic sort of worm that can be dangled on a string in front of the mob to fool them into thinking they are seeing the masterbaiter when in fact what they're really getting is the dummy who is at the mercy of the truly dangerous creatures that dwell in the DC swamp.

She knows she can't pull it off but she knows what happens to her if she suddenly feigns a mental breakdown in order to either avoid the string dangling bit or gets shoved into an oubliette where someday forensic scientists will exclaim, "this nasty smelling goo is the late great Vice President Harris!" Either way she knows she's dead.

Some of you might enjoy reading, Double Star by Heinlein.

Saturday, January 15, 2022


It really bears no resemblance at all to any of the war you think you know. Whenever any politician tells you that advocacy for war is a real thing, now you know. We don't possess so much as 2% of this in our armed forces today. People (democrats) think it's all still there. I served on 7 ships. Not one is still extant. They were all destroyed long ago.
I don't actually think we have that huge ignornant dumb as dog shit populace who still think somehow war is the answer. OK, I do. They don't insist so much that we advocate and then go and fight civilizational battles and wars as we did when we ended Japan and Germany. I think they're too ignorant. I can't blame them. You have to read extensively to see where the next war that is going to blindside the living shit out of is coming from. The sad thing is that war is generated by the dog shit ignorant people. Always. They think they can 'get away with it.'

I have news for you. It's coming from there. You just don't see it coming.

Thursday, January 13, 2022


Saw this tonight. There was room in the room for one captain. This would be hell.

Saturday, January 8, 2022


Sometimes you have to accept the cruel truth and sometimes it hurts.

Friday, January 7, 2022


The American cities they are so clean! There is scarce to be seen a dark cloud over any of them. It's as if the whole Industrial era raison d'etre for cities has turned over a new leaf and is basking in the sunlight undimmed by the smog of productivity on an industrial scale. Or something like that. The city has undergone something of a transformation little noticed by the people living there or around it. What were once vast and even enormous engines of productivity driving wealth and materialism to new heights every day are not simply the place where you could, if you search diligently, find that rare spice you like. The industrial heartland produces nothing these days but drug addicts and a wee bit of despair. The cities that line the west coast, formerly major powerhouses of industries ranging from movies, film and software have now been reduced to the level of Delhi or other 3rd world cities with homeless overwhelming the rule of law and civilization and ubanity. What a shame. On the east coast the cities are hellholes that nobody wants to live in. Even DC has lost the bloom of habilitability for the likes of Democratic ubermen and their husbands.

I lived next to it but never saw the allure of NYC. I used to habit Arlington but restricted 100% of my visits to the DC by getting off the metro at the Smithsonian/Mall and left the same way without bothering to go more than 3 blocks off the Mall in any direction. I did some business in the Navy Yard. I was told to hold at the metro station for a limo to pick me up and deliver me to NAVSEA. It was an interesting hour watching all the young Coast Guard people in their civies walking to Buzzard Point trying not to attract the attention of the majority black populace who seemed pretty peaceful to me, while the only real man among them was a Coast Guard admiral in full uniform who buzzed up the escalator and strode like a man down the street to his destiny in Buzzard Point.

I admit to living on the fringe of a once great city. It was 5th or 6th in this country at one time, and for a long time, home as it was to billionaires like Rockefeller and others from that age. Though it has greatly faded it still retains the shadow of greatness, much like Pittsburgh. There are opera, theaters in the theater district, great museums like you would not believe and entrance is restricted only to those who cannot pay the free admission. It still has the aspect of a great city without actually producing anything much. In that regard it has come to resemble LA, Seattle, Portland, Denver and the blighted blue places that seem to attract the stupidest and most drug addicted people.

Truly, what can one say of places like NYC that have returned that feeble minded budding youngish terrorist AOC to Congress? We're not even going to talk about the hellholes I lived near in Trenton, Newark, Philly, Camden, Baltimore, etc. I prefer the quiet places which may enjoy some tiny despair from time to time but still offer what one looks for in an urban. Small towns, public squares around which are clustered the businesses of the little town and a charming population of Americans much like me. As I write that though I wonder. Are there such happy fruitful towns here in America for the people that don't look like me? If there are, I haven't been there.

Around here lie the places/towns where we go all the time. We go for the apples, the donuts, the haircuts and Rachel's and we go for the ambience of a little town we like. Our town isn't much like them at all but is still a worthy little town. In California I visited the little places I liked. Not just in Napa or Sonoma but along the coast highway between LA and San Francisco. I used to take the BART over to the City just to people watch in the financial district or up in Union Square. I doubt the Francis Drake Hotel bears any resemblance to the place I remember fondly but then, that was back when Borders held down pride of place on Union Square and I do like book stores.

I'd like to walk into another real city but not just any real city. I'd prefer one that still bore all the hallmarks we came to associate with civilization. I'm not sure that city ever existed but I would have liked to have seen it.

Thursday, January 6, 2022


The public is saturated with slave stories these days but imagine the frustration of the writers that can find not a single slave owner who felt, after owning slaves, that they deserved or merited their freedom from bondage and left them, in their wills, to their children. Thousands of years of such behavior as the world gentled and civilized around some of them to the point where they undertook SCIENCE and with it the introduction of labor saving technologies developed by frivolous wealthy inventers in places that served as strongholds of the dark arts and the industrial revolution. Slowly Watt and Eli and a thousand other inventors stripped the idea from mankind that the labor of serfs, chattel slaves, and the like were necessary to produce a gain in the life of all mankind. It came over centuries and it left in its wake a plethora of shopkeepers and mill workers and coal miners who toiled all the hours of the day and night to produce factory goods but it in turn left behind the ones that knew not how to make cannons and locomotives. Where did they go?

Wouldn't you like to know!

I suspect those serfs ended up in the Teacher's Unions, all of them. They own them lock stock and barrel. They are the radioactive waste of the twentieth century. Nobody really knows what to do with them.

I caught some of the public malinformation source recently talking about the shameful horrible death of the American union worker and it was all about Ronald Reagan and oddly enough his overt statement to the government union of shills, 'if they do not return to work, they are all fired.' The public crayon eater tried to make this a killing blow for Reagan and the West but kind of glossed over the fact that at 6% of the workforce in unions and much of that outside the UAW in the government sectors, it didn't really fly. The unions ate themselves out of existance and nobody really misses them. Consider today. The jobs are there and it is workers who own them because the labor shortage the DEmocrats have imposed on us for generations is OVER.

Every single time the labor market finally starts to get its feet under it and take off the benighted fools flood the market with unskilled labor in the millions and still think they are doing good because look........!!! Wages are slashed again because immigrants will work for anything.

The teachers are finally finding the limits of human endurance. I really hope they are all fired but then, they own the Democratic Party and every creature in it. OTGH, the people are wised up now and finding ways to make the $ follow the pupils wherever they may go which sounds the death knell for the public schools in the greater urban zones.

At some level, it is possible to feel sorry for some of the teachers because for them, thanks to the policies they endorsed so radically over the last 30 years, they get to work in a target gallery and get beaten every single day of the week by their 'students' who really ought to have been expelled the first time they did violence on a teacher.

Sunday, January 2, 2022