Saturday, January 22, 2022


The people (or aliens) running our country are trying to shove a war down the throat of both China and Russia and they seem determined to carry it to the limit. There is no reason to believe that either Putin or Xi can understand the incomprehensible idiots at our State Department or the senile ones in the Oval office any better than Americans can. Have these dolts considered that by pushing the rhetoric for war they are advancing on it from all flanks and should therefore look to their own? I don't think so. Within days of 9/11, the President ordered the national defenses raised to a level not seen since the end of the Cold War. Indeed, they went beyond that. We had Linebacker ships off both coasts at full wartime readiness. We know the skies were watched like never before and the only planes aloft were fighters and those that had special permission to take off.

Have the Idiotacracy figured out that if they start waving the big stick the other guys might pull a Japan II and carry out a first strike? It doesn't have to be nuclear strike and indeed, without using WMD they supposedly limit our response because we've pretty much said we won't be the first user of nukes and our WMD capabilities were destroyed long ago by treaty with the USSR. The Russians can lay waste to our ships just as rapidly as disaffected crewman and contractors destroyed a $6 billion dollar assault carrier and a $4 billion dollar nuclear attack submarine. You do know that to that incredible feat all you have to do is light a match and drop it in the right place, don't you? That's it. No high tech gizmos or hypersonic missiles required.

Have the dolts figured out that they put Putin in charge of roughly 75% of all of Europe's energy needs as it heads into a winter seemingly unaffected by this so-called global warming conspiracy and can bring NATO to its knees by simply ordering some valves to be shut in Russia?

Have they recalled that up to 85% of the components for ALL OF OUR HI-TECH WEAPONS are made in Chinese factories? Have they ever considered that? We know what happened to the auto industry, almost idled by the lack of microchips and yet nobody in America will build a chip factory because they KNOW the idiots at GM will instantly go back to China if China subsidizes the price of chips from their factories and undersells the competition in the USA. They know that will happen because it always happens.

You don't suppose anybody told those fools running things that our Atlas rockets are using Russian engines because nobody but SPACEX is making rocket engines in America or has been able to make powerful ones for over 30 years?

I'm afraid our entire National Command Authority and State Department are led by those brain dead twits we used to laugh about who simultaneously had bumper stickers on their cars that said, "War is not the Answer" and "Free Tibet!"

Has that incompetent buffoon Milli issued a War Warning Order and ordered that the Armed Forces stand up from their passive peacetime imbecility and start acting like a country on the brink of war? I don't know, but I doubt it.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I am a 1961 model person. The State Department has acted in our National Interest in my lifetime.

We certainly cannot count on a Navy that has a place for the LCS in it.

boron said...

Question #1: Can you speak Russian fluently?
Question #2: Can you speak Chinese fluently?
Answer (to both): No, but I think it's about time we begin teaching them very early in grade school as a matter of survival for our (grand)children.

HMS Defiant said...

Neither the Russians nor the Chinese have any real history of conquest for over a thousand years. They got left behind by the whole Colonial partition of the world and never seemed to resent it or even be aware of it. It's like they didn't care.
Neither of them can come close to conquering this country even if they defeat its military and overrun the fools in Europe. The Russians have experienced the flip side of the Europea adventure and probably, on the whole, are willing to let them be themselves. After all, Europe essentially disarmed and emasculated itself since WWII.
China had a tussle with Vietnam that didn't go at all well. I think they stopped when they did so as not to let any other country see just how ineffective and useless the Chinese military is at war. They never learned how to do it. Ever.
I do wonder how much of the records of the past truly are steered by the idiocy of the prevailing education of its authors. The cold eyed realist history I understand. Thucydides is a case in point. The rest of 2000 years? I'd like to look at the primary sources. Nobody is going to get anything like an accurate history out of this era. In a hundred years nobody will really truly know what occurred as the censors do the cutting and the authors portray it in just exactly the way they want it to appear. Kind of like a Ken Burns show. It's almost accurate but a lot of the real story is simply left out because it conflicts with the way progressive liberal scholars want it to be.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Happy Circumnavigation Day!

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Read NEVER acted in our National Interest.